Great Good Fine Ok – “Easy” [EDM Sauce Premiere]

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Brooklyn synthpop duo Great Good Fine Ok are back on Ultra Records with their new single “Easy”, a funky pop tune that’s sure to take the radio over this fall. Great Good Fine Ok have been on the scene since 2013, and have been in full force since. “Easy” is their latest bop. Their last single

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Barely Alive mix it up on new album, ‘Odyssey’

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Barely Alive mix it up on new album, ‘Odyssey’Barely Alive Facebook

In their first LP since 2015, Disciple dynamic duo Barely Alive hold nothing back.

The versatile producers hyped Odyssey for weeks leading up to its Aug. 13 release, going so far as to literally release all the songs at once in a 35-second clip that layered all of the album’s 10 tracks over top of each other. The glorious mess luckily wasn’t a indicative of what was to come: an expansive, exceptional collection of tracks that span from drum & bass to their beloved dubstep wobbles.

They’ve tapped a ridiculous range of talent for the LP, including Great Good Fine Ok for the unexpectedly groovy “Deeper In Love” to Mad Hed City for the fast-paced fury of “Warrior.” Other collaborators include the rap talents of Splitbreed and Iamsu!, the bouncy rhythms of Nah Mean, and the smooth vocals of Yves Paquet.

Odyssey is all over the place in the best possible way. From ’80s influences to slick R&B stylings to filthy bass, this album delivers something for fans of all areas of the electronic music sphere — polished off with top-notch production and a cheeky attitude.

Learn how this dexterous duo came to be in a new video from Disciple, below.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 51

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 51Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Barely Alive‘s latest is completely unexpected and so unbelievably funky. The dubstep hard-hitters can generally be found creating some of the filthiest wobbles in today’s scene, but their brand new LP sees them painting a canvas of incredibly varied genres. From this groovy collaboration with Great Good Fine Ok to drum & bass on “Warrior” and hip-hop on “Ride Out,” the duo are taking their style to new heights in such a refreshing way.

Prismo gets down and dirty on his latest release, “Solo.” This power anthem puts Jason Derulo’s “Riding Solo” to shame, packing a much grittier, stronger punch. Prismo’s categorized this track as alternative rock, and it certainly leans much more than way than his previous electronic releases. Turns out this is the first of many new tracks in the Austin, Texas artist’s next chapter. “This is the first single from the next chapter of Prismo,” he says in the track’s description. “It’s a statement of my evolution and the passion behind my project.”

And from here on out, we merge into full-fledged drum & bass. New Music Friday has been good to the drum & bass community, delivering heaters from T & Sugah, Matrix & Futurebound, Friction, and so many more. This first one from T & Sugah is the second part of their new two-track Viper Recordings EP. The 3/4 pattern makes for an interesting touch, catching the listener’s ear with its unique beat. Subtle builds and detail-oriented breaks beautifully showcase why this Dutch duo has been on the rise.

Viper Recordings has also delivered the latest from the UK’s famed Matrix & Futurebound: “TARDIS.” They build anticipation impeccably in the introduction, leading the listener down a dark hallway straight into a frenzied drum & bass beat. It’s vivid and eerie, packed with intense, pounding bass and a furious melody. Unfortunately, it’s not out in its entirety yet, but the two-minute clip already previews the immaculate sound design these two demonstrate time and time.

Described by Pete Tong as “one of the big dogs,” Drum & Bass Hall of Famer Friction never ceases to thrill. In his latest, the Brighton producer has remixed UK legends The Prodigy and their song “Need Some1.” This rework is perhaps one of the most intense and creative drum & bass tracks I’ve heard in recent months, further hyping The Prodigy’s forthcoming No Tourists album, due out later this year.

Disco Fries thrill with groovy sophomore EP [Exclusive]

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New York-based duo Disco Fries have solidified their place in the dance music community over the past few years with consistent releases and well-polished, dance floor-ready production.

2017 has been highlighted by a No. 1 Hype Machine spot with their remix of Avicii‘s “Without You” and a No. 2 spot on the popular charts with their original “Side by Side.” In addition to these accomplishments, they’ve continued their monthly hour-long Liftoff Radio episodes and released a series of stellar remixes like their rendition of Rita Ora‘s “Your Song” and Selena Gomez‘s “Fetish.” Somewhere in the midst of their busy schedule, Nick Ditri and Danny Danger found time to finalize more than two years worth of work into their sophomore EP, DF, which is out Dec. 1 on Enhanced Music.

Eight-track DF is a thrilling collection of work that showcases the breadth of Disco Fries’ music — from the funky to the heartfelt. They’ve worked with an array of vocalists for the EP including Daisy Guttridge, Great Good Fine Ok, Jared Lee, Shy Martin and more. The EP is largely vocal-centric, letting the respective singer(s) take center stage for songs like emotion-packed “Reckless” and funky “Love Tonight.” Groovy beats support the backbone of the songs throughout the EP, along with the incorporation of instruments. “Reconnected,” for example, is accented by bright, brassy horns throughout, including a funky trumpet solo for the lead-out.

“Over 2 years of dozens of ideas, some scrapped, some transformed, sometimes creatively stuck, life and artistic growth, reinvention, highs and lows, but most importantly, an evolution… we bring you DF,” the duo shared in a Nov. 14 Facebook post.

To celebrate the EP’s release, the duo are hosting a release party at Mercury Lounge in New York on Friday, Dec. 15. Tickets are available here.

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EXCLUSIVE: Disco Fries ft. Great Good Fine Ok – Moving On (Original Mix)

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Summer isn’t over just yet.

New York-based Disco Fries have partnered with synthpop duo Great Good Fine Ok to put together the perfect retro dance tune. After the success of their single “Reckless,” Disco Fries continue their tour de force with “Moving On,” which eludes to the type of music they’re working on for their new EP. With finger snaps, a grooving beat and catchy vocals from Great Good Fine Ok, the nostalgia-inducing track perfectly teeters on the edge between pop and dance music.

“Moving On captures a bunch of elements we love about the music that influenced us growing up while holding true to our Disco Fries roots in electronic music. This song is a good indication of where we’re headed with this new EP and we’re excited to continue to share our growing repertoire of styles as songwriters and producers.”

Look for Disco Fries new EP this fall.

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