Avicii Invector game launches in his memory

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Avicii Invector game launches in his memoryAvicii Tim

Avicii’s dream and vision to spread positivity and joy through music has been carried on by friends, family, and colleagues, with yet another one of the artist’s unfinished projects coming to final fruition.

First hitting gamer radar’s in 2015, Avicii’s Invector game has officially launched on Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC platforms, and will be available on Nintendo switch in 2020. The game features 25 of the prolific artists’ tracks. Players navigate through different landscapes to the beat of the music.

Tim’s father, Klas Bergling, has been a strong advocate in carrying on his son’s legacy. Knowing how much Tim’s art meant to people around the world, Bergling recently said he hopes that “this rhythm game – with more than two dozen of Tim’s songs – will give joy to his fans.”

All of the game’s net proceeds will be donated to The Tim Bergling Foundation, which aims to strike the stigma surrounding discussions of mental health and recognizing suicide as a global health emergency. Tim’s devotion to his art and his fans lives on in many ways, and Avicii’s Invector is another way to honor the late artists’ life mission.

Avicii’s father gives emotionally charged tribute concert interview

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Avicii’s father gives emotionally charged tribute concert interviewKlas Bergling

Just before Avicii‘s equally plaintive and celebratory tribute concert in his hometown of Stockholm last week, his father sat down to speak a bit about his son and planning the enormous undertaking at the Friends Arena.

Klas Bergling (Avicii’s father) gave the interview to Sweden-held TV4. In the sit-down, Bergling discusses his son’s nascent anxieties as an adolescent, the impact his rise to fame had on his son, and even touches on his own difficult relationship he has with hearing his son’s music. He also describes intimate moments on tour, having to confront his son’s dependency on painkillers prescribed for pancreatitis, and Tim’s subsequent road to recovery outside of the limelight.

He describes his son as seeming to have never lost his “strong, fighting spirit.”

The concert, produced by the Klas Bergling-started foundation erected in his son’s name, will disperse the proceeds from the event to organizations that address mental health or work towards suicide prevention. Industry icons Adam Lambert, Rita Ora, and David Guetta were among to multitude of special guests in attendance to pay tribute to Avicii, the late, watershed force in securing electronic music’s widespread embrace.

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Avicii’s father speaks on camera for first time since son’s death

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Avicii’s father speaks on camera for first time since son’s deathEEIc8QDVAAEn5ID

While Avicii’s untimely death sent tremors throughout the entire music industry in April of 2018, an individual among those who undoubtedly felt the loss most poignantly is his father, Klas Bergling. Earlier this year, he appeared as a guest speaker at IMS Ibiza, where he gave insight into the focus behind the Tim Bergling Foundation, founded by the Bergling family themselves, erected to bring awareness to a number of mental health topics like suicide prevention.

In a recently aired CBS News special segment, labeled “Stop the Stigma: A Conversation About Mental Health,” Klas Bergling appears for his first-ever live camera interview since losing his son nearly a year and a half prior.

In the piece, Klas emphasizes that he wanted Avicii to be remembered as a good human with a good heart. In Avicii’s 2017 documentary, True Stories, the landmark Swedish producer was more than open in speaking on his chronic and pervasive battle with anxiety, which began in his teenage years, preceding severe bouts of depression and cycles of addiction as a response.

Klas, within the episode, touches on the fact that Avicii’s passion towards DJing manifested into a burden once he began appearing at more than 250 shows in a single calendar year: an improbable feat for any touring musician. When he quit the DJ lifestyle to focus on music in 2018, his family believed that he was on a path to permanent stability. Naturally, his death came as an unfathomable “shock.”

Klas states that the ultimate goal behind the Tim Bergling Foundation is to dispel “the stigma away from talking about mental illness and suicide. We hope we can be a voice through Tim, because Tim has so many millions of fans.”

On December 5, an Avicii tribute concert will be held in the artist’s hometown of Stockholm, Sweden, featuring 19 of his original collaborators, a 30-piece band and performances from the likes of David Guetta, Kygo, Laidback Luke, and more.

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Avicii’s father speaks on his son’s mental health journey

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Avicii’s father speaks on his son’s mental health journeyAvicii1

Avicii‘s father Klas Bergling has opened up to CNN about his son’s mental health journey in the years leading to his untimely passing. When touching on the topic of his depression and ultimate suicide, he likened the chain of events to a “traffic jam,” rather than an extended plan. “Many things happened and came into the same station, so to say, and brought him out of his control,” Bergling explained.

He spoke about times when Avicii was younger, recalling times when he’d have “hard talks about getting out of bed.” The artist was a known introvert, and the demands of being a celebrity DJ began to chip at his well being to the point where too many things at once put him in an unstable place. Klas later mentioned the foundation he established in his son’s name to help other young people become self aware and comfortable enough to work on their internal battles early, “when the problems are still small.”

TIM, the posthumous album made in Avicii’s honor, was released in June.

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Avicii’s father addresses IMS Ibiza on mental health and Tim Bergling Foundation initiatives alongside Pete Tong

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Avicii’s father addresses IMS Ibiza on mental health and Tim Bergling Foundation initiatives alongside Pete TongKlas Bergling IMS Ibiza

Avicii‘s father, Klas Bergling, spoke at IMS Ibiza yesterday (May 23). Bergling was interviewed by BBC Radio 1‘s Pete Tong about the importance of recognizing the early signs of deteriorating mental health and depression for artists and creatives working in the music industry and about different means of treatment. The conversation largely focused on the initiatives and mission of the newly formed Tim Bergling Foundation, which was created by the late Swedish superstar’s family in the wake of his untimely passing in April of 2018.

In the interview, Bergling dives into what he believes the contributing factors were in the deterioration of his son’s mental health, citing Avicii’s famously relentless touring itinerary, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, and alcohol dependency. Bergling expressed concern for his son’s well being many times in the years leading up to his passing, though Bergling concedes that even with the full support of Avicii’s team, friends and family, and professional counsel, his attempts to intervene often fell short of making a real impact.

“It’s not many jobs that you can drink while you work, or you’re allowed to. If you start drinking at your job, your manager is supposed to take care of you quickly,” says Bergling. “Life as a DJ and travels where you don’t get any rest between, you travel a lot, you sleep less. The pressure is great depending on the individual, some people handle it perfectly, others don’t.”

The Tim Bergling Foundation was created earlier this year in memory of Avicii, intended to focus on causes near to the “Wake Me Up” star’s heart. Funded solely from the estate left by Avicii, the foundation seeks to educate people on the issues surrounding suicide and mental health, combating climate change, and protecting endangered species.

Avicii’s father accepts honorary Grammis Award on son’s behalf

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Avicii’s father accepts honorary Grammis Award on son’s behalfAvicii

When Avicii received an honorary award at the 2019 Grammis gala, the late producer’s father, Klas Bergling, was there to accept the posthumous award on his son’s behalf. A Swedish version of the American Grammy Awards ceremony, the Grammis were hosted in Stockholm on Feb. 7.

“As Tim’s father, I am very honored to receive this great prize,” Bergling reads the Swedish Aftonbladet newspaper’s translation of his acceptance speech on behalf of his son. “Tim was a friendly person with humor and very serious, humble, and stubborn as sin. When it came to the music, he was on the verge of obsessed to reach the optimal he had imagined.”

“He was a shy person who didn’t want to be in the center and he had a hard time with the official role,” Bergling added. “He had a need to withdraw, and peace, and find himself–something that many of us probably recognize.”

Klas Bergling concluded the acceptance speech through tears with an address to his son. “Tim,” Bergling said, “we think your music will live and continue to delight people.”

Avicii’s 2019 Grammis acknowledgement is not his first Grammis award; he previously won a Grammis in 2012 for his landmark production, “Levels.”

Avicii’s $25 million estate to be inherited by his parents

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Avicii’s $25 million estate to be inherited by his parentsAvicii True Stories Documentary Limited Theatrical Run

Avicii‘s $25 million fortune will be inherited by his parents. Tim Bergling did not leave a will, but Billboard confirmed the parents as the benefactors. His $17.5 million home in LA was sold and done so off-market. After the superstar’s death, his father, Klas Bergling, and mother, Anki Lidén, turned Avicii’s website into an online memorial where fans could share their stories about what the artist meant to them. Click here to read the stories and share your own.

Bergling died on April 20 at the age of 28, after taking a break from a grueling tour schedule and other health issues in 2016. His story was documented by Levan Tsikurishvili and pulled off Netflix after his passing. The documentary, Avicii: True Stories, will be re-released off Netflix at the end of this year.

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Avicii’s father makes first public appearance since Avicii’s death to accept award on son’s behalf

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Avicii’s father makes first public appearance since Avicii’s death to accept award on son’s behalfAvicii

Sweden’s largest music awards ceremony, the Swedish Rockbjörnen posthumously honored Avicii with the award for the song of the year for “Without You.” Presented by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, the awards show determined the song of the year victor by fan nominations and ensuing vote counts.

Avicii’s father Klas Bergling accepted the award on behalf of his son at Rockbjörnen on August 15. “I am happy to have been given the opportunity to be here tonight to say thank you for the amazing award that you have rewarded Time and Sandro [Avicii’s ‘Without You’ collaborator] and to everyone of you who have voted for ‘Without You,’ an amazing song,” Bergling stated. “But also, and perhaps foremost, to say thank you for all and every amazing tribute you have given Tim and his music. From all his fans and others, from churches, schools, festivals, and so many more. It’s been almost incomprehensible and it has warmed our hearts, all of the family, during this hard time, so again a big thank you to everyone,” Bergling added.

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