Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 84

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 84Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

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Liquicity‘s Reflections – Part One is nothing short of stacked. The eight-track compilation is full of emerging and veteran talent, featuring remixes by Flite, Polygon, L Plus, and a Dualistic & NCT rework by one of my favorites, BoxPlot. The Massachusetts producer has taken this Liquicity classic, first released in late 2014, and given it a wholehearted, energy-filled refresher. He builds slowly but dives face-first into the drop at the minute mark, taking listeners on a whirlwind drum & bass journey.

Though he’s still young, ford. has made huge strides on ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective. The Utah producer follows up his 2018 album, (The) Evening, with an enticing remix of labelmate Kasbo‘s “Places We Don’t Know.” ford.’s take is a dreamy, contemplative one, slowing down the pace to focus on intermittent piano melodies and instrumentals. The remix tucks in neatly with ODESZA’s body of work, as ford. takes listeners outside and brings the crisp and calming sounds of nature to their doorstep.

Mielo‘s Anywhere But Here EP makes its full debut on March 29, composed of four tracks that showcase his storytelling capabilities. He glides through a smooth and soulful introduction onward to the previously released “ILY” and “Scar,” ending at the EP’s title track. With the help of vocalist Tori Letzler, he’s created a track that’s wistful and melancholic but still maintains the energy brought to the EP in its previous tracks. Its piano- and vocal-laden outro makes for the perfect send-off for the body of work.

Last summer, Russian producer Sound Quelle took to Silk Music to release his Ethereal “mini album,” kicking off the collection with an intro mix of “Ethereal” with Brandon Mignacca. In the months since then, other producers have been hard at work on their own versions of the progressive house track, culminating in a remix package that features takes by Referna and David Broaders. The set also includes a “chillout mix” of the original track, composed by Sound Quelle himself. This moving take on “Ethereal” gives listeners a chance to sink deeply into the songs lyrics and instrumentals.

In a sea of producers churning out the same repeated electronic sounds, artists like former hero stand out. The UK producer’s style is difficult to define or put in a box—and that’s a good thing. His newest release, a piece called “erase you,” manages to be both peaceful and energetic, leading the listeners in with an understated introduction. He ramps up into a creative drop, pounding out out a swift beat that quickly fades back into a subtle soundscape.

ODESZA announce final performance of ‘A Moment Apart’ era

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ODESZA announce final performance of ‘A Moment Apart’ eraOdesza Lost Lake Jeff Kravitz

All good things must come to an end—including, of course, ODESZA‘s immersive A Moment Apart tour. The rapturous live experience that followed the electronic duo’s lauded 2017 LP of the same name has taken Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight across the world to deliver mesmerizing renditions of A Moment Apart album inclusions. With a storied run of shows as a result of this latest album cycle now largely in the rear view mirror, Mills and Knight are ready to retire the concept and get back into the studio.

ODESZA will conclude their expansive live initiative with a finale installment, slated for July 27 at Los Angeles State Historic Park. Special guests Big Wild, Evan Giia, MEMBA, and Ford. will provide support. MEMBA and Ford. are memorable for their recent remixes of “Corners Of The Earth” and “Thin Floors And Tall Ceilings,” respectively. Both reworks graced ODESZA’s A Moment Apart Remixes release. Fans looking to be at the highly anticipated A Moment Apart The Finale can register for access to pre-sale tickets, here.

Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz

ODESZA’s ‘A Moment Apart’ gets second wind with arrival of new remix pack, ‘A Moment Apart Remixes’ [Stream]

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ODESZA’s ‘A Moment Apart’ gets second wind with arrival of new remix pack, ‘A Moment Apart Remixes’ [Stream]946760846

Reinvention fuses with original foundation on A Moment Apart Remixes, ODESZA‘s newly minted, six-track pack of album revamps. MEMBA, ford., Kodak To Graph, Mild Minds, Running Touch, and Chet Porter each have a re-imaginative “moment” with one A Moment Apart inclusion. Bearing no repeats, the collection of remixes is a diverse, full-bodied assortment of takes that enables ODESZA listeners to hear select A Moment Apart cuts anew. The featured artists respectively inflect “Corners Of The Earth,” “Thin Floors And Tall Ceilings,” “Divide,” “Just A Memory,” “Late Night,” and “Line Of Sight” with their own stylistics, to construct a different listening experience for the A Moment Apart Remixes streamer.

To listen to a remix pack is to discover new sonic perspectives, and in their time with the slew of remixes, ODESZA fans will do just that. MEMBA place a meticulously crafted, cinematic twist on “Corners Of The Earth,” while ford. dives into viscous, downtempo bliss on “Thin Floors And Tall Ceilings.” Kodak To Graph’s contribution surfaces as a similarly silky, slow offering, as does Mild Minds’. Running Touch makes tasteful revisions to “Late Night” that increase the euphoria-inducing ability of the original, and last but certainly not least, certified crowd-pleaser Chet Porter submits a stunning rendition of “Line Of Sight,” to provide a formidable finale to A Moment Apart Remixes.

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Mild Minds – SWIM (ford. Remix)

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Mild Minds made a debut with his ‘SWIM’ EP a few months ago. It featured only three songs but he put the saying quality over quantity to good use. People were into the record’s lo-fi house style and the project has been spreading since. Now he’s back and this time he’s hit up producers to remix some

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