The merch is Fyre: A Fyre Festival pop-up shop opened in NYC, and of course it sold out

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Fyre Festival will never die. Thanks to a new group of New York entrepreneurs, anyone lucky enough to have attended the one-night NYC pop-up shop can see that the Ja-Rule and Billy McFarland failure will withstand the test of time — forever sewn into the seams of its very own commemorative merch.

Of course, Fyre Festival’s founder, Billy McFarland, plead guilty to federal wire fraud and has been ordered to pay back $26 million to his investors after duping thousands on the promises of the luxury festival paradise. McFarland also faces up to 40 years on top of $100 million worth of civil lawsuits and it it weren’t already bad enough for the guy, Hulu has been confirmed to be commemorating the disaster in its very own documentary series.

While it remains uncertain as to whether the merchandise is legitimate, or if someone just trying to make a quick buck at the expense of meme culture — the merch is fyre.

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Fyre Festival reportedly under investigation by FBI for fraud

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The New York Times reports the company behind Fyre Festival is under investigation by the FBI.

According to a source close to the matter, Billy McFarland’s Fyre Media is being investigated by the FBI for possible mail, wire and securities fraud. The investigation is being overseen by “a prosecutor assigned to the complex frauds and cybercrime unit.”

Fyre Festival was originally suppose to take place on a private island in the Bahamas at the end of April, and was promoted by celebrities via Instagram as one of the most coveted music festivals of the summer. However, the event was cancelled after attendees reported “refugee camp conditions” upon arrival.

The disaster of an event has left many attendees out of pocket but has been even worse for local businesses and residents. In a leaked call, Fyre Media told staff they would not be getting paid, but were welcome “to stay and help out”.

As the Times reports, local restaurant owners, event coordinators, and carpenters are still owed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the festival. One man, a local carpenter, says he was asked to work 18-hour days to build housing because organizers were in a rush to complete the venue before attendees arrived. He said he hasn’t been paid and told the Times his lights and water have been shut off because he couldn’t afford the bills. MaryAnn Rolle, a local restaurant owner, says Fyre still owes her $134,000 from the festival for providing food.

Much of the remaining equipment was rented from other companies, both locally and in the US. Bahamian authorities are holding some of the rented equipment because Fyre still owes the government more than $300,000. Some business owners are incurring much greater losses because they have less equipment to rent. One Miami company that furnished equipment estimates $10 million in unpaid fees and business lost.

What started off as a highly anticipated event has turned into a highly damaging situation for local business owners and residents living in the area. We will undoubtedly see more of the story unravel through FBI involvement within the next coming weeks.

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Wayhome Music Festival offers Fyre Festival ticket-holders free tickets

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A rare positive has arisen from  the never-ending saga of the disastrous Fyre Festival as the Canadian-based Wayhome Music Festival has decided to lend a helping-hand to the distraught, trust-fund occupying attendees who suffered through 48 hours of rationed food portions while stranded on the Bahamian island until outgoing flights resumed.

Embracing the stereotypical Canadian way of life, the Wayhome committee announced their incredible gesture of kindness by stating that “all 2017 Fyre Festival ticket holders can redeem their ticket for a 2017 WayHome General Admission Ticket by sending a copy of their unique confirmed Fyre Festival ticket to the following address;”

Featuring major artists like Flume, Justice, Illenium, Louis the Child, Marshmello, and Porter Robinson, Wayhome welcomes their doors from July 28-30 to all members of the dance music community, even if they happen to be Fyre festival refugees.


After the unsuspecting cancellation of Pemberton Music Festival, Wayhome has decided to extend their generosity to ticket-holders of the west-coast festival. Catching everyone by surprise after the uber late announcement of their 2017 lineup, the social downfall of the festival began when attendees caught word of the parent company’s bankruptcy, and statement regarding “no automatic refunds” for ticket holders.

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