deadmau5 shares nine important career moments in ‘Who I Am’ interview with Forbes

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deadmau5 shares nine important career moments in ‘Who I Am’ interview with ForbesScreen Shot 2017 10 20 At 5.33.30 PM

An electronic music veteran, deadmau5 has spent decades engaged with music culture, from attending shows as a teen to scoring the new Netflix original film, Polar. Digging into more than just deadmau5, but Joel Zimmerman as a person, Forbes has released a new interview highlighting nine defining moments of Zimmerman’s life—ahead of the premiere of Polar on January 25th.

Part of Forbes’ “Who I Am” interview series, the piece looks at important moments from Zimmerman’s formative years to today. From influential music to advances in technology, check out what deadmau5 has to say about some of the most influential times of his life.

Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral (Age: Teens)

Deadmau5 cites Nine Inch Nails as a major influence on his music making process:

“I was like, ‘I want to make music like that, how do I learn?’ That was the kind of kickoff for me. Having listened to all the top brand-name acts when I was going through high school that was the one that stuck out, that motivated me to go out and learn how to do it myself. I remember when Downward Spiral came out I rushed out to go grab it on cassette.”

With Trent Reznor also pursuing film scoring and continued experimental and analog production, the idea of a young Zimmerman being attracted to this seminal album makes perfect sense.

Seeing KISS In Concert (Age: Teens)

Deadmau5 points to KISS as an influence to his playful performance style. He remembers that “nobody was talking about Gene Simmons’ crazy, Les Claypool-like bass solo. They were talking about when the drummer blew up a piece of truss with the rocket launcher.” Likening this destructive moment to his faux-computer issues and his “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” remix of Martin Garrix’s “Animals,” Zimmerman understands the philosophy of mixing live sets with entertainment.

Putting On The Mouse Head For The First Time (Age: Twenties)

At the start of his career, Zimmerman was not as confident in rocking his signature mouse head in his performances. The first time he played in the head was at a show in Halifax, where he worried about people’s first impressions. “‘What the f**k is that?’” he worried. “Oh god, they think I’m a clown.” But it actually went really well. It was some sweaty little nightclub in some basement. It was weird, maybe about 150 people tops. And I had it, I just put it on and went, ‘Yep, I’m deadmau5, here’s my mouse head.’”

Getting Off Twitter And Facebook (Age: Thirties)

After years of making a name for himself as a controversial figure on social media, deadmau5 has taken a back seat in the digital sphere, noting “These social platforms are for what purpose other than showing meals and look what I can do. The only other purpose I can see outside of that, for an artist or a public influencer is obviously advertising or promotion. So why not just give that to my manager and then I don’t have to have a f**king aneurysm reading through a million tweets that are unrelated to that.” Clarifying that he had no desire to cut off ties with genuine fans, deadmau5 tells his followers “you know where to find me.”

Professional E-Sports (Age: Thirties)

Fulfilling his desires to move away from the occasional monotony of music production, Zimmerman has taken up professional gaming as a hobby. He humbly mentions that he’s “actually gotten pretty f**king good at it so [he’s] won tournaments. We actually just won $20,000 for Extra Life charity at a big OGN tournament, me and my team. We beat some of the pro players, that felt really good, beating the s**t out of those kids.” From playing tournaments for charity to casually beating highly-ranked players, deadmau5 is making a name for himself in yet another digital realm.

Getting Married (Age: Thirties)

In 2017, Zimmerman married his wife, Kelly Fedoni, who seems to have added some stability in his life outside of music. Describing the partnership, the prolific producer notes that “Being married has been cool. Now I’m not eyeballing the front row anymore (laughs). It’s great. I found a chick I love and she loves me. She takes care of me. She’s the best. She’s not into electronic music, which is great, and she’s doesn’t sing, which is amazing! She’s not a DJ, which is a f**king godsend. So it’s all good.” Continuing that she makes him less stressed person, it makes sense that his marriage is one of his defining life moments.

Where’s The Drop (Age: Thirties)

An album full of deadmau5 tracks re-imagined by a symphony with the help of Grégory Reveret, Zimmerman is extremely proud of his work on Where’s The Drop:

“That was something that changed a lot of things because it was one of those unattainable things where I would always think, ‘There’s no way I have the capacity to compose and score 90 minutes of string arrangements and s**t like they used to do overnight back in the day.’ That was really cool because that then basically opened up accessibility into all those kind of venues where that kind of stuff is applied, whether it’s film, or even more symphonies.”

Continually expanding his creative output, deadmau5 moving into new mediums means exactly that–new music, new venues, and new opportunities.

Polar (Age: Thirties)

The focal point of the interview, deadmau5 shares his thoughts on producing the soundtrack for the new Netflix original film, Polar. “Having done the symphony, when I was approached by Jonas [Akerlund] to do the soundtrack I was like, ‘Yeah, sure I can totally do it with the confidence that I could do it.’” Thrilled by the openness of Akerlund’s flexibility, Zimmerman mentions that “he seemed like the kind of guy that’s more of a collaborator than a dictator…I could write a really cool piece of music that didn’t necessarily match the picture and then Jonas said, “Wow, this is a really cool piece of music. I’m gonna edit the picture to this.” Then sometimes the other way where it’s like the picture was so good I had to force the music into that.”

Using Touch Designer (Age: Thirties)

Known for his dynamic and technologically advanced live shows, deadmau5 may be getting even more innovative for his videos. Discussing the use of Touch Designer for his new live visuals, he looks to the possibility of real-time visuals for, perfect for improvisation and more.

Every performer ever, from EDM to rock, always has that guy sitting in the back showing those visual aspects. Because I’m a huge video gamer I’m playing video games thinking, “If you can get graphics looking this good using real time in a video game why can’t you do that on a LED wall?” If you’re showing a video of a circle going back and forth, then you’re like, “Oh, here’s this moment in the track where I want the circle to go up and down.”… So now I’m getting into real time software and that just totally opened my eyes to my show content because now I could do all sorts of cool tricks. And this is something we’re building right now for my next tour.”

With more sonic and visual experimentation to come from Zimmerman in the future, 2019 is shaping up to be another big year for deadmau5 fans.

Marshmello dons the cover of Forbes ’30 Under 30′ issue

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Marshmello dons the cover of Forbes ’30 Under 30′ issueMarshmello Cred CINDY ORDGETTY IMAGES

Just three years ago, Marshmello was dropping his first original tracks on SoundCloud. Today, he adorns the cover of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 issue. Ornamented and clad in a white suit, his $55,000 helmet smilies with ambiguous benevolence.

The smile is well-earned. Over the past two years, that head raked in $44 million. Marshmello now has a six-figure performance fee, a lucrative top YouTube channel, several top-chart singles with some of the biggest labels biggest stars – though, he is yet to sign with any of the industry goliaths. According to Forbes, his manager Moe Shalizi says the 26-year-old is due to make $50 million in the upcoming year.

Marshmello’s success is a candid indication of the power of branding. The mystic of the anonymity his helmet has generated paired with his natural gift of creating songs that surpass genre allow Marshmello to appeal to a pop audience on a global scale. His momentum is unprecedented, and still, the public doesn’t know the man’s face. What they see in his air-conditioned helmet is altruism; permission to have fun, the opportunity to listen, and to dance.

Photo credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

It’s official: Calvin Harris is richer than Drake & Paul McCartney

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It’s official: Calvin Harris is richer than Drake & Paul McCartneyCalvin Harris Sourced From His FB

It’s common knowledge by now that EDM can be a lucrative field for certain artists, with high earners like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and The Chainsmokers successfully making a crossover into the mainstream and earning tens of millions in the process. Calvin Harris, who’s forged countless number one hits to date and captured the hearts of millions through both his beats and his body (through high fashion campaigns), has dominated the DJ high-earner list for years now, and he’s just unlocked a brand new achievement: cracking the top 50 highest-paid celebrity lists.

In fact, Calvin Harris has raked in more cash thus far for the year of 2018 than “God’s Plan” rapper and Degrassi star, Drake. with an income of $48 million. Drake, and Paul McCartney — who rests at the 51st spot — have both brought in around a million less than Harris. Still, just over a third of the year remains, which could mean that Drake could end up with more by winter’s end.

Harris’ breaking of the top 50 highest-paid celebrities comes as little surprise. Recently, a report came out which discovered that the Scottish superstar more or less earns an average person’s wage in mere hours.


Via: Forbes

Photo credit: Facebook / Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris Beats Out Drake On Forbe’s List Of World’s Highest Paid Celebrities

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Forbe’s loves a good list, especially when ranking individuals based on their income. That being said, who doesn’t. Each year the outlet breaks down industries with what talks – the money. They have just revealed their list of World’s Highest Paid Celebrities. Obviously, the top spots were taken by those one might expect – Floyd

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Report: Calvin Harris earns an average job’s annual salary in as little as three hours

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Forbes2017 report outlined the world’s 100 top-grossing celebrities, who collectively raked in $5.15 billion. Although various artists appeared at the very top of the list—Diddy notably occupied the #1 slot with $130 million—electronic artists too enjoyed representation on the list of the highest-paid personalities, with Calvin Harris then emerging as the highest earning DJ, boasting an income of $48.5 million. Tiësto and The Chainsmokers followed Harris with $39 million and $38 million, respectively.

In January 2018, Oxfam International released its annual inequality report, indicating that “In the US, it takes slightly over one working day for a CEO to earn what an ordinary worker makes in a year.” This claim would be the impetus for Magnetic Magazine to examine the income differentials between the world’s “top musicians and ordinary job workers.”

Magnetic enumerated the median annual salaries of five common jobs: truck drivers ($41,340/yr), elementary school teachers ($59,020/yr), registered nurses ($68,450/yr), real estate brokers ($79,340/yr), and software developers ($100,080/yr). Magnetic set out to determine “how long it would take the world’s best-paid musicians to earn annual salaries in these jobs,” and the mag’s findings, reflected in Magnetic’s infographic, prove astonishing.

Photo Credit: Magnetic Magazine

It would take Harris a little over seven hours to accumulate what a truck driver makes in a year, slightly over ten-hours to collect a teacher’s yearly salary, and just over 12 hours to match the yearly pay of a registered nurse.

Tiësto would garner a truck driver’s yearly salary in nine hours and 17 minutes, a teacher’s in 13 hours and 15 minutes, and a nurses’s in 15 hours and 22 minutes. Hardly far behind, The Chainsmokers would follow suit in nine hours and 32 minutes, 13 hours and 36 minutes, and 15 hours and 48 minutes, when it came to earning the equivalent of a truck driver, teacher, and nurse’s salary, individually, leaving presumably all readers of Magnetic’s report with one question: is it too late to learn how to DJ?

H/T: Magnetic Magazine

These Were The Highest Paid Women in 2017

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Forbes has released the list of the ten highest paid women for the 2017 year. While there’s not quite any DJs on the list there year, Beyoncé “Queen B” topped the list with a staggering $105 million income. After releasing her album Lemonade, Beyoncé is unstoppable especially with her recent Formation World Tour. Following Beyoncé’s

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Industry Round-up: Lil Peep’s Passing, Forbes 30 Under 30 & More

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The music industry saw both good and bad news this week, including Lil Peep’s passing, Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, Google investing $70 million to counter major labels, and more.

Forbes Officially Exposes Marshmello As Chris Comstock ‘Dotcom’

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Around two years ago, a music producer launched into the dance music culture as an anonymous DJ called Marshmello. While there have been quite a few slip ups from the DJ and producer, Marshmello’s identity has never been fully revealed. For Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, they revealed that Marshmello, “born Chris Comstock” aka Dotcom

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Zedd Featured On The Cover Of Forbes’ 30 Under 30

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Before reguarly scoring six-figure DJ gigs, Zedd got his start in music at the age of just four years old. Throughout the years, Zedd has gained world-wide popularity for his music and live shows. “I see myself as an artist who presents a show,” says Zedd, who earned $19 million this year and $85 million

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Steve Aoki Teams Up with Zumba to Bring “STRONG” Workout Music

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In similar fashion to other artists before him, Steve Aoki has always been more than a DJ, he’s an entrepreneur. He built a brand with Dim Mak, he’s molded the careers of many and he’s made the right business ventures throughout his career. Aoki’s most recent venture being revealed in an interview with Forbes as

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