You Can Now Watch “What Would Diplo Do?” On Hulu

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Ladies and Gentleman, “What Would Diplo Do?” is officially on Hulu. For those of you who missed the show’s premiere in August, it’s time for you to catch up. The Viceland TV Show “What Would Diplo Do?” follows the life of Diplo, starring James Van Der Beek as Diplo and Dillion Francis as Diplo’s friend

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Diplo initially hated James Van Der Beek’s portrayal of himself

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Whether viewers are Viceland or dance music fans, the network’s comedy “What Would Diplo Do?” certainly made waves in the media for its over the top humor and parody of the dance music scene. James Van Der Beek was cast to portray Diplo, and did a great job at making it seem like the producer didn’t have a whole lot going on upstairs. Before the show’s release, Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo, opened Van Der Beek’s portrayal of himself with open arms. After the show’s conclusion, Pentz, who is also an executive producer on the show, has expressed a different sentiment.

“It hurt to watch it the first time,” the musician admitted to Rolling Stone. “It made my stomach twist.”

Later on in the interview, Pentz reiterated he was open to the public ridicule.

“I think that James plays a really funny Diplo. He’s doing his best, but he (the character)’s just an idiot. I don’t mind being ridiculed.”

While Diplo was great about promoting the show and taking its humor in stride, even he admits that the portrayal of himself was a little more difficult to swallow than he publicly made it seem.

H/T: Rolling Stone

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Diplo on WWDD: I’m sacrificing myself to poke fun at DJ/EDM culture as a whole

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What was originally supposed to be a one-off advertisement coaxing people to buy tickets for Diplo‘s annual Mad Decent Block Party just last year is now finally geared up to hit the airways as a full fledged television miniseries this Thursday, August 3 via Viceland.

Offering insight into the making of What Would Diplo Do?, James Van Der Beek recently sat down with Rolling Stone magazine where he discussed the making of the satirical show— an essential no-brainer for the network.

“We all thought that would be it,” Van Der Beek explained to Rolling Stone—speaking of the promo mockumentary skit shenanigans that started it all.  

But Viceland had something bigger in mind. ‘What Would Diplo Do?,’ will be the network’s breakout show in scripted programming. The ad was merely a glimpse of what’s to come.

“We all went back and thought about it and came to the conclusion, ‘Holy fuck, this could be a show,’” Van Der Beek remembered, telling Rolling Stone. “What I saw was: EDM genius sucks at life. Parables about life through the eyes of a clown.

Of course with all of the fun poking, Diplo had to give the ok for the new show.

“This show isn’t a reflection of myself,” said Diplo.

“It’s more of a reflection of my Twitter persona, which was always a joke. In the past few years, I left it alone because I didn’t think people understood the joke and took all my sarcasm seriously, so it wasn’t worth defending myself,” Diplo continued “but for a while it was pretty golden and this is a sort of social commentary on the social media and the EDM age.” 


 “I view it as sacrificing myself to poke fun at DJ/EDM culture as a whole,” says Diplo.

Contributing ideas over the course of the show’s filming often required signing off on particularly unflattering scenes and Diplo spares himself no expense. Where’s the fun in life, anyways, if one can’t make fun of onesself?

The way Van Der Beek sees it, the show relies on this willingness to be the butt of the joke.

Being called things like “righteous dick” was “the only way this show could have happened…. If there was any preciousness about him, it would’ve been impossible. He really had no boundaries in terms of making himself look bad. I actually had to bring him around to the idea that we don’t make him completely ridiculous,” said Van Der Beek. “We imbue him with some attributes that make him likable enough to want to hang out with him for more than just one episode.”

While understanding his influence in the industry Diplo suggests the show’s been created with a wider audience in mind,

“The Viceland audience is a wide net,” Diplo told Rolling Stone“There’s people who go for the political, thought-provoking, challenging stuff. But then there’s people who just want to watch Action Bronson [host of Fuck, That’s Delicious] and have a good time… We wrote it for people that might not know anything about the music.”

This Thursday, August 3, fans will get to see just what the irony will bring forth and exactly what satirical-Diplo would do. Oh, and Dillion Francis too (who makes a cameo). Until then, everyone will just have to wait and see.

Via: Rolling Stone

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Diplo has blessed the world with a second Twitter account and it is internet gold

Diplo has blessed the world with a second Twitter account and it is internet gold

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Diplo takes his “random white dude be everywhere” mantra very seriously. He’s continually diversifying his portfolio, he’s aligned with some of pop music’s most veritable forces, and he’s got a keen social media game. In fact, between Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, Wes is always on the grid, and his ability to use 140 characters has, over time, become the stuff of legend.

Now, in promotion of his new Viceland feature, What Would Diplo Do?, starring celebrity doppelgänger James Van Der Beek, the Mad Decent head honcho has launched an alternate (verified) Twitter account, and it is exactly what the people of 2017 deserve.

Covering topics including La Croix, SoundCloud’s ongoing media circus, Mozart, chilling, and other “Diplo-esque” subjects, the new Twitter account is essentially just a “Best of Diplo on Twitter” highlight reel, apparently helmed by Van Der Beek himself. If you do one thing on Twitter this week, follow this account — you will not be disappointed. 

What Would Diplo Do? premieres  Thursday, August 3, on Viceland.

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Watch James Van Der Beek As Diplo In What Would Diplo Do? Trailer

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Last year, James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek fame played Diplo in a jokey video to announce some Mad Decent Block Party dates. Viceland liked it so much that they decided to order six episodes and turn it into their first scripted series, the upcoming What Would Diplo Do?, executive produced by … More »

‘What Would Diplo Do?’ coming to Viceland on August 3

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James Van Der Beek will reprise his role as a caricaturized version of Diplo, in Viceland’s first-ever scripted television series What Would Diplo Do?Described as a collection of parables, the tongue-in-cheek new series will take a glimpse into the life of the superstar DJ, with Van Der Beek acting as an executive producer alongside Diplo himself.

Viceland has commissioned six episodes, based on a premise originally explored in a short promo video for last year’s Mad Decent Block Party directed by Brandon Dermer. Though mildly absurd, the promo video went viral, reaping a positive response from its viewers, who applauded the Dawson’s Creek alum for his grade A impersonation.

What Would Diplo Do? will premiere on August 3 at 10pm on Viceland.

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What Would Diplo Do Premieres on August 3rd on Viceland

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Back in January, James Van Der Beek shared news that he would be playing Diplo in a new TV show titled What Would Diplo Do? The show that is scheduled to premiere on Viceland on August 3rd is described as “Louie’ meets WorldStarHip Hop crossed with This Is Spinal Tap.” Aside from Van Der Beek’s

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