Porter Robinson x Madeon – Shelter (JayKode Remix)

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Porter Robinson and Madeon’s “Shelter” collaboration was unequivocally one of the biggest tracks of 2016 — in fact, we even named it our #3 top track of the year.

While remixes of the blockbuster collaboration pervaded 2016, “Shelter” has now received a refreshing facelift from multi-talented beatsmith JayKode. The LA-based producer lays down a charmingly sedative backdrop for the vocal anthem, transposing the vocals to give it an entirely new feel.

It’s a highly inventive spin on the track. As it happens, it was never meant to be a remix. “I had no plan to remix shelter since the original was perfect in every aspect,” JayKode writes. “I was actually working on a hip-hop instrumental and messing around with some guitars. Then I started plugging in different a capellas just for fun and when I plugged shelter in, it was complete magic.”

Listen to JayKode’s remix of “Shelter” below, and download it for free here.

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Jaykode – Wasted ft Marco Foster (Takka Remix)

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JayKode’s confessional Marco Foster feature, “Wasted,” has received the Takka treatment.

Taking on the JayKode production as the next track subject to the Takka golden touch, the California-based artist transforms “Wasted” into a reflective remix that tempers the rhythmic patterns dominant in the original version. Slowing the single’s pace, Takka’s alterations are metamorphic, rendering the re-imagination a comparatively laid-back track in exuded tone. Takka notably substitutes the thunderous build at the original’s onset for favor of a more minimalistic piano melody audible in the remix’s verses and outro. Takka, however, does not completely depart from the original’s signature percussive elements, using drums at the song’s drop to accelerate the remix. The crown jewel of additions and the foundation for the remix’s tonal shift materializes in the remix’s incorporation of a transfixing flute thread in the track’s drop.

A reinvention of JayKode’s raw original, Takka’s take on “Wasted” boasts a vibe sure to hook any listener.


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Party Thieves & JayKode show different side with ‘Poppy Seeds’ ft Neon Hitch

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Party Thieves & JayKode Show Different Side With “Poppy Seeds (feat. Neon Hitch)”

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Party Thieves & JayKode are two quickly-rising names in trap and bass this year. The two producers already have numerous shows, festivals, and fast-streaming singles under their belts and both artists achieve success in part from a common element — by crafting and caring for the content they put out, ensuring it’s a gem no matter how long it takes.

“Poppy Seeds,” which also features Neon Hitch, released on Trap Nation’s Lowly Palace sub-label. This single is tough to dissect, but a gradual intro keeps you curious as to what the next moment will bring, while the drop delivers by unleashing a unique, technical sound that firmly ups the energy.

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Flux Pavilion Releases Stacked Remix Package For ‘Cut Me Out’, Listen Here

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Flux is one of the indisputable legends of bass music. His tracks such as ‘Bass Cannon’ helped create modern day dubstep. His production ever since have been inspired, influential and downright massive. ‘Cut Me Out’ was no different, hence why we expected a giant remix package for this monster track. Lucky for us, Flux and

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Your EDM Premiere: Jaykode & Jayceeoh – Testament

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We’ve been trying to get a Jayceeoh remix up on Your EDM for the longest time, but it just never seemed to work out. Whether it was the track itself or the timing, something always got in the way. Somehow, the stars aligned for this collab with JayKode and we have the premiere of “Testament.”

The heavy tune has an instantly catchy lead synth melody that carries throughout the tune, playing up the bulk of its recognizability. The bassline is great in its own right, but the melody is really what sets the track apart from others like it.

Check out “Testament” below and grab the limited free download before it’s gone!

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JayKode & Lookas Drop Stunning Remix Of Swedish House Mafia’s “Leave The World Behind”

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With all this news of Swedish House Mafia returning, it isn’t unreasonable for some producers to come out of the woodwork with some bootlegs or remixes to capitalize on the frenzy. Others have done it before with newer tracks, especially Skrillex releases, hoping to hop on Facebook or music trends of the day or week.

This one, however, we feel just had good timing. It certainly wasn’t made since the rumors sprouted, and after talking with JayKode himself, he’s confirmed that this remix has been in production since 2014 with some more recent additions and help from Lookas.

Another point to take into consideration is the legacy that Swedish House Mafia left behind. Like The Beatles, it’s almost sacrilegious to remix them in any way, so it’s really smart the way that JayKode & Lookas did it. Rather than keep any portion of the original production, they sampled the lyrics and created a future remix all their own that is absolutely incredible. In doing so, they’ve kept the spirit of SHM while putting their own unique spin on a classic.

Download free here

The song is actually so great, the one and only Tiësto played it out main stage at this year’s EDC Las Vegas. Check out the awe inspiring video below.

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Source: JayKode & Lookas Drop Stunning Remix Of Swedish House Mafia’s “Leave The World Behind”