Com Truise reveals Anatasia Kristensen remixes of ‘Persuasion System’

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Com Truise reveals Anatasia Kristensen remixes of ‘Persuasion System’Anastasia Kristensen Photo Credit Only By Nght

The namesake for Com Truise‘s latest album made its debut in April of 2019 on Ghostly International. The dreamy, synth-filled “Persuasion System” paved the way for the dynamic nine-track LP that would follow a month after and caught the attention of Com Truise fans and beyond.

To cap off the year, “Persuasion System” has received a two-track rework treatment from Russian producer Anastasia Kristensen. She’s concocted a six-minute initial remix of the track and a four-minute “ambient rework” to give fans a chance to digest the iconic song in new ways. The former is a slowed-down, tech-heavy take on Com Truise’s original, giving the song a darker, more industrial tone. Her “ambient rework” is a minimalist deconstruction of “Persuasion System,” leading listeners down a eerier, introspective path.

“When I’ve heard ‘Persuasion System’ first time I – couldn’t help, but ask to make a remix,” Kristensen said in a Facebook post. “So glad we made this work.”

Photo credit: ONLY BY NGHT

Galcher Lustwerk low-key-attempts to cut through the noise, announces Information on Ghostly International

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Wait a second. It’s been six years since the release of Galcher Lustwerk’s groundbreaking 100% Galcher mix? And since that time, the Cleveland-born producer has released two full-length albums and popularized a seemingly new electronic sub-genre (see: hip-house; don’t blame me for the nomenclature) that all kinds of budding artists have apparently tried to replicate??

Huh. I guess time flies when you spend your days worrying about the imminent collapse of American society.

But the reality is, a little Galcher goes a long way when it comes to the collective ability to maintain our sanity during these trying times. Stress about bills and whether rooms in the White House have been converted into BDSM dungeons temporarily melts away as soon as you hear the head of Lustwerk Music pouring his brain over a late-night rhythm. Let’s keep this going!

GL released 200% Galcher last year courtesy of the aforementioned label that he runs. Ghostly International’s sponsoring the upcoming release; and supposedly it’s a stylistic continuation, minus the “inclusion of more live drums” and jazz saxophone that I think made the occasional appearance on 200%. The tracks on Information are also reported to be “hookier,” which GL considers a general nod to electronic music from the Midwest. Ghostly arrived by way of Ann Arbor, after all, so why not make it a thing? God damn coasties.

Pre-order Information ahead of its November 22 release here, listen to both “Cig Angel” tracks below, and always remember:

Information tracklist:

01. Left In The Dark
02. I See A Dime
03. Another Story
04. Overpay, Overstay
05. Plainview
06. Bit
07. Thermonics
08. Cig Angel
09. Fathomless Irie
10. Been A Long Night
11. Speed
12. Cig Angel (Dance Mix)

Steve Hauschildt goes Nonlin on new album for Ghostly International, shares new track “Subtractive Skies”

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Chicago based synth soul searcher Steve Hauschildt returns with his latest album, Nonlin, his second release on Ghostly International following 2018’s Dissolvi.

If you were a fan of the pillowy soft keyboard excursions fit for, say, chilling out on some acupuncture (as my TMT pal Lijah put it), Nonlin rides a similarly mellow, yet slightly “freer, leaner, and looser” feel that might be more appropriate for journeys into the subconscious in a sensory deprivation tank. It’s up to you, I guess!

Nonlin is out October 25, and Ghostly has pre-orders up and running. Peep the tracklist below, and zone the album’s first taste “Subtractive Skies.”

Nonlin tracklisting:

01. Cloudloss
02. Subtractive Skies
03. A Planet Left Behind
04. Attractor B
05. The Nature Remaining
06. Nonlin
07. Reverse Culture Music
08. The Spring in Chartreuse
09. American Spiral

Premiere: Com Truise soaks Gold Fields’ ‘Waterfall’ in synthwave splendor

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Premiere: Com Truise soaks Gold Fields’ ‘Waterfall’ in synthwave splendorCom Truise Press Photo

Fresh off his new album, Persuasion System, Com Truise hasn’t slowed down. The notable synthwave producer unveiled the full LP in May on Ghostly International and has followed it up with a scintillating remix of Gold Fields’ “Waterfall” from the band’s Dalawa album.

The New York producer wastes no time in putting his signature vintage stamp on the indie electronic tune. Where the November 2018 original had an otherworldly, slightly psychedelic tone to it, Com Truise has added in a plethora of retro synths to complement the wafting filtered vocals. It’s dark and dreamy and full of nostalgia—even for the first-time listener. This remix of “Waterfall” is perfectly suited for a late-night drive and will be a welcome continuation for those who enjoyed the moody sounds found on his latest LP.

Next month, Com Truise takes off on a late summer European tour that consists of performances in Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece, and more. Learn more and get tickets here.

Khotin signs to Ghostly, announces Beautiful You LP release

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Presently, the Pacific Northwest is getting an unusually large amount of snow. It’s unusual because our winter precipitation typically arrives as rain. Since the city has little to no way to handle even a few inches, I’m cooped up at home with nothing to do except listen to tunes, read, and meander from one corner of the apartment to the other.

Luckily, at least one welcome bit of news managed to creep its way into my inbox: word that the fine folks at Ghostly International are putting Dylan Khotin-Foote’s exceptional Beautiful You to wax. The album, originally issued on cassette in July of 2018, has lingered in the “out of print purgatory” — until now, of course.

Beautiful You is 10 tracks of those blissful ambient, chill-out, trip-hop zones which Khotin has inhabited on previous releases for 1080p, Pacific Rhythm, DFA, Public Release, and Normals Welcome. The main draw here is the hint of melancholy that permeates the “good vibes,” and, thus, it’s aptly suited for the above-mentioned snowy days holed-up at home.

The newly issued album comes out April 5, but you can currently pre-order the reissued edition, which comes in both standard black or “white smoke” vinyl. Stream “Dwellberry” below, and assimilate yourself to the hypnotic, trippy aural worlds of Khotin.

Beautiful You tracklisting:

01. Welcome
02. Water Soaked In Forever
03. Levi’s Synth
04. Alla’s Scans
05. Vacation
06. Dwellberry
07. $1 Add
08. Looping Good
09. Merged Host
10. Somehow More Sad

The Sight Below celebrates 10 years post-gliding, announces Glider LP reissue and remix cassette

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If going to the gym is part of your weekly routine, and music is a necessity in order for you to maintain the rhythm of your stinky-yet-beneficial exercising, it’s probably not recommended that you opt for the more recent work of Rafael Anton Irisarri. The erstwhile sound engineer has been seriously active maintaining his status as one of the most qualitatively consistent ambient/drone musicians working today, and the type of sounds you heard on his recent tapes for the Umor Rex label have the ongoing potential to result in serious injury if dated to auto-sedate while handling dumbbells and such.

A far better choice for the gym environment would be the albums that Irisarri released as The Sight Below, but those came out a while ago. Hmm, maybe we should get our beats elsewhere…

NO WAIT! Unexpected news on The Sight Below relates to the December 7 release of Glider 10, a special 10th anniversary version of the first album that Irisarri adorned with the moniker. And what’s more, the Ghostly International label is also sponsoring Glider 10: Reworks, a cassette featuring Glider track remixes from artists like Simon Scott (of Slowdive notoriety), Biosphere, and Benoît Pioulard. The music on both releases is destined to be enveloping; but if you know The Sight Below, then you appreciate the soft, beat-driven procession that separates this music from Irisarri’s work under his own name.

Have a listen to the “Acronym Retouch” of the track “Life’s Fading Light” below. Pre-order Glider 10 and Reworks here and here.

Glider artwork: Michael Cina

Glider 10 tracklisting:

01. At First Touch
02. Without Motion
03. Life’s Fading Light
04. The Sunset Passage
05. Already There
06. Further Away
07. Dour
08. A Fractured Smile
09. Nowhere

Glider 10: Reworks tracklisting:

01. At First Touch (Simon Scott Remix)
02. Further Away (Benoît Pioulard Rework)
03. WIthout Motion (Leandro Fresco remix)
04. A Fractured Smile (Warmth Remix)
05. Dour (Markus Guentner Remix)
06. At First Touch (Yagya Rework)
07. The Sunset Passage (Biosphere Remix)
08. Life’s Fading Light (Acronym Retouch)

Listen to two new songs from Matthew Dear’s upcoming album! Come on! All the cool kids are doing it!

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Matthew Dear just might be the leader of a cult. Let’s face it. He’s mischievous, mysterious, well-versed, enigmatic, and hey, he just has the voice for it —not to mention the hair! Can you really create such devilish electronica for over 20 years without some shady dealings? I don’t think so.

The newest of Dear’s arcane creations is Bunny, his fifth full-length album and first record under his own name since 2012’s Beams. The record will be out October 12 on Ghostly International, a label at which Dear is a founding artist and consistent resident. Bunny huh?? Perhaps one like this?

If you want to root around the garden for more clues, lucky you! Matthew Dear has released two new singles ahead of the record: “Bunny’s Dream” and “Echo,” which you can stream below. They are — in true Matthew Dear fashion — difficult to define, with a great level of saturation and twisted beats. Some part of me wants to play them backwards and listen for coded messages that tell me to fly to San Francisco or invest in Synthetic Plastics or something…

From Dear:

“I make music for people who like my music” is something I recently tweeted. There is something I’ve come to love about my career. I really can do whatever I want. So long as I feel it’s the best use of time, or yields results that translate into good music later. That’s where you’ll find the music. It’s in my head. It’s on my hard drives. It’s in my car driving the girls to school in the morning.

In other words, if you’re already a follower of Matthew Dear, rejoice! If you’re not…well, you’ll find out about your fate soon enough. Until then, go ahead and pre-order Bunny now.

Bunny tracklisting:

01. Bunny’s Dream
02. Calling
03. Can You Rush Them
04. Echo
05. Modafinil Blues
06. What You Don’t Know
07. Horses (feat. Tegan and Sara)
08. Moving Man
09. Bunny’s Interlude
10. Duke of Dens
11. Electricity
12. Kiss Me Forever
13. Bad Ones (feat. Tegan and Sara)
14. Before I Go

Helios signs to Ghostly International, renounces non-synth instruments on new album Veriditas

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Don’t call it a comeback?

Latin in its purest form is universally considered a dead language, but Keith Kenniff — a.k.a. Helios — has been indirectly doing his part to compel a revival that, with any luck, will soon have non-native speakers (which is everyone) saying “eugepae!”

“Helios” itself is obviously a derivation of the Latin word, “Helius,” which was used to refer to the sun god in Greek mythology; and the Helios album Caesura took its title from the identical Latin word used to highlight verse breaks in poetry. Clearly, the Portland-based musician who specializes in tracks conducive to meditation has an ongoing fascination with these sorts of words. (Maybe single words of ancient etymology are an appropriate lead-in to quasi-ambient magnificence? Or maybe Maximus was a kick-ass character?)

Regardless, Veriditas is Helios’s latest Latin-titled album (and his first) for Ghostly International. And as an allusion to the denotation of “viriditas” (greenness, fecundity, vitality), the music therein is set to demonstrate a degree of new growth for the whole Helios project: percussion apparently wasn’t used on any of the tracks, and the acoustic guitar was likewise relegated to the studio corner for every track save “Upward Beside the Gale.” The result is seemingly something much less active in terms of instrumentation. “I wanted to explore emotionality within something more static,” Kenniff says.

The track “Seeming” below seems to fit the bill indeed. Check it out for yourself down below, pre-order Veriditas now, and start boning up on your Latin before the album’s August 31 release date.

Veriditas tracklisting:

01. Seeming
02. Latest Lost
03. Dreams
04. Eventually
05. Even Today
06. Harmonia
07. North Wind
08. Toward You
09. Upward Beside the Gale
10. Row the Tide
11. Silverlight
12. Mulier

Steve Hauschildt announces debut album via Ghostly International, reveals lead single, ‘Saccade’

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Steve Hauschildt announces debut album via Ghostly International, reveals lead single, 'Saccade'

Off the heels of his involvement in the psychedelic noise outfit Emeralds and its eventual dissolution, Steve Hauschildt found himself at home again in the sublime landscape of experimental electronica.  Now, in accordance with his solo minimalist techno work,  Hauschildt’s announced he’ll be releasing his first album for Ghostly International in early-August.

The album’s title, Dissolvi, is a reference to the Latin phrase cupio dissolvi, which translates to “I wish to be dissolved.” Per the album’s press release, physiological phenomena are of severe interest to Hauschildt and as a result, his songs are distinctly cerebral in their orientation, while the music’s visceral energy lends largely unexplainable.

Dissolvi‘s announcement comes complete with the album’s lead single, a soft new track “Saccade,” featuring the Los Angeles-based musician Julianna Barwick.  The work of Chicago poet Carl Sandburg comes to mind when listening. As in, “I am the people—the mob—the crowd—the mass.” In coincidence with Hauschildt’s interest of dissociating the self in this work, the individual, too, dissolves into the crowd, as well as in Barwick’s saccharine echoes in the song.

Speaking about the album’s recording process and its effect on the work, Hauschildt said: “Much of it was recorded in a windowless studio which removed elemental or seasonal references to time in the music. The focus this time was on mixing the album and incorporating a broader set of instrumentation. I describe my compositional approach as being quasi-generative.”

In his embrace of new methods and philosophical curiosities, Hauschildt’s expanded the range of his output, and delivered a fascinating and profoundly rich experience in listening, being, and contextualizing as a result.

Ghostly International will release Dissolvi on August 3.

Album Cover Art Credit: Robert Beatty

Steve Hauschildt prepares to improve your acupuncturist’s music taste with a new album on Ghostly International

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Let’s all be honest: all these YouTube relaxation playlists just aren’t doing the trick for us anymore. If only there were a way to convince our Chinese herbalist to listen to something new for a change…Well, here’s our chance! Steve Hauschildt has just announced a new full-length record, Dissolvi, which comes out July 8 on Ghostly International.

“Much of [Dissolvi] was recorded in a windowless studio, which removed elemental or seasonal references to time in the music,” writes Hauschildt. “The focus this time was on mixing the album and incorporating a broader set of instrumentation.” The title takes its name from cupio dissolvi, a Latin phrase meaning “I wish to dissolve.” That’s how I normally feel when they stick all those tiny needles in my hands, too. Hopefully the music is as physiologically relaxing as the title promises…

Oh, ok. I just listened to the first single below and I can confirm it is not a disappointing journey inwards. “Saccade” features fellow “I make music in a dark room with all the windows drawn” artist, Julianna Barwick. It was inspired by “involuntary eye movements” and features a gorgeous blend of Barwick’s signature echo and Hauschildt’s kosmiche-style productions.

Dissolvi is Hauschildt’s first full length for Ghostly, following the release of his 2016 album Strands and his appearance on this year’s phenomenal new record from Christina Vantzou. Pre-order it now, and be sure to give a copy as a gift to your acupuncturist. In no time, you’ll be jamming out (or totally asleep) whenever you’re getting glass orbs suction-stuck to your back! Thanks Steve!

Cover art: Robert Beatty

Dissolvi tracklisting:

01. M Path
02. Phantox
03. Saccade (ft. Julianna Barwick)
04. Alienself
05. Aroid
06. Syncope (ft. GABI)
07. Lyngr
08. Dissolvi