BROHUG Keeps The Brohouse Movement Going With Their ‘Sinner’ EP

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Swedish trio Brohug, known for creating genre-bending masterpieces and cementing their own unique mark on the dance scene are back with another Brohouse special – the ‘Sinner’ EP out now on their very own Brohouse Records. The EP consists of two monumental tracks, Saints, and Sinner. Saints infuses lively synths and a glorifying beat composing Saints

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Dr. Fresch releases sweltering first single ‘Fire’ from upcoming EP

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Self-proclaimed “future-ghetto” producer, Dr. Fresch has released “Fire,” the first track off his forthcoming EP, No Introduction, set for release through Insomniac Records. The producer, real name Tony Fresch, known for his vibrant, ever-changing hair colors and thick-framed glasses, is the creator of the popular mix series, The Prescription, which has featured the likes of Louis The Child, Dustycloud, and Dom Dolla.

“Fire,” in Fresch’s usual fashion, is a volatile, bass heavy track, pledging allegiance to no specific genre, as it bares both house and mid-tempo electro overtones. While “Fire”‘s intricate buildups are engulfed in sweet-sounding bell synths and atmospheric melodies, the drop scorches the listener in sinister reverb and unrelenting bass lines.


Matroda delivers piping-hot house on his ‘Shut It Down’ EP

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Croatian bass music producer, Matroda, has aligned himself with Monstercat, one of dance music’s premiere labels, for his latest EP, Shut It Down. 

The 21-year-old’s first fierce success came when he teamed up with house icon, Chris Lake, for their “California” remix, which topped Beatport charts, racking up millions of streams across multiple platforms. In the past, Matroda has experimented with a number of styles – most extensively dubstep. However, he seems to have found his niche with his nefariously nuanced brand of house.

Shut It Down is deliciously wicked. The EP has captured the most riot-inducing elements of g-house, garage, and bass house; the result is a diabolically playful sonic landscape. The lead track, “The Beginning,” throws the listener for a loop with its wompy dubstep and trap elements. The rest of the EP more or less follows a 4-by-4 pattern, with a bit of breakbeat sprinkled in on “Damn Floor.” Matroda proves himself a master of vocal chops, which are suffused throughout the EP, seamlessly aligning themselves with the stuttering bass and overall buoyant nature of tracks like “Shut It Down,” “Boom Bap,” and “The Drive.”

Destructo announces new SiriusXM radio show, debuts elbow-throwing hip-hop cut with Busta Rhymes, ‘F**king Sh*t Up’

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Destructo‘s Rolodex of rappers just grew by one legendary associate — Busta Rhymes. And while Gary Richards normally recruits his favorite rhymers for his signature G-house products, this time around, the pair go all in on a apologetically through-and-through hip-hop beat, aptly titled, “F**king Sh*t Up.” The title leaves no room for subtlety. The track is a mean-mugging, elbow-throwing trap piece with Busta locked in to delivering his characteristically gruff super-spits over tight hi-hat rolls and snappy snare hits. The track comes in conjunction with an exciting announcement from the LiveStyle president’s camp.

Debuting on SiriusXM on April 12, Destructo’s new AMFAMFAMF Radio program will launch on the newly christened Diplo’s Revolution channel. The weekly radio show, slotted for Thursday nights, will showcase the new AMF brand and presumably include numerous cameos by Destructo’s legendary friends circle. Keeping a packed itinerary as per usual, Richards’ All My Friends road stretch is now on sale as his summer tour dates begin to heat up. With a new radio show launching, a tour nearly underway, and a brand new hit to rinse out all summer long, expect Destructo to be in your line of sight at almost every turn.

Matroda Drops His ‘Shut It Down’ EP on Monstercat & It’s A G-House Masterpiece

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G-House superstar Matroda has finally dropped his 5 track EP, ‘Shut It Down’ out now on Monstercat. While Monstercat has dove into many genres over the past few years, G-House seems to be one that we haven’t seen in a while from the legendary label. The ‘Shut It Down’ EP is 5 tracks, with 3

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Ryan Collins – Need You

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Up and coming Los Angeles based DJ and producer, Ryan Collins, has released a bruising original titled, “Need You.”

Beginning with energetic piano riffs and captivating, distorted vocal samples, “Need You” builds into a thrilling G-house creation. With pulsating waves of bass and enthralling beats, Collins creates a contrast between uplifting sounds and a dark style.

Collins has been touring with Drezo on the “Evil Tour” hitting cities like New York, LA, Miami, and Phoenix. His deep, intriguing style makes the producer one of the scenes hottest newcomers for his distinct sound.

Bijou releases blazing G-House original, ‘Gotta Shine’

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Rising g-house sensation Bijou has released a bruising original on Dim Mak titled, “Gotta Shine.” Featuring gritty vocals from $uicideboy$-affiliate Germ, Bijou incorporates elements of hip-hop with deep house vibes.

“Gotta Shine” is saturated with ominous undertones, unrelenting waves of bass, and is tied together by eerie interludes of dissonant notes. Bijou flexes his signature style within each build and climax, as the up-and-coming producer creates an intricate structure categorized by many different layers of sound on top of intriguing rhythmic patterns.

Bijou quickly amassed support among listeners from all over the world for his distinct take on the genre. He’s also been championed by house music powerhouses like AC Slater, Destructo, Don Diablo, and Malaa.

With his first track of the year, Bijou has set the bar high for future releases this forthcoming year.

Destructo Drops G-House Banger “Shots To The Dome”, A Perfect Kick Off To His “Let’s Be Friends” Tour

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G-House LEGEND and HITS HARD label boss DESTRUCTO is kicking off his “LET’S BE FRIENDS” TOUR” tonight Friday, January 19 at Output in Brooklyn, with the release of a brand new DESTRUCTO & GERRY GONZA single “Shots To The Dome.”. The track, which follows recent HITS HARD releases “Bassface” and “Loaded” featuring Yo Gotti is another

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Drezo releases iniquitous original ‘Night’

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Known for producing ominous, earth-shattering originals categorized by unrelenting waves of sinister bass, G-house mastermind Drezo has released a newwicked original titled, “Night.”

The chilling track begins with a stunning kick layered upon eerie reverberations of sound. As it builds, breathtaking harmonic chords slowly escalate into a dark climax of otherworldly beats accompanied by mysterious vocals. Drezo creates an intriguing rhythmic structure mastered by layering many different textures of bass on top of each other.

Riding a wave of success from 2017, Drezo has garnered widespread support for his hit single “House” featuring Dustycloud, as well as the release of his first EP, Jaded. The Los Angeles based DJ and producer is about to begin Phase 1 of his Evil Live Tour, hitting major cities such as New York, Denver, Atlanta, and Phoenix. With his latest addition to the growing arsenal of tracks Drezo has engineered, “Night” sets the bar high for what’s to come in 2018 from one of house music’s most innovative acts.

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Barclay Crenshaw drops off high-octane Dirtybird Campout set

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Claude VonStroke‘s first love was hip-hop, and as is said, “you never forget your first love.” In an effort to hone in on his love for the genre, VonStroke released a debut LP under his own name, Barclay Crenshaw, in January of 2017 and as the year went on, he released a satiating slew of extraterrestrial-friendly hip-hop, and honeyed-jazz, leading listeners on tantalizing trip-hop odysseys.

In October, Barclay Crenshaw played a cavernous, bass-saturated set at the Dirtybird Campout. After delivering what was largely regarded as one of the best West Coast bass sets of the year, Crenshaw’s now shared the near hour live mix and its an appeasing culmination of unrelinquishing, dirty bass and hip-hop opulence.

Speaking on the mix on his SoundCloud he said,

“Alien visitors have chosen to send messages across our channels of abandoned technology. Our old phone lines are currently running complex data formulas that have allowed enemy visitors to take control of all “A.I.” devices such as Alexa and Siri. This “A.I.” is now fully controlled and the brainwashing of the human population has commenced.”

Continuing, “Barclay Crenshaw took a stand last October somewhere off the grid in Bradley, California – shielding 4,000 listeners from the imminent takeover. The DJ set was actually a series of bass waves deconstructing the brainwashing process. Please listen now to this recording especially if you feel like you are no longer in control of your life. Save yourselves.”

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