♫ Listen: Various Artists: PRIMORDIAL VOID – Primordial Chaos

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Let’s primarily focus here on the Primordial Chaos compilation being the first release on MMJ’s new imprint, PRIMORDIAL VOID: a Massive debut compilation release collecting 20 electronic and live recorded works, featuring Jeff Witscher, Gobby, HKE, Olan Monk, Mukqs, Lockbox, Sentient Gyre, Terribilis, Oxhy, Emamouse, LXV, Theodore Cale Schafer, Angelo Harmsworth, M/M, Waterhouse, Constellation Botsu, Yolichika, Kazumichi Komatsu, Snakepiss, and Modelock & EMBASSY. No-lie, every track is worth it. Told Marcel a while back that he’ll be someone people expect to product/recommend good shit as we all get older. Primordial Chaos is living up to that standard. And sets a potential above ground. In a spastic, paranoid, and tru-g0D mode sonics. Stream and explore:

♫ Listen: HKE – SQ777​-​4: High Kinetic Energy

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First: I’d rather link the MMJ guide than continue using what I wrote about the first three 777 releases, like..

Second: The fourth installment of HKE’s series is on Antifur entitled, SQ777​-​4: High Kinetic Energy.

Third: There’ve been a plethora of cultural reappropriations throughout the entire 777 series thus far, and it’s a beautiful blend of pure dance and world music.

Fourth: “Anxiety” is HKE’s most Fifth Element track to date.

Fifth: When people feel themselves it’s funny because eventually see -like- half the people around them are homeless or live in a box.

Sixth: How many hits can this post get? [Counter: ##?]

Seventh: I love how ironic it is that SQ777​-​4: High Kinetic Energy is Antifur’s seventh cassette to be released.

♫ Listen: HKE – SQ777​-​2: HEEL AESTHETIC

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First: HKE ripped SQ777-​2: HEEL AESTHETIC outta chests last week on H.V.R.F. CENTRAL COMMAND.

Second: SQ777​-​2: HEEL AESTHETIC is the second release in HKE’s series 777 that’ll be put out on various labels (read more here from the MIA MMJ) throughout 2017.

Third: This marks the FIRST cassette release by the Ukranian shrouded label, H.V.R.F. CENTRAL COMMAND, which I think will be dubbed and shipped by HKE in the UK for money-save purposes.

Four: Totally not sure if these tapes actually exist yet, as I haven’t received my
SQ777​-​1: No Man Is God tape from BLCR, but that’s mostly because things take time to ship from Netherlands to NYC, and my Grams’ house ain’t got postage right now since everyone is on vacation.

Five: Of the two 777 releases I’ve heard thus far, SQ777​-​2: HEEL AESTHETIC is by-far the clubbiest — mostly stated because I am not fond of critique and am generally interested in just listening to the music — but literally, that heel-turn consistency in dancing makes the title here really stick out in a less prophetic way (as is the typical HKE title) and more directly: burn this mother fucking dancefloor into a rainbow of flames.

Six: If I were to compare SQ777​-​2: HEEL AESTHETIC w/
SQ777​-​1: No Man Is God, there are much more social akward sounds in HEEL, mostly because No Man tends to cover a variety of ground, so sound exploration seems expected (and well met), where-as if I’m on an elevator with some little Korean dude and the sounds go from heavy trap beats to the closet-murder deterorating sounds of “Peach,” ya-boii C gonna get looks.

Seven: Keep David out of mainstream media/marketing, please.

Premiere: HKE – SQ777​-​1: No Man Is God

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First: SQ777​-​1: No Man Is God by HKE is out on BLCR Laboratories!!!

Second: This is just the start of a S7V7N-part series by the micro-genre metamorphosing, reptilian ringleader; please, refer to this extensive guide by Marcel.

Third: SQ777​-​1: No Man Is God is in edition of 111.

Four: Actually, edition of 108 because I bought three (one for myself, and two for [two very lucky Tiny Mix Tapes writers]). #guilt #guile #integrity #god

Five: One must wonder if the statement SQ777​-​1: No Man Is God concurs with female wisdom and prosperity inevitably conquering the Earth realm.

Six: HKE goes the-fuck in (!!!!) with this first installment, and dropping even 0PN and [early] Sun Araw lyrical levels, yes!

Seven: Is there a screenplay tell-all companion piece at the end of HKE’s career, please?

Eight: If you haven’t clicked on the below link yet —like— then, WTF, “getcha life:”

♫ Listen: HKE – Care For You

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has had a profound effect on my life. There’s a current discussion on the back-end of TMT currently regarding Post-Internet personality, to which I now respond with search engine brand names. As I continue to find myself throughout the ethereal, IRL, URL, dimensional, and in love, it was truly a blessing when I read “The data continues” on TKX’s Bandcamp. Sure, I’ve a love for a lot of what David does. A lot of it I don’t care for at all. But David’s vigor and dedication. The posterity and gal. That Post-Internet brevity like a WCWxNWO #wolfpack from the past wrestler that barely had a name comes back to create a symphony of atmospheric emotions. I can’t….

Care For You will be another bit of throws that enlightens my life in the infinite. Dwarf’d: