Fashion Brigade – “Middle C” (Feat. Frankie Cosmos) & “First Sunny Day Of The Year” (Feat. Phosphorescent’s Jo Schornikow)

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Fashion BrigadeFashion Brigade is the new moniker of former Scotland Yard Gospel Choir leader Elia Einhorn. And although it’s ostensibly a solo project, it’s really anything but. Fvck The Heartache, his debut album, finds Einhorn playing host to a whole slew of guests — Shamir, Thor Harris, X’s Exene Cervenka, members of LCD Soundsystem, Dirty Projectors, … More »

Frankie Cosmos – “Rings On A Tree,” “Allowed,” & “Today’s Special”

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After a month’s worth of song drops, Frankie Cosmos are wrapping up their Haunted Items collection with three final tracks. Greta Kline announced the project back in March, and each week since she’s been sharing songs that were recorded during the same Chicago studio sessions, all tied together by their minimalism and warmth. More »

Frankie Cosmos – “String” & “Eternal”

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Frankie Cosmos are in the middle of the rollout for their Haunted Items collection, which is being released a few songs at a time over a month. We’ve had two song pairings so far, and today we get another. “String” and “Eternal” are both just Greta Kline and her piano, tossed-off … More »

Frankie Cosmos, The Spook School, & More Contribute To Trust Fund Tribute Album

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Last year, Trust Fund announced that they were breaking up after releasing their final album, Bringing The Backline. The Bristol-based project, led by the precise songwriting of Ellis Jones, garnered a solid base of devotees over their time as a band. Some of those admirers got together to cover Trust Fund … More »

Frankie Cosmos – “February” & “In The World”

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Last week, Frankie Cosmos announced that they’d be releasing a digital-only collection of songs called Haunted Items, doled out a few at a time over the next month. We’ve heard two tracks from the project already, and today we get to hear two more. “February” and “In The World” come from the same … More »

Frankie Cosmos unveils Haunted Items; a disappointingly non-paranormal, digital-only collection of new songs

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Guess what, hyperreal internet superfriends??

Greta “your nickname will be Frankie Cosmos!” Kline just announced the release of a NEW THING.

It’s called Haunted Items, and it’s thing-ness consists of “a digital-only collection of new stripped-down songs for the piano.” Observe:

Items themselves are harmless unless they are infused with some kind of energy. These items are haunted by fear, consumerism, commitment, love, loss, the list goes on…I had some of these songs stuck inside me, mostly because I wrote a lot of them for piano and didn’t know how to record them, even as demos. My friend Elia gifted me with 10 hours of recording time with Mark Yoshizumi, and this winter felt like the perfect opportunity to get these out of my system and haunt you with them instead. I have always been afraid of items being haunted, but when you think about it, every item is, right?

But okay great; what’s so “new” about this project, then? Well, mostly this: STARTING TODAY, and throughout the subsequent 3 weeks, Sub Pop will share two to three songs from this nine-track collection each Wednesday, which you can listen to “all digital service providers.”

That doesn’t sound annoying at all!

See below for the artwork and a complete list of songs, and then, I guess, go stream them wherever you happen to stream music.

Oh yeah; and there’s also some Frankie Cosmos tour dates coming up. I’ll just go ahead and list those for you down below instead of making you jump through some obscene hoop first, k?

Haunted Items release schedule:

03.13.19 – Haunted Items #1
01. Dancing
02. Tunnel

03.20.19 – Haunted Items #2
01. February
02. In The World

03.27.19 – Haunted Items #3
01. String
02. Eternal

04.03.19 – Haunted Items #4
01. Rings on a Tree
02. Allowed
03. Today’s Special

C’mon everybody do the Cosmos:

04.01.19 – London, UK- EartH (AKA Hackney Arts Centre)
04.03.19 – Stockholm, SE – Melodybox
04.04.19 – Gothenborg, SE – Pustervik
04.05.19 – Oslo, NO – John Dee
04.06.19 – Aarhus – DK – TAPE
04.07.19 – Copenhagen, DK – Lille Vega
04.09.19 – Berlin, DE – Musik & Frieden
04.10.19 – Heidlberg, DE – Karlstorbahnhof
04.12.19 – Gipuzkoa, ES – Dabadaba, Donostia
04.13.19 – A Coruña, ES – Garufa Club Room
04.15.19 – Lisbon, PT – ZDB Gallery
04.16.19 – Madrid, ES – El Sol
04.17.19 – Barcelona, ES – Razzmatazz
04.19.19 – Bologna, IT – Covo Club
05.11.19 – Austin, TX- KVRX Fest (w/ Fat Tony, Video Age, Palm and more)

Frankie Cosmos – “Dancing” & “Tunnel”

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Last year, Frankie Cosmos released their third studio album, Vessel — we talked to Greta Kline about it here — and today Kline’s announced that she’ll be releasing a digital-only collection of songs called Haunted Items. New songs from it will drop weekly over the next month, starting with today’s duo … More »

Flying Fish Cove – “Johnny Paper” (Feat. Greta Kline) Video

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Flying Fish Cove - At MoonsetIn anticipation for the release of their debut album, nascent Seattle four-piece Flying Fish Cove brought in some major reinforcements for their lead single: Greta Kline AKA Frankie Cosmos. More »

Frankie Cosmos, Vagabon, & More Playing “Love Speech” Benefit Concert At Brooklyn’s Murmrr Theatre

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Last month, the Brooklyn synagogue Union Temple was the target of anti-semitic graffiti. The synagogue also doubles as a music venue called Murmrr Theatre, where a lot of shows have taken place over the last couple years. Next month, some musicians are getting together at the Theatre for a benefit event called “Love … More »

Morrissey, Cardi B, Kali Uchis Headlining Tropicália Music & Taco Festival 2018

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If you’re tired of seeing the same artists on the festival circuit, Tropicália Music & Taco Fest might be for you. This year’s festival will take place at Queen Mary Park in Long Beach, California on 11/3 and 11/4. The headliners include Morrissey, Cardi B, Mac Demarco, Mazzy Star (in their first US performance in … More »