Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is set to make its return in 2020 after missing 2019

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Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is set to make its return in 2020 after missing 2019Okeechobee

After skipping the 2019 iteration of the festival, Florida’s beloved Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival (OMF) will return in 2020 to Sunshine Grove. Soundslinger, the founders of OMF, have partnered with North American festival leader Insomniac to bring the destination multi-genre music and camping event back to its picturesque home on March 5-8, 2020.

Okeechobee is known for its eclectic festival lineups, which have included artists like Travis Scott, Usher, and Khalid all of the way to ODESZA, Skrillex, and Kings of Leon in the past. In addition to OMF’s three main stages—Be, Here, and Now—dance music fans will gravitate once again toward Jungle 51, a dusk-’til-dawn dance party nestled in the heart of the jungle that has hosted some of the biggest names in house and techno in recent years.

During the day, OMF attendees will again be able to experience Aquachobee Beach, situated in the scenic background where Sunshine Grove’s jungle meets the white sand beach, that will give Okeechobee-goers the chance to catch daytime live music sets while swimming and sunbathing.

Passes are on sale for all ticket and camping types beginning Aug. 23 at 10 a.m. ET here. The festival has released a video to get fans excited for the 2020 edition of the event, which potential festival-goers can view below.

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EDC Orlando 2019 Details and Big Florida News Has Been Revealed

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As many of you know, Insomniac announced tonight this year’s EDC Orlando lineup by music through music. In other words, Insomniac had its founder, Pasquale Rotella play the music of artists that would be performing at this year’s music festival on Night Owl Radio. Besides playing the tracks of many beloved artists, Rotella actually announced

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Pasquale Rotella Hints At EDC Orlando 2019 Lineup With Music Through Music Live Stream

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It’s that time again! The EDC Orlando 2019 Music Through Music lineup announcement is here. Insomniac does things a bit differently when it comes to lineup reveals. While most festivals just post the lineup randomly on social media, Pasquale has always been one to get involved with the community. The “Music Through Music” lineup reveals

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Secret Project’s 2019 lineup is underground perfection—Four Tet, Modeselektor, Honey Dijon, Daniel Avery, and more

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Secret Project’s 2019 lineup is underground perfection—Four Tet, Modeselektor, Honey Dijon, Daniel Avery,  and moreIvan Meneses For Insomniac Events 2

Secret Project broke ground in LA with its first edition, hosting some of the electronic underground’s finest selectors in Chinatown’s urban center while providing a well-rounded experience with craft food and cocktail programming. The tradition continues in October, and one could even argue that the Insomniac festival’s sophomore billing is even edgier than its predecessor.

Honey Dijon, Modeselektor, Four Tet, Nina Kraviz & Helena Hauff, and Daniel Avery are a few of Secret Project’s headliners, already capturing a wide range of electronic music spanning from the left-field to deep house. Another huge treat is Âme; while the duo’s regularly touring half Kristian carried the group’s moniker in 2018, this time sees a very rare live appearance by Frank Wiedemann. He’ll be playing back-to-back with KiNK for what’s set to be an exceptional live showing. Finally, festival bookers recognize a wide array of burgeoning and buzzy talents in the form of Jayda G, Mall Grab, Denis Sulta, Gerd Janson, and more.

Secret Project’s 2019 lineup is underground perfection—Four Tet, Modeselektor, Honey Dijon, Daniel Avery,  and moreSecret Project 2019 Lu Full Lineup Final 1

Insomniac is now a majority owner of Miami’s iconic Club Space

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Insomniac is now a majority owner of Miami’s iconic Club SpaceInsomniac Club Space Announce Photo Left To Right Matt Teper David Sinopoli Pasquale Rotella Coloma Kaboomsky Davide Danese July 2019 Hi RES

Worldwide events powerhouse Insomniac have announced it has acquired an ownership stake in legendary Miami dance music institution Club Space.

All current management and operations of Space will remain the same, but this partnership will ensure the revered club, known for its days-long parties, will have a long-standing future in a market that is seeing many clubs of similar status being closed, including Brooklyn’s Output and Denver’s Beta.

“Space is one of the most iconic dance music venues in the US if not the world, and I’m excited that Insomniac is now a partner,” says Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella. “Davide, Coloma and Sinopoli have done an exceptional job revitalizing this venue to be better than it’s ever been. They are passionate people that care about creating experiences, and share the same core values that Insomniac lives by. The Space Invaders team will still be running the show and together we will set the bar for entertainment in Miami. Space is another important piece of the Insomniac vision coming together.”

“The Space Invaders” to which Rotella is referring are Davide Danese, Coloma Kaboomsky, and David Sinopoli who took over management of Space in 2016. Since their arrival, the club has been completely revitalized, offering some of the most memorable parties in the US.

From Dirtybird‘s epic annual takeover during Miami Music Week, to marathon extended sets from Dixon and a slew of other veteran selectors, Club Space maintains one of the strongest reputations in Miami. Now with Insomniac, the scope of their parties will only expand.

“Our Space Invaders team is excited about this partnership with Insomniac,” says Sinopoli. “We have admired their work for a while now, and over the past year have gotten to know everyone on their team. They are young, creative, and most importantly, their focus is on constantly working to provide the best possible experience for their guests.

“We have worked tirelessly over the past three years to renew the energy inside Club Space and maintain a calm, safe environment while curating a space where people can enjoy a wide range of entertainment. Our Space Invaders team will continue to book the music and operate the club exactly as we have been. We believe that through this relationship with Insomniac we can continue to grow and secure our home at Space with a partner who has an aligned vision of the future of the Miami music scene.”

While Ultrais certainly still the event most synonymous with Miami— especially now that the festival’s contract with Bayfront Park is renewed— Insomniac’s presence has been growing in Florida as of late. With Live Nation at their back, Insomniac managed a sold out EDC Orlando 2018 and will expand the event to three days in 2019. It will be the first three-day EDC ever hosted outside of Las Vegas. Now with Insomniac’s ownership of Club Space, the company has is successfully cementing itself in one of the country’s most beloved party meccas.

Insomniac Announces Partnership with Miami’s Club Space

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Today, Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella announced that Insomniac events has officially formed a partnership with one of Miami’s most popular nightclubs, Club Space. This partnership is expected to solidify the clubs place in Downtown Miami for quite a long time. Although Insomniac has joined one of the cities biggest nightclubs, as of now, things will

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Premiere: Anakim talks ‘The Oracle’ EP and taking an organic approach to music [Stream]

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Premiere: Anakim talks ‘The Oracle’ EP and taking an organic approach to music [Stream]49512309 2209695962581127 1032704150221094912 N

Anakim is on a journey and that journey is starting to get real good.

His latest step forward on that journey? His new EP out on EIN2, The Oracle. These two tracks embody growth and decay with dastardly synths and heaving kicks. Like any journey that’s worth it in the end, both tracks keep listeners guessing, filling them with excitement surrounding what will happen next.

Anakim’s quest as a DJ and producer is a concrete example of how the music industry rewards artists who focus on doing things right rather than quick; full of favorable encounters, hard work, and refreshing achievements.

In the culture of Soundcloud and Ableton Lite, many producers adopt the “get rich quick” mentality, hoping that a formulaic mindset will lead to a hit record. Not Anakim though. Like other revered producers such as Jauz and Slander, he attended Icon Collective in Los Angeles, receiving a traditional education in music production. While he was there, he spent his time networking with other artists around his hometown of L.A., making real connections and becoming a staple in the scene.

Now after a few years of this prudent approach, Anakim’s getting booked at Coachella, he’s winning Insomniac‘s Discovery Project, and Above & Beyond are playing his tracks on AGBT. Yet after all this success, he hasn’t forgotten his roots as he just released a remix on one of his earliest labels, Understated Recordings, alongside impressive newcomers SOHMI and ASHE, lending his rising name to those who may be a few steps behind him on their own journey.

A class act through and through, we were able to speak with Anakim about his journey as an artist in addition to premiering The Oracle in full. Stream the EP and read his answers below:

1. What was the intention behind ‘The Oracle’ EP? 

A few months ago I happened to watch two movies in the span of three days: The Never Ending Story and The Matrix. In both those films the lead characters, Atreyu and Neo, are both looking for the oracle in their respective worlds. To be clear, an oracle is a person considered to be able to make prophetic predictions or have precognition of the future. That search for answers those characters embarked on about the world around them fully inspired me to create this concept EP called “The Oracle”. I think everyone can relate to searching for meaning in their own life at a certain point, so in a sense, this EP is a mini-soundtrack to various stages in that journey.

2. How did it feel to have Above & Beyond play one of these tracks on ABGT?

That was such a crazy moment for me. I saw Above & Beyond perform at my very first rave back in 2010. I’ve seen them about six times since. Their Trance Around The World and Group Therapy Radio shows have had such a huge impact on me over the years, they’re such iconic radio shows. I literally teared up with joy when I found out they supported The Oracle on ABGT 340. Could I have ever imagined as a raver in the crowd at their shows they’d one day be supporting my music? Not at all. It’s a milestone for me and definitely a feeling I’ll never forget.

3. What was it like for you winning the Discovery Project? How has winning enhanced your career as an artist?

Because I have such a long-standing history with Insomniac Events, winning the Discovery Project was always a major goal of mine. It’s completed a full circle for me, one that began as a raver attending literally every Insomniac event for about six years straight, from their massives to their shows at local clubs, to now having performed at Beyond Wonderland and EDC this year. Thanks to the Discovery Project I now have a good relationship with the biggest dance music promoter in North America and it’s given me an opportunity to not only play their events, but to release my music to their ever-growing fan base.

4. You just put out another remix on one of your first labels, Understated Recordings. How has it been for you to watch them grow recently?

Understated is family. Without them taking a chance on my Veins EP two years ago I’m not sure where I’d be. I’m so proud of how far they’ve come. Seeing them partner with labels like Astralwerks, they deserve all the success that has come their way and so much more.

5. What is one of your dream labels to release music on?

Anjunadeep, Last Night on Earth, Bedrock, and Outta Limits are my top labels I want to release on. It may take a little time, but we’re going to manifest this.

6. You are one among many graduates from Icon collective who has found real success in music. What is it about that program that you think is so effective in advancing artists’ careers?

It’s the tap water in that building, I swear. Really though, the instructors and mentors do such a great job at teaching the students not only the technical aspects of Logic and Ableton, but also intangible things like how to get into a creative state of flow, how to break through writer’s block, how to navigate the music industry, etc. Mix that in with a student body that eats, sleeps, and breathes music production, that is unconditionally supportive of their peers, and you have quite the recipe for success. Icon builds stars of the future and it shows.

7. What do you have coming up for the rest of 2019? Any tour plans to coincide with your impressive release schedule?

August 9th you can catch me performing at Sound Nightclub with Drumcode star Julian Jeweil and my good friend, as well as rising techno star, Sara Landry. I’m not at liberty to fully discuss what else I have going on for the rest of the year, but it definitely is something worth keeping your eyes on.

Dreamstate unveils its most ambitious lineup to date

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Dreamstate unveils its most ambitious lineup to dateKeiki Lani Knudsen Prof Dreamstate For Insomniac Events 2

Dreamstate was created by Insomniac in 2015 to serve as America’s trance hub. Distinctively, the weekend event championed trance sounds not often heard at the time on this side of the pond; everything from progressive, to uplifting, to psy trance was included on its singular stage. The event expanded four-fold the next year, and Dreamstate as a whole has risen up as a dominating global brand for the music.

Organizers have been teasing all sorts of sizable improvements for the flagship festival’s milestone fifth edition. They moved the San Bernadino gathering back one weekend to make it more accessible for fans, while additionally promising even crazier production, better sound, and stage design.

Its lineup is another area of huge leap for the brand. While Dreamstate has always been more forward-thinking than the status quo, its lineups sometimes overlapped quite a bit between editions. This one, however, branches even deeper into the obscure—and ambitious. Notable names showing up this year are iconic outfit The Space Brothers, Shpongle, John O’Callaghan under his Joint Operations Centre alias, and Ferry Tayle & Dan Stone’s joint project, Fables.

On the commercial end, watch Seven Lions experiment with psy trance alongside Dimibio for their Abraxis debut, and Above & Beyond move the main stage audience to tears during their headlining set.

Tickets are available now on Dreamstate’s Website

Dreamstate unveils its most ambitious lineup to dateDreamstate Socal 2019 Lu Full Lineup R07a

Photo credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen

Here Is Our EDC Las Vegas 2019 Prep Guide

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Headliners, EDC Las Vegas is officially this week! If you are traveling to the city of Las Vegas or you reside near the festival, then this preparation guide may come in handy for you. Whether you are a first-timer or an EDC veteran, it’s important that you go to the festival prepared. Here is our

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JOYRYDE enlists GOLD for another pre-album endeavor, ‘Yuck’ [Stream]

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JOYRYDE enlists GOLD for another pre-album endeavor, ‘Yuck’ [Stream]Joyryde 2

A spoonful of a JOYRYDE record has proven potentially lethal in the years since he stormed the electronic threshold. With the help of Skrillex and former label partner, OWSLA, he’s scrawled his dance-primed, bass-driven insignia to the forefront of the scene in permanent ink.

Gearing up for his debut album, Brave, on Insomniac offshoot, HARD Recs (the auspiciously affiliated imprint’s first LP, too), JOYRYDE has unfolded the second single, “Yuck,” featuring Chicago rapper, GOLD, from the upcoming project. As the collaboration’s visual accompaniment illustrates, the track is among JOYRYDE’s most lurid releases to date. Searing trap chops replace his usual four-by-four time signature, while GOLD’s austere delivery solidifies the track’s shadow-dwelling lifeblood. But the message is not without tact: JOYRYDE and GOLD use the track to rendezvous within the notion of keeping one’s head down while remaining devoted to an artistic endeavor in order to foster and maintain a sense of individualism in the process.

“Yuck” follows the first single from the album, “I’m Gone,” another gumptious house offering which arrived this past February. The full-length studio album is poised to arrive this spring.