Look Out America, Here Comes Lewis Capaldi

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Lewis Capaldi“I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved.” The sentence is simple; the sentiment is deep. Lewis Capaldi howls these words at the peak of his breakthrough hit, his coarse, hearty vocals lending gravitas to the maudlin piano figure at the song’s spine. “Someone You Loved” is a ballad about the pain of … More »

Alok and Scorsi remix Alok’s poignant original, ‘Ocean’

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Alok and Scorsi plant their fingers on the pulse of progressive house in their remix of Alok, Zeeba, and IRO’s original, “Ocean.”
“Ocean,” as originally conceived by Alok, Zeeba, and IRO, sought to embody the character of the sea in sonic form, and a sort of rhythmic ebb and flow derivative of the collaborators’ oceanic inspiration was indeed perceptible in the song upon its release.

Alok spoke further about the story behind the tune in a Facebook video.

“Last year there was a girl who was very much my fan and [had] terminal cancer and she really wanted to meet me,” Alok explains. “She had two requests: meeting me, and she also wanted to see the sea because she had never been to a beach before.”

Unfortunately, the 12-year-old fan became blind before ever having the opportunity to see the ocean. Alok’s correspondence with the girl led him to compose the melody for “Ocean.”

Whereas gentle, poignant synths added character to “Ocean,” the energetic and seemingly ever climbing synths of Alok & Scorsi’s remix command a vigor not found in the slower paced original, offering a different tonal perspective on the track.