Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y announce joint album, produced by The Alchemist

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One of the biggest collective issues I have with the music careers of glossy gangsta Freddie Gibbs, mixtape maestro Curren$y, and production powerhouse The Alchemist is that it’s almost always been impossible to enjoy the distinctive talents of all three of them at once. Sometimes I’d get lucky and get two out of three on projects like Curren$y and The Alchemist’s Covert Coup and The Carrollton Heist — or tracks like Curren$y’s “Stash House” or The Alchemist’s “Tesla,” both of which featured Gangsta Gibbs himself. But on only a couple coveted occasions have Gibbs, Spitta, and The Alchemist shared sufficient auditory space — most notably on the 2015 cut “Fetti,” which appeared on the Alchemist co-produced Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack Welcome to Los Santos.

But now, based on surprise announcements on the trio’s socials (R.I.P. traditional music publicity), it looks like “Fetti” has inspired a full-blown collaborative project between the three modern legends called Fetti, and it’s set to drop on October 31. I guess all the complaints I covertly slipped into the internet’s hip-hop suggestion box (which is what I call The Alchemist’s DMs) really made a difference!

If you’re looking to get psyched for Halloween, you can check out a trailer for Fetti posted to Freddie Gibbs’ IG below, along with other relevant postings. Otherwise, if you’re into that whole “context” thing, you could check out Freddie’s recently released album titled, well, Freddie, which just landed on our freshly-minted “2018: Third Quarter Favorites” feature. And hey, why not read the whole thing while you’re there? After all, there is so much time before Fetti hits.

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Andretti x Kane

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