The 200 Best Songs Of The 2010s

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When this decade began, MP3s still reigned supreme. Now, at the end of it, a song is no longer even a file — it’s ephemera, on every streaming service and available to hear in myriad ways. For better and worse, the song (and the single) have become the norm for the general public’s music consumption. More »

Frankie Cosmos, Emperor X, Fog Lake, & More Pay Tribute To David Berman On New Compilation Late Homework

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Since Silver Jews and Purple Mountains leader David Berman passed away a couple months ago, a lot of artists have paid tribute to the late musician by covering his songs. Those artists have included his one-time Silver Jews bandmate Stephen Malkmus, Bill Callahan, Animal Collective, More »

Frankie Cosmos – “41st” Video

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Frankie Cosmos’ latest album, Close It Quietly, comes out tomorrow. We’ve already heard a handful of songs from it — “Windows,” Rings (On A Tree),” and “Wannago” — and today Greta Kline is sharing one last single, “41st.” In its first line, Kline asks, “Does anyone want to hear … More »

Frankie Cosmos – “Wannago” Video

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Frankie Cosmos are about a month out from releasing a new album, Close It Quietly, another abundant and overflowing entry into Greta Kline’s ever-expanding songbook. We’ve only heard two of its 21 tracks so far — “Windows” and “Rings (On A Tree)” — and today we’re getting a third, “Wannago.” It’s … More »

Frankie Cosmos kicked in my door and then announced new album Close it Quietly, and here’s my Op Ed piece about it

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Well, that was RUDE. Here I am, reading an article on farming subsidies, minding my own dang business, when all of Frankie Cosmos — Greta Kline, Lauren Martin, Luke Pyneson, and Alex Bailey, rest assured this was a full band effort — suddenly kick open my door with a startling crash. So jolting, my toupée just about slid down the front of my face. Gosh darn ticked off doesn’t even begin to describe my mood.

Then, they have the audacity to tell MEClose It Quietly on September 6 via Sub Pop!?” What in the ever-loving heck?

First of all: I’ll definitely be closing the door from now on — can’t have no nosy neighbors busting up my daily routine — and frankly, I’m so heated, yeah, I’M GONNA SLAM IT SHUT, LOUDLY! (Also, what is a “Sub Pop?” Do I need to block their number on my flip phone?)

They left a scrap of paper here too… Oh wow, tour dates, cool. Yeah I’ll throw those down below so all of you can attend one of Frankie Cosmos’ shows and give them a good talking to on my behalf!

Looks like they also left some sort of link to a video titled “Windows” — presumably a secretly recorded video of me getting “owned” — as well as some graphic artwork captioned “Close It Quietly, followed by a list of 21 words, maybe clues to where they’ll strike next. Those will be down below too so you know what to look out for, for your own peace of mind. Never hurts to be vigilant.

And yeah, I guess if you happen to find your door ajar in a few months, Close It Quietly on September 6 via Sub Pop. Here’s the last thing they left me, something called a “pre-order link” which you can apparently find right here, wherever the hell that is???

Close It Quietly

01. Moonsea
02. Cosmic Shop
03. 41st
04. So Blue
05. A Joke
06. Rings (On A Tree)
07. Actin’ Weird
08. Windows
09. Never Would
10. Self-destruct
11. Wannago
12. I’m It
13. Trunk Of A Tree
14. Last Season’s Textures
15. Even Though I Knew
16. UFO
17. Marbles
18. Did You Find
19. A Hit
20. With Great Purpose
21. This Swirling

Dates and locations around the world where you can find Frankie Cosmos:

09.18.19 — Boston, MA — Royale
09.19.19 — Burlington, VT — Arts Riot
09.20.19 — Montreal, QC — L’Astral
09.21.19 — Toronto, ON — Horseshoe Tavern
09.22.19 — Detroit, MI — Deluxx Fluxx
09.23.19 — Chicago, IL — Thalia Hall
09.25.19 — Columbus, OH — Ace of Cups
09.26.19 — Pittsburgh, PA — Spirit Hall
09.27.19 — Washington, DC — Black Cat
09.28.19 — Philadelphia, PA — PhilaMOCA
09.29.19 — New York, NY — Webster Hall
10.08.19 — Munich, DE — Heppel & Ettlich
10.09.19 — Vienna, AT — Chelsea
10.10.19 — Prague, CZ — Underdogs’
10.11.19 — Cologne, DE — MTC
10.12.19 — Luxembourg, LU — Rotondes
10.13.19 — Amsterdam, NL — Bitterzoet
10.14.19 — Paris, FR — Badaboum
10.15.19 — Reims, FR — La Cartonnerie
10.16.19 — Brighton, UK — The Haunt
10.17.19 — Bristol, UK — Exchange
10.19.19 — Leeds, UK — Belgrave Music Hall
10.20.19 — Sheffield, UK — Delicious Clam
10.21.19 — Manchester, UK — Night & Day
10.22.19 — London, UK — Islington Assembly Hall
10.31.19 — Portland, OR — Wonder Ballroom
11.01.19 — Tacoma, WA — Alma Mater
11.02.19 — Vancouver, BC — Hollywood Theatre
11.03.19 — Seattle, WA — Laser Dome @ Pacific Science Center
11.07.19 — Denver, CO — Bluebird Theater
11.08.19 — Denver, CO — Larimer Lounge
11.10.19 — Tucson, AZ — Hotel Congress
11.12.19 — Anaheim, CA — Chain Reaction
11.13.19 — San Diego, CA — Che Cafe
11.15.19 — Los Angeles, CA — 1720
11.16.19 — Berkeley, CA — The UC Theatre

Frankie Cosmos – “Windows” Video

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Frankie Cosmos never stops. Earlier this year, we were treated to Greta Kline’s month-long Haunted Items collection and today the group is announcing a new full-length album, Close It Quietly, the follow-up to last year’s excellent Vessel. It’s 21 songs long and the album is more collaborative, with other Frankie Cosmos … More »

Fashion Brigade – “Middle C” (Feat. Frankie Cosmos) & “First Sunny Day Of The Year” (Feat. Phosphorescent’s Jo Schornikow)

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Fashion BrigadeFashion Brigade is the new moniker of former Scotland Yard Gospel Choir leader Elia Einhorn. And although it’s ostensibly a solo project, it’s really anything but. Fvck The Heartache, his debut album, finds Einhorn playing host to a whole slew of guests — Shamir, Thor Harris, X’s Exene Cervenka, members of LCD Soundsystem, Dirty Projectors, … More »

Frankie Cosmos – “Rings On A Tree,” “Allowed,” & “Today’s Special”

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After a month’s worth of song drops, Frankie Cosmos are wrapping up their Haunted Items collection with three final tracks. Greta Kline announced the project back in March, and each week since she’s been sharing songs that were recorded during the same Chicago studio sessions, all tied together by their minimalism and warmth. More »

Frankie Cosmos – “String” & “Eternal”

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Frankie Cosmos are in the middle of the rollout for their Haunted Items collection, which is being released a few songs at a time over a month. We’ve had two song pairings so far, and today we get another. “String” and “Eternal” are both just Greta Kline and her piano, tossed-off … More »

Frankie Cosmos, The Spook School, & More Contribute To Trust Fund Tribute Album

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Last year, Trust Fund announced that they were breaking up after releasing their final album, Bringing The Backline. The Bristol-based project, led by the precise songwriting of Ellis Jones, garnered a solid base of devotees over their time as a band. Some of those admirers got together to cover Trust Fund … More »