The Boy Band Is Changing, But The Old Model Persists For Now

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Why Don't WeAs long as there has been pop music, there have been boy bands. But ask any American about the “boy band era” and they’ll probably assume you’re talking about the turn of the millennium, when Backstreet Boys and NSYNC led an insurgent army of meticulously styled hormone-activating ensembles. These dreamboat teams were the predominant unit … More »

A Little Bit Country, A Whole Lot Of Streams: Bebe Rexha Has Cracked The Code

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Bebe Rexha - ExpectationsIf it’s meant to be, it’ll be: Regarding Bebe Rexha’s unlikely takeover of the country charts, this is both the savvy execution and the only explanation. More »

Kesha And Dr. Luke Court Docs Point To Involvement Of Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Adam Levine

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A New York judge has ordered Sony Music to disclose the identities of those it interviewed for an internal investigation into Lukas “Dr. Luke” Gottwald. More »

Let’s Pause To Appreciate This Moment In Ty Dolla $ign History

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Ty Dolla $ignTy Dolla $ign gets around. The R&B lothario releases quite a bit of his own music — 11 full-lengths and two EPs since 2011, plus a joint project with Jeremih called MihTy dropping later this month — but the collaborative section of his discography sprawls as endlessly as his native LA. At the end of … More »

Dr. Luke Says Kesha Accused Him Of Raping Katy Perry In Text To Lady Gaga

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Katy Perry & KeshaIn new court documents obtained by celebrity gossip website The Blast, Dr. Luke is alleging that Kesha once accused him of raping Katy Perry in a text to Lady Gaga. The texts to Gaga were previously referenced in a claim from Luke’s legal team last year, which alleged that Kesha told Gaga … More »

America’s Pop Mainstream Is Finally Making Room For Languages Other Than English

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J BalvinQuick: Who’s the biggest pop star in the world? Taylor Swift? Drake? Beyoncé? Justin Bieber? Rihanna? Ed Sheeran? These are all viable candidates, but if your list only reaches to the end of the English language, it’s far too limited. More »

Court denies Kesha’s appeal to nullify recording contract

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Pop singer Kesha suffered another blow in her tumultuous court battle to void her recording contracts and sever ties with Sony producer and alleged abuser Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald.

A May 29 New York court decision has rejected her appeal to overturn its 2017 decision to uphold the legally binding contracts. The court dismissed her appeal, which also contended that she was owed royalties and financial support for her 2017 album, Rainbow, on the grounds that her claim that Gottwald raped and emotionally abused her is, “palpably insufficient and devoid of merit.”

“You can get a divorce from an abusive spouse,” Kesha said in her proposed countersuit. “You can dissolve a partnership if the relationship becomes irreconcilable. The same opportunity — to be liberated from the physical, emotional, and financial bondage of a destructive relationship — should be available to a recording artist.”

Kesha began court proceedings against Gottwald in 2014, during which she cited the “mental manipulation, emotional abuse, and sexual assault,” which she said he continuously inflicted upon her throughout their professional relationship. In response, Gottwald soon countersued her for defamation. Kesha then dropped her initial lawsuit to direct her efforts towards the defamation case, which is still ongoing.

According to recent legal documents obtained by the The Blast, Gottwald is seeking $50 in damages he claims the pop star’s accusations caused him, including a lucrative partnership with Katy Perry.

H/T: The New York Times

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Appeals Court Rejects Kesha’s Bid To Get Out Of Dr. Luke Deal

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Kesha & Dr. LukeKesha Rose Sebert may eventually square off at trial against Lukas “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, the producer who she alleges raped her. But if she does, the jury won’t be deciding whether the pop star can extradite herself from contracts. On Tuesday, a New York appeals court affirmed a judge’s decision to reject Kesha’s counterclaims. More »

Bazzi, Tinashe, & Kali Uchis: Three Distinct Visions Of R&B As Pop

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This is a big week for R&B. That’s true first of all in a statistical sense: The Weeknd’s new EP, My Dear Melancholy, just put up 169,000 equivalent album units in its first week — the biggest total for an R&B release since late 2016 (when, uh, the last Weeknd album came out). We … More »

It’s The Freakin’ Weeknd Baby, I’m About To Have Me Some Crushing Nihilistic Despair

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Viewed one way, it’s a pretty impressive flex: You’re about to headline Coachella, and this is what you drop? … More »