Headbangers, rejoice: Lost Lands’ second lineup is here

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Lost Lands

Headbangers’ head honcho, Excision, has unearthed the lineup for the second edition of Lost Lands.

Following last year’s installment of colossal proportions, Lost Lands returns to Thornville, Ohio with a monumental 1,000,000 watts of bass, two full-size main stages, performances by Flux Pavilion, REZZ, Ganja White Night, Illenium, Jauz, Slander, NGHTMRE, Excision himself, and many, many more.

If the event is anything like last year’s fervent installment, attendees can expect a wallowing wonderland of extinction and bygone friends to be made. Excision will perform an exclusive b2b with Downlink, there will be late night camp parties, and three times as many dinosaurs.

More information and tickets are available here.



Ganja White Night explore the dynamic depths of low end bass in seventh LP, ‘The Origins’ [Interview + Album Review]

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ganja white night the origins 500x500

Who exactly is Mr Wobble?

It’s question that has been on the minds of many since Ganja White Night released a series of music videos late last year. One that has answers partly in the release of their newest and most ambitious album to date, dubbed The Origins, out now on their own imprint SubCarbon Records

“We created SubCarbon when we started making music because it was the only way we could be released. Big labels weren’t interested in our sounds.” 

 February 2018 saw Benjamin Bayeul and Charlie Dodson’s seventh LP since they extensively explored their riddim-inspired sound almost 12 years ago. “We’ve tried to release an album every year since we started in 2010,” said the two Brussels-based producers. They wanted to do everything but rush The Origins album, which the pair had been working on since the fall of 2016, so as to avoid making the twelve track compilation more than just a shallow “collection of easy-to-mix tracks.” 

Photo courtesy of Ganja White Night

The Origins LP is anything but shallow. The album takes a deep dive in many ways.

First, it’s a dive into re-examining their own roots; a new exploration of the hypnotic, immersive sounds that incapsulated fans many years ago. Cinematic intros, playful experimentation, and otherworldly sounds mark the album’s landscape. In a lot of ways, The Origins is an intoxicating ethnic journey with a careful sense of adventure — a psychedelic trip into the worlds of dub, riddim, and low-end bass, more broadly.

Speaking to the evolution of their signature wobble sound, the duo elaborated on how it took them a good amount of time to manifest their ideas into reality: “You can really feel a difference when you listen to our old albums. Sound techniques evolve and the new material sounds more refined. We always had these ideas in our heads, but it’s crazy to see how ideas develop over time into actual sounds.”


Second, the album signals a nod to the roots of Mr Wobble, an animated vigilante superhero character designed by long-time collaborator and illustrator Ebo. Mr Wobble has played a role in their work since they released “Wobble Master” and “LFO Requiem.” At the outset of the new LP, he is joined by a whole new cast of characters whereby fans are given a glimpse into the very origins of how their super powers came to be.

“Mr Wobble isn’t the only guy who has the power. In different civilizations, the people receive this power, and what we see in the [Origins] video is how, in this period, of this era, at least, Mr Wobble is using it this way. We still don’t know where this power comes from, or how he’s be chosen, maybe it was an accident, we don’t know.”


Finally, the album pulls on the nostalgic allure of ancient ethnocentric sounds. Inspired by composers like Hans Zimmer, Ganja White Night has a way for constructing cinematic bass compositions that incorporate reggae, dubstep, hip-hop, and drum ‘n’ bass, with influences from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. “We have some inspirations that never change,” they say. “We’ve always been fans of ethnic sounds and ethnic voices, long intros, harmonies.”

GWN approaches collaborations in the same artistic spirit. Teaming up with Caspa, in particular, on the album’s second track, “Unique,” the three producers capture the very unique essence upon which their collective visions for bass music resonates — back before the days of violent, head banging “bro-step.” Cinematic, fun, mischievous, and stripped down to the bare bone essentials of bass, the track flips fluidly between it’s melodic breaks and stabbing synths for a hypnotic anthem that is sure to capture fans’ eardrums on the dance floor.

Ganja White Night on their “Mr Wobble Is Back” tour stop, 8/5/16. Photo cred: Brew City Bass

From cosmic introductions to intense party jams and downtempo grooves, the twelve tracks come together to tell a more complete story around Mr Wobble, the superhero who creates music from ancient mythology and uses it to awaken citizens dwelling in the modern world he inhabits. Regarding to expansion of Mr Wobble’s world, Bayeul and Dodson are still exploring the many avenues the vigilante hero may take:

“There is still a lot of mystery, and we don’t want to say too much because we have a lot of projects that we want to go deeper into, we want to do more music videos and comic books. There’s just so many ways to go deeper into the story, there’s a lot of doors open now. We just introduced a lot of characters, so there’s a lot of new avenues to explore.”

The Origins arrives just as Ganja White Night gets ready to embark on their album-accompanying “The Origins Tour.” The duo will travel to 20 US cities featuring strong support from CaspaOpiuoDownlink, along with label mates DirtMonkey and Subtronics. They plan to begin each concert stop with a special B2B DJ set from the SubCarbon roster, before transitioning into the tour openers, and ending with a GWN performance that will feature live instrumentation, editing, remixing, and improvisation much like a band playing all original material.

Premiere: Ganja White Night talks Origins LP and newest Dirt Monkey collab, ‘No Escape’

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Ganja White Night Suwannee Hulaween

Belgian duo Ganja White Night have teamed up with Colorado-based dubstep producer Dirt Monkey for their latest original “No Escape,” released via SubCarbon Records. When the duo premiered the track on Electric Forest‘s iconic Tripolee Stage this past summer, the reactions generated an infectious outbreak of wobble fanatics.

With a drawn out Middle Eastern-inspired lead in, GWN fashion a track that builds on their long time love of ethnocentric sounds and voices, long intros, and harmonies. Dirt Monkey’s influence is immediately evident with his devastating basslines and cunning, intricate melodies. The track is an iconic representation of what the duo has in store for their upcoming album, dubbed The Origins, which seeks to construct a cinematic bass music experience that incorporates reggae, dub, hip-hop, and D nB with influences from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

 Ganja White Night

Photo credit: Rezinate

We’re very keen on this Mr. Wobble character in your music videos. What can you tell us about Mr. Wobble’s story/background that I can’t get from watching the animation?
There is still a lot of mystery and we don’t want to say too much because we have a lot of projects that we want to go deeper into. There’s just so many ways to go deeper into the story, there’s a lot of doors open now. We just introduced a lot of characters, so there’s a lot of new avenues to explore. We have so many plans. We wanna do music videos, comic book, full visual experiences where every song has its own visuals.

The Dirt Monkey collaboration is definitely a standout on the upcoming LP. Tell us about this process and working with Patrick.
We met in Denver first; we were speaking before the show, and noticed we had a lot in common musically. We are around the same and we started making music around the same time, we’d been following the same practices, we have the same inspirations, and and just felt a connection. We then went b2b in Minneapolis, it was our first curated festival in Minneapolis, and we felt it and it was like “oh shit. So it all came really naturally. So yea he had us listen to his stuff, and it went into a full EP actually. I think he felt that SubCarbon was the place where he felt comfortable, we are the same kind of par core.

What is on the horizon for your imprint, SubCarbon Records?
We created SubCarbon when we started making music because it was the only way we could be released. Big labels weren’t interested in our sounds. For Patrick [Dirt Monkey], he already had his label but he felt SubCarbon was a fresh place for him because it had this wobbly sound and all his new tunes are wobbly, groovy. I think that’s what people are looking for when they see a release on SubCarbon. That’s what is great about Patrick, he always brings great vibes to a set, it’s groovy, its dancey, you want to have fun, it’s not violent, its not raging, you might still break the rail though, don’t get me wrong. But it’s the kind of music that makes you smile. That’s what we want to keep in the SubCarbon family. We’re open minded, we don’t care about the bpm, we don’t care about the numbers.

Let’s talk about the tour. It seems like tons of producers recently are slapping the “live set” label onto their tours. What can we expect from The Origins Tour?
Since we started performing on the stage, we have always played a live set. We can definitely DJ, but we are definitely not as good of DJs as some people that we know. It’s more fun for us because we can express ourselves better live and we never play other people’s tunes. So it makes more sense to us to perform live. While not 100% of the songs are produced live, that’s not doable obviously, but we have parts that we interact with, like the harmony and the leads we put in, and restructuring a track, it’s just a lot more enjoyable for us.

Zeds Dead x Ganja White Night – Samurai

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Bass maestros Zeds Dead and Ganja White Night teamed up for a smashing single titled “Samurai.” The track is haunting in essence, and breathes an air of suspense onto listeners’ necks before thrusting into chaos.

“Samurai is what happens when you bring Hans Zimmer to a rave,” described the two groups.

Zimmer would likely have a panic attack, though, if he witnessed the breakdown in “Samurai,” as the collaborators at hand have generated a palpable tenacity in the track’s high energy catharsis. Zeds Dead’s metallic tinged synths are drawn out by the dub-influenced nature of Ganja White Night’s undertones in what is best described as a head over heels trek into dubstep chaos.

Zeds Dead and Ganja White Night Come Together for a Juicy Collaboration

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What happens when two of the most notable duos in electronic music get together? Pure, unadulterated filth. The boys of Zeds Dead and Ganja White Night just blew our minds with their debut collaboration, ‘Samurai’. An elegant piano intro draws you in and then you’re lead into a beautiful marriage of classic Zeds Dead synths

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Stream Ganja White Night’s ‘Origins’ mini-mix, packed with IDs off upcoming album

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Ganja White Night have carved out a style of intelligent bass music composed of sharp beats, spacey synths, explosive bass lines, and trickling melodies. Affectionately nicknamed the “wobble brothers” by fans, Benjamin “Bamby” Bayeul and Charlie “Erwan” Dodson had a busy 2017 touring schedule opening for Pretty Lights Live and Excision‘s Lost Lands Festival.

Now the Belgian dubstep duo have made good on their promise of a fully innovative and immersive new concept for their upcoming album, The Origins, set for release on their own imprint, SubCarbon Records. In anticipation of the release, the duo has put out a 15-minute promo mix that previews all eight tracks off the forthcoming LP.

Ganja White Night’s album accompanying tour kicks off this February, with support from CaspaOpiuoDownlink, along with a special B2B2B experience with label mates Dirt Monkey and Subtronics. Tickets for The Origins Tour are on sale now via Ganja White Night’s official website.

The Origins is set for release on February 5, 2018.


00:00 – Ganja White Night – The Origins
02:30 – Ganja White Night x Caspa – Unique
04:20 – Ganja White Night – Sacred Pipe
06:03 – Ganja White Night x Dirt Monkey – No Escape
07:47 – Ganja White Night – Chak Chel
09:29 – Ganja White Night – Wobble Buds
12:08 – Ganja White Night – Blood Shower
13:38 – Ganja White Night x Boogie T – Reminisce

Subtronics Drops “Depth Perception” EP [Exclusive Interview]

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Ripping his way though the dubstep scene is a 25-year-old Philadelphia native known as Subtronics. The young producer and DJ, Jesse Kardon, just dropped his newest EP via SubCarbon Records – and it’s super freaking wonky. “Depth Perception” features collaborations with Boogie T. and Dirt Monkey as well as two Subtronics originals. Jesse is known to create

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Datsik Drops Powerful ‘Master of Shadows’ EP

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Datsik is starting off his 2018 with some serious heat. The dubstep ninja just dropped his newest EP, Master of Shadows. The EP was released for a matter of hours today before it reached the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Dance charts. But that’s no surprise when you see the talent that Firepower Records cultivated

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Belgian bass duo Ganja White Night reveal details for new album and upcoming tour

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Belgian dub duo Ganja White Night has etched out a prominent position for themselves in the world of bass music.

Affectionately known as the wobble brothers by their fans, Benjamin “Bamby” Bayeul and Charlie “Erwan” Dodson, took the world by storm with their 2016 LP Mr. Wobble and now the twosome is ready to build further on that success. When this pair isn’t busy turning airplanes into their own personal after parties, they are working hard to bring the bass community new and exciting content.

Ganja White NIght will kick off 2018 with a new concept album, The Origins, to be released on their own label, SubCarbon Records, plus a self-curated tour featuring SubCarbon labelmates Dirt Monkey and Subtronics plus special guest Caspa, Opiuo & Downlink will join the Wobble Brothers on a number of dates in a unique live setting. Each concert on the tour will open with a B2B DJ set from the roster before Ganja White Night’s performance featuring live instrumentation and editing/remixing. A closely guarded opening performance is not to be missed.

Currently on tour now, the Wobble Brothers will wrap up 2017 with a stop at Insomniac’s Countdown NYE party on December 30 in San Bernardino followed by their performance at the two day NYE Festival Snowta in Minneapolis on the 31st. Lovers of bass music will be elated to know that the boys from Brussels will not be missing beat as they bring their incredible live show from shore to shore starting in February. Tickets for The Origin’s Tour are on sale now on Ganja White Night’s official website.

2018 Tour Dates
2/8/2018 Thursday Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection
 2/9/2018 Friday Chicago, IL – The Aragon
2/10/2018 Saturday Detroit, MI – Royal Oak
2/12/2018 Monday Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom
2/13/2018 Tuesday Syracuse, NY – Westcott Theater
2/14/2018 Wednesday Boston, MA – House of Blues
2/15/2018 Thursday Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory
2/16/2018 Friday New York City, NY – Playstation Theater
2/17/2018 Saturday Richmond, VA – The National
2/18/2018 Sunday Washington, DC – 9:30 Club
2/19/2018 Monday Washington, DC – U Street Music Hall (1+1)
2/21/2018 Wednesday Knoxville, TN – The International
2/23/2018 Friday Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle
2/24/2018 Saturday Nashville, TN – Limelight
2/27/2018 Tuesday Tulsa, OK – Cain’s
2/28/2018 Wednesday Fayetteville, AR – George’s Majestic
3/1/2018 Thursday Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre
3/2/2018 Friday Kansas City, MO – Arvest Bank Theatre at Midland
3/3/2018 Saturday St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
3/8/2018 Thursday Salt Lake City, UT – Sky
3/10/2018 Saturday Portland, OR – Roseland


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Boogie T Drops ‘Soul’d Out’ EP on SubCarbon Records

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If you are a fan of bass, chances are you’ve heard some of Boogie T’s wonky dubstep. The New Orleans-based artist has made a name for himself in the bass music scene recently –playing festivals like Lost Lands and Electric Forest as well as collaborating with notable artists Ganja White Night, Dirtysnatcha and even GRiZ. Well

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