Wolfgang Gartner revisits his old style on ‘Deja Vu’

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Wolfgang Gartner revisits his old style on ‘Deja Vu’WolfgangGartner DejaVu FinalCover

Wolfgang Gartner has had somewhat of a stylistic renaissance in 2018, collaborating with rising superstar k?d on “Banshee” and earning a feature on Microsoft’s newest edition of the Forza Horizon racing games with “Ching Chong.” Yet, while he’s achieved increased success using contemporary methods, the artist’s newest output sees a return to the good old days. The LA-based DJ broke his career on hits like “Illmerica” in 2011 and “Redline” in 2012, and fans who have continued to follow his antics are in for a treat, as his newest release “Deja Vu” brings back those production methods.

Steady followers will immediately recognize the sound when the track kicks into gear, as Gartner quickly fades in his beloved electronics, including harmonizing leads and melodic deep synths. Although retro in style, the track’s versatile sound is enough for the new and the old to groove to with equal fervor.

“Deja Vu” is the first single off his upcoming Medicine EP, which is slated for a  November 2 release.

SWARM Flips A Pink Floyd Classic In Terrifying Fashion

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SWARM, who has recently opened up for the enigma that is K?D and the dark overlord that goes by Varien, continues to turn heads with his frightening sounds and bone-chilling melodies. I have nothing but love for how original his sound has been. This time Swarm has taken his originality and applied it to an

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k?d discovers the storytelling power of extended plays with his eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘Find Paradise’ [Review]

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k?d discovers the storytelling power of extended plays with his eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘Find Paradise’ [Review]Find Paradise Kid Artwork

It’s hard to believe, but electronic music world has, up to this point, been without a release from k?d longer than one single track. Even in a landscape inundated with quick hit singles and two-track drops, the momentum the young producer has built on the strength of a deep arsenal of remixes, singles, and profile-raising collaborations has been incredibly impressive nonetheless. Moreover, k?d’s track record is polished with a consistency that could stir envy in even the most seasoned producers. The mysterious beatsmith’s list of accomplishments already reads like a career highlights reel with tens of millions of plays on high-profile remixed classics by artists like Porter Robinson and Daft Punk, and a grip of show-stealing collaborations with the likes of REZZ and Wolfgang Gartner. And still, never a unified body of work — until now. Finally, k?d’s eagerly awaited debut EP Find Paradise has arrived.

Seeing a full six tracks, marked by k?d’s characteristically gripping, anime-inspired artwork, Find Paradise demands immediate curiosity — after all, k?d generally refuses to be pinned down to one single genre. That said, k?d’s sound is distinct: gritty, digitally crackling bass meshed with video game-inspired lead lines and a taste for ear shattering mid tempo cadence. But there’s also a dizzying breadth of moods and feelings present in the artist’s brimming catalog of work. Find Paradise manages to capture them all, and much more. The journey begins with an epic and vocal-powered “Electronic Memories,” the sole collaboration on the EP, featuring Mickey Kojak. The track vaults the listener through anthemic grandeur that the Alt Vision recruit has showcased before, though this time he holds tight to a head-turning funk-drenched breakdown dripping in unabashed wah-wah pedal. From the onset, it’s clear k?d has brought his full bag of tricks out for the big occasion.

The surprises continue immediately as “Creator’s Flower” unleashes sizzling drum and bass, topped with screeching old school trance leads. Wasting now time, “Polluted Blood” keeps the venom flowing over a trademark mid-tempo beat, with apocalyptic drones and biting bass plucks. Finally, If the first half of Find Paradise is an act, its titular track arrives as a melodic intermission to the madness. A spacious piano line oozes effortlessly into a swelling chorus shining through between crunched-out 80s drums. The intensity ramps up, but the cool blasts of melancholic chords are a constant.

“Tokyo” interrupts the intermission with immediately insistent industrial discord, nailed down to a bass line that could sounds like it was yanked straight out of Boys Noize’s playbook. Still, there’s little that can prepare for the bombastic blast beat finale that is “Destroy The Universe.” The track’s onomatopoeic name delivers, bringing about a turbo-speed rave weapon that unapologetically drills in deep from start to finish. The EP’s finale wades through a sea of buzzing and ascending synth drones, eventually detonating again into a suped-up second drop that caps k?d debut off in a surge of digital adrenaline. k?d’s first collective project is a buffet of digital distortion and tranced-out top lines, unified under a relentlessly dystopian sonic framework. The common vein is a thrilling addition to the artist’s ever-unfolding story, as he begins wielding the storytelling power of well-composed extended releases.

k?d Shares Futuristic New Song ‘A.I.’

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While a lot of artists are working on songs for the radio, k?d is over here working on songs for the future. Just last week, the up and coming producer shared his brand new futuristic track “A.I.” With Artificial Intelligence taking over the world as we know it, k?d is getting a jumpstart with his

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K?D releases new single ‘A.I.’ and announces debut EP and tour

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K?D releases new single ‘A.I.’ and announces debut EP and tourDownload

The young producer K?D has been consistently pushing boundaries with his gritty style that rings from grimey pluck basses all the way his signature gameboy lead.

Today, on top of releasing his new tune “A.I.” he also announces his debut EP and headlining tour that will span more than 25 dates all over North America. In his tour fans will see a whole new stage set up, along with custom visuals that are based off of K?D’s own drawings and all the new music that he is plotting to release.

His new track “A.I.” packs a heavy punch and is almost like being transported directly into a futuristic computer game. It’s a certified rave heater that will undoubtedly have dance floors moving this summer.
K?D releases new single ‘A.I.’ and announces debut EP and tourDownload 1

Glitch Boy – goodbye lullaby

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As if k?d hadn’t already impressed fans enough with his cinematic soundscapes and impeccable sound design, the young producer has decided to switch things up a bit under a new alias: glitch boy.

After releasing “glitch boy” last May, a mysterious Soundcloud account appeared as glitch boy himself. Within two months after k?d’s release, glitch boy followed with their track “the feeling i get when i’m with you,” which is a dreamy lo-fi tune that is reminiscent of elijah who and older oshi music. For a while fans speculated who glitch boy could be but, it became apparent after k?d started to share all of the music and created a playlist under glitch boy with a k?d track. 

Now glitch boy flaunts four well crafted tracks that beautifully intertwine comforting atmospherics, delicate pads, and intricate percussion to create a sound that is a 180 from k?d’s typical music. His latest release “goodbye lullaby’ is no exception. With porter esc vocal samples and a bumping kick, this track takes a spot in the night time bed routine.

K?D Releases New Powerful Glitch Track “Zero One”

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DJ-producer, K?D, has been making his way up this year with impressive new music and powerful performances around the world. As his fame grows, his musical tracks become intensely powerful than they ever were before. This is no exception for his latest track, “Zero One.” The new Glitch track goes insanely hard with its electrifying

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k?d releases futuristic original, ‘Zero One’

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k?d returns with the otherworldly single, “Zero One.” The new single features robotic, distorted vocal samples, energetic beats, and ominous climaxes. Showcasing an innovation categorized by suspenseful builds and shocking drops, k?d masters an intense style that is surely not for the faint-hearted.

Known for his colorful originals and striking remixes, k?d creates an intriguing tone in every one of his hits. Some of his most renowned pieces include the uplifting track, “Lose Myself,” and his breathtaking remix of The Chainsmoker’s “Young.” By cultivating a distinct signature sound, k?d continues to produce vibrant, eclectic music that has stolen the hearts of listeners across the world.

k?d releases dreamy original, ‘New Future’

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Producer k?d has released an electrifying original titled, “New Future.” The track begins with colorful harmonic chords, and as it builds, distorted vocals are incorporated into the flow of dreamy sounds. The main melody is full of surprises as many layers of different samples are compiled together to create an otherworldly vibe. Mellow interludes give the piece a diverse flavor, as an array of beats range from downtempo to energetic progressions.

The American artist is known for his uplifting style categorized by indie-pop electronic tones which are featured in hit singles such as “Lose Myself” featuring Phil Good and “Distance” featuring Blair. k?d has perfected his craft with a distinct technique that has garnered support from his breathtaking remixes and stunning originals. With his latest, “New Future,” k?d brings a captivating sound that is uniquely unmatched.

k?d helps Insomniac usher in new playlist series, ‘Sounds That Never Sleep’ [Stream]

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After debuting a brand new logo earlier in the year, the Insomniac brand continues to traverse new terrain.

Cue “Sounds That Never Sleep,” a Spotify-supported playlist presented by Insomniac Records. “Sounds That Never Sleep” will curate new releases from artists slated to perform at approaching Insomniac events, while also featuring special guest artist takeovers each Friday.

Soon to appear at Insomniac’s South California festival, Beyond Wonderland, k?d heads the inaugural episode of “Sounds That Never Sleep.” k?d’s takeover entails selections from electronic heavy hitters like Knife Party, Rezz, SLANDER, and more, making for a first installment in the playlist series that bears k?d’s signature stamp of intensity.