The 200 Best Songs Of The 2010s

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When this decade began, MP3s still reigned supreme. Now, at the end of it, a song is no longer even a file — it’s ephemera, on every streaming service and available to hear in myriad ways. For better and worse, the song (and the single) have become the norm for the general public’s music consumption. More »

Kacey Musgraves Announces Amazon Christmas Special With Lana Del Rey, Kendall Jenner, Camila Cabello, & More

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A Kacey Musgraves Christmas special is coming. Today, the country musician announced The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show, which will debut on Amazon Prime Video on 11/29. The special will feature appearances from Lana Del Rey, Kendall Jenner, Camila Cabello, Zooey Deschanel, Fred Armisen, Leon Bridges, Troye Sivan, James Corden and the Radio City Rockettes. Musgraves … More »

The 100 Best Albums Of The 2010s

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The 100 Best Albums Of The 2010sA decade is an arbitrary measurement. They seem confined, these neat little symmetrical 10-year runs, but it’s only in hindsight that we define them, that their signifiers and trends and shorthand become codified. In reality, there are bleeds, the timbre and events of one chunk of time sliding over the border into another. If you’re … More »

All Hail King Princess

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King Princess - Cheap QueenKing Princess really is royalty of a sort. Mikaela Mullaney Straus, the 20-year-old upstart who’ll release her debut album Cheap Queen tomorrow, is the daughter of Oliver H. Straus Jr., owner of Brooklyn’s Mission Sound Recording. Like many artists who find their way to fame before exiting their teenage years, she was born … More »

Watch Gloria Gaynor Join Kacey Musgraves For “I Will Survive” At Radio City

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Kacey Musgraves has been covering Gloria Gaynor’s disco classic “I Will Survive” all this year on the many, many shows that she’s been doing in support of Golden Hour, the best album of 2018. More »

Kacey Musgraves, Panic! At the Disco, And Weezer Announced For Frozen 2 Soundtrack

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The soundtrack for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming Frozen 2, featuring seven original songs by Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez and an original score by Christophe Beck​, is slotted for a 11/15 release, just ahead of the film’s opening on 11/22. Disney unveiled the animated feature film’s track list Monday morning (9/30). New songs, featuring … More »

Here’s How Kacey Musgraves Revived A Small Business In LA’s Koreatown

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A few days ago, Kacey Musgraves was in LA for her Oh What A World Tour II and needed to find a one-hour photo shop. She and her photographer sister Kelly Christine Sutton found Tom’s One Hour Photo & Lab on a quiet street in Korea Town. Musgraves was so taken by Tom Tuong’s work … More »

Music industry shows its support in light of recent mass shootings

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Music industry shows its support in light of recent mass shootingsKacey Musgraves Lollapalooza

The first weekend of August, two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio left more than 31 people dead in the span of 14 hours.

The first shooting in El Paso, Texas on Saturday, Aug. 3 took 22 lives. Another nine people were killed in Dayton, Ohio. The two shootings are the latest in a dangerously common trend that have led to a toll of 255 U.S. mass shootings in 2019 as of today. The number of mass shootings has outpaced the number of days in the year.

In wake of the recent tragedies, the world has shown an outpouring of support and condolences for the communities affected. Artists and music industry figures, from Mija to Khalid to Lana Del Rey, and Bebe Rexha used their platforms to express their grief and provide comfort for those affected.

Mija, Khalid, and Riot Ten took to social media to announce their respective benefit concerts while Lana Del Rey wrote a song, “Looking for America” with Jack Antonoff in light of events. Meanwhile, Bebe Rexha urged her followers to talk to their senators to make changes against gun violence.

J.I.D. and Kacey Musgraves used their Lollapolooza slots to address audiences. The rapper dedicated a moment of silence to victims before his set, while the country singer addressed her concerns during a performance of her song, “Rainbow.”

“I can’t even believe that we’re having to process the s–t that’s happening in the last 24 hours, much less everything that’s happened in the last two-hundred and f–king fifteen days in America. I don’t know what the answer is but obviously something has to be f–king done,” Musgraves urged. “Maybe somebody will hear us if we all yell together to say, ‘Somebody f–king do something.”

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Kacey Musgraves Calls For Gun Reform At Lollapalooza: “Somebody Fucking Do Something”

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Kacey MusgravesThe whole country is reeling from two deadly mass shootings in less than 24 hours over the weekend, first in El Paso and then in Dayton. It’s been maddening to watch the same debates play out in the wake of the carnage without any substantial difference in action from those in power, to see the … More »

Watch Kacey Musgraves Play Four Songs On The Today Show

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Kacey-MusgravesIt’s one of the strangest live-music experiences you can have in New York, a city that’s not exactly hurting for strange live-music experiences. You drag yourself out of bed sometime around five in the morning. You get on the subway to midtown. You find the little alley in Rockefeller center where you can look into … More »