“Despacito” Could Signify A Latin Pop Resurgence Or Just Justin Bieber’s King-Making Power

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It’s not every day a song sung primarily in Spanish goes to #1 in the US. It’s not even every decade. But “Despacito,” a collaboration between Puerto Rican stars Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, has done it with a late-breaking assist from Canadian pop idol Justin Bieber. The Bieber-featuring “Despacito” remix, you may haveMore »

Marshmello Shares Epic Tour Recap With Appearances From Skrillex, DJ Snake & More

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In just a day, the latest tour recap from Marshmello has already reached over 500,000 views and is the #28 trending video on YouTube. And it’s easy to see why – with guest appearances from Justin Bieber, Skrillex, DJ Snake, Yo Gotti and more, it has all the star power one could ask for.

From Philly, Denver, Toronto, Vancouver, Chandler, Miami, and Vegas, check out the video below:


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Source: Marshmello Shares Epic Tour Recap With Appearances From Skrillex, DJ Snake & More

Justin Bieber, Drake, & Kanye West Will Reportedly Blow Off The Grammys

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LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 15:  Singer Justin Bieber arrives at The 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)Justin Bieber, Drake, and Kanye West will not attend the Grammys ceremony, according to a new report from TMZ. All three of them have multiple nominations this year — Bieber’s Purpose and Drake’s Views are both up for Album Of The Year — but all have elected not to attend. More »

Movie Musical Soundtracks Have The Charts Feeling Like La La Land

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La La LandThis is one of my more controversial views, a position so conservative some might call it retrograde, but in light of this past week’s events I’m feeling emboldened to revel in it: I thought La La Land was great. (What, did you think I was going to go full Tom Araya on you?) The … More »

AHH Stray News: Snoop Dogg & Martha Return, Floyd’s Buggati Flops, Teairra Mari Catches Legal Break

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Rapper Snoop Dogg’s quirky new cooking and chat show with lifestyle queen Martha Stewart will return to TV next month. “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party” was a big hit when it launched on VH1 last year, and the odd couple will be serving up more meals for special guests on season two. Kathy Griffin, Mike Epps, and sushi chef Abe Hiroki will feature in the first episode of the new season, which will debut on February 13. This season’s guests will also include 50 Cent, Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross, Fat Joe, and R&B star-turned-top chef Kelis.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s 2011 Bugatti Veyron failed to sell at auction held recently in Arizona. The sportscar was expected to hit a reserve price of $2.3 million, but bidding at the Barrett-Jackson car auction in Scottsdale stalled at $1.9 million. Mayweather’s pal Justin Bieber had more luck at the sale – the pop star sold his Ferrari 458 for $434,500. The “Sorry” singer sweetened the deal by offering up concert tickets and backstage passes to the buyer.

Singer and reality TV star Teairra Mari’s battery case has reportedly been dropped after her accuser refused to testify. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” regular, who once had a deal with Jay Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records, was facing charges of misdemeanor battery, theft and vandalism. She was hit with the charges in 2015 after she allegedly fought an Uber driver during an altercation about a cell phone charger in July, 2015. He performed a citizen’s arrest and called the police when she refused to leave his car. Mari, who denied the incident, was also reportedly facing arrest last year, after she failed to appear in court in June. However, a judge has since dismissed the case following the driver’s refusal to testify.

Canadian Beef! A Very Salty Justin Bieber Disses The Weeknd

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(AllHipHop Rumors) It is very clear that Justin Bieber is very salty, and he is still not over his ex, Selena Gomez.

Ever since news hit that The Weeknd was dating Bieber’s ex, Bieber has not been here for it!

Justin Bieber is BIG mad as he recently held nothing back when dissing The Weeknd!

It’s so funny to see celebrities, especially men, in their feeling about their exes!

TMZ caught up with Justin Bieber at Delilah in WeHo, and they couldn’t resist their petty! They immediately asked Justin could he listen to a Weeknd song, to which Justin replied saying,

“Hell no I can’t listen to a Weekend song; that sh-ts wack.”

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez broke the internet when photos of them being intimate hit the net. Apparently Justin Bieber couldn’t handle it.

Justin Bieber and Selena previously dated for a while, so we guess it makes sense why Biebz is in his feelings.

I just want to know at what point did Weeknd’s music become wack to him???? After he found out that he was smahsing Gomez??? I’m sure he didn’t feel that way when he and The Weeknd were both on Drake’s “Trust Issues” remix!

The Weeknd doesn’t seem to be to bothered as he allegedly feels that everyone has moved on and needs to be mature adults.

Bieber could always get with Bella, The Weeknd’s ex! You know a very troubled Gomez aint shhhh either as she was bff’s with The Weeknd’s ex’s sister, Gigi.

Cheer up Biebs! It will get better.

Justin Bieber Calls The Weeknd’s Music “Whack” [VIDEO]

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Justin Bieber and The Weeknd are two names people sometimes complain about when covered on Your EDM, but it’s undeniable that both have made serious strides crossing over into electronic dance music. Just this past year Bieber worked with Skrillex, DJ Snake, and Major Lazer. The Weeknd, on the other hand, released two collabs with Daft Punk on his new album, and received official remixes from dance powerhouses Martin Garrix and RL Grime.

Now, these two pop-EDM crossovers apparently have some beef brewing, thanks to The Weeknd dating Bieber’s ex, Selena Gomez. Gomez, you may recall, also made headlines for dating and collaborating with Zedd some time ago.

So, just the other night when Bieber was asked about if he’d listen to The Weeknd’s music, should it come on the radio, his response was… well, watch below.

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Source: Justin Bieber Calls The Weeknd’s Music “Whack” [VIDEO]

Dashboard Confessional Cover Julien Baker, Sorority Noise, & The 1975 On Surprise EP

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Dashboard ConfessionalDashboard Confessional have been posing with Julien Baker and raving about Sorority Noise shows on their official Facebook page, and now the ’00s emo veterans have covered songs by both artists on a new surprise EP. In addition to Baker’s “Sprained Ankle” and Sorority Noise’s “Using,” Dashboard’s Covered And Taped also features intimate, … More »

Jacky Greco and Snoop Dogg’s ‘Blow’ sounds an awful lot like Major Lazer and Justin Bieber’s ‘Cold Water’

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But, in electronic music, imitation has quickly become par for the course.

We’ve seen it happen with every successive sonic trend. First, cookie cutter big room and festival house invaded the airwaves. Following suit were a million Wave Racer imitators. Then there were the innumerable wonky bass-lines appropriating Oliver Heldens and Tchami’s future house and a couple years back, followed closely by the co-opting of Jauz’s bass house from every 20-something with a DAW and a dream, but an overall dearth of ingenuity. Let’s not forget David Guetta and Showtek’s absurdly blatant ripoff of Gesaffelstein in June of last year, either.

Electronic music’s latest chart-topping trend floats in the 90 BPM range with Carribbean and dancehall influences made popular by artists like Major Lazer, Diplo, Skrillex and even DJ Snake. Yesterday, January 12, we shared Jacky Greco and Snoop Dogg’s “Blow” and commented on its flavor of the month familiarity. However, upon closer inspection — and a couple repeat listens — there may be a bit more there than coincidental similarities at play.

While certainly not a copyright-infringing rip of “Cold Water,” Snoop and Greco’s hook on “Blow” shares a nearly identical melody and structure with Bieber and Major Lazer’s 2016 hit.  The segments in question are less present in the mix on “Blow” than “Cold Water” — maybe even to hide their tracks a bit — but it definitely sounds as if it was a bit more than just influenced by the Bieber/Major Lazer collaboration.  And even if the striking similarities were simply accidental, as the estimable Kanye West says — “Does anyone make real shit anymore?”

Listen to both tracks below and let us know what you think.

At least we can take respite in the fact that there’s at least one person still trying out new ideas these days…

Ed Sheeran Forgot About Writing Major Lazer, Justin Bieber & MØ’s “Cold Water” Until it Hit #1

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Yep, you just read that headline correctly. In the latest case of “Not the Onionnews, Ed Sheeran revealed in a candid Billboard interview that the history behind him writing the hit Major LazerJustin Bieber and collaboration “Cold Water” is a bit cloudier than we expected.

Sheeran detailed in the interview that he vaguely recalls writing what eventually became “Cold Water” with co-writer Benny Blanco during a period of busy songwriting. When Diplo reached out to Sheeran requesting the song, Sheeran didn’t respond because he “no idea what [he was] talking about.” When Diplo sent a follow-up email asking him for the song again and mentioning that Justin Bieber wanted to join, Sheeran still ignored him because he still did not know what Diplo was talking about. When the song became a hit and topped the UK Singles Chart, Sheeran suddenly remembered writing the song.

Read Sheeran’s full account of forgetting about writing “Cold Water” below:

“Cold Water’ was a weird one because I didn’t even know that song existed,” he explained. “It was a song I must’ve half-written somewhere at a time where I was writing a lot of songs and I did it at Benny Blanco’s house and then I got an email from Diplo just being like, ‘Yo! That ‘Cold Water’ song is dope! Can I have it?’ And I was like, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about,’ so I just didn’t reply. And then he emailed and was like, “Yo, Justin [Bieber] wants to hop on the ‘Cold Water’ song. Is that cool?’ And I’m just like, ‘What are you talking about?’… And then the song came out and it was number one and I was like ‘Oh, that song!’ I remember doing it, but it was really, really slow. I remember hearing it and being like ‘That kind of sounds like me. Oh wait, it was me.”

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Source: Ed Sheeran Forgot About Writing Major Lazer, Justin Bieber & MØ’s “Cold Water” Until it Hit #1