Ryan Browne brings the heat with drum & bass remix of Gryffin’s ‘Nobody Compares To You’

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After a year of successful remixes and originals, drummer/producer Ryan Browne is back in 2018 with a compelling remix of Gryffin‘s “Nobody Compares To You.”

Browne kicks off his take on Gryffin’s October hit with a drum-centered introduction that leads the listener to thinking his remix will be a rock-oriented configuration of the song. As the bridge approaches, it becomes clear that the track will take a different direction. He dives into a drum & bass drop, layered with energetic loops of Katie Pearlman’s vocals. Browne’s rock- and metal-influenced musical background peeks through between drum & bass patterns, making this remix a dynamic, fresh take on the original.

Browne’s remix is out as a part of Gryffin’s “Nobody Compares To You” remix package, which contains other reworks of the song by artists like Codeko, Kap Slap and more.

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Gryffin releases bittersweet single feat. Katie Perlman titled ‘Nobody Compares To You’

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Melodic dance pop mastermind Gryffin is known for his absolutely breathtaking originals which feature uplifting lyrics and stunning harmonic chords. Although many of his songs have undertones of the joyous aspects of love, his most recent, “Nobody Compares To You,” leaves us with a melancholy ending that tells about a love lost.

The moving vocals singe listeners with a story that ends in heartbreak. However, even in the midst of this bittersweet tale, Gryffin manages to infuse a high energy aspect into the piece which incorporates a positive twist that adds a nice contrast to the lyrics. Gryffin flaunts a deeper side to his artistry with “Nobody Compares To You,” giving listeners a feel of the darker parts of love.


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