Kasbo shares serene new single, ‘I Get You’

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Kasbo shares serene new single, ‘I Get You’Kasbo Photo Credit Carter Howe

A rosy record constitutes Kasbo‘s reentry to the release circuit. Entitled “I Get You,” the production is the emotive chord weaver’s first single in more than a year and notably his first original since 2018’s highly lauded Places We Don’t Know. It’s melodically plush, a fluid and euphoric epitome of the sound that Kasbo has cultivated: immersive indie-dance music that rushes through speakers in a rich flood, enveloping streamers. Singer-songwriter Lizzy Land lends her vocals to “I Get You.”

The track’s title alludes to the concept that guided its development, absolute and total understanding of another person, which, some might say, is intimacy at its very core.

“The heart of the song is about seeing and understanding someone completely when others can’t,” Lizzy Land said. The cohesion of “I Get You’s” Kasbo-supplied production and both Lizzy Land’s vocal and lyrical premise speaks for itself and says, collaboratively, Kasbo and Lizzy Land “got” each other on this one.

Photo credit: Carter Howe

Sunday Morning Medicine Vol. 170, featuring Bob Moses, Kasbo, Hot Chip, and more

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Sunday Morning Medicine Vol. 170, featuring Bob Moses, Kasbo, Hot Chip, and moreSMM 2400

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut’s Bella Bagshaw, dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. She brings you her favorite therapeutic selections—old and new—in attempts to alleviate the often agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

Bob Moses has that rare amorphous sound that makes listeners want to dance, cry, and wonder all at once—which is oddly perfect for Sunday morning restlessness. “Enough To Believe” will surely offer its consumers bouts of all three.

Beach House singer, Victoria Legrand may be a jack of almost all trades, but she’s certainly a master of one: dispelling end-of-weekend woes with her dream-pop croons.

One of the earliest San Holo-sponsored bitbird offerings, Kasbo‘s “Found You” is a like a one-way flight to the sonic heavens—expedited.

Taken straight from Hot Chip‘s latest LP of the same name, “A Bath Full of Ecstasy” is an indie dance track in the iridescent, off-kilter vein Hot Chip has remained renowned for throughout their tenure in the studio. The track’s whimsical guitar strums and quixotic vocals catapult a sea of swimming colors through the listener’s unsuspecting psyche: a paragon hangover cure, if one ever existed.

ALT:Vision’s Laxcity is all too adept in the art of chill-out. Taken straight from his brand new EP, “Refined” is the nuanced, sonic equivalent of letting your hair down and getting lost inside some sunny Sunday musings.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 84

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 84Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here.

Liquicity‘s Reflections – Part One is nothing short of stacked. The eight-track compilation is full of emerging and veteran talent, featuring remixes by Flite, Polygon, L Plus, and a Dualistic & NCT rework by one of my favorites, BoxPlot. The Massachusetts producer has taken this Liquicity classic, first released in late 2014, and given it a wholehearted, energy-filled refresher. He builds slowly but dives face-first into the drop at the minute mark, taking listeners on a whirlwind drum & bass journey.

Though he’s still young, ford. has made huge strides on ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective. The Utah producer follows up his 2018 album, (The) Evening, with an enticing remix of labelmate Kasbo‘s “Places We Don’t Know.” ford.’s take is a dreamy, contemplative one, slowing down the pace to focus on intermittent piano melodies and instrumentals. The remix tucks in neatly with ODESZA’s body of work, as ford. takes listeners outside and brings the crisp and calming sounds of nature to their doorstep.

Mielo‘s Anywhere But Here EP makes its full debut on March 29, composed of four tracks that showcase his storytelling capabilities. He glides through a smooth and soulful introduction onward to the previously released “ILY” and “Scar,” ending at the EP’s title track. With the help of vocalist Tori Letzler, he’s created a track that’s wistful and melancholic but still maintains the energy brought to the EP in its previous tracks. Its piano- and vocal-laden outro makes for the perfect send-off for the body of work.

Last summer, Russian producer Sound Quelle took to Silk Music to release his Ethereal “mini album,” kicking off the collection with an intro mix of “Ethereal” with Brandon Mignacca. In the months since then, other producers have been hard at work on their own versions of the progressive house track, culminating in a remix package that features takes by Referna and David Broaders. The set also includes a “chillout mix” of the original track, composed by Sound Quelle himself. This moving take on “Ethereal” gives listeners a chance to sink deeply into the songs lyrics and instrumentals.

In a sea of producers churning out the same repeated electronic sounds, artists like former hero stand out. The UK producer’s style is difficult to define or put in a box—and that’s a good thing. His newest release, a piece called “erase you,” manages to be both peaceful and energetic, leading the listeners in with an understated introduction. He ramps up into a creative drop, pounding out out a swift beat that quickly fades back into a subtle soundscape.

Kasbo shares Billboard remix of ‘About You’ amid ongoing North American tour

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Kasbo shares Billboard remix of ‘About You’ amid ongoing North American tourKasbo About You Billboard Remi

In March of this year, Carl Garsbo released Places We Don’t Know, his debut album as Kasbo. Released via Foreign Family Collective and Counter Records, the 13-track LP acted as an impressive milestone for the burgeoning Swedish producer, further progressing the success he’d already begun to cultivate through prior releases on key imprints such as Monstercat and the aforementioned Foreign Family. Upon the album’s release, Garsbo noted that Places We Don’t Know centers conceptually around “romanticizing a naïve worldview,” because of the beauty inherent in such a perspective.

Perhaps no song off the record is more emblematic of this notion than its mellifluous, wistfully slow single, “About You,” so it’s fitting that he would choose to kick off the second leg of his Places We Don’t Know tour with the release of a re-interpretation of the piece.

Kasbo has bestowed the honor of remixing duties upon Mathieu Lépine, a Montreal native who produces under the name of Billboard. Released earlier this week, Lépine’s take on the track retains similar melodic elements of Garsbo’s original, but converts its doleful sensibilities and pace into an upbeat, future bass-infused offering which, ultimately, acts as a keen contrast.

Stream Billboard’s remix of “About You” and view Kasbo’s upcoming tour dates below:


Thu 11.15 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick #

Fri 11.16 – Louisville, KY @ Mercury Ballroom #

Sat 11.17 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues # *

Sun 11.18 – Indianapolis, IN @ Deluxe # *

Tue 11.20 – St. Louis, MO @ Old Rock House # *

Wed 11.21 – Omaha, NE @ Slowdown # *

Fri 11.23 – Kansas City, MO @ Truman # *

Sun 11.25 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre # *

Tue 11.27 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Soundwell # *

Thu 11.29 – Los Angeles, CA @ Fonda # *

Fri 11.30 – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine # – early show

Fri 11.30 – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine # – SOLD OUT

Sun 12.02 – San Diego, CA @ Music Box #

Sat 1.05 – Cape Canaveral, FL @ Holy Ship!


* ford.


EU / UK 2019 TOUR


Wed 1.23 – Amsterdam, NL @ AFAS Live

Thu 1.24 – London, ENG @ O2 Academy Brixton

Fri 1.25 – Paris, FR @ Le Zenith

Sat 1.26 – Brussels, BE @ Ancienne Belgium

Mon 1.28 – Oslo, NO @ Rockefeller Music Hall

Tue 1.29 – Stockholm, SE @ Berns

Fri 2.01 – Hamburg, DE @ Docks

Sat 2.02 – Berlin, DE @ Verti Music Hall

3.13-3.16 – Riviera Maya, MEX @ SUNDARA

Tennyson release uplifting remix of Kasbo’s ‘Your Tempo’

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Tennyson release uplifting remix of Kasbo’s ‘Your Tempo’Unnamed

Tennyson are known for their ability to craft tracks that are as jazzy as they are animated and uplifting. After breaking into the remix game by teaming up with Skrillex in 2015, the sibling duo have returned with a remix of Kasbo‘s 2018 single “Your Tempo.”

Adding in a smooth breakbeat, Tennyson bring a soulful touch to the poppy original. With full-bodied yet choppy synths and pitched up vocals, the brother and sister’s experimental production has resulted in a song that blurs the lines between future bass and R&B. Released via the ever-growing Foreign Family Collective, this track is sure to make an appearance on Kasbo’s upcoming North American and European tour.

Kasbo delivers an elegant remix for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier’

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Kasbo delivers an elegant remix for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier’37884733 1162977063843798 210607741448749056 O

The Swedish producer and Foreign Family member Carl Garsbo, better known as Kasbo, entered music swiftly with his soft and sweet productions that shimmered with simplicity and relished in their effortless ability to provoke emotion. On his debut LP “Places We Don’t Know,” Kasbo captured even more attention garnering more than 26 million streams, and showing the world what it truly meant to dance and cry at the same time.

With so much success, it’s no surprise that some of music biggest acts such as Ed Sheeran would enlist his talent in the form of a remix. In his rendition of “Happier,” Kasbo takes the once acoustic track, grabs it by the hand and introduces it into his very own world full of brilliantly warm atmospherics and delicate synths. The remix swirls with elegance from it’s minimal percussion, yet pumps with sentimental energy, that showcases Kasbo’s signature style to a tee and will captivate both his and Ed Sheeran’s fans upon first listen.


Photo credit: Facebook / Kasbo

Best Albums Of 2018…So Far

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It brings me an ample amount of joy to make the following statement; 2018 is the best year dance music has had in a long time. Since the EDM bubble blew up in the late 2000s and the commercial and mainstream takeover we’ve seen in the 2010s, there has been a noticeable decline in the

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Kasbo Takes Brooklyn to ‘The Places We Don’t Know’

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The aesthetically pleasing visuals behind him may have set a serene scene for Brooklyn’s famed Knitting Factory on Thursday, April 19, but beyond that, Kasbo truly seized the city’s soundscape. Throughout most of human history, we were wanderers, a nomadic race simply not meant to settle. In recent time, however, mankind has taken on a

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Shallou’s ‘Souls’ EP is a must listen that renders the producer one to watch [Stream]

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Downtempo, dreamlike tones and Shallou’s gossamer vocals epitomize harmonious sound on Souls, the seven-track EP that the indie electronic artist previewed with the release of singles “Find,”—featuring Kasbo and Cody Lovaas — and “Vignette,” that led up to its release.

At once emotive and affective, the production sources its poignancy from its ambient melodies, rich synth work, and soulful vocals, elements that collaboratively make for an easy listening experience, while further underscoring Shallou as a producer who will continue to be one to watch with each successive release. Duly refreshing and possessive of a confessional serenity that is distinctly and stylistically Shallou, Souls is an immersive and intimate production that further invites listeners into Shallou’s sonic sphere.

‘Places We Don’t Know’ is an ethereal introduction to the scope of Kasbo’s sound [Album Review]

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Released via Foreign Family Collective/Counter Records, Kasbo’s debut album Places We Don’t Know is a sonic bildungsroman.

“Conceptually the album is about romanticizing a naïve worldview,” the Swedish producer said of the LP. “That [naiveté] and ignorance is something to be cherished. There’s something really beautiful about the perfect worldview you have as a kid, that the world is harmless, beautiful, and good. The more you learn and experience though, the more you realize everything isn’t perfect. So the less you know, the more beautiful it is, it’s the things we haven’t done, the places we don’t know, that have this unquestionable beauty. It’s this world I’m trying to mirror with my album, the one that stays in your imagination.”

Kasbo’s aspiration to first capture, and then encapsulate a whimsical, puerile innocence of mind and disposition via sound is conceptually regressive in its harkening back to a simpler perspective, untainted by worldly awareness. The wide-eyed, evergreen youth of Places We Don’t Know blinks back at listeners through “Stay With Me” and “Bleed It Out.” “They talk, but I keep dreamin’/And I don’t get what to resist,” vocalist Nea sings on “Bleed It Out.”

Places We Don’t Know denotes duly a clear vision of construction, and an irony: the debut album that embraces the innocuous bliss of the unknown and the inexperienced, is itself emblematic of Kasbo’s own progression. The nostalgic release seeks repose in a state of childlike naiveté while surging forth as an emblem of Kasbo’s growth and experiences. In the trajectory classic of a bildungsroman, Kasbo comes of age as an artist through the release of Places We Don’t Know. 

“Musically I knew I wanted to do a sonic representation of the concept, blending worldly sounds with small bedroom type samples and soundscapes,” Kasbo stated of the album’s constructional basis. “I really loved the idea of those two polarizing things being the two main factors that would lay the ground for the album.”

Kasbo’s predilection for lush soundscapes that mellifluously and unhurriedly develop in tandem with a serene vocal part figures in “About You” and “Bara Du,” among other track listings.

Places We Don’t Know gained momentum through the release of the album’s first single, the Tender assisted “Aldrig Mer.” Future bass found its own place on the tracklist via the second single,  “Your Tempo.” “Find” and “Over You,” the final singles that offered a sample of the sound of Places We Don’t Know prompted the it  to gain further traction prior to its March 23 arrival.

A release unfettered by the consciousness that comes with age, Places We Don’t Know is a heart-strirring, vernal gaze backwards in time.