i_o continues tour de force with new ‘SCRIPTKIDDI’ EP

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i_o continues tour de force with new ‘SCRIPTKIDDI’ EPI O Scriptkiddi

Rising mau5trap phenom i_o seems unstoppable in 2018, as he releases his third EP of the year, SCRIPTKIDDI.

SCRIPTKIDDI consists of two songs he’s teased in previous mixes: “On Acid” and “The New Wave.” Unlike his last EP that delved into both progressive house and techno, both tracks on this new collection are hard-hitting techno heaters, composed of whirlwinds of heavy bass and sultry, computerized vocals. In a tweet at the EP’s midnight release, i_o cautioned listeners to stream at their own risk — and rightly so.

i_o also just announced his east coast headlining debut in Washington D.C. The show will take place Aug. 17 at Club Glow, with free RSVP before midnight. RSVP here.

i_o invites you to his warehouse with ‘Not Techno’ [Q&A]

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i_o continues to build his techno regime with each powerful new release. Fresh off an impressive two-track EP, the producer has been cooking up a sassy tongue-in-cheek track called “Not Techno.” He gave DA some insight into the track, along with his thoughts on today’s techno scene, in the Q&A below.

What statement are you making with a song like “Not Techno”?

“Not Techno” is a mission statement for the kids who love going to underground parties. It’s a return to the sweaty, grimey, dark warehouses that dance music was made for. It is also a tongue-in-cheek response to the techno snobs who love to give me (and generally anyone who uses the word “techno” without their permission) a hard time on the internet. Dance music fans are awesome and get excited about new music, but there are always those few elitists who feel the need to hate on anything and everything, regardless of what it is. Genre is a helpful tool for defining sound but some people turn it into a prison and berate anyone who doesn’t follow some arbitrary guideline. They tend to ruin the fun, not only for themselves, but also for those around them. We’re all guilty of it sometimes, but at the end of the day, it’s dance music. It’s about coming together and sharing a moment. nothing matters, calm down, have fun.

What type of feelings are you trying to evoke with your music?

I want my stuff to sound like it’s in a sweaty, dark, over-capacity warehouse. Late-night underground music. The music the scene was built off of, the vibe we’re missing at the moment.

What genres most entice you right now outside of techno and why?

I’m a fan of music that pushes boundaries, bands like Rage Against the Machine and Nine Inch Nails. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of drum and bass and industrial. That attitude leaks into my own music.

If you could play a show anywhere, where would it be and who would it be with?

Best show I’ve ever seen was an all out techno set at Factory 93 by deadmau5. I’d build a time machine just to get to play that show.

What are your thoughts on today’s techno scene?

There’s some insane talent. I feel like everyday I get sent a new track or remix that is better than the last. There are tons of people pushing new sounds. There are the old heads who are finally getting the recognition they deserve. 130+ bpm is getting stage time. Acid house is back. There’s a revival of electro tech in Detroit. The European scene is incredible as it has been for years. But it’s really the American scene I’m most excited about — things are heating up in a big way, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

What’s coming up for you in the second half of 2018?

Tons of music. Two more EPs on mau5trap with much more of a warehouse sound than the previous ones, along with another heavy release on inHarmony. Hopefully a big remix on mau5trap as well (my favorite track I’ve made in a long while). I also may be hopping on a couple different tours of some of my favorite artists for a few dates in the fall. All of which I’m super stoked about.

i_o thrills with two-track ‘Rootkit’ EP

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Since bursting onto the scene with “Warning” in December, i_o has established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

The darknet-dwelling producer has thrilled with each new release, flexing production capabilities that span from ethereal progressive house to hard-hitting techno.

i_o has followed up his February ANALOG//DDoS mau5trap EP with another two-track offering on the label, RootkitRootkit is comprised of two vastly different tracks: the emotive “Audio Dust” and the aggressive “Passivex.”

“Audio Dust” is masterfully crafted, centered around heavenly female vocals that drift in and out of a blissful progressive melody. This track lifts listeners up into an otherworldly, dreamy utopia and showcases the lighter side of i_o’s style.

On “Passivex,” i_o dives deep into his techno roots, pounding out a forceful track that delivers pure energy and destruction. With brief breaks for synth-centered melodies, the seven-minute track shows i_o in his finest form: commanding a dark symphony of bass.

i_o Releases Hardcore Technologic Track “Lazers”

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Techno fans, this track is specifically for you. DJ-producer, i_o, has recently released a new track that will have your heart racing within no time. This track does not only go insanely hard, but the powerful drop and the deep bassline will seriously have you going nuts once you listen to it. “Lazers” is definitely

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Mau5trap Artist i_o Hacks Twitter Account, Leaks Announcements And Songs

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Mau5trap artist i_o first made headlines a few weeks ago when a video of him in the studio with Skrillex began to make the rounds. It all started when Mau5trap released i_o’s EP ‘ANALOG//DDoS’ earlier today. May we also say that this 2 track EP is the kind of techno we need more of and

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i_o Teases New Studio Session With Skrillex

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Mau5trap is truly a breeding ground of some of the most talented up and coming artists in the industry. Artists like Rezz, Rinzen, and so many more are producing the forward thinking and original sounds that listeners crave. Deadmau5 is very clearly a proud papa. One Mau5trap producer who you may not be familiar is

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Tommy Trash taps in to his deep side with ‘Oxygen’

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Grammy-nominated Aussie Thomas Olsen, better known as Tommy Trash has enlisted i_o for his newest deep house track on Spinnin’ Deep, “Oxygen,” featuring vocals from velvety-piped Daisy Guttridge. Guttridge seems to strike a sweeter chord in Olsen, as the two also collabed earlier in 2017 on wistfully tender, “Sinners,” another discernible break from Olsen’s characteristically vigorous electro house.

“Oxygen,” with its atmospheric allure and subdued, deep house vigor, is indeed an immense departure from the head-thrashing tunes Olsen has been procuring for more than a decade.

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