♫ Listen: Jordan Christoff – Enveloped

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Living oceans…

Living oceans…

Living oceans…



Jordan Christoff’s debut tape on Constellation Tatsu, Enveloped, is all it promises to be: complete submergence in crystalline sound, liquid currents of tone, life sustained, floating, rich and dynamic in variety and vibrance. Balanced. Tuned. All-encompassing.

Enveloped by Jordan Christoff

Constellation Tatsu swings back into orbit, reveals Winter Batch featuring Curved Light, Chris Otchy, Jordan Christoff, and Rose, shares track from each

This post was originally published on this site

Like the Super Blood Moon, the Total Eclipse, or other rare astronomical occurrences, Constellation Tatsu displays brightest at one point of each season. These brief appearances are recorded and on display for posterity, of course, but that initial glimpse leaves a lasting impression.

For the label’s Winter Batch, four aural samples are available below, ranging from interstellar synth voyages (Curved Light’s Flow and Return) and pulsating 3D ambient grooves (Chris Otchy’s Subterranean Landscapes); to slow-burning, glacial sound excursions (Jordan Christoff’s Enveloped) and deep, hypnotic dark techno (Rose’s Night Places). It’s easy to claim every batch tops the previous one, but I’ll go ahead and make that claim right now, as Tatsu kicks off 2019 with a quiet yet profound bang.

The entire Constellation Tatsu Winter Batch is available for purchase TODAY. Get into your primo zoning environment and let the below playlist rip! Push back on the winter blues with four of the freshest ambient sounds you can find!

Flow and Return tracklisting:

01. Brightlea
02. Sea Change
03. Cascading Tides
04. Glacial Float
05. Crescent_Visions in Eclipse
06. Sand Hollow
07. Meridian
08. Colorform
09. Paths Divergent
10. Non-Volatile
11. Clean Air
12. Flow and Return
13. Ridgeway
14. Wanderlust

Subterranean Landscapes tracklisting:

01. Adaptor
02. The Day After the Banquet
03. Driftwood Collage
04. Night Children
05. Minimum Feed
06. Out of Reach
07. The CHOAM Corporation
08. Pets or Children
09. Taming the Moon

Enveloped tracklisting:

01. Waves
02. Wash
03. Alice
04. Love

Night Places tracklisting:

01. Phosphorene
02. The Searing
03. Night Places