Superstar K-Pop Boy Band BTS Launch Their American Invasion

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The best way to judge a boy band’s potency is the intensity of the screaming throng that accompanies its every move. That was true in the 1960s, when the mop-top-era Beatles incited widespread hysteria, and it was true again at the turn of the millennium, when Backstreet Boys and NSYNC became the faces of a … More »

UK Teenager Found Guilty Of Plotting Terror Attack At Justin Bieber Concert

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A 17-year-old boy has been found guilty of plotting an Isis-inspired terror attack in Cardiff, Wales, on the same day as a Justin Bieber concert. The boy, who cannot be named due to his age, was found guilty of five terror-related charges at Birmingham Crown Court, following his arrest on June 30 — a month … More »

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Officially Back Together

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History has apparently re-written itself as we find out today that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reportedly back together after three years apart. The news of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship comes just days after Gomez and The Weeknd reportedly split. A source told US Weekly that “Selena and Justin are back together.

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Don’t Underestimate Pink — Or The Power Of Album/Ticket Bundles

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Pink is having the last laugh. This past summer, when MTV awarded its Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to the singer born Alecia Beth Moore, there was much social media cackling; surely they weren’t serious about elevating this durable and reliable hitmaker to the same iconic level as Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake? … More »

New Music Friday: Rita Ora at the top, a ‘veritable’ jamboree of Q4 madness elsewhere

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Song of the week:
Rita Ora — ‘Anywhere’
Yes obviously Rita’s best single since ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ is a full-on pensivebanger of almost dangerous proportions BUT the big news today is that New Music Friday has gone Q4 MENTAL.

  • Taylor Swift!
  • Two different One Direction members!!
  • Two different Jonas brothers!!!
  • An Emeli Sandé writing credit!!!!
  • A Kelly Clarkson normal song!!!!!
  • A Kelly Clarkson Christmas song!!!!!!
  • A Fifth Harmony (sort of) Christmas song with an absolutely disgraceful and amazing key change!!!!!!!
  • A Justin Bieber remix featuring some left-over guide vocals from Julia Michaels!!!!!!!!!
  • Fever Ray are back!!!!!!!!!!
  • Feat Sean Paul!!!!!!!!!!!

This. This playlist. This playlist right here. This is the true meaning of Q4.

Additional notes:

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Watch David Guetta & Justin Bieber’s ‘2U’ music video

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“2U” by David Guetta and Justin Bieber has been an international sensation, garnering more than 400 million streams, 500,000 downloads, and 240 million views. Now, the worldwide hit has received the royal music video treatment.

This music video was directed by Brewer, a directing duo that joined the hybrid production company PRETTYBIRD back in 2012. The duo has experience and background in both illustration and production, allowing them to include such a diverse storyline for the video.

“When we first heard ‘2U’ we were struck by how the music and lyrics supported each other. The song perfectly captures the emotional phenomenon of loving someone to the point where there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them. We thought it would be great to embrace this idea, being as it’s one of our most beloved cultural clichés, and repeat it over and over again to try to see if through repetition a new perspective, a new deconstruction, could happen. It’s like saying a word over and over again. Eventually it starts to lose its shape. We hope people are compelled to watch it multiple times because there is a lot of fun stuff hiding in the frames.” – Brewer

In the video, a couple gets into an argument that endangers the future of their relationship. The vicious cycle of arguing repeats throughout the video’s entirety, with different possible scenarios. These subtle changes hint at what could possibly have gone differently if other factors came into play. Animations, zombie apocalypses, old-school musicals, and much more aid in these other possible outcomes.

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Legendary production duo release new track under moniker BLVK JVCK [Watch]

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Producer duo The Runners are legendary in the hip-hop scene, having been the forces behind singles from Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Lil’ Wayne, among many others. Andrew “Dru Brett” Harr and Jermaine “Mayne Zayne” Jackson have now rebranded themselves to try their hand within the electronic scene under new moniker BLVK JVCK, and their first single featuring Dyo is now out via Big Beat Records. BLVK JVCK does not mark the end of The Runners, who will continue to produce enduring hip-hop classics, but rather an exciting fresh start for the producers.

“Mind Games” masterfully blends hip hop with subtle electronic undertones while Dyo’s sensual vocals draws the listener in. The catchy track is sure to be a radio hit that the duo will be able to add to their long list of past successes. Watch the full music video for “Mind Games.”


What the hell does it mean to be a producer in 2017?

Marilyn Manson offers reverb heavy synth track with “KILL4ME”

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Marilyn Manson has released a surprisingly palatable single entitled “KILL4ME.” The track combines the sound he’s carried for decades with less rigid, more modern feel. While Manson has long occupied one of the darkest corners of the music industry, this release is along the lines of a radio ready, reverb-laden electronica track.

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David Guetta & Justin Bieber -2U (R3hab Remix)

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Marilyn Manson Calls Justin Bieber “A Real Piece Of Shit”

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Last summer, Justin Bieber used Marilyn Manson’s likeness on some very expensive tour merch. (Basically just a regular Manson tee with “Bigger Than Satan Bieber” on the back.) The designer of the shirt, Fear Of God, said that he had gotten Manson’s permission for the t-shirt, but Manson has a different story in a … More »

Drake, Justin Bieber Join Hurricane Relief Telethon

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Next week, all the major networks will air a one-hour telethon to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey. The show is set to feature a long list of very, very famous people, including Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, and Barbra Streisand. Now TMZ reports that even more celebrities have jumped on … More »