Kill Paris delivers groovy ‘Two Minds’ using biodata from plants

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Kill Paris delivers groovy ‘Two Minds’ using biodata from plantsScreen Shot 2018 08 03 At 2.34.20 PM

Master of clean production, funky melodies, and the keytar, Kill Paris, is back at it again. His new chill tune incorporates heavier elements to create the groovy feel of “Two Minds,” featuring Tim Moyo.

The Monstercat release flaunts a bouncy bassline sprinkled with crispy snaps that form the perfect layer behind Moyo’s gentle yet impactful voice, which carries the song effortlessly into the gritty drop full of saw bass. Kill Paris also takes his creativity to the next level in this one by pairing up with the biodata transmitter MIDI Sprout, which uses transmitted electrical impulses of plants and turns it into MIDI to provide music notes.

Kill Paris is currently working on his sophomore album, and with the out-of-the-ordinary thinking he’s been showcasing, it’s sure to be a treat.

Kill Paris unveils a magical take on Mija’s ‘Falling ApART (again)’

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Kill Paris

Indiana native Corey Baker, better known as the multi-instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire Kill Paris, is back with his all encompassing chill soundscapes in the form of a whimsical remix for Mija.

In his rendition of ‘Falling ApART (again),” Kill Paris keep the track minimal but pitches up the vocal and strategically places it, driving the energy into all the right cracks and corners. He builds more and more with crisp claps and a strumming bassline that perfectly blend into a drop infused with his signature style, that seems to only get better with time.

With so much music in the arsenal and yet another killer remix, Kill Paris plans on releasing his Sophmore album at the end of the summer…so stay tuned.

Kill Paris unveils emotional first release of 2018, ‘Made of Time’

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Kill Paris took his time in debuting his first track of 2018, but the original is well worth the wait. On “Made Of Time,” the LA-based producer pulls in singers Trove and Emily Vaughn for soothing vocals over some mesmerizing chill-step. Speaking towards the track’s inspiration, Kill Paris explained:

“I really liked the idea of being “made of time” for someone. At the end of the day, time is all relative, and if you spend time with the one you love, it can seem like there’s no such thing as time.”

While it took some time for Kill Paris to bow in 2018, “Made of Time” will certainly have fans clamoring for more.

Seven Lions, Tritonal, and Kill the Noise (HORIZON Tour)- Photos by Max Hontz

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Kill Paris – Ghostbusters (Kill Paris Remix)

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Just in time for Halloween, Kill Paris is back with a rerelease of his funky remix of the Ghostbusters theme song. Known for his effervescent and groovy style of production, the LA-based artist consistently brings an infectious energy to his fans and this gem is a perfect example of that.

This remix fits Kill Paris’ trademark: it pops with thick synths and precocious percussive elements, and completely reimagines the classic movie’s signature song in a brand new light. There is no better time for this remix to make its way out of the the producer’s vault.

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Kill Paris – Red Lights (Feat. Dotter)

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Always one to keep it funky, Kill Paris is back again with a sultry new track entitled “Red Lights,” featuring the vocals of talented Norwegian singer Dotter.

“Red Lights” starts off slow, allowing Dotter’s ethereal vocals to take center stage before bubbling to life as the track progresses. Packed with Kill Paris’ classic bouncy style and euphoric synths, “Red Lights” sizzles with an infectious, funky bassline and nu-disco appeal. Dotter’s sensual voice floats perfectly with Kill Paris’ groovy production and the end product will have listeners up on their feet for sure.

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Kill Paris On His Name Change, Body Harmonious Frequencies, and Love

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Kill Paris has had a busy year. Over a year ago in the wake of the Parisian terrorist attacks the artist made a decision to change his name to Chill Harris. While his original and now current name is an allusion to Shakespeare ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and had nothing to do with the city itself

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Chill Harris Changes Name Back To Kill Paris, Offers Explanation On Facebook

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Nearly a year has passed since Paris experienced a series of deadly terror attacks, including a severe massacre inside local music venue Bataclan. After a global response and state of emergency declared in France, many turned their attention to a particular member of the dance music community because of his artist moniker.

Kill Paris, known for his laid back beats and soaring melodies, found himself in the unfortunate situation of having a name that inadvertently reflected a dangerous message regarding the attacks. He received responses from fans and outsiders alike condemning him for the name, urging him to switch to something else out of respect for the victims.

Despite the name being inspired by a character from the Shakespeare tragedy Romeo and Juliet, Corey Baker decided to take to Facebook and announce an official name change.

“Paris was the name of Juliet’s rich and entitled suitor. I meant it as satire against a side of life that that tries to hold creativity and love down. From the beginning, it has always stood for sharing and focusing on the good and positive things in life, instead of magnifying and supporting the negatives in life.”

Chill Harris would be his replacement moniker, he said, to make sure his fans would not get the wrong idea about his brand or music.

Now, a year later, Chill Harris has returned to Facebook with a new mentality on the situation. Even though his respect for the Paris victims remains steady, he said that the effects of the name change on his brand and sense of identity have been far too detrimental to keep up.

“Since then, I truly felt like the floor had fallen out from underneath me. The project that I had spent 13 years working on was gone. Changing the name to Chill Harris felt right at the time, but I felt weird releasing any music under the name. I felt the people who really followed kill paris were confused. Hell, I was confused! So after having time to reflect, I’m convinced going back to kill paris is the right thing to do.”

He has decided, now, to cease the compromising of the true ideas associated with his initial name. His music stands for love, peace and self-reflection, he said, and he refuses to cower from expressing himself.

Read his full Facebook post below, and join us in welcoming back Kill Paris.

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Chill Harris is officially reverting to Kill Paris

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A couple weeks shy of a year have passed since the world was shocked by the horrific attacks that took place in Paris. Shortly thereafter, Colorado-based producer Corey Baker, best known as Kill Paris, published a poignant Facebook post declaring that he was officially changing his stage name so as to diminish the unfortunate — and entirely coincidental — relation that it had with the attacks. Thus, the brand he had been building for over a decade suddenly changed.

Kill Paris, he explained, is a meaningful name that has absolutely nothing to do with the city of Paris; it is a dig at the character Paris from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet – a statement against unearned wealth and fame. However, considering the heartbreak surrounding the Paris attacks, Baker was met with verbal outlash due to his stage name’s insensitivity. He then opted to change his name to Chill Harris because he “felt it was the right thing at the time.” Longtime fans were understanding of the decision, as it was a heartfelt gesture from a genuine guy who cares about the world.

Nearly a year later, Baker took to Facebook to explain how he never fully felt like himself under the “Chill Paris” pseudonym. The seemingly permanent end to a brand that was built over 13 years, he claims, was confusing both to himself and to his fans. Thus, he has made the brave decision to revive Kill Paris as a form of self-expression.

Listen to his new record “Junkie,” featuring Nevve and Monstre, and read his statement in full below.

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