Scrufizzer Flips Vato Gonzalez “Bassline Riddim” Delivering MC Focused “Bump & Grind”

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Something about European/British accent rapping gets me fired up. Vato Gonzalez dropped “Baseline Riddim” back in April of 2017. If you have not heard it, it comes highly recommended from DJ’s across the globe. The track took over festival and club stages all summer and through the new year. The original was released on the

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MOGUAI & Zonderling Team For Dancefloor Smash “Lee”

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Industry veteran and dance music pioneer MOGUAI has teamed up with rising talent Zonderling on his newest release “Lee” out now on Oliver Heldens Heldeep Records. True to MOGUAI’s dynamic sound, “Lee” delivers a funky, groovy vibe, catchy lyrics and melodies that will light up dancefloors around the globe. “Lee” opens with cinematic instrumentals that meld into a bouncing, deep bassline,

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HI-LO and Dada Life team up for an entrancing collaboration, ‘Love Vibrations’

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“Love Vibrations,” an enrapturing collaboration by none other than house music’s heavy hitters Oliver Heldens, under the alias of HI-LO, and the enthralling duo, Dada Life, is out now on Heldeep Records.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to these artists, unpredictability dominates the production. Their mastery of deep house vibes contrasts with higher hitting synths makes for an irresistible combination of intense energy and melodic undertones.

“Love Vibrations” features unbridled, oscillating synths complimented by pulsating waves of dark bass progressions that is all tied together by intriguing vocal samples. HI-LO and Dada Life make for an incredible team, with each musician flaunting a different aspect of their artistry by contributing unmatched stylistic details. Although Dada Life has taken a hiatus from producing, their latest work will have listeners up and ready to go for what’s in store from the banana-tastic, champagne showering, beloved duo.

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Oliver Heldens – Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It) [Rootkit Remix]

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Rootkit brings a unique flare to every musical creation touches.

For his latest piece of work, he’s taken on the task of remixing Oliver Heldens‘ huge single, “Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It).”

The original mix of the song perfectly captures the timeless Ibiza vibes Heldens was seeking to embody. Rootkit took the original song and deepened it, bringing out the bass line in full force and making it the focal point of the track. He steps back from the track’s groovy vocals to zero in on the beats, and it’s a perfect adaptation of an already colossal track.

The remix is out as part of package of remixes out on Heldeep Records. Check out the rest of them here.

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Oliver Heldens Has Been Dropping This Unreleased Track In Ibiza And We Need It Now

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Oliver Heldens is constantly on the move. Whether it is playing the mainstage spot at the world’s largest festivals, managing his wildly successful label or releasing music under two different names – Oliver is a busy man. Recently he has been over on Ibiza playing several curated events. We noticed one song has been the

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Oliver Heldens As HI-LO Releases His Second Collaboration With Chocolate Puma

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Oliver Heldens has teamed up with Dutch house legends Chocolate Puma under the HI-LO moniker for their latest crunchy, techno-inspired banger “Steam Train.”

The two house gods have collaborated before, which resulted in the massively successful drum and bass-inspired future house track, “Space Sheep.”

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Oliver when he came to New York City for Heldeep Island, and he was very vocal on the fact that he wanted to create music that you could literally dance to for hours and never cease to move. This frame of thought was exactly what HI-LO & Chocolate Puma have put into their latest collaboration. With a fierce rhythm led by some heavy percussion, the “Steam Train” does not stop.

Check it out below!

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Source: Oliver Heldens As HI-LO Releases His Second Collaboration With Chocolate Puma

Oliver Heldens – Flamingo (Original Mix)

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Recent works by Oliver Heldens indicate the young Dutch pioneer is gravitating toward subtler shades of house music. We’ve seen him embracing underground influences as of late, trading in the extravagant future house kicks that brought him to notoriety for subtler, warehouse-driven percussion. This trend can be heard in his collaborative work “Space Sheep” with Chocolate Puma, and even more so in his remix to Moby’s “Go,” which he composed under his Hi-Lo moniker.

His latest offering on his own Heldeep records, “Flamingo,” continues in the same direction. The clip borrows piano and synth stabs akin to what one might have heard in earlier decades of house, taking on bit of a tech-style as well with the use of lush and exotic percussion. In doing so, he creates a wildly catchy tune for the summer (and fall) that will easily have his audiences dancing fervently whenever it gets inserted it into upcoming sets.

A bit of a stylistic change to say the least, we admire Heldens’ ability to break out of his usual sonic region while still satisfying longtime fans’ expectations.

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Working With Nile Rodgers, Expanding HI-LO & The Biggest Rising Talents, A Discussion With Oliver Heldens

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Oliver Heldens is without a doubt one of the biggest names in dance music and rightfully so. From breakout singles like “Gecko” & “Koala” which are bound to be played out for multiple years to working on the HI-LO project, there are no signs of slowing down for the 21 year old dutch deep house prodigy. I got to sit down with Oliver at his first ever curated event, Heldeep Island in New York City this past weekend to discuss the touring life, preference in festivals, the HI-LO side project, his view on the biggest rising talents, his plan to take the Heldeep brand to the next level, what he likes to listen to in his free time and his dream collaborations.

You just got back from Tomorrowland and Lollapalooza, does your touring schedule get strenuous in these times when you perform at some of the biggest festivals in the world all within a matter of a week?

“Last week I was in Fuji Festival in Japan, then I flew to Tomorrowland in Belgium, and then Osheaga Festival in Montreal as HI-LO, then Ibiza, then Chicago for Lollapalooza, now I’m here in New York for Heldeep Island so it’s been pretty hectic. The summer has been really busy, last week for example I slept a lot in the day. I would arrive somewhere around 1:00 PM and I would sleep till 7:00 PM and then eat then do the show but also the crowd gives me a lot of energy. Sometimes I’m really tired but then when I go on stage, I get a lot of energy.”

Do have a preference in terms of playing at dance music festivals like Tomorrowland or crossover festivals like Lollapalooza?

“My best experience festival wise, are more the crossover festivals, like Coachella. Lollapalooza the other day was amazing, also probably because usually when I play EDM festivals, I play the main stage. When I play Lollapalooza, I play the dance stage. When I play the main stage, and definitely in the last few years, the main stage was all hard EDM stuff, so for example last week I played after R3hab and he was playing hardstyle and trap, and then I go on and still it was very fun but when you play for example a crossover festival like Lollapalooza people also go to see bands, they’re not getting bombarded by big drops the entire day. So there’s definitely more dynamic at crossover festivals. But I still also really enjoy playing EDM festivals.”

You obviously have 2 current musical projects in the works, Oliver Heldens & HI-LO. Do you plan on releasing more Oliver Heldens or HI-LO related tracks this year?

“Since last year I’ve been working with a lot of songwriters on vocal records, but also I have a collaboration with Sander Van Doorn. It’s a HI-LO collaboration and I’m very excited on that one. Two years ago we released a track titled “This” and that track did really well. I think it’s actually one of my most played out tracks from other DJ’s. It’s a huge big club track. When I was 12, Sander was one of these guys who got me from house into more tech-house and techno and he definitely has inspired me. Also in Sander’s interview with DMC world mag he mentioned HI-LO as the producer of the year. That’s just a awesome thing about collaborating we both inspire each other and that results in amazing stuff. I am also working on new stuff with Chocolate Puma and they are really big examples for me.”

Another track in addition to “Space Sheep”?

“Yea another one as a HI-LO collaboration. I’m mostly working on more club stuff. There’s a lot of HI-LO stuff coming up but I’m also working with a lot of songwriters for vocals, It’s been extremely fun.”

Do you sense a different vibe in the crowd when you play a HI-LO set as compared to an Oliver Heldens set?

“Oh definitely it’s truly a different thing. It makes it really fun for me. Like with Oliver Heldens it’s more like a party it’s really fun and diverse but also with a lot of flow. Whereas HI-LO there’s this vibe with a really good drive and from there it just builds up and builds up and you can’t stop dancing. For example my mother went Miami Music Week with me, she went to an Oliver Heldens two hour set and then two days later to a HI-LO two hour set and at the end she actually enjoyed the HI-LO set more. She was like “Yea it’s so strange, I couldn’t stop dancing” it’s just such a different experience. The concept behind house and techno how you can dance for hours and hours, I most certainly enjoy playing as HI-LO.”

Who would you say are the biggest rising talents right now in dance music?

“There are a lot of great talents around, for example Throttle he’s a huge talent we made a track together called “Waiting”, Throttle does stuff that sounds really fresh. There are so many guys like Curbi, who’s doing his own thing and he’s only 17. I also really like Fox Stevenson, there’s so many guys like Mike Williams is doing well, also the UK bass guys like Kyle Watson whom has a track signed on my label.”

Right now you’re doing Heldeep Island here in New York City, do you have any other planned curated events where you can showcase your labels talent and sound?

“It’s honestly about creating a great experience for the people with music I believe in like Chocolate Puma and Throttle. They are the hottest new acts and I’m definitely planning on doing more stuff. Actually next week at Ilesoniq in Montreal I have my own stage with some awesome names over there like Zeds Dead, Throttle as well if I’m correct, Oliver Dollar. My own stage at festivals is definitely something I’m working on.”

What was the last song you listened to in your free time?

“Well we were just in the car and I remember Beyoncé’s “Sorry” was playing but I don’t like that song. I like Beyoncé but I don’t like the song, sorry. But actually I am really into pop music. Like when I listen to the radio I usually really enjoy it. If I look at my favorite music of all time then it’s probably disco such as Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk. I actually made a mix it’s Heldeep radio #82 it’s a Christmas special edition I used a lot of disco influenced stuff, which I really liked. I also enjoy listening to Heldeep radio.”

So you also listen to Heldeep radio after you finish making it?

“Yea, every week I listen to it as well, because I want to check what I can do better and I also really like the music in the Heldeep radio.”

Who are your dream collaborations?

“For me number 1 on my list is Nile Rodgers, disco is my favorite music of all time. In every decade he made amazing records and actually I’m working together with him on something, which I’m very excited about. Unfortunately it’s going to take a lot of time, we just started it online but we need to get in the studio to finish it. But I’m really busy of course. So many people I would like to collaborate with. In dance music for example Chocolate Puma they are my biggest examples. We work a lot together; the second track is coming up soon it’s called “Steam Train.”

What is your biggest goal in your musical career?

“My biggest goal with making music is just to make new music, which makes me excited and which makes me happy. It’s also a challenge of course to continually make fresh music, but it also makes it really fun.”

Unfortunately, the interview was cut short as Oliver was just about to get ready to perform on stage, but we greatly appreciate him taking his time to spend with us!

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Source: Working With Nile Rodgers, Expanding HI-LO & The Biggest Rising Talents, A Discussion With Oliver Heldens

Aspire to Inspire 140: Throttle

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(Original Photo By: Jon Hanlon)

Music is the universal language. Everyone has a certain song that strikes a chord or that one artist you just can’t help but to swoon over.  Many people also grew up playing an instrument or taking voice lessons, however, very few people will actually pursue music as a career.  What happens when you’ve gone down the conventional path all your life, but you know you can’t just leave your passion at the wayside?  For one Australian named Robbie Bergin, he always followed a narrow path. He achieved good grades in school; however, he knew that he had to pursue the music career that could potentially await.  Thankfully for all of us, Robbie decided to pursue that dream and we now know his music under the moniker Throttle, including the smash hit “Moneymaker”, his remix of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September”, and his collaboration with Oliver Heldens, “Waiting.”

Robbie knew from a young age that he wanted to be a musician, however, he didn’t just have aspirations of being a DJ, he wanted to be like one of the biggest popstars on the planet – Justin Timberlake.  Although Robbie quickly realized he probably wasn’t going to be a Top 40 popstar, he could still bring live music to a DJ set, and his ultimate dream is to transition to the live music world.

“Well, my first show was Justin Timberlake, so my childhood dream was to be a performer in the Future Sex Love Sounds Tour. It had live horns, singers, dancers, and Justin Timberlake singing, dancing, playing the piano, of course…it was amazing.  About two or three years later I started DJing and then producing followed suit. Over the course of my career I want to gradually evolve from a DJ to a DJ/live-musician. I’d love to be singing and playing guitar but I guess that’s something I’ll have to take as it comes. It’s important to stay true to my dance music roots and not just forget all those fans and try to do something totally new.”

Robbie maintains a positive outlook no matter the circumstances. However, he has still gone through times where he didn’t feel like he was living life to the fullest. He has always worked extremely hard to maximize his output and shape his brand and sound, even when he just started out.  Robbie always did well in school and it wasn’t until his first year at college/university that he realized he wanted to make music full-time. Being the sharp guy that he was, though, he also knew that he had to craft and hone a unique sound and brand to go along with it as well.  For a full year, Robbie hunkered down and the musician known as Throttle emerged.

“I think the biggest struggle I’ve probably had was when I finished high school and had decided that I wanted to do music full-time. I did really well in school and was also producing music at the same time. It sounds like a luxury but it’s hard doing that for a year straight – working at home, trying to stay focused, and make as much as possible. And at that time I didn’t have enough momentum to go on the road for a whole year. That was a long year for me, but it was also the year I totally re-shaped my sound to a classier, disco-house sort of sound.  It’s the reason that things are taking off so quickly.”

It’s amazing how some clarity and direction in one’s career and life can lead to great happiness.  Throttle is a perfect example.  Armed with an idea and a purpose for his music, he is the living embodiment of his happy, upbeat disco-house sound.  Producers are like athletes, though. They can encounter hot and cold streaks, and it can be a struggle to regain traction after an extended period of productivity.  For Throttle, he says the ultimate inspiration comes from simply living life.  That’s where all the inspiration came from in the first place, right?

“I found that when I started making music I had all these ideas and I had so much inspiration that I channeled into my productions.  After a while I ran out of inspiration, because that inspiration came from 15 years of not making music and just living. So it’s important to keep finding inspiration not just from music, but also from all aspects of life. When you keep doing that, the ideas flow pretty constantly. I honestly never wanted to make music that was sad or heart wrenching. I hope that shows in the final product because I certainly have fun making it, and in turn, the hope is that it will create more happiness in our world as well.”

Although he’s taken the next step in his career and has become an international artist, the idea of fame and fandom remains something difficult to wrap his head around.  It’s incredibly humbling and inspiring for any artist to experience fan love, but it can be overwhelming, and there’s not really a class or tutorial for Dealing with Fame 101. Despite the juxtaposition, Throttle looks forward to seeing his fan base grow even more in the coming years.

“The idea of having fans is tough to comprehend for anyone I think. After my show in San Francisco at Audio on the Bay, I went out the front and had people asking for pictures.  It’s normal for most artists, but for me it was still crazy. I’m all the way from Australia and there are people who know my name and want to get a picture, which is pretty cool.  That’s started happening at all these different places and for me that’s fucking crazy.  The hope is that will keep getting bigger and bigger.”

With releases on Monstercat, Spinnin’, and Heldeep Records, and now an EDC performance under his belt, the future is bright for Throttle. As more and more fans look for more unique house sounds, artists who bring a unique musicality to the fold, like Throttle, will be more in demand.  Throttle is paving the way and leading by example. More people across the globe need to share his positive attitude and outlook. His sound is unique and singular, and will only help to break down more barriers.

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Source: Aspire to Inspire 140: Throttle