L5K Releases Massive Bass Flip of Flux Pavilion & Meaux Green’s Call to Arms

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Hey there Dance Music Fans! Thanks so much for tuning into a long weekend of new releases from up and coming artists. Today, we are featuring a huge bass flip of Flux Pavilion and Meaux Green’s Call to Arms by up and coming producer, L5K. We have featured L5K before and are really excited to

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Flux Pavilion and Meaux Green convene on ‘Call To Arms’

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“Call To Arms” is a call to smash that replay button, for Flux Pavilion and Meaux Green collaboratively reload the ‘bass cannon’ to fire out a thumping new tune.

Shrill synths open the song, swiftly building to descend in thunderous drops that duly meld dubstep and trap tones, while underscoring Flux and Meaux to be complementary collaborators in their shared ability to conjoin both subgenres throughout the track. Shouted, chopped vocals positioned just before the drops only further increase the near palpable intensity of “Call To Arms.”

Flux Pavilion Teams up with Meaux Green for Hit Single “Call to Arms”

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Co-boss of Circus Records Flux Pavilion have returned to the label for his first release of 2018. For the drop of this banger, he has teamed up with the one and only, Meaux Green to drop the feels with “Call To Arms”. Having already played a monster B2B with label co-founder Doctor P and Rampage

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Headbangers, rejoice: Lost Lands’ second lineup is here

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Lost Lands

Headbangers’ head honcho, Excision, has unearthed the lineup for the second edition of Lost Lands.

Following last year’s installment of colossal proportions, Lost Lands returns to Thornville, Ohio with a monumental 1,000,000 watts of bass, two full-size main stages, performances by Flux Pavilion, REZZ, Ganja White Night, Illenium, Jauz, Slander, NGHTMRE, Excision himself, and many, many more.

If the event is anything like last year’s fervent installment, attendees can expect a wallowing wonderland of extinction and bygone friends to be made. Excision will perform an exclusive b2b with Downlink, there will be late night camp parties, and three times as many dinosaurs.

More information and tickets are available here.



Fransis Derelle releases debut EP, ‘Pixel Paradise’

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Fransis (1)

Seattle-based producer Fransis Derelle has released his debut EP, Pixel Paradise, on Flux Pavilion‘s Circle Records. The four track collection is no less than a trap masterpiece with infectious rapping dipping into commanding and intense drops. His sound is reminiscent of trap’s early days, with the focus on vocal progressions leading to the hard club drop.

Seattle Seahawks fans will likely recognize the EP’s second single, “Bang,” as one of the home game songs for the team. The four-track compilation is dynamic and fit for any trap lover, and fans can download the EP for free here.

Ever After Music Festival drops stacked 2018 lineup

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Ever After Music Festival will be returning to Kitchener, Ontario for its fourth installment this June, and yesterday the festival dropped a stacked bass-heavy lineup. Basshead highlights include Excision going b2b with Datsik, Getter, Flux Pavilion, Illenium, and essentially the entire rest of the lineup. Claude VonStroke will be there bringing it in for the techno crowd adding some diversity of the lineup.

The festival will also have a waterpark, rides, and camping. Tickets can be purchased here.



Flux Pavilion releases two-track hip-hop EP

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Never one to mess around, Flux Pavilion is back once again with yet another hair-raising offering for his bass-loving fans.

Currently in the midst of his Around The World In 80 Raves Tour, Flux Pavilion still finds the time to cook up fiery new tracks in his lab. The Circus Records label proves that he is still at the top of his game with the release of two new hip-hop-infused tracks.

In “Stain,” listeners are greeted by vicious bars from Atlanta-based rap collective Two-9. The track devolves into bass-induced madness as thick 808 drums bring this hefty trap track to its climax.

Flux polishes off this two track EP with the manic and sonically eclectic “Saxophone Doom,” featuring Jace & Curtis Williams. With frenetic breaks and Chemical Brothers-style guitar ripping through this tune, it’s easy to imagine Flux sending dance floors into total pandemonium with this one.

These two hectic and heavy tracks serve as the perfect reminder of Flux Pavilion’s vaunted style and reputation as one of the most badass producers in bass music.

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Illenium transcends genres; touches listeners to their core with sophomore album ‘Awake’ [ALBUM REVIEW]

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It has been eight long months of releases and teasers, but as of midnight EST on September 21, the wait for Illenium‘s sophomore album is finally over. Nick Miller, the man behind the productions, is undoubtedly known as one of the more prolific producers of our era, thanks to his consistent output and meteoric rise. While Miller has carved out the future bass genre and helped define its sound, this LP proves he has the ability to transcend genres and appeal to a wide variety of fan bases. This is no small feat that is becoming an increasingly difficult road to navigate as a producer in a day and age, where electronic music fan bases are becoming more fragmented as the industry continues to commercialized.

Awake will only further his prominence as a producer with its 13-tracks ranging from feel good music to intense bass laced drops. Miller even dabbles within the indie electronic genre, showcasing his ability to diversify his oeuvre while still maintaining his signature style.

Illenium-press photo

There is no stronger start to an album than “Needed You” featuring Dia Frampton. The song, which is opens to flowing vocals that melt into an incredible bass drop, resonates in the listener’s mind far past the song’s close. The track combines Illenium’s mastery of mystical elements and sounds as well as powerful bass juxtaposed with unique vocals. Should there be one song selected to describe the tone for the entire album, “Needed You” could certainly vie for this position.

Five singles from the album have been released this year including the second track “Crawl Outta Love,” whose subtle intro with Annika Wells’ vocals and piano deceivingly put the listener at ease. The track hits listeners in their core with its heightened tempo and all-consuming drop. “Fractures,” “Feel Good” — co-produced with Gryffin — “Sound of Walking Away” and most recently “Leaving” make up the rest of the tracks from Awake that were previously released. Representative of Illenium’s talent and engaged fanbase, these five tracks combined have already amassed nearly 83 million streams combined on Spotify alone.

The third track, “No Time Like Now,” although short, is where we see Illenium begin to swerve from his established style into a more indie electronic sound, with guitar forming the backbone of the song. It is a good segue into the fourth track “Free Fall,” which delves back into the resonating bass intercut with melodic vocals.

“Where’d U Go” showcases a collaboration between Miller and his roommate Said the Sky, otherwise known as Trevor Christensen. The upbeat track immediately draws the listener in with a catchy beat that falls almost immediately into an intense drop. As the track continues, vocal layers of a children’s choir lightens the track before submerging the listener back into the hard drop that would resonate with dubstep, future bass, and progressive fans alike. “Where’d U Go” is one of the more upbeat tracks of the album, so those looking for a workout anthem or night out tune should look no further.

Illenium Said the Sky

Illenium stars to venture into more commercial territory with the second half of the album, although this is far from sellout as the tracks still maintaining a distinct edge. “Lost” with Emilie Brandt veers into a progressive house vibe, with the catchy vocals carrying the track. As with all of Miller’s version of “commercial” music, “Lost” is still far different than anything one would hear on the radio.

“Taking Me Higher” wouldn’t be out of place on Passion Pit record. The track is an interesting juxtaposition of sounds, synths, and styles that melts into a perfect tune for a relaxing afternoon.

Prized vocalist MAX — who has recently collaborated with Rain Man, 3LAU, as well as Flux Pavilion — is featured on Awake‘s penultimate entry, titled “Beautiful Creatures.” Guitar once again is used as the foundation for this track and paves the way for MAX’s vocals to be the centerpiece of the song. It can only be described as melodic with a hint of mystical, and is likely to be a radio hit.

Illenium finishes the album on “Let You Go,” a collaboration with Ember Island. An orchestra compliments the vocals on this downtempo affair, and serves as a beautiful, fitting ending for a beautiful album.

While many call albums an outdated form of releasing music, we can only be thankful that Illenium ignores this and decided to create a masterful full-length in Awake. The producer has left another imprint that further solidifies his prominence in the electronic music community. It is no secret that Miller is a breath of fresh air within a genre that is receiving increased skepticism for turning pop, to say nothing of stale, and, indeed, his music has the unique ability to be played on a radio without compromising its integrity.



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Flux Pavilion Releases Stacked Remix Package For ‘Cut Me Out’, Listen Here

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Flux is one of the indisputable legends of bass music. His tracks such as ‘Bass Cannon’ helped create modern day dubstep. His production ever since have been inspired, influential and downright massive. ‘Cut Me Out’ was no different, hence why we expected a giant remix package for this monster track. Lucky for us, Flux and

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Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Luca Lush Lift)

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Known for his diversity in production, Luca Lush releases music that reflects his creativity and passion for pushing the envelope by experimenting with an array of sounds and styles. His last hit, “O BB,” was made popular for its gentle vocal samples layered on top of downtempo beats that are juxtaposed with hefty, growling synths.

The producer has chosen Flux Pavilion‘s classic “Bass Cannon” as his latest “lift,” transporting the original to ominous depths by featuring snarling, dense layers of synths, provocative weighty climaxes, and melancholy mysterious beats to create a hybrid bass sound.

Luca Lush’s rendition of “Bass Cannon” dramatically strays from the original; the only remaining similarity between the two versions are the vocals, though even this element is somewhat deviant from Flux Pavilion’s production. With bold execution, Luca Lush’s interpretation of “Bass Cannon” is not for the faint-hearted.

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