Watch Halsey perform ‘Bad at Love’ and ‘Him & I’ with G-Eazy on SNL

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Halsey decries male dominated Firefly lineup: ‘It’s 2018, do better!!!’

Lunice delivers stomping remix of Dillon Francis and G-Eazy’s ‘Say Less’ paired with special announcement video


G-Eazy Ends Partnership With H&M In Response To Viral “Monkey” Image

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G-Eazy announced Tuesday (1/9) that he is terminating his partnership with H&M ahead of his upcoming line with the clothing company. More »

The 2018 State Of Pop Address

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“Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.” So saith Bono at the dawn of 1983, and he was right — to a point. Flipping the calendar doesn’t initiate any grand transition. The morning after the ball drops, life is right back where we left it. But in another sense, everything changes all the time. Organisms grow. More »

The Top 40 Pop Songs Of 2017

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Here’s a sign of the times for you: We’re still a couple weeks away from cleaning up bottles on New Year’s Day, and year-end list season has already been in full swing for what feels like forever. The media’s annual pop-culture recap ritual progresses, how do you say, muy despacito. Lucky for you, that’s what … More »

Stop Enabling These Dweebs, Beyoncé

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Can we talk about Eminem’s Revival tracklist for a minute? It is not a promising tracklist. “Foreboding” is a better word for it. Look at these features:


— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) December 5, 2017 I have not yet heard “Bad Husband” featuring X Ambassadors, but I am certain … More »

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

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Marilyn Manson made a second video with Johnny Depp this week. Here’s a free idea for everyone: Don’t make videos with Johnny Depp! He’s an accused domestic abuser, he looks like he owns an entire closet full of top hats, and he hasn’t been in a good movie since — and I’m being very generous … More »

The Path To A Hit Single Is Changing — Just Ask Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato

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Do you remember “Party In The U.S.A.”? Ha ha, funny question, right? How could you forget it? It was everywhere. There was no escaping it. More »

Dillon Francis to produce Spanish-language EDM album

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Yes, you read that correctly. Having already proved a master of electronic dance music engineered in the English language, Dillon Francis has confirmed that his next musical endeavor will be the production of a “Spanish-language EDM album.” Francis’ gravitation towards Latin-inspired music has been evidenced by his recent remix of J. Balvin and Willy William’s “Mi Gente” and prior, his transformation of his smash G-Eazy collab, “Say Less,” into a Spanish version with Mexican rapper Serko Fu, “No Diga Más.”

Francis has been traveling extensively to log studio time with a variety of artists working within the Spanish style of music, including Puerto Rican vocalist Arcangel, Dominican rapper Fuego, Mexican singer-songwriter Ximena Sarinana, and Dominicano Grammy-nominated producer Happy Colors.

“A couple months ago, I traveled to the Dominican Republic, because it’s so hard to get vocals from a lot of the people there. You have to be in the place to get them into the studio, you gotta go there, and you have to have it ready — then they’ll come in and do it, but if you don’t have that, they’re like ‘nah,’” Francis said.

Francis did not share any further details regarding the timeframe for the album’s release, but given his diligent efforts to dig deep into the authenticity of the Spanish language’s musical culture, the album can only be expected to be a spicy sample of Francis’ cross-language, cross-genre abilities.

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Dillon Francis 2.0 “Say Less” Remixes Out and I Have a Winner

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DieLon DieLon brings the boom pow on this track. The original needed no remix. It was, in my mind, essentially, flawless. But, the volume 2 remix tape drops some fire as well. So Moksi TROW’s it, and is personally my favorite remix with the most Festival Replay value. If you saw Uncle Dill’s snap the

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Kesha Shows Her True Colors On Rainbow, And It’s Beautiful To Behold

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“I could fight forever, but life’s too short.” Every lyric on Rainbow — Kesha’s first album in five years and the first since initiating a messy legal battle against former producer and label head Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald — is loaded, but those words in particular stand out. They’re among the first lines on album … More »