Exclusive: Jeffrey Sutorius launches his rebranding chapter with his first solo release, ‘Bad Days’

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Exclusive: Jeffrey Sutorius launches his rebranding chapter with his first solo release, ‘Bad Days’Umf17b 032

After more than a decade occupying the frontman role of the once-legendary Dash Berlin trio, Jeffrey Sutorius had his membership from the group abruptly and involuntarily removed last June after the original two members registered the moniker without him. Now, Sutorius is looking to officially turn a new page following the messy divorce as he ignites his complete rebrand under the Jeffrey Sutorius identity with the release of his first solo single on his new label.

“Bad Days” instantaneously proves Sutorius can proceed without the assistance from his fellow counterparts, as he delivers yet another uplifting and animated production. Utilizing his trademark concoction of infectious lyrics, signature synths, and progressive chords, Sutorius presents “Bad Days” in the only manner he knows how, providing auspicious glimpses into what his future holds.

While fans are only getting a initial taste of Jeffrey Sutorius music, more releases are certainly inbound as he reveals that “Bad Days” is the inaugural release on his new imprint, BODYWRMR. In speaking on the label’s launch and the background behind it, Sutorius elaborated on its meaning:

“The reason I decided to call my new record label BODYWRMR is threefold. You are heating up your body when dancing at a party. Secondly, electronic music allows us to bond in a PLUR state of mind when we are hugging each other on the dancefloor and making friendships for life, we are literally warming up each other’s bodies. And finally, I wish to thank everyone for their support in making my new journey as Jeffrey Sutorius possible: this truly warms my body by first warming my heart. My intention is to do the same for my fans with new music, whether it’s mine or coming from carefully selected talent from around the world. So in the end it’s all about what it has always been for me: for each other and with each other.”

With an upcoming appearance at Ultra Music Festival‘s A State of Trance stage under his new moniker, Sutorius will undoubtedly have a full arsenal stocked of new solo productions ready to be heard by the dance music world.

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Remaining Dash Berlin members release cryptic video: ‘We’re breaking the silence’

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Remaining Dash Berlin members release cryptic video: ‘We’re breaking the silence’Dash Berlin Breakup

The sudden departure of Dash Berlin fan-facing member Jeffrey Sutorious from the three-man group shook the dance community in June 2018, and their breakup has proven to be quite ugly. Following swirls of legal battle rumors and passive aggressive jabs among the parties involved, Sutorious later sat down with DJ Mag for a tell-all interview that explained he felt he had to leave due to mental health concerns, and management/his other group members pushing him too hard on the tour circuit. The interview resonated with fans and onlookers alike, and justified the swift launch of the departed artist’s namesake solo project.

Despite starting off on a negative foot in part to the DJ Mag piece, original Dash Berliners Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn are determined to continue their legacy. At the end of the year, they announced on the group’s social media channels that remaining fans can expect more music from them moving forward. They’ve now taken to YouTube in what feels like a strikeback to Sutorious with a couple exposé-esque video clips. The clips, titled The Untold Story of Dash Berlin, follow the creation of one of their most iconic singles of all time, “Till The Sky Falls Down.” It describes Eelke and Sebastiaan’s longtime friendship and collaboration, ending with a message that they’re “breaking the silence” — a possible allusion to their incoming new music, or even their speaking out with their side of the Dash Berlin story.

A notable lack of Sutorious’ inclusion, further proves the rift caused in the outfit’s fragmentation.



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