♫ Listen: Æthereal Arthropod – “Laniatores”

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The future of cooking will bring about the great evolution in humankind. “Laniatores” is the over-arching style to what is now combined with flash-frying, baking, microwaving, steaming, and broiling as a particle collision. Flavors used at the Genot Centre of this operation, circulating the spices, swirling the salavatory glands, and caressing the point of all things taste. Chef-engineer Æthereal Arthropod is on the forks-and-knives, dicing up all types of Opilio in a smorgasbord of delight. Take a bite:

Opilio by Æthereal Arthropod

Laura Luna Castillo asks, “You think that’s air you’re breathing now?,” preps new album on Genot Centre

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Psshhht! I don’t need some snooty scientific analysis backed up by “facts” and “rational thinking” in order to understand the relationship between dreams and memory; artist Laura Luna Castillo has been capably exploring the subject herself ever since her debut solo album Isolarios came out in 2014, despite the risk of imposing on listeners multiple Matrix-like moments. Listening to that album does sound like reality has been convincingly blurred, and the talent on display so early in her musical career was actually enough to earn her a spot on the 2016 SHAPE platform, which led to performances at both the MUTEK and Unsound festivals that year. Maybe Castillo’s previously established film and multimedia skills honed a particular adeptness when it comes to conveying imaginary landscapes. Maybe she’s the real-life equivalent of that alluringly kick-ass memory maker from Blade Runner 2049. (It’s okay, Ryan, you dreamboat!)

Following a collaboration with Jara Tarnovski (Gurun Gurun) last year, Castillio is returning to the Prague-based Genot Centre label to facilitate the release of her next surreal endeavor: Laminares, out September 25. I assure you that the tracks are indeed tangibly-listenable and not prone to being whisked away into an unexplained ether! And they’re all beautifully consistent with the tone set by Laura Luna’s debut. You’d think this space in the ambient/drone world would be fully occupied by now, but she’s somehow managed to carve a distinct and fantastic place for herself.

For now, keep a VERY REAL web browser tab lucidly parked at Genot’s Bandcamp for Laminares-related music and ordering info and feel free to stream Isolarios and Luna & Tarnovski in the VERY REAL interim below:

Laura Luna – Isolarios by Laura Luna

Luna & Tarnovski by Luna & Tarnovski

♫ Listen: Tereshkova – “Gray Light”

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I don’t know if I’ve got a good rule of thumb to looking for music. It’s become an end in of itself though, a ritual where the steps are more fulfilling than what gets conjured in the end. Picking through the marshes of blogs for rips and tapes, stumbling onto something with the sheen of the interesting on its membrane. All it takes is some curiosity to rip it open, right where you stand.

Once the membrane has frayed and the contents of Collapsed Lake come spilling out into the reeds, there’s precious little time to enjoy the soft melodic moments left at your feet. By the time you stumble up, album in hand, “Gray Light” bears down with its oppressive fuzz, beating down in bulbous UV rays to cook your eardrums and scorch the sensitivity out of them. Probably best to sit back down in those reeds, laying in the oil and taking this one in passively. The soil and miasma may take you in the process, but isn’t it all about process anymore anyway?

Collapsed Lake by Tereshkova

21st Century Wolf to release City Zen EP via Genot Centre, share exclusive full-stream

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From the label that brought you chart-topping hits such as Arpeggiatorworld++ By Percival Pembroke, Mezina by Lišaj and vs o.t.O.g.I by woopheadclrms comes a bundle of arcane tracks that’ll send smoke outcha ears, 21st Century Wolf’s City Zen!

That’s right, folks! This EP is full of sharp sound differentials that divide pieces into internal systems where coherent but immiscible plateaus and warbled vocal blurbs emerge from underwater. Woah Did you get that?!

The Wolf is bringing you the hottest product, right off the shelves!

City Zen has been meticulously tested and praised by focus groups comprised of elite members of society, various home appliances and a number of cartoon characters. This EP traverses a cautious harmonic path where dungeon-like chord progressions, Deus Ex style atmospheres, new age and sentimental are each other’s logical auxiliaries.

We can’t make this stuff up.

We know that you’ll want to get your grubby little hands on a copy of this, but 21st Century Wolf can’t just give this away, ya see. There’s only a limited edition of 55 C24 tapes available!

Make sure to secure this #HotNewItem before its release this Wednesday, July 25, at Genot Centre’s bandcamp here — and until then, check out TMT’s exclusive stream of the full EP down below the album teaser:

City Zen EP by 21st Century Wolf

City Zen EP tracklisting:

02. OPEN
05. CITY
06. ZEN

Japanese sound artist Woopheadclrms premieres new single “Empire of Shopping Mall,” announces upcoming album, vs o.t.O.g.l,

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If you aren’t familiar with woopheadclrms, it’s time to chuck your spellcheckers and Grammarly apps and get acclimated.

Woop’s attention to the most minuscule of details separates him from the hordes of artists residing under the “plunderphonics” tag on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The Japanese sound artist’s last release, Meeting Room + Rare Plants, stole the hearts of the hearts of TMTers everywhere with its mesmerizing collages and breakneck turns, landing it the prestigious title of Tiny Mix Tapes’ #35 favorite album of 2017 (the ONLY album EVER to hold that title).

In order to condition audiences for the neuron-shredding sounds of his latest album vs o.t.O.g.l, —due out on June 14 on the Prague-based Genot Centre label — Woophead has graciously decided to premiere “Empire of Shopping Mall,” a sonic painting of contrasting extremes. Both brooding, and hyperactive, it lands somewhere between Noah Creshevsky’s maximalism and the fourth-world elements of Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo. Listen closely. Watch the digital clouds roll by, but by all means, don’t let your guard down. Storms roll in quickly in this world.

Stream “Empire of Shopping Mall” below and make sure to pre-order vs o.t.O.g.l, on cassette or digital at Genot Centre’s Bandcamp as soon as it’s available.

vs o.t.O.g.l, tracklisting:

01. I’m
02. Empire of Shopping mall
03. Blindness??
04. Hane
05. Meaning
06. Indie
07. Killer F
08. Open it, close it, break it, cry
09. Fill
10. The sky is a mirror of endless mind
11. School
12. Calculation & Taste
13. Only you
14. Selfie
15. Weather channel

Premiere: Percival Pembroke – “Lanzarote”

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Late last year, Hungarian expatriate Percival Pembroke made a triumphant return to Genot Centre with a massive 39-track double tape titled Arpeggiatorworld++. Filled with tiny labyrinthine motifs, bright arpeggios and mind-bending rhythms, this expansive collection brings together the originally self-released Arpeggiatorworld and 13 eclectic remixes by Genot Centre/Percival Pembroke friends (Pulse Emitter, CVLTS or Dialect contribute), hence the ++ addition to the original title.

Now, you can be the first person ever to watch the video for “Lanzarote” (also one of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa). The stunning visual created by Fornax Void blends the line between our reality and that of the late 90s digital landscape, delving deeper and deeper into our digital subconscious as it progresses. Delve into it below (don’t get lost!) and order limited C59 and C54 tapes directly from Genot Centre.

♫ Listen: HDMIRROR – “Reversal”

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Our wrists are all smacking together in the air, as we fist pump furiously to some Ian van Dahl but this is no rave. This is no dance-floor. No, this is a manic ritual. No one glances at each other, lest we commit the cardinal sin of looking away from the DJ. The girl next to me is collapsing (dangerously close to committing the worst sin of all: not keeping your hands up) but we all help her out, almost falling over in the process. No sooner than when she stands up, she’s in the air; we all are. We’re flinging every limb we can to the sky, or at least the only one that matters to us now: the blackness of the ceiling. The bestial climax revisits the crowd, as the DJ entrances us with what could only be an Above and Beyond track, remixed by a nightclub devil. It’s definitely an exclusive. I show my appreciation by screaming even louder, as does everyone else. We’re all so hoarse that it sounds more like a moan or cry for help. Or a cry for more.

Beneath furiously alternating strobes of white, black, and red, our faces all disappear. I feel like mine melted off at some point from my dehydrated body, or got blasted off by the roar of this hardcore anthem. Either way, I couldn’t care less. I’m done partying. This is my life now.

“REVERSAL” is the anthem and the reason. It’s available on ANTHEMS through Genot Centre in full on December 31. Stream it below:


♫ Listen: Enchanted Lands – “All Silver and Shadows and Visions of Things Not Seen”

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A gentle voice sings/whispers “come and see me”; a deafening, harsh whoosh of sound breaks your speakers; unidentifiable crackles and hits echo in darkness; extra-terrestrials whisper in an alien tongue; a melody, equally lulling and poignant, materialises from thin air; it carries you further, deeper into your subconscious; in there, it’s silvery, full of shadows and monsters you’ve never encountered before; only now do you realize that “come and see me” was sung/whispered by you; yes, you said it to yourself; maybe that’s fine, maybe it’s not; who am I to tell you?

“All Silver and Shadows and Visions of Things Not Seen” is the opener from Enchanted Lands’ exquisite debut tape Feed Goals released via Czech imprint Genot Centre. Full of soothing textures and imaginative sound design, the collection exists somewhere between collage and ambient soundscape. Listening attentively will reveal an abundance of sounds to discover, while passive absorption will relax both the mind and the soul. Either way, this is very pleasing indeed.

♫ Listen: Ecto Mist – “3 Version 4”

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Prague label Genot Centre continues to supply low tape run (edition of 55) head boggle brilliance, this time from Finland’s Ecto Mist, named for a kind of ghost fog reportedly seen alongside orbs, spirit mediums, poltergeist activity, and so on. Although I don’t get a hugely paranormal vibe from this tape, there is certainly strangeness here, with the sound occupying a sort of Heisenberg uncertainty between texture and rhythm. The real mist is in the beat construction, in which aerosolized ticks and taps are ordered and disordered, glitching in and out of grid, shivering and worming their way forward. Ecto Mist explore micro to the maximum with this tape-on a track like “3 Version 4” for example, what begins as an isolated beat fragment grows to an enormous spilling rockslide. Other tracks resemble scores of amplified millipedes crawling through metal grate and chain link.

♫ Listen: Aghnie – “Narcc”

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Distinctive sounds heard from Tbilisi, Georgia, where producer/mixed media artist Aghnie has willed a world of chrome plated eco-rave into hiccuping existence. “Club Envy EP” – released on a 55 tape run by Prague label Genot Centre – pairs odd-o beats with little sprigs and zaps of synths and samples, an ecosystem simulation you can move to. “Narcc” announces itself in plunging rhythms and approximate flutes, pauses to gather rain, and spills it out on a complex mainframe, initiating self-repair. If that seems needlessly vague, maybe the label put it best, offering that “these tunes might be envisioned as ringtones emanating from an alien greenhouse covered in luminous tribal patterns.”