Elohim breeds intimacy through the disconnect with new single ‘TV’

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Elohim breeds intimacy through the disconnect with new single ‘TV’IMG 0139

Elohim recently delivered a new single titled “TV,” exhibiting once again the sincerity and depth of her unbridled ability to express. One might expect a track that starts off with the phrasing, “I’m depressed as fuck,” would have difficulty steadying listeners, but the composition and sweetly somber vocals etch themselves across the consciousness.

The electro-pop track is well-fleshed out and has an abundance of layers and transitions. Like changing channels, she evokes mental images of a glitchy heaven. Elohim harmonizes with a chorus in one round of the hook and sings, “I keep the TV on to tune out the sound/my mind’s way too loud/my mind is way too loud.” This message creates a feeling of interconnectedness through individual anxiety, and for the moment, reconciles it.

“TV” is the first track from an upcoming project that Elohim has been quite vocal about on social media. She has gone far to be direct in her message and even posted a well-written explanation of her lyrical use of “spaghetti legs” from the track on Instagram.

Elohim shares her strength through her songwriting and in doing so enables her fans to cope in a hyperactive often disjointed society. She creates a space where admitting to these sometimes senseless habits is okay and connects people. Elohim paradoxically and fluidly uses the great unifier—music—to connect people through their disconnect. Truly an inspiriting concept delicately wrapped for a troubled yet idealistic generation.




Flume promises new music is underway in 2019

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Flume promises new music is underway in 2019Screen Shot 2017 12 18 At 9.39.45 AM

After a silent 2018, after the critical acclaim of his sophomore LP, Skin, Flume closed out the year taking to social media to let fans know new music is on its way in 2019. The last time the Australian record producer released new music was his Skin Companion EP II that dropped February of 2017. In a relaxed state, the trendsetter who brought future bass to the mainstream tells his followers “Next year I’ll be back in your life, I promise.” This year was spotlighted by orchestral performances of his music and a back-to-back set at Burning Man with Diplo.

Flume’s big breakthrough in the electronic music space came with a stellar remix of Disclosure’s “You & Me.” Eventually he would go on to win the Best Dance/Electronic Album Grammy with his lauded Skin LP. Now, listeners are eager for whats to come next from the “Never Be Like You” producer as a follow up to his last studio work seems to be underway in 2019.


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Cheers 2018. Next year I’ll be back in your life, I promise

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Distributor’s deleted Instagram post suggests DJ Snake, ZEDD, Kendrick Lamar albums all underway

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Distributor’s deleted Instagram post suggests DJ Snake, ZEDD, Kendrick Lamar albums all underwayDj Snake Zedd Credit Danny Mahoney

2019 is already shaping up to be a big year, with rumored full length studio albums coming from a host of top-tier stars. Recently, in a now deleted Instagram post obtained by Pop Crave, Polydor Records, the European distribution arm for Interscope records, posted a photo that may have spilled the beans on a number of marquee LP’s on the way from the likes of ZEDD, DJ Snake, Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, and Billie Eilish among others.

The post was quickly taken down, suggesting either Polydor revealed secret information by accident, or the post’s contents were simply inaccurate. With Lady Gaga spending time in the studio with Boys Noize in 2018, DJ Snake’s intermittent teasing this year, and Kendrick Lamar’s perennial album rumors, chances are the latter is the case. Some of the artists named on the image have already confirmed projects underway, somewhat legitimizing the post too. Whether the now-deleted post pans out or not, expect a grip of exciting studio projects throughout 2019.

Featured image: Danny Mahoney

John Mayer confirms forthcoming Diplo collaboration

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John Mayer confirms forthcoming Diplo collaborationWhy John Mayer Ditched Alcohol For Weed 2

Longtime John Mayer fans will soon have an opportunity to see the Continuum producer in a “New Light,” thanks to a forthcoming collaboration with electronic veteran, Diplo. News of a joint effort between Mayer and Diplo sent listeners of both artists abuzz after Diplo revealed that he had spent some time in the studio with the singer-songwriter on Instagram last week. “I wanted to post a picture of me and @johnmayer last night working in the studio because I know it would have been a moment,” Diplo captioned the picture that he shared in place of a selfie with Mayer. “But then I never even thought to ask,” Diplo added, “as the idea of stopping real time (while we were both in a state of creative delight) to create something fake for me to revel in and build engagement around my brand…It just seemed awkward.” Photographic evidence of the in-studio effort aside, Diplo’s mere mention of an impending project with Mayer was sufficient in attracting significant attention, and while Diplo remained mum on the specific details surrounding the work in progress, John Mayer has now confirmed the existence of a Diplo/Mayer production.

“By the way, as we speak, Diplo is sending me rough mixes of songs we’ve worked on,” Mayer remarked during November 18’s episode of his Instagram Live talk show, Current Mood with John Mayer. “They’re pretty cool,” Mayer elaborated, “I know I sound like someone’s Dad, but this guy is good at what he does. You sing one thing, and he’s like ‘give me one second,’ and money starts shooting out of the mixing board. He’s amazing.” Mayer’s sound is, and has always been, that of an amorphous kind, as evidenced by his succession of releases in blues, rock, pop, and folk/country rock genres throughout the course of his career. Mayer’s deftness when it comes to fluidly working within and across genres should therefore diminish the surprise that has so far enveloped the news of his recent work alongside the dance music maven, and if anything is for sure, it’s that when two vanguards from different musical spheres hop on a track together, the outcome will be nothing short of transcendent.

John Mayer and Diplo Announce Upcoming Collaboration

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Two music icons, Diplo and John Mayer are collaborating on upcoming new music. The news, announced via Diplo’s Instagram, may come as a shock. However, Diplo is responsible major pop productions including Justin Bieber’s 2015 album ‘Purpose‘ and Ellie Goulding’s ‘Close to Me.’ Therefore, it makes sense that he would be working with one of

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Diplo reveals upcoming John Mayer collaboration

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Diplo reveals upcoming John Mayer collaborationDiplo Dame Dash

Diplo and John Mayer are reportedly working on new music together. At first thought it might seem like an oil and water combination, but the more one repeats it in their head, the more sense it actually starts to make. It’s one of the world’s foremost pop producers and EDM’s designated stepdad matched with one of the most prolific musicians of a generation, who both seem to have a genuine knack for not taking themselves too seriously while also dominating their respective crafts.

The “Close To Me” producer revealed the upcoming collaboration in quintessential Diplo fashion, remarking on the collaboration with a photo posted to Instagram… not a photo of him and Mayer — but it still gets the message across. There aren’t any concrete details yet on when John Mayer and the Mad Decent head honcho are set to debut their impending new music, or how much of it exists. Between his work with Major Lazer, Silk City, LSD and the former Jack Ü, perhaps a joint effort with Mayer could even turn out to be Diplo’s next super group. Who knows?

Carnage Takes a Break From Music

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DJ-producer, Carnage, has been in full speed this year, releasing plenty of new music and performing in all parts of the globe. It is no surprise that the hardstyle/trap DJ has finally decided to take a break from the dance music industry. The popular music maker took to Instagram to announce his temporary hiatus, stating

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Avicii documentary may receive reinstatement to Netflix repertoire

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Avicii documentary may receive reinstatement to Netflix repertoireAvicii True Stories 1

Levan Tsikurishvili, director of Avicii: True Storieshas recently inspired reason to believe the once wildly popular documentary on the since-deceased Tim Bergling (Avicii) and his epochal contributions to dance music could soon regain its seat on the Netflix roster.

Tsikurishvili, who also directed Avicii’s 2013 tour documentary and a considerable slice of Avicii’s other multimedia releases, recently took to Instagram with a blurred version of the True Stories cover photo, including the caption, “Watch Out.!!! #somethingiscomingsoon #ATS.” The decision to wipe the documentary from Netflix this past April following Avicii’s untimely death sent fans reeling. However, it’s likely the world will soon be reacquainted the True Stories, which gracefully traces Avicii’s harrowing sonic journey as he faces the weighty and often tumultuous task of navigating super-stardom. The documentary contains a great deal of behind-the-scenes footage Tsikurishvili, a close friend of the DJ/producer, included with the intention of illuminating the infamous artist’s identity in his entirety:

“Everybody knows Avicii but very few people know Tim. I think this documentary really shows Tim’s struggle and strength of character,” Tsikurishvili said to DJ Mag about the film. “Being a worldwide superstar artist is not as easy as it looks on Instagram.”



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Watch out. #somethingiscomingsoon #ATS

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SoundCloud introduces Instagram Stories integration

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SoundCloud introduces Instagram Stories integrationSoundcloud Instagram Stories

SoundCloud has been working to become the No. 1 platform for music discovery for years, though users note that their mobile app has often left much to desire. Making a major move toward social media integration, SoundCloud has now announced the ability to share tracks via Instagram Stories.

Similar to the feature that Spotify rolled out earlier this year, users will now be able to share Instagram Story posts that include the album artwork, the name of the track, and a link to take their followers directly to the track on the SoundCloud app. Artists seem to be excited about the feature, with Bob Moses noting that “when creatives are able to share their songs via Stories it allows fans and followers to get the information instantly. Instead of dm’ing and commenting, they can easily click through to be taken directly to the track.”

For all the serial music sharers out there, check out the feature’s functionality below.

SoundCloud introduces Instagram Stories integrationSweetie 1

And just like that… Kanye West has vanished from social media

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And just like that… Kanye West has vanished from social mediaKanye West Cell Phone Gc Images Credit

As quickly as he came back, Kanye West has now disappeared from Instagram and Twitter, possibly ending a polarizing summer of often batshit crazy pop culture pot stirrings. As of October 6, the rapper’s Instagram and Twitter accounts appear to have gone dark. Ye’s return to Twitter was an integral facet to the “promotion campaigns” behind his Wyoming Session albums that were released over the summer, rejoining the platform just weeks before the string of shortened LPs started landing in May. A return to Instagram followed some weeks later, each platform drawing in millions of followers — but rather than deploying typical marketing schemes to push album sales, the Chicago-born rapper’s social media presence largely spiraled into sporadic nonsense, bloated egotistical musings, and eventually, and perhaps most noticeably, divisive Trump-touting and weak rap beef fodder.

Most recently, Ye’s hastily promised Yhandi LP managed to miss its intended late-September release date. Then the rhymer’s unaired closing speech at SNL, during which he claims he was bullied for his political affiliations, was closely followed by what was likely his most baffling social media post yet — calling to “abolish the 13th amendment,” which brought an end to slavery when it was ratified in 1865. After a messy, albeit entertaining, six month stretch on social media, it seems Kanye West may finally be ready to keep a couple of thoughts to himself. An eventual return seems inevitable, though for now, the Twittersphere may quiet down just a little with Ye’s departure.

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