RichGains links with G Perico, Like & Ann One for new single “Westside Moonrock”

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Smoke is in the air, as producer RichGains has linked up with a slew of incredible talents to bless us …

Nicki Minaj Is Feeling The Pressure

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It should not be this way. There should be more than one woman within rap’s A-list at a time, and the women within rap’s A-list should be able to peacefully coexist. They should be able to record with each other, tour with each other, be friends with each other. But it has never been this … More »

Freddie Gibbs, G Perico, & Mozzy – “Colors”

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They still make them like they used to — or, anyway, sometimes they do. Freddie Gibbs, G Perico, and Mozzy all come from different places — Gibbs from Indiana, Perico from LA, Mozzy from Sacramento — and they all have different backgrounds, voices, flows, and approaches. But all three are among our finest purveyors of … More »

The 40 Best Rap Albums Of 2017

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Streaming changed things. 2017 was the year that rap once again reaffirmed its stranglehold on the collective imagination of America’s youth. Like the moment when Billboard first started using Soundscan and inadvertently proved the massive popularity of N.W.A, the streaming services of the world showed just how powerful this music remains. Rap dominated streaming charts. More »

Stream G Perico 2 Tha Left

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Earlier this year, the diamond-hard South Central Los Angeles rapper G Perico released All Blue, his official debut and one of the best rap albums of the year. He didn’t waste any time following it up. Today, Perico has released the new album 2 Tha Left, another LP full of efficient trunk-rattlers and deeply … More »

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

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A lot of crazy shit is happening in the world right now, but one of the craziest is definitely the revelation that Adam Driver doesn’t know what “emo” means. The dude is only 34 years old!! He was born in 1983!!! He grew up in Indiana!!!! He was in his teens and 20s during … More »

Lil Peep Was A Star

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On the day he died, Lil Peep posted an image of himself shirtless onstage, his head out of the frame, on Instagram. Its caption: “When I die You’ll love me.” If this was almost any other artist, a portentous and prescient statement like this might seem eerily appropriate, like Peep had some sudden … More »

G Perico fucks up your year-end list by announcing 2 The Left, out next month; makes up for it a little by sharing new video for “Affiliated”

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“South Central’s gangsta rap revivalist G Perico has had one hell of a 2017. He’s unleashed a string of releases that will surely have him on more than a few year-end lists” – Complex


G Perico does not give a FUCK about your year-end list.

You probably thought you had it all figured out, right? With G Perico’s name-making All Blue from April probably landing somewhere around the top of the heap as regards revisionist gangsta rap, eh?

BUT! Now Perico has announced 2 Tha Left, a whole ‘NOTHER new album, out December 8 on G Perico’s own label, So Way Out, distributed by Priority.

2 Tha Left will be Perico’s his third full-length release of the year, if you include the debut from G-Worthy, his project with Cardo and Jay Worthy.

December 8, folks: The release date itself is a flex. (December albums, like G Perico’s leave us bean-counting music dweebs like ourselves in a tough spot: do you give Perico one more spot on your year-end list? Or, do you say “naw, man, that’s too late for this year’s list” and leave it off, maybe say it’ll be eligible next year? But you know you will have inevitably forgotten its significance by the time list season 2018 rolls around, so going this route effectively means you’ll be permanently relegating a worthy record to list limbo.)

But honestly; GP doesn’t care about you OR what you put on your list. He made a record, and he’s releasing it without a thought for drop date skullduggery. And, hell, who knows? Maybe he’ll probably have another one ready to go in a few months. G Perico does not have time for the yearlong rotation of the online content hamster wheel! G Perico knows that any subdividing time is purely arbitrary. The wheel is an illusion.

You can pre-order 2 Tha Left here and watch the video for “Affiliated” below…but G Perico probably doesn’t give a FUCK whether you do or don’t.

2 Tha Left tracklisting (doesn’t give a fuck if you read it or not, BTW):

01. Tha Intro – Produced by V-12
02. Affiliated – Produced by Cardo & Polyester
03. Go (feat. Bino Rideaux) – Produced by Westside Webb
04. Everybody – Produced by Poly Boy
05. Other Side (feat. Nef The Pharaoh) – Produced by Westside Webb
06. What Up Cuz (feat. TeeCee4800 & AD) – Produced by Westside Webb
07. World On Wheels [Interlude] – Produced by Polyester
08. I Love Thots – Produced by Dupri & Lee On The Beat
09. Fly Around (feat. Polyester & Ray Wright) – Produced by Poly Boy
10. Whats Real (feat. Mozzy) – Produced by Poly Boy
11. Send Her Home (feat. Curren$y) – Produced by Polyester
12. Amerikkka – Produced by Dupri
13. One Two – Produced by Cypress Moreno
14. Mind Yours – Produced by Kacey Khalil
15. Tha Outro – Produced by V-12

G Perico – “Affiliated” Video

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In the past year and a half, the chirpy-voiced, jheri-curled hardass G Perico has emerged as one of our greatest practitioners of old-school head-slap West Coast street-rap. All Blue, the album that Perico released earlier this year, is one of 2017’s best rap albums. And now Perico announces that he’ll release another new album … More »

A Viral Grime Parody Is About To Become The Biggest Grime Song Ever

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Guns don’t go “skkkkkkrah.” They don’t go “pap pap kah kah kah.” They definitely don’t go “skidee-kee pap pap.” Michael Dapaah knows this. The first time he made those noises over a beat, Dapaah, a Londoner, was making fun of grime MCs’ tendencies to go crazy with over-the-top ad-libbed gun sounds. It was a joke … More »