There’s Never Been A Pop Song Quite Like Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next”

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Ariana GrandeIt all happened so fast — and it keeps happening faster. More »

Thankfully Paul McCartney’s New Album Only Pretends To Be Modern Pop Music

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Paul McCartneyAt age 76, Paul McCartney is still horny as hell. Judging by the advance singles from the former Beatle’s new album Egypt Station, the guy who once hollered “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road” continues to have a very active libido on the eve of his 17th solo studio album. More »

Overcoats Return with a Refreshing Take on Hozier’s ‘Cherry Wine’ [Premiere]

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We’re happy to announce that since speaking with Overcoats and attending a few of their concerts earlier this year, the folktronic duo made up of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell is back with a refreshing take on Hozier’s “Cherry Wine.”

With a song so emotionally heavy, a cover could naturally take the tone of the original — by merely replacing the vocals and peppering in different instrumental elements, a “new” version is born. But covers that stand apart from the original are able to interpret the piece in a new light, ultimately opening our eyes to meanings that lie beneath the surface. And Overcoats’s rendering of “Cherry Wine” does just that, transforming the narrative into a soliloquy for kindred spirits.

There’s no doubt that Overcoats’ strength lies within their harmonies. As they seamlessly intertwine their voices together, it’s as if they’re completing each other’s sentences. But there’s also something to be said about their relationship beyond the vocals. And although they haven’t written a song specifically about their friendship, it’s tangible in “Cherry Wine.” In their own words, “We have loved Hozier for a long time; we first started listening to him in 2014 when his first EP came out. When we graduated college in 2015, we moved to Dublin for a few months and got really immersed in the Irish music scene – and saw an incredible Hozier concert when we played Longitude Festival. ‘Cherry Wine’ is a song that meant a lot to us while we were touring and traveling.”

“Cherry Wine” then becomes a piece that details the journey of their friendship. And while you may think the video would have montage after montage of the two together, it’s largely comprised of DIY clips of the beach, the waves, the open road, and feet. Of course there are clips where the girls are in the frame — such as JJ making dinner or Hana sitting in the back of a car — but for the most part, we only see them alongside each other as they walk on the beach (and only then do we see them together through their feet).

While the lyrics remain constant, Overcoats’ experiences have shaped a new meaning for these same words. “The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine,” no longer signifies a love that causes pain; rather, these lyrics describe a friendship so rare and remarkable that it lifts. Check out the video below and keep your eyes open for new music in 2017. If you’re eager to hear more in the meantime, Overcoats will be playing a couple shows in NYC this month:

12/6 – Communion Showcase at Rockwood Music Hall – Tickets
12/10 – Opening for Dragonette at Warsaw – Tickets