Guided By Voices announce another new album? I haven’t even listened to the last one yet!

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Remember earlier this year when Guided By Voices announced and then released Zeppelin Over China, their super-sized 32 track, 977th overall album?

You do? Ha, yeah, well… FORGET ABOUT IT. Throw it in the trash. That album is as old hat as a Montreal Expos snapback, not to mention the GBV album that came out before it.

Now, it’s all about Warp and Woof, the latest, greatest, and 978-est overall album from the uber-prolific indie rock legends. The 24-track affair came about after Robert Pollard, setting out to record only a few short EPs to figure out his next moves creatively, accidentally ended up writing six fully formed songs in under 30 minutes. (Hey, we’ve all been there, right?) Pollard figured he’d put that creative energy burst to good use and just go ahead and make the next full-on GBV album.

Ideas came to the band so fast, they recorded much of the album on the road wherever they could: hotel rooms, soundchecks, backs of speeding vans, secret dungeons hidden behind bookshelves, paddle boats shaped like swans, your parents’ garage while they were out for dinner last Tuesday…they all played host to the creation of what became Warp and Woof.

Check out “Angelic Weirdness,” the first single off of Warp and Woof, along with the album’s artwork and full tracklisting, down below. Guided By Voices are also hitting the road for a series of tour dates, a period during which they’ll presumably conceive of their next three albums or so. All of those dates can be found below as well. Warp and Woof is out April 26 via GBV Inc. Records, and can be pre-ordered here.

Warp and Woof tracklisting:

01. Bury The Mouse
02. Angelic Weirdness
03. Foreign Deputies
04. Dead Liquor Store
05. Mumbling Amens
06. Cohesive Scoops
07. Photo Range Within
08. My Dog Surprise
09. Tiny Apes
10. Blue Jay House
11. Down The Island
12. Thimble Society
13. My Angel
14. More Reduction Linda
15. Cool Jewels And Aprons
16. Even Next
17. It Will Never Be Simple
18. The Stars Behind Us
19. Skull Arrow
20. Out Of The Blue Race
21. Coming Back From Now On
22. The Pipers, The Vipers, The Snakes!
23. Time Remains In Central Position
24. End It With Light

GBV tour dates

05.17.19 – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
05.18.19 – Jersey City, NJ – White Eagle Hall
05.30.19 – Barcelona, ES – Primavera Sound
06.01.19 – Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands – Best Kept Secret Festival
06.05.19 – London, UK – Village Underground (SOLD OUT)
06.06.19 – London, UK – Village Underground (SOLD OUT)
06.08.19 – Porto, Portugal – NOS Primavera Sound
06.28.19 – Cincinnati, OH – Woodward Theatre
07.13.19 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace (SOLD OUT)

Guided By Voices – “Angelic Weirdness”

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The latest entry in Guided By Voices’ truly never-ending onslaught of albums is Warp And Woof, which was announced last fall when their February double album, Zeppelin Over China, was still on the horizon. More »

Guided By Voices – “The Rally Boys”

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Guided-By-VoicesLo-fi power-pop institution Guided By Voices almost made good on their pledge to get through last year without releasing anything new. But it’s a new year, and now the floodgates are, once again, open. Guided By Voices are planning to release three new LPs’ worth of material before Memorial Day. More »

Guided By Voices get a casual start to 2019 by announcing massive 32-track double LP

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Hey. Happy New Year. Good to see you! How was your blah, blah, blah? …Okay, enough catching up; let’s get to business. After all, it’s 2 days into 2019, and Robert Pollard’s ALREADY hitting the ground running with Guided By Voices’ latest (and therefore GREATEST) collection of good ol’ dependable guitar-rock.

The sprawling, 32-song, seventy-five minute Zeppelin Over China will crash-land with a mighty thud on February 1. It features Doug Gillard (guitar), Kevin March (drums), Mark Shue (bass), Bobby Bare Jr. (guitar), and Travis Harrison (engineer); and you can rest rhetorically-assured (by the album’s press release) that “this line-up’s virtuosic talents spur him to his most ambitious work yet, a grand album of emotional resonance and narrative drama.”

In other words: it’s Pollard, baby. You know what to do: listen to a few sample tracks down below — and if you find your head softly banging, use some of that holiday cash you racked-up recently to pre-order the entirety of Zeppelin Over China here.

Zeppelin Over China by Guided By Voices

Zeppelin Over China tracklisting:

01. Good Morning Sir
02. Step of the Wave
03. Carapace
04. Send in the Suicide Squad
05. Blurring the Contacts
06. Your Lights Are Out
07. Windshield Wiper Rex
08. Holy Rhythm
09. Jack Tell
10. Bellicose Starling
11. Wrong Turn On
12. Charmless Peters
13. The Rally Boys
14. Think. Be a Man.
15. Jam Warsong
16. You Own the Night
17. Everything’s Thrilling
18. Nice About You
19. Einstein’s Angel
20. The Hearing Department
21. Questions of the Test
22. No Point
23. Lurk of the Worm
24. Zeppelin Over China
25. Where Have You Been All My Life
26. Cold Cold Hands
27. Transpiring Anathema
28. We Can Make Music
29. Cobbler Ditches
30. Enough Is Never At the End
31. My Future in Barcelona
32. Vertiginous Raft

Guided By Voices – “My Future In Barcelona”

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In typical fashion, Guided By Voices have a ton of new music in the wings. After taking 2018 pretty slow by their standards — the Robert Pollard-led group only put out one album, Space Gun, this year — they’re ramping things up in this last month. Tomorrow, they’re releasing two EPs — 100 … More »

Guided By Voices – “My Angel”

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Guided By Voices - Wine Cork StonehengeIf you have a hard time keeping track of everything Robert Pollard is releasing, you’re not alone. Pollard’s current version of Guided By Voices have two LPs on tap for early 2019: Zeppelin Over China in February and Warp And Woof in April. The latter album is also being split into four separate limited-edition 7″ … More »

Guided By Voices – “Cohesive Scoops”

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Guided-By-VoicesGuided By Voices are so endlessly prolific that they can’t quite hold to their promise to only release one album in a year. Back in March, GBV released their Space Gun album, promising that it would be their only 2018 LP and that they’d spend the year touring instead of recording. That’s technically … More »

Guided By Voices – “You Own The Night”

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Guided By VoicesRobert Pollard vowed to only release one new Guided By Voices album in 2018 and dedicate the rest of the year to touring, and that album, the recent Space Gun, has already come and gone. But that doesn’t mean that the legendarily prolific indie-rock institution is slacking off, or even slowing down — as … More »

Tim Allen Discusses His Love For The Paintings Of Guided By Voices’ Tobin Sprout

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Tim AllenAaaooougggghhh? From Home Improvement to his current sitcom Last Man Standing, Tim Allen has carved out a reputation as an anti-intellectual type, a performative macho man whose creative output seems dedicated to reinforcing simplistic ideas about masculinity. So it’s more than a little surprising to learn about Allen’s passion for the photorealistic paintings of ex-Guided … More »

L.A. experimentalists Wreck and Reference release Guided By Voices tribute album Alien Pains

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Have you ever been listening to gilded indie rock gods Guided By Voices and been like, “This is great and all, but I wish it had more noise?” And then you’re like, “Man, why can’t some kind of California experimental group cover these songs and breathe new life into them for the modern era?” And then, with increasingly precise foresight, you say, “I wonder if Felix Skinner and Ignat Frege, as Wreck and Reference specifically, would ever team up to tackle this beloved band’s lo-fi classics.” And then, from the other room, your romantic partner calls, “Who are you talking to, dear?” And you sheepishly reply, “Oh, no one…” because you know, deep down, they would never understand…

If I just described you, then this day belongs to you and you alone, my friend! That’s right: Wreck and Reference have dropped a four-song Guided By Voices tribute called Alien Pains!

For everyone else, though, this whole situation might come as a bit of a surprise, so allow the press release to guide you into an cursory understanding of the sonics at work before you dive head-first into some music you can’t possibly comprehend:

Across four tracks, Alien Pains mutates four GBV classics from blistering lo-fi pop into high-definition, noisy, monstrous tracks. Bob Pollard’s lyrics, meditations on self-doubt, betrayal, and modern aviation find new life in Wreck and Reference’s harrowing vision.

Consider me harrowed!

The album (EP? Mini-album?) is out now on all digital platforms, so grab yours over at Bandcamp. Alternatively, you could always read the tracklisting below for a full overview of which Alien Lanes cuts Wreck and Reference honored and which 24 got shamefully ghosted. “As We Go Up, We Go Down” will never forgive you, Felix and Ignat!

Alien Pains by Wreck and Reference

Alien Pains tracklisting:

01. Always Crush Me
02. Closer You Are
03. Game of Pricks
04. Striped White Jets