Discover your Moonrise Festival must-sees, based on your musical preferences

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Discover your Moonrise Festival must-sees, based on your musical preferencesMoonrise Festival

With Baltimore’s annual electronic affair, Moonrise Festival, rapidly approaching, Dancing Astronaut canvasses the event’s expansive lineup to highlight an array of acts that correspond with attendees’ musical preferences. Ranging from hip-hop heavyweights like 21 Savage to esteemed icons like dance music pioneer, Tiësto, Moonrise’s 2019 roster of talent is vast and spans multiple sub-genres. Although there is no limitation to the number of adept artists who top the festival’s lineup, Dancing Astronaut isolates a handful of producers to underscore why these eye-catching electronic entities warrant “must-see” status for Moonrise’s 2019 installment.

You’re a bass head

Through its consistent curation of bass artists over the years, Moonrise Festival has distinguished itself as one of the most bass-laden events of the East Coast festival circuit. To date, the key to the Baltimore mainstay’s bass-leaning lineups has been variety. As in past years of the festival’s production, Moonrise’s 2019 lineup intermingles renowned bass authorities who’ve proven themselves subwoofer-worthy with experimental producers on the rise.

Who to see:

Yellow Claw: With their 2013 single “DJ Turn It Up,” Yellow Claw meshed booming bass with a vigorous vocal overlay. The production matured to become an early electronic classic. It’s arguably one of the most readily recognizable trap tunes of the last decade. In the time since, Yellow Claw followed the seminal song with multiple hard-hitting albums, like 2017’s Los Amsterdam, 2018’s New Blood, and 2019’s Danger Days. Yellow Claw’s catalog is expansive and intense, and their contributions to the bass and trap landscape: storied. The OGs’ upcoming set rests atop the helm of the bass-centric artist agenda, whether it’s the Moonrise attendee’s first live introduction to Yellow Claw, or a welcomed reunion.


Respected in the Colorado bass music scene, Decadon has mustered considerable momentum in recent years. The producer’s fusion of rock and roll elements with bass line grit distinguished his live format from those of fellow bass taste makers, as his successive series of ear-shaking singles ensnared listeners in search of fiery arrangements. Those unfamiliar with Decadon’s sound will find “Get Me High” and “Inception” to be alluring introductions.


“I feel like I haven’t released enough music in 2018 and I’m about to change that,” Habstrakt tweeted as 2018 wound to its inevitable close. True to his word, the French bass authority has released six singles since, his most recent being “Lasagne,” produced alongside Bellecour. However, “Lasagne” only scratches the surface of Habstrakt’s riotous release activity of late. Preceding singles like “Control” and “De la street” exhibit Habstrakt’s rugged approach to bass house style. For a bass-burgeoning showing sure to shut down the Moonrise scene, stop by Habstrakt’s set.

You’ve got an affinity for the underground

Who to see:

i_o: Known for his irreverent, tongue-in-cheek online persona mau5trap resident i_o has steadily amassed an audacious following through his release of entrancing techno productions that command a distinctive presence in their characteristically dark tones, pulsating bass lines, and generally hypnotic frameworks. Offering an intoxicating whirlwind of vocal loops and beats, i_o’s catalog will undoubtedly lend itself to a stimulating live experience.

Hotel Garuda: After Manila Killa left the two-producer project that was Hotel Garuda, remaining member, Candle Weather, elected to carry on the alias as a one-man show, and has left listeners wanting for nothing in the time that has followed. Hotel Garuda’s “Head In The Trees” arrived as a fluid, honey-like production that not only marked the first Hotel Garuda single since Manila Killa halved the duo, but also the inaugural track to feature Candle Weather’s own vocals. There’s a dreamy, sometimes downtempo style to Hotel Garuda’s aesthetic that, infused with indie and house elements, makes for an inventive amalgamation of styles that sets Hotel Garuda apart from fellow entities of the underground.

Justin Martin: A central figure of the Dirtybird Collective, Justin Martin boasts a bubbly brand of house music that merges Martin’s own musical idiosyncrasies with the glitchy, unusual effects specific to Dirtybird productions. Along with Martin’s status as a storied producer comes his acute ability to both read a crowd and galvanize it to dance, leading Martin’s sets to feel distinctly immersive. Martin captivates attendees gathered at his sets with his high-spirited style behind the decks and with his infectious energy. Innovative–and often delightfully wonky–beats animate Martin’s speakers, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment when Martin takes the stage. Come for the music, and stay for the welcoming character of Martin and his assembled following.

You’re more inclined to vocal-centric, mainstream dance sound

Who to see:

Cheat Codes: While nothing in life may be certain, odds are the production in question will emanate some serious mainstream appeal if it bears the Cheat Codes stamp. The electronic trio, comprised of Kevin Ford, Trevor Dahl, and Matthew Russell, have shown their fingers to be planted ever so firmly–and consistently–on the pulse of dynamic dance sound in their series of standalone singles, all of which collaboratively underscore the group’s sonic versatility. While Cheat Codes’ Afrojack feature, “Ferrari,” took the triple-threat entity into trap territory, the Demi Lovato-assisted “No Promises” flaunted Cheat Codes’ acute ear for a smoothly constructed pop-electronic hybrid well-suited for radio play. Attendees seeking boundless live energy and ample opportunity to sing along to catalog staples ought not to pass up their chance to see the three-man outfit live.

Gryffin: Intermixing live instrumentation in DJ sets is an approach that has gathered momentum in the dance context, and Gryffin is one producer who excels at the all-encompassing approach. The classically trained musician has been known to incorporate guitar and piano into his performances, while remaining consistent with the dance format. With an array of wall-to-wall hits under his belt such as “Feel Good,” “Tie Me Down,” and “All You Need To Know,” Gryffin offers Moonrise attendees the quintessential live electronic experience.

Moonrise Festival will return to Baltimore’s Pimlico Race Track from August 10-11. Passes to the festival are available for purchase, here.

Stream Hotel Garuda’s eclectic collection of ‘Head in the Trees’ remixes

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Stream Hotel Garuda’s eclectic collection of ‘Head in the Trees’ remixes58420133 2109216809191084 6892247982553432064 O

The release of “Head in the Trees” was a career defining moment for Hotel Garuda. The single arrived shortly after former Hotel Garuda constituent, Manila Killa, ceased his engagement with the joint project to pursue solo endeavors. Hotel Garuda consequently became a one man show, headed by remaining member, Candleweather. “Head in the Trees” was his debut solo offering and the first Hotel Garuda production to circulate following Manila Killa’s departure. That Candleweather used his own vocals for the very first time only heightened the monumental stature of “Head in the Trees,” which the artist described as his “most personal song to date.”

Justin Jay, metsä, Julius Jetson, and Marcioz reimagine the April 2019 tune, and their efforts collectively comprise an eclectic array of “Head in the Trees” remixes. metsä’s vision of the single is dreamy and downtempo. It fluidly segues into the airy, beat-driven take that Julius Jetson submits and differs from the pulsating, underground oriented remix that Justin Jay proffers. Marcioz’s rework is the most reconstructive of the four. The revamp has an idiosyncratic glitch to its constructive character that stands in stark contrast with the smoothness of Hotel Garuda’s original

Photo credit: Hotel Garuda/Facebook

Good Morning Mix: Ride shotgun as Hotel Garuda takes listeners for an eclectic ride on new Diplo & Friends mix

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Good Morning Mix: Ride shotgun as Hotel Garuda takes listeners for an eclectic ride on new Diplo & Friends mixHG PS

Hotel Garuda makes his debut on Diplo & Friends with a genre-bending mix that takes the listener through an unconventional journey showcasing his eclectic sound palette. The duo, until recently was halved by Manila Killa, though now stands tall as a solo effort championed by Candle Weather.

Through the hour-long effort, groovy undertones meet indie alternative accents. While the mix is undoubtedly electronic, the drops are sparing, energizing the listener for the lyrically led minutes to come.

The artist notes on his Soundcloud, “I’ve been a listener of this show since the very start, and the mixes I’ve heard over the years have influenced my DJing and production as much as going to shows and finding new music. “

Hotel Garuda recently completed a tour with renowned DJ/producer Jai Wolf. Fans looking to catch a mix from him live can view the full tour and ticketing information here.

Photo Credit: Jordan Douglas

Hotel Garuda stuns on first original release featuring his own vocals, ‘Head In The Trees’

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Hotel Garuda stuns on first original release featuring his own vocals, ‘Head In The Trees’58420133 2109216809191084 6892247982553432064 O

When it comes to musical output, it’s clear that Hotel Garuda isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Initially comprised of Manila Killa and Candleweather, the duo first became renowned for their feel-good house tunes. Then in the summer of 2018, the duo parted ways, leaving Candleweather to continue on as the face of the brand while Manila Killa pursued a solo career.

Candleweather has since completed a headlining tour as the lone face of Hotel Garuda, and recently followed his string of live performances with the release of a new single, “One Reason.” Now, Candleweather re-enters the electronic release ring to drop his debut single as both producer and vocalist on “Head In The Trees.” His vocals leave the listener wondering why he didn’t share this side of his artistry earlier. The track uses subtle electronic production techniques that skillfully position his infectious vocals alongside strumming guitar chords.

“This is my most personal song to date. I’ve made a name for myself making dance music and I want to show a side of me that hasn’t been shown before. Writing, producing and singing on this track was a challenge that I took on nervously, as I wasn’t sure if people would take me seriously as an artist until I made something that was entirely mine. ‘Head In The Trees’ is a love song that marks an important change in my life that happened about two years ago, and only now do I feel comfortable with baring this part of me to everyone else,” Candleweather said in a press release.

“Head In The Trees” is out now via Mom+Pop.

Photo Credit: Hotel Garuda/Facebook

Lunar Lunes: Just A Gent flips RL Grime and graves, The Knocks put their spin on Houses’ ‘Fast Talk’ + more

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Lunar Lunes: Just A Gent flips RL Grime and graves, The Knocks put their spin on Houses’ ‘Fast Talk’ + moreJust A Gent

Each week, New Music Friday sweeps through with torrential force, showering streaming platforms with immeasurable amounts of new tunes. Just like Dancing Astronaut rounds up 25 of the biggest songs of the week for the Hot 25 Spotify playlist each New Music Friday, Lunar Lunes serves as a landing pad for SoundCloud users who want a whole new dose of tunes to kick off the work week.

Just A Gent steps up to the remixing plate once again with a fierce reworking of RL Grime and graves‘ “Arcus,” as do The Knocks with their remix of Houses’ “Fast Talk.” Dillon Francis crafts his most contagious song yet with “Catchy Song,” featuring That Girl Lay Lay and T-Pain, and techno duo Gettoblaster bring “Get Dat” to Dirtybird. Paris Blohm taps Romysa for a gorgeous new single, “Warriors.” Flite flexes his drum & bass muscles on a feisty remix of Skrillex and Habstrakt‘s iconic “Chicken Soup,” and Kwon puts a laid-back spin on Hotel Garuda‘s “One Reason.” Adrian Lux unveils an extended cut of “Meditation,” and Kramder goes all in on a “raw sauce mix” of Splinta’s “Shock Therapy.” GANZ takes on Kovacs’ “My Love” in a new remix, and Barely Alive turn up the volume on a ferocious dubstep original, “Wack.”

The selection is updated every Lunes (Monday).

Manila Killa starts the year strong with punchy single and headlining tour announcement

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Manila Killa starts the year strong with punchy single and headlining tour announcementManila Killa

2018 was a year of big transitions for Chris Gavino, more popularly known by his DJ/producer alias, Manila Killa, with his decision to focus on his solo career after a successful bout as one half of Hotel Garuda.

In honor of his new focus as a one-man show, Gavino announced he would be dropping his debut EP as Manila Killa in early 2019. He has now delivered his third and final single from the EP before its full release. The track is an intricate blend of soul-warming synths and edgy vocals provided by Sara Skinner. Titled “All 2 U,” the track opens with pulsing electro notes that frame Skinner’s vocals, floating between breathy and punchy.

The radio-friendly release is not the only news the producer has, as he also just announced his first headlining tour as Manila Killa, entitled 1993. Gavino speaks about his 1993 tour in an official release:

“…I’ll be going on my first headlining tour, where I’ll be showcasing a lot of the music I’ve been working on for the past year,” he writes. “Thank you all for the support you’ve been showing me…”

The 1993 tour will span across major markets throughout the United States. Fans can check if he is coming to a city near them and purchase tickets here.

Photo Credit: Purveryr

Manila Killa starts the year strong with punchy single and headlining tour announcementManila Killa

SNBRN drops off vibrant remix of Hotel Garuda’s ‘One Reason’

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SNBRN drops off vibrant remix of Hotel Garuda’s ‘One Reason’SNBRN Press Image

Both SNBRN and Hotel Garuda are known for their laid back and approachable take on house music. After dropping off “One Reason,” his first solo single since the departure of Manila Killa, back in November, Hotel Garduda has enlisted SNBRN for an official remix of the uplifting track.

SNBRN puts a deeper, more atmospheric house vibe on the pop-oriented original. With powerful chords and bold synths grounding the remix, SNBRN’s take on “One Reason” is equally fitted for a live set from both producers, merging their respective styles into one complementary remix. While keeping the vocal chops of the original intact, SNBRN brings in emotive strings and textures to accompany them, resulting in an alluring rework offering.

Hotel Garuda delivers first solo original work since Manila Killa’s departure

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Hotel Garuda delivers first solo original work since Manila Killa’s departurePRESS SHOTBYWOZNIAK 8

Hotel Garuda surprised fans earlier this summer when they announced that their performance at Electric Forest would be the end of the duo as we knew them. With Chris Gavino, better known as Manila Killa, focusing more on his solo work, many wondered how Hotel Garuda would proceed going forward. After releasing a remix of Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato’s track “Solo,” Aseem Mangaokar has taken the reins of the Hotel Garuda project and dropped “One Reason,” his first original track since the departure of Manila Killa.

The song features vocalist and producer Imad Royal and rising R&B artist Kiah Victoria. Placing smooth harmonies atop a crisp, bouncy beat, Hotel Garuda taps the introspection of his vocalists and pairs it with his own uplifting production, making for an overall infectious track. With “Welcome to Hotel Garuda” written on the album art, we can only hope that this is just the beginning of a new chapter for the artist.

NMF Roundup: Hotel Garuda delivers infectious melody on ‘One Reason,’ ORIENTAL CRAVINGS embody Alison Wonderland’s ‘Sometimes Love,’ Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’ receives a disco edit + more

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NMF Roundup: Hotel Garuda delivers infectious melody on ‘One Reason,’ ORIENTAL CRAVINGS embody Alison Wonderland’s ‘Sometimes Love,’ Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’ receives a disco edit  + moreAlisonWonderland SHAKYBEATS2017 0505 192823 8517 PP Copy

It’s most important day of the week: New Music Friday.

Electronic artists have blessed out eardrums once again with heavy-hitting percussive projects, sultry harmonies, catchy melodies, and crisp vocals. Fatboy Slim‘s festival classic, “Praise You,” receives a funky edit from Purple Disco Machine. Hotel Garuda lends his crafty melody-chop work alongside Imad Royal and Kiah Victoria, while Taska Black continues to show why bitbird is bending boundaries in the future bass space. Midnight Kids and Tritonal do what they do best with uplifting atmospheres and infectious melody drops. Former member of Krewella — Kris “Rain Man” Trindl — caresses Vikki Gilmore’s vocals amongst bouncing guitars and driving harmonies on “Take It Closer.” JayKode and ORIENTAL CRAVINGS go hard on their projects for Flux Pavillion & Doctor P‘s Circus Records imprint and a remix of Alison Wonderland‘s single with SLUMBERJACK, “Sometimes Love,” respectively.

As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed this NMF.

Photo credit: Shaky Knees

Hotel Garuda’s hit single ‘Blurry Eyes’ gets a remix EP

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Hotel Garuda’s hit single ‘Blurry Eyes’ gets a remix EPPRESS SHOTBYWOZNIAK 8

Following the announcement of their break-up, Aseem Mangaoka has taken the reigns of the former Hotel Garuda duo, while Manila Killa focuses on his solo project. However, “Blurry Eyes” (their final release for the time being), has been gaining a lot of positive traction since its June 2018 release. To complement its success, the track now has its very own remix EP, which features fellow members of the 2+2 artist management crew including Pusher, Golf Clap, and Holly. Fans are also gifted with a remix from LA-based Tim Gunter.

Multi-talented Toronto DJ Pusher kicks off the EP with a some hard, yet subtle synths on his drop, maintaining the grooviness of the original.

Detroit-based duo Golf Clap is up next, picking up the tempo a bit and adding in house vibes, putting some flare on the club-geared track.

Third, Tenampa Recordings’ Holly loops Runn‘s vocals with some added echoes, leading perfectly into a drop that can only be described as bass-infused dub. It’s one of the darker remixes on the EP that listeners can still get down to.

Lastly, Mr. Gunter hops on to close it out, reducing the original’s speed and doing what he does best: amplified percussion under some future bass flow on the drop. It’s the perfect finale to a diverse range of sounds and sub-genres.

Check out the original track here and catch Hotel Garuda at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, Texas on Sept. 21.