Ricardo Parker Follows Up 50 Cent “In Da Club” Sample Record With A Box Chevy Houston Video “Too Bad”

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Ricardo Parker

The Houston Rapper Gives Fans Something New To Vibe Too Ricardo Parker follows up his 50 Cent sampled record “Find Me” with “Too Bad”. Fans and media alike gravitated towards the “Find Me” record because Ricardo gave a smooth, catchy rendition to the vibe 50 Cent previously created on “In Da Club”. Ricardo also gives us a high… Read more »

Anjali World Releases Her Debut Album Wolf Queen

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Anjali World

The NBA Heiress Parties With Lamar Odom and Friends During An Exclusive Pre Album Release Party At Nick Cannons Incredible Mansion After 4 years of being in the music industry, Anjali World has officially released her debut Album entitled, “Wolf Queen”, produced entirely by musical genius and Bay Area native Super Dave. In celebration of her debut project,… Read more »

Cast Members From Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Did Not Come To Play Last Night

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Diamond District

Stars From The Hit Reality TV Show Made Appearances At Hollywood’s Newest Exotic Nightclub Experience Hazel-E, Chanel West Coast, Alexis Skyy, and more were spotted living it up at the newest exotic nightclub in Hollywood, “Diamond District”. It’s located in the heart of Hollywood, and last night the premium nightlife destination was filled with lights, cameras, and… Read more »

Flawless Real Talk Releases Visual For His Hot Record “Let Your Hair Down”

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Flawless Real Talk

The Rapper From Rhode Island Continues to Release Visuals off Debut Album “It’s Different” Track after track. Hit after hit, Flawless Real Talk isn’t taking it easy on us as he consistently releases fire content. Just a few weeks ago we received an amazing video for “Won’t Back Out”; which highlights flashbacks from Flawless’ past performances and… Read more »

Boosie Badazz Gets Lit With Frosty The Snowman And Iceman Nick

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With Frosty Being In The House Boosie Badazz Wasn’t The Only Celebrity Totally Iced Out

The city of Houston came out for IceMan Nick’s Iced Out Holiday Boosie Bash, hosted by Boosie Badazz this weekend. The takeover held at Drink Houston was a memorable affair that included performances, plenty of special guests and even a red carpet appearance by Frosty the Snowman.


Snootie Wild, Z-Ro, Robby Betts, Chinara Butler and J Prince, Jr., were among the recognizable faces who attended the events. Party-goers enjoyed an evening of excitement that included impromptu performances by both Boosie and Snootie Wild.

Check out the photos below AND peep the visual!


Boosie looks real content in this photo, maybe it’s because he saw his face on a 100 dollar bill!  boosie-money

Boosie Badazz Iceman NickBoosie BadazzBoosie Badazz Iceman Nick

Snootie Wild hit the stage with Boosie Badazz and gave the guests a surprise performance while in the building. robby-betts-and-frosty-the-snowman

Up and comer Robby Betts was seen in the building while taking a photo with Frosty the snowman.red-carpetdrink-houston-rushboosie-badazz-moneyboosie-badazz-drink-houston  img_99932

Nashville Tennessee Gives Birth To Fashion As Coast To Coast Sailing Company Officially Launches Its 2016 Clothing Capsule

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Coast To Coast Sailing Co Owners

Coast To Coast, Owned by Three Young Black Men Committed to bringing fashion to a city known for its music.

Based in Nashville, TN. C to C is one of the hottest emerging urban apparel brands for millennials on the go.

The new clothing company sets itself apart with designs inspired by cultures across the globe. The designs are creatively integrated into its fresh new collection of long sleeve crew necks, custom [INSPIRE] jacket, and signature [Make Wave$] hoodie. Every product, in order to simulate how culture and fashion change in today’s digitally driven age is unique and never restocked.

The brand’s earlier releases included The Wave Tee, an elongated t-shirt made from polyester which featured different variations of waves wrapped around the shirt. In addition to the Wave Tee, the Flag Bucket Hat creatively featured flags from Japan, South Africa and Brazil, strategically stitched together in order to represent unity and world peace.

In the unreleased Holiday Capsule, the brand outlines four very dominant pieces which include the Blue “Make Wave$” hoodie. “This hoodie represents where I see the company now says Evan Mann, part owner of CtC.  We’ve learned a lot from our past mistakes and are confident in who we are as a brand. That confidence is what allows us to make waves in fashion to achieving the success we’ve been working for.”  make-waves-hoodie

In addition to the “Make Wave$” hoodie, the young men decided to create a very stylish multi-zipper bomber jacket with the word Inspire wrapped around the right arm of the jacket.  “The Inspire Bomber Jacket represents where I see the company in the future, says part owner William BeAird, it’s design has a refined, luxury feel to it. I see Coast to Coast Sailing Co. becoming a major brand in the industry, providing inspiration for other young people to achieve their own dreams and success.”

Coast To Coast Inspire Bomber Jacket

The Grid Tee represents the stage where we really came to know our brand identity, Owner Justin Miller said. As a result it features the three words that make up the core of our company’s message, [Explore. Create. Inspire.]  The actual GRID represents us becoming more strategic in how we move business wise.”

Coast To Coast Long Sleeve Grid Tee

The three college students agreed to mold their love of the West and East Coast cultures together to launch a new brand based on their life experiences.

“The Lighthouse Tee represents the struggles  we experienced in the beginning of our career, finding our own path. The worn edges around the picture are a visual representation of us making it through the hard times. The lighthouse represents the hope and determination that has guided us through those times.Red Lighthouse Tee Coast To Coast

Where we’re from, people don’t get out much. We’re fortunate enough to have had the opportunity  to grow up in families who traveled the world. Using our experiences and our brand’s unique fashion, we want to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones, we want to encourage them to explore new places, meet new people and take in new experiences,” says Justin Miller.

Coast to Coast is a unique brand with owners who come from totally different backgrounds.  The diversity makes it possible for everyone to relate to our brand which encourages us to Explore, Create and Inspire.

Side note: My favorite is the bomber jacket! Definitely a tasteful item. I’m looking forward to rocking that during Christmas.

Visit ctcsailingco.com to view the Collection online. Also visit @ctcsailingco  on Instagram in order to keep up with all of there activity.

2016: Kathleen Cleaver Talks Black Panthers, Afeni Shakur And Warrior Women

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Kathleen Cleaver

(AllHipHop Features) The year 2016 will forever be infamous. There was widespread, blatant acts of injustice that harken back to a day many thought was dead. Black People quietly celebrated with pride the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party. Tragically, Afeni Shakur, one of the well-known members of the party, died suddenly, causing mass sympathies.

Kathleen Cleaver has weathered many, many storms as a revolutionary and one-time communications secretary for the Black Panther Party. The first female decision-maker in the party, Cleaver was extremely courageous at a time when the Panthers were targeted by an illegal, clandestine governmental force called COINTELPRO (COunter INTELligence PROgram). The 71-year old continues to fight the powers through speaking engagements, scholastic efforts and building bridges with younger activists, among other endeavors. Chuck Creekmur briefly talked to Kathleen Cleaver at a New York-based dedication to Afreni Shakur earlier this year. Here is the conversation.

AllHipHop: Can you speak on Afeni Shakur, what she meant to the Panther Movement and your personal relationship to her?

Kathleen Cleaver: We were in the Panther Party at different times and different parts of the country. I was in the Panther Party in the beginning in California. And Afeni pointed out that they started a couple years later in New York. They kind of knew what to expect when the crash came. We didn’t. (Laughs)

My contact with Afeni was very limited when I was in the United States, because I left in ’69 to go to Algeria, where Eldridge was (Eldridge Cleaver was one of the leaders of the BPP). Panthers New York didn’t start until about that time. But we had close ties after the party was split. Algeria and New York were on the same side. And so, the connection between the New York Party and the Algeria section, put me and Afeni in contact. And then, years after the party, Afeni and I were getting together with a group of women – retreats for Panther women.

AllHipHop: What would you say her legacy is?

You can’t separate her legacy from the Panther Party, from the trial of the New York 21, from being woman leader, from being a very beautiful woman. She was extremely dark and challenged these notions about who could be a leader, who could be beautiful. Which she was both. And we knew that, but that wasn’t how society would have portrayed her. She was a path-breaker in that sense. She was a parent. She was a very intelligent and sensitive person who was also a revolutionary. She also had a lot of personal issues that she had to resolve.

And so, she had a lot on her plate. She had a brilliant mind. And she was an extraordinary person.

AllHipHop: You guys came from such a strong lineage of warrior women. How do you feel about the movement today, as it relates to today?

The era in which we were warrior women was an era of war. It was the era of Viet Nam. We were not in a position to advocate for peace, because we were under attack. It was no dispute that we were under attack and the United States was in a very, very vicious war in Viet Nam. That is no longer the case. And so the movements here may take positions and have policies that we would not have used because our time, they wouldn’t have helped us.

AllHipHop: I want to say I thank you for all that you’ve done for Black people and I salute you.

Thank you.

Camp Lo Returns For A “Piece Of The Action”

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Legendary Rap duo Camp Lo and Legendary music producer Skibeatz gear up to drop their new album On The Way Uptown. The Camp Lo Demo’s a nostalgic walk back into the late 90’s before the release of their debut album Uptown Saturday Night. Camp Lo & Skibeatz release the visuals for a “Piece of the Action” as the first release from the forthcoming album.

Sway Talks About Dope Vs Wack On New Show “One Shot”

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