Khamsin Drops Spicy New Single “My Way” Featuring MOONZz

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French producer Khamsin is breaking into a whole new plane with this one. Entitled “My Way”, this track is sure to take you to brand new heights combining several different aspects of this producers inherently unique sound and style. The Lowly Palace released single “My Way” is a journey into a future, new wave groove

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Khamsin – Second Guess ft Anuka

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Twenty-two-year-old French producer Khamsin has been called upon by everyone from Zhu to Mura Masa with Charli XCX to do remixes. Now, he has released an original of his own, “Second Guess,” featuring Anuka. It’s out now on Lowly Palace.

Anuka’s vocals draw the listener in, and her singing leads to a commanding drop that doesn’t fit into a single genre. Khamsin commented on the track.

“The song is a hybrid between my electronic and rock influences. I tried to keep all the sounds as organic as possible within an electronic structure, leading to a new and more personal sound. Anuka clearly emphasizes the mood and adds the energy with her vocals. I’m happy we finally did a song together.”

“Second Guess” is polarizing and sure to garner the up-and-coming producer some new fans.

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Khamsin Releases Euphoric Tune ‘Second Guess’

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French producer/dj Khamsin is well known for putting out some great tracks but I think with this new release it seems like his production has just gone up another level. Entitled ‘Second Guess’, the song is a testament to the development and style of this well rounded producer. The track, which features vocalist Anuka, is

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Khamsin & LeMarquis – Leaving (feat. Saavan)

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It’s finally out! The lead single, and titular track, from Khamsin‘s new Leaving EP is finally here and it might just be the best out of the entire package. This time around, he’s even brought on disco-house producer LeMarquis to give the track a more emotional feel.

Collectively the three musicians, Khamsin, LeMarquis, and vocalist Saavan are able to deliver what a track that’s so different from the rest of the EP, in a good way though mind you. Let the soothing guitar and chilled out vocals put you in a relaxed state of mind before the whirling synths usher in a change of pace to give the song another dimension.

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Source: Khamsin & LeMarquis – Leaving (feat. Saavan)

Khamsin feat. Layna – Once (Original Mix)

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Parisian producer Khamsin graduated from unofficial remixes to hot rocking solo releases pretty quickly, using July’s “Maelstrom” to set himself apart from the bootlegers in a big way. Where remixes for Major Lazer and Grimes alike ticked promising boxes, the follow-up to his instrumental debut lands on clear and coordinated form enroute to his debut EP. A melancholic dose of fidgety future bass fuses Khamsin’s production finesse with Layna’s upfront vocal work in a strong yet sultry way, marking a comfortable peak for the Frenchman and his expanding studio repertoire that seems set on hitting commercial crowds without compromising on his experimental form.