Jackmaster expands statement around Love Saves The Day incident; later dropped from In:Motion and other Bristol events

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Jackmaster expands statement around Love Saves The Day incident; later dropped from In:Motion and other Bristol eventsJackmaster Nicolas Schopfer Photography

Fallout surrounding incidents at Love Saves The Day festival in Bristol, United Kingdom continues for Jackmaster, after further clarifying his public apology about events that took place there. The popular DJ had taken to his Facebook page on August 15 to issue the apology for “behaving inappropriately and offensively” toward staff members at the festival during a drug-induced blackout. As a result, the locality’s Motion club has also pulled him from his headlining spot on the lineup of its In:Motion event. They “mutually agreed” it was the best thing to do, per the venue’s announcement.

Resident Advisor received statements from an anonymous victim of Jackmaster’s behavior, Love Saves The Day, and an expansion from Jackmaster himself about what truly happened. The DJ confessed, “my actions involved attempting to kiss and grab people against their will,” after ingesting past the threshold of a safer GHB dosage and subsequently losing his memory of his choices thereafter. He also admitted he’d had a problem with the substance, and had relapsed. Since then, he’s been on a path to change his lifestyle and improve.

Before he’d let the full details go of his abusive behavior that night, Jackmaster’s vague apology led to a response that was, “quite sickening, in that it was hijacked by untruths and lad humour,” per a statement of the anonymous victim of his harrassment. Her account from that night detailed a scene where she felt helpless at the hands of onlookers who, “just stood by like it was OK behaviour.” She’d felt afraid to meet with him at first, but later felt he’d been sincere in his apology.

Love Saves The Day reiterated their stance on sexual assault, and their care for employees in their statement. Their ideals have been shared by Motion, who explained that they “operate[s] a zero tolerance policy” when it comes to behavior of this nature.

Jackmaster’s statement in full:

On Monday I posted in good faith apologising for my behaviour at Love Saves The Day festival. The responses online twisted the story, with distorted accounts becoming further twisted through follow up dialogues—in all directions, from both over-exaggerated to jokingly uninformed.

The situation is no laughing matter, and the post was far from a means to paint myself in a positive manner. I was abusive and acted lewdly and inappropriately towards numerous members of staff at the festival—both female and male—during a drug-induced blackout, which I had put myself into after my performance by drinking a substance called GHB.

GHB, and its variant GBL, is a drug that I have struggled with for some time and on the Saturday night of Love Saves The Day I relapsed, and rather than taking what could be considered a “regular” dose of GHB, I was seen to drink it directly from the bottle.

During the ensuing blackout, my actions involved attempting to kiss and grab people against their will. I am truly disgusted and ashamed of myself, and I do not wish to use my substance abuse as an excuse for my actions.

This type of behaviour should not be tolerated—and was completely out of character from me. I have let myself, staff at the festival and those closest to me down. Although I don’t recognise the person recounted to me, I alone take full responsibility for my actions and the effect on those involved.

After meeting with those involved, staff, and other representatives of the Love Saves The Day team, my apologies were accepted by all parties. After discussing several steps forward, including me raising the idea of handing myself into the police with the intention of this being open, it was agreed that a public apology and an undertaking to never repeat the behaviour would be an acceptable conclusion, as none of the individual staff wished to pursue formal complaints to the authorities.

Following this, we mutually agreed I would post Monday’s statement, but in retrospect it was too ambiguous. The timing of this discussion was delayed since late May in part due to a family bereavement and all those involved allowing me to grieve, which I would like to thank them for. It was also to give time to Love Saves The Day to fully investigate the complaints against me from their staff.

I am attempting to address my personal issues head on, speaking to those involved personally, making changes to my lifestyle and working to ensure that others receive support. I will continue to work alongside the Love Saves The Day team on this matter.

Out of respect to those involved in the above statement, I will not be returning to Bristol to perform for the duration of this year. I hope to be back next year.

The victim’s:

Although I wish to remain anonymous, I was one of the female members of staff who was a recipient of Jack’s actions on the night of Love Saves The Day.

Jack’s behaviour on the night towards me crossed the boundaries of acceptability, regardless of the fact he was clearly off his head. What made the matter worse is that it happened in front of so many people, and so many witnesses, and it took far too long for anybody to step in and try to take control of Jack or intervene in the slightest. People just stood by like it was OK behaviour.

Myself and other staff that he hurt, offended and upset on the night spoke with the festival management and decided that the incidents had to be addressed and not ignored.

Jack agreed to meet directly with all the staff his actions had affected on the night to offer his apologies. In that meeting, I was able to directly address Jack to tell him how humiliated and upset his behaviour made me feel and the fact it’s something that hasn’t left my mind since it happened.

The meeting environment was quite intense; I was afraid to see him again even though he had reached out to me before the face-to-face to offer his apology. There was an agenda, but before we had started, he had said that he would do whatever it takes to make us all feel better. If we wanted him to go hand himself into the police right now, he would do it, offer a public apology, whatever it took to make us all feel better again. I could see and feel he was completely sincere in what he was saying. He said he was disgusted by his own behaviour and that this had been the catalyst for him making real changes to his life.

At the end of the meeting, we all agreed with Jack that a public apology might help prevent this type of behaviour happening again anywhere in the industry and encourage people to step in quicker to stop it. Everyone has a responsibility to intervene when they see something like that happening, and if they don’t feel they can step in, they should go and get help.

That the response to his post on Monday was quite sickening, in that it was hijacked by untruths and lad humour—perhaps this is systematic of UK culture at the moment—is why it is so important for Jack to clarify what happened.

Love Saves The Day:

Jack’s unacceptable behaviour at the event, towards our staff, could not be ignored, which is why we and representatives of our staff met with Jack, and he offered to issue a public apology, and together plant a marker in the sand that this sort of thing can and should not be tolerated in our industry.

Given the reaction to the statement he put up on Monday, and the total misrepresentation of the facts and the issue we were trying to raise, it was important for him to clarify the situation and our staff appreciate he is trying to do this.

Jack has committed to take steps to ensure he never repeats his behaviour in the future, and we all appreciate this, but this is not just about Jack, this is about the industry as a whole and making sure that any kind of behaviour like this is stamped out.

None of our staff wish to pursue the matter any further and have accepted his apologies and support his undertaking to move forward from this in the right way.


Via: Resident Advisor

Photo credit:  Nicolas Schopfer Photography

Legendary House DJ Dropped From Shows After Admitting To Sexual Harrasement

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English DJ and producer, Jackmaster, has found himself in hot water lately. Earlier this week Jackmaster released a statement in which he apologized for drunken behavior and harassing women after one of his sets. While Jackmaster did admit his wrongs, the public and his victims have not been entirely receptive to his apology. Jackmaster explained

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Good Morning Mix: Relive Jackmaster’s 2016 DJ-Kicks mix

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Glaswegian DJ Jackmaster, real name Jack Revill, is best known for his ability to seamlessly intertwine genres and vastly different musical elements.

In 2016, Revill had the honor of creating the DJ-Kicks mix, which he used as an opportunity to pen an open love letter to the diverse cities that shaped him as an artist — Detroit, Chicago, and of course, Glasgow. According to Jackmaster, the DJ-Kicks mix was almost ruined by near disaster. In a press release around the delivery of the mix he delved deep into its origins.

“I was in the Caribbean DJing on a cruise ship that had no internet and got a call with the deadline. I went straight to my cabin on the boat and started picking out tracks on Rekordbox. The boat docked in Miami and I left my record bag in a taxi. I lost everything. My computer, all my USBs and new records. Once I got to Glasgow I bought a new computer, salvaged what music I could from old machines but most importantly delved deep into my record collection to find some obscure and forgotten bits that would do the CD justice. I holed up in the studio and managed to get the tracklist down within about a week, which is very quick for me. I thought it was solid but I listened to it on the plane and really hated it. So I went back to my old flat where my whole record collection is and started again. I probably did four or five different versions till I arrived at something I was really happy with.”

As a result, the mix is heavily influenced by the early techno and DIY-style Revill championed when he first started out on the circuits.

Says Revill of the style:

“Music was my escape when things were bad at home. Music was the bond that brought me and my best friends together, particularly Spencer who taught me how to DJ and who I’d hang out with every day mixing records. Music became my drive to do something with my life. I think it’s different to what a lot of people would expect from me, but for me it was important to do something honest and something that sets the record straight in a way.”


  1. Lnrdcroy – Freedom For Antboy II (Mixed)
  2. Denis Sulta – MSNJ (Mixed)
  3. Phil Moffa – Center Of The World (Mixed)
  4. X_1 – Happy Hippie Hifi (Mixed)
  5. Eliphino – Isabella Road (Mixed)
  6. Massimiliano Pagliara – I Am Running All My Drum Machines At Once And Dancing (Mixed)
  7. Mike Dunn – A Groove (Mixed)
  8. Playground Productionz – Orgy (XXX) (Mixed)
  9. Eli Escobar – Tension (Vinyl Mix) (Mixed)
  10. Alcatraz Harry – Ode To Frankfurt (Mixed)
  11. Lory D – Deep Acoustic (Mixed)
  12. Tomahawk – Forever Free (Mixed)
  13. Anno Stamm – A Night Out With Therese (Mixed)
  14. Denis Sulta – Dubelle Oh XX (JVIP) (Mixed)
  15. Konakov – Clonki Part II (Mixed)
  16. Mr G – Transient (Mixed)
  17. Basic Channel – Q1.1/l (Mixed)
  18. Fango – Vena Cava (Mixed)
  19. Tessela – Up (Mixed)
  20. Ricardo Villalobos – Logohitz (Mixed)
  21. Dean & Deluca – A2. (Mixed)
  22. Robert Hood – The Pace (Mixed)
  23. Overmow – Convulsions (Mixed)
  24. POM POM – POM POM 18 B2 (Mixed)

Rhonda Queen of the Desert and Framework present the pinnacle of Coachella after hours – photography by Randon Vannucchi

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Electric Island unveils official 2018 season lineup and dates

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Electric Island 2017 - photo by KURTHOOP of DED AGENCY

With summer quickly approaching and the impending urge to go from coat-checking at indoor venues to dancing at outdoor stages, festival lineups have been dropping left and right with names to suit a liking for everyone.

With great anticipation for their 2018 reveal, Electric Island just released a lineup worth waiting for. As past years have marked the festival as not only a local fan-favorite but a nation-wide eye catcher, the 2018 edition precedes its legacy with a handful of coveted names like Billy Kenny, Jackmaster, and The Martinez Brothers.

Spread out over the span of four holiday weekends, Torontonians are lucky to host this unique event, aptly named for its location on the Toronto Islands. In addition to the immense variety of names, attendees will be treated to rare sets like Carlo Lio b2b Nathan Barato, and Detlef b2b Latmun.

Electric Island 2018

Season passes are available for purchase online

Framework in the Desert Coachella announces Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, Black Coffee & more for 2018 parties

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Jamie Jones

Framework, one of Los Angeles’ ringleaders in underground electronic music, announced its 2018 Coachella programming. Over the years, Framework has proven a forward-thinking outfit in the music booking business and brought its unique curatorial prowess to the forefront, soundtracking the Desert’s biggest weekend with some of house and techno’s most sought after names.

Now, on the festival’s first weekend,  starting Friday, April 13, Framework will bring Rhonda INTL back to the Desert for a rare back-to-back set with the Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones and the Afropolitan house giant Black Coffee.

Then, attendees will be transported to an ethereal evening of techno on Saturday, April 14 with ELLUM founder Maceo Plex.

Those that seek all-night jaunts on the Polo Fields need look no further than Framework’s booking. Soundtracked by house and techno’s best, Framework will surely prove to be the key to Coachella’s underground.



International Music Summit announces star-studded Dalt Villa 2018 closing lineup

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David Holderbach WEB 72dpi

The International Music Summit (IMS) announced its annual closing lineup set for the Dalt Villa on May 25 in Ibiza’s Old Town.

Entering its 11th year, IMS Ibiza is a three-day educational platform for the electronic music industry held annually in the dance music capital of the world.

Dalt Villa will boast both legendary and emerging artists in today’s global dance circuit.

Sven Väth is headlining, with performances from Danny Tenaglia and the final Ibizan fixture Guy Gerber. Other outstanding acts include the ever-ascending Peggy Gou, Dubfire, Jackmaster, Furkan Kurt, Paco Osuna, Andrea Oliva, and the IMS co-founder and industry icon Pete Tong.

With further exclusive back-to-back announcements coming soon, IMS Dalt Villa is a sound closing to the IMS event and will open the summer season on the island in one of the most extraordinary locations in the world.


Tickets and more information are available here.

Photo Credit: David Holderbach

Weekend Rewind: Jackmaster drops off the original Mastermix from 2006

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Jackmaster‘s released his original Mastermix from 2006 to kick off the new year.

Since the debut landed over ten years ago, Jackmaster’s Mastermix series has become a highly regarded institution in the dance music realm, as it’s one of the most dynamic collections of tracks in the scene. While it was believed to have been lost, the original mix has been unearthed thanks to producer Jack Revill’s “genius wee brother,” and has now been uploaded onto SoundCloud for all to enjoy.

In just over one hour of music, Revill juxtaposes a rousing array of popular music from the era. He manages to splice together an invigorating culmination of pop and disco tracks, which offers a glimpse into Revill’s stylistic evolution over the years.

Revill dished on the mix on SoundCloud, saying:

“To say thanks for all your support last year I decided to upload the first ever Mastermix, recorded in 2006. It’s an all vinyl mix that I thought was lost forever and hasn’t been on the internet for some 10 or more years, but my genius wee brother somehow found it. It runs through everything from Ciara, Beyoncé, Janet and Missy to Mr Oizo, Drexciya and DJ Funk – original party material.”

He continued, “It’s a perfect example of how I was DJing when I was a wee guy and brings to mind vivid memories of the old Numbers nights we used to put on in the tiny wee basement of a gay bar where we threw the parties that gained us notoriety in Glasgow.”

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Listen to the latest Essential Mix featuring The Chemical Brothers and Jackmaster b2b Armand Van Helden



MUST LISTEN: Jackmaster’s end of year Mastermix is here

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Just in time for the weekend and the holidays around the corner, Jackmaster has shared his end-of-year Mastermix. Steeped in funk and oozing delectable disco anthems, the dynamic mix is masterfully crafted.

Beginning in 2009, Jackmaster’s Mastermixes have since become an institution in the dance music world. This year, in near two hours, Jackmaster offers but a taste of the underground acid house-tinged basslines, thumping techno, and disco amalgamations the Glasgow act has long exuded.

Between its vociferous disco diva proclamations, perpetually escalating groove, concise cadence, and impassioned funk, the mix is an idiosyncratic testament to an exceptional artist’s growth and felicitously unpredictable tendencies.

Photo Credit: Martin Cabrera

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The Essential Mix hits festival season with 5 sets from EDC and Glastonbury

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As June draws to a close and summer officially begins, the de facto “festival season” finds itself in the midst of its peak. In celebration of the ongoing abundance of music festivals around the globe, BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix broadcast a special six-hour episode this weekend, tapping into enviable sets from two of the world’s largest festivals: the British Glastonbury festival and Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival.

For the first three hours of this weekend’s Essential Mix, Radio 1 broadcast three consecutive sets live from Glastonbury’s BBC Music Introducing Stage. UK house mainstays Patrick Topping and Richy Ahmed provide the first third of the Glastonbury coverage, followed by a set from swiftly-ascending Berlin-based DJ Peggy Gou. Rounding out the first half of the Essential Mix’s festival edition, in-demand Glaswegian artist Jackmaster purveys a mix which would prove duly coveted as a standalone episode in the Radio 1 series (as would any of the aforementioned).

Listen to the Glastonbury Essential Mixes

For the following 90 minutes, the Essential Mix pivots stateside to rebroadcast a set from one of the most scintillating names that the program has offered in 2017: John Digweed. For his EDC performance, the legendary British artist builds an entrancing sonic journey of progressive house and techno, including freshly-minted music from the likes of Tale Of Us, Maceo Plex, and Victor Ruiz.

Listen to John Digweed’s EDC Essential Mix

The program’s festival marathon finishes up with another 90-minute EDC set from Lee Foss. Coming off of his April debut album, Alchemy, the American artist has been a formidable force in house in techno in recent years, sitting with Jamie Jones at the helm of Hot Creations as well as his own Repopulate Mars imprint. Foss’ EDC show succeeds in showing off his essence of quirky, soulful tech house. Filled with unreleased and unidentified music, the mix is further replete with songs from the likes of CamelPhat and Latmun, and ends fittingly with Jamiroquai’s “Cloud 9.”

Listen to Lee Foss’ EDC Essential Mix

View tracklists for the EDC Essential mixes below.

John Digweed EDC Tracklist (Via 1001):

1. Tale Of Us – Red Sky
2. Lee Van Dowski & Nakadia Petrosys – ID
3. Sollscher & Siech – Pulse Train
4. Maceo Plex & Swayzak – 5th Dimensional Groove
5. Lee Van Dowski – Rapidplatz
6. Universal Principles – Flyin’ High (Scuba Illicit Surveillance Mix)
7. Mongo – Planet Mongo (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
8. Pig&Dan – In My Mind
9. Hydra – Tiefstone
10. Sian – Medicine Man (Mark Reeve Remix)
11. Martin Eyerer & Patrick Chardronnet – Frequencies
12. Darren Emerson & Nick Muir & John Digweed – Tracer
13. Ross Evans – Flatline (Pele & Shawnecy Remix)
14. Hot Since 82 – Evolve Or Die
15. Christian Nielsen – Black Ceiling
16. Blackbill – 05-1
17. Victor Ruiz – Clutch
18. Phillip Straub & Charlie Tostenson – Miracle Of Existence

Lee Foss EDC Tracklist(Via 1001):

1. ID – ID
2. Eli Brown – Tech This Out
3. CamelPhat – Mess With Them
4. Sable Sheep – Black Tongue (Raffa FL Remix)
5. Mihalis Safras – Raygun Rave
6. Rod Fussy & Fatbass – Dust N Smoke
7. Eli Brown – Throwback
8. Latmun – Cosmic
9. Sonny Fodera ft. Alex Mills – Always Gonna Be (Mat.Joe Funked Up Remix)
10. CamelPhat – Gypsy King
11. Mihalis Safras – ID
12. Hot Blackheath – Switch
13. Ferdinand Weber – Sun
14. Mihalis Safras – ID
15. CamelPhat – ID
16. Hot Natured ft. Anabel Englund – Reverse Skydiving (MK Remix)
17. ID – ID
18. Eli Brown – Got The Power
19. Jamiroquai – Cloud 9

Featured image by Charlie Raven

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