Controversial rapper XXXTentacion shot dead in Florida, collaborators and supporters react

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Embattled rapper XXXTentacion, real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, has died following a shooting earlier today (June 18, 2018) in his home state of Florida. He was 20 years old. The rapper, who’s career breakout has been marred by extensive legal trouble since his emergence in 2015, was reportedly shot outside of a Deerfield Beach motorcycle dealership. Broward County police responded to the call around 4:00pm EST and transported the victim to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Despite the highly controversial nature of the young rapper’s appeal, XXXTentacion released two critically acclaimed LP’s, 17 and ?, that both managed to chart exceptionally well. Prayers and supportive messages from his contemporaries have begun pouring in from rappers, producers, and DJs from across the world.

No arrests have been made yet in connection with the slaying of the young rapper. This story is developing, check back for updates.

Diplo delivers sun-drenched ‘California’ EP featuring Lil Yachty, DRAM, Desiigner and more

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Diplo has dropped off his first solo project since 2013’s Revolution, the new seven-track collection, California. Don’t let the title fool you — random white dude still be everywherethough nowadays the Mad Decent head leans much more west coast than anything, and lately he’s enjoyed some time in the studio with a batch of rap’s most in-demand young up-and-comers. Recruiting work from Lil Yachty, Desiigner, DRAM,, Goldlink, Trippie Redd, and controversial rhymer on the rise Lil Xan, the new EP sees Diplo reaffirm his status as one of today’s top A&Rs, all rolled up and tightly packed into a wrap fit for pop music’s most ambitious force behind the console.

The EP includes previously released material, including “Look Back, “Get It Right,” and “Worry No More.” Each track on the EP features Diplo’s chameleonic style wrapped around different lyrical deliveries, with each rapper and vocalist obviously inspired by their Californian surroundings in different creative ways. One listen through California highlights just how far the Major Lazer frontman has come since his 2004 debut, Florida — and it’s a lot further than just coast to coast. Florida was the beginning of Diplo’s grind, and California plays a lot more like the type of music one could sit back and watch a young man’s game unfold to. And 15 years after his studio debut landed, its safe to say Diplo has undoubtedly earned that right.

Sex, Drugs, and EDM: how common is sneaking drugs into festivals?

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Sneaking your MDMA into Ultra using a rotisserie chicken? Sounds like quite the stretch, but a recent study conducted by the Boca Raton-based Take 5 Media Group reports that this situation is indeed a reality.

The company conducted the study for a behavioral health treatment facility, Florida House Experience, in Deerfield Beach — which resides less than an hour outside of Miami. Florida House Experience works with such local universities as University of Miami, Florida International University, and Barry University to provide rehabilitation, addiction counseling, and mental health services to patients.

Their aim with this investigative study was to find out what kinds of drugs were being purchased at music festivals, what they were being cut with, who was doing the selling, and how users were sneaking them in.

Take 5 Media

Here are the winners:

As far as sneaking in goodies to music festivals, underwear was the most popular method of transfer; although, rotisserie chickens and prosthetic limbs were also noted as used methods.

One of the studies most disconcerting conclusions was that most drug users — 63 percent — obtained their substance(s) of choice off a one-time encounter with a stranger.

Even worse are the “unidentifiable additions of unmarked and sometimes dangerous substances,” reports Take 5 in the study. “Beyond being unrecognizable to the naked eye, these cutting agents are sometimes significantly stronger than the drugs they’re labeled as, creating deadly consequences.”

Take 5 reports that jam festivals such as Summercamp or High Sierra revealed 89 percent of attendees reporting they’d been offered illicit substances at jam festivals. EDM came in as a close second, with 83 percent of attendees reporting being offered drugs.

All of that drug use clouds the frontal lobe and likely causes spikes in the libido of horny festival goers, as Take 5 reports that nearly one in four attendees admitted to having unprotected sex after using drugs at EDM Festivals.

Take 5 Media


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Florida Man High On MDMA Steals Boat To Be With The Swans Because “They Don’t Judge Him”

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Today in ecstasy news we have a one of a kind human interest story coming to you straight from America’s go to source for weird news, that weird appendage the continental US refers to as Florida. In the past we have brought you some lovely stories involving the wonder drug of MDMA including the pilot

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Shooting in Florida linked to “Project X” style rave

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A shooting in Mount Dora, Florida has left one dead, and one in critical condition.

Authorities report that the two men were shot near Sheridan Road at approximately 2:30 AM on Saturday morning. The shooting has reportedly been linked to a large “Project X” style rave held in the area where anywhere from 500 to 1,000 people were in attendance.

One of the victims, Steven Charlostin, 21, was found fatally shot within a car that had been reported stolen. Another man was discovered in a driveway and later taken to a hospital. Both men had been present at the party that evening, the event hosted in a “nearby plaza.”

The exact location of the shooting is unknown. Police currently do not have information on the shooter.

Via: Mixmag

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Okeechobee Music Festival 2018 Early Bird Tickets Now on Sale

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It is about that time again ladies and gentleman, Okeechobee early bird tickets have officially gone on sale! Since the first opening of the portal in 2016, Okeechobee has managed to attract so many people to its festival with its amazing lineup, wild art, and it’s more than expected experience. Okeechobee will be returning to

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Sunset Music Festival 2017 – Photos by Tessa Paisan

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Asteria Is The New Boutique Festival That You Need To Attend This Year

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With so many festivals popping up lately, it’s important to set yourself apart from the crowd. In that fashion, a trend of boutique, exclusive festivals has arisen featuring more than just music, and a very selective crowd. Venues for these festivals can vary wildly, from forests to deserts, and attendance is usually anywhere between 400 to 2,000, making these very intimate occasions.

The newest event is called Asteria, and only 400 tickets will be sold. Rather than the litany of festivals featuring acts from the Desert Hearts crew (and inevitably Kalya Scintilla), Asteria is comprised of entirely Florida locals – with some surprise headliners to sweeten the pot.

Three weeks before the start of Asteria, guests will begin to receive customized packages containing information for their camping group (such as workshop, artist info, schedules, a map, and the reveal of our headliners) along with various gifts from selected sponsors & vendors. After their arrival, guests will be greeted and given tours of the property with the goal of helping them get acquainted with the grounds, vendors and sponsors. After setting up camp, guests will be free to roam around the property and par-take in any of the activities or live performances offered.



With various live performances, workshops & themed stages, Asteria is able to recreate the underground atmosphere that is typically lost with larger events, while still providing state-of-the-art sound, lighting, audio and a professional team of experienced event staff. Asteria attracts not only the average festival goer, but guests looking to break-away from the average “Club Style” festival experience.

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Legal Marijuana Passed In Florida & Massachusetts By A Landslide

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There are many divisive and decisive issues on this year’s ballot. Aside from the obvious presidential election, nine states are voting to legalize marijuana. The first of those states has just reported in.

According to 538, the ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana in Florida passed by a landslide, with 76.9 percent in favor and 29.1 percent opposed.

Just in, Massachusetts has passed full legalization as well. Via FiveThirtyEight:

“Adults age 21 and older will be able to possess up to 10 ounces of marijuana, grow up to six plants for personal use and consume marijuana privately. Its use would be regulated similar to how the state handles alcoholic beverages. Medical marijuana is already legal in the state.

If the measure passes, the state will create the Cannabis Control Commission to oversee marijuana legalization. A 3.75 percent tax would be placed on marijuana sales. Revenue would be placed in a Marijuana Regulation Fund to pay for administrative costs. Cities and towns would be allowed to add a local tax of up to 2 percent.”

Three more states are voting to legalize medical marijuana, and five (total) are voting to legalize recreational marijuana. If all measures pass, pot would become legal in some form in 29 states and Washington D.C. – over half the country.


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Source: Legal Marijuana Passed In Florida & Massachusetts By A Landslide

Despite a Hurricane, III Points Stands Rooted as One of America’s Best Festivals [Event Review]

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It’s Thursday night, mere hours before Hurricane Andrew hits the coast of Florida. Cars zoom down interstates to evacuate, residents pack supermarkets to stock up on food and water and Governor Rick Scott declares a state of emergency. Yet, a music festival set to take place that weekend in Miami (with the first day scheduled for the following day) did not back down. Festival organizers watched the storm’s trajectory closely and prepared for a wide gambit of outcomes. Attendees traveled south to avoid the potential landfall of the storm and safely prep for the event. It’s true; music festivals are really some of the most powerful forces in modern society.

In its fourth year, III Points stood face-to-face with Mother Nature and survived. Hurricane Matthew ended up turning more into the Atlantic Ocean and almost entirely avoided Miami, much to the satisfaction of organizers, attendees and artists alike. The hurricane became the running talking point of the weekend’s festivities in the Wynwood art district of Miami. It caused headlining band LCD Soundsystem to cancel along with Oneohtrix Point Never and others and prevented Your EDM from making it down to Miami to experience the first day of the festival. Yet, we soldiered on and drove down to the Mana Wynwood venue hosting the festival to experience the final two days of the festival.

Credit: III Points

Credit: III Points

After attending the festival last year, we can comment on one definite change: III Points has grown. A lot. An army of stacked shipping containers created a passageway for attendees as they entered, guiding them to the towering Mind Melt stage. A sizable step up from its predecessor last year, this Mind Melt ran as large as stages one would find at bigger music festivals. Artists such as M83Jacques Greene and Thievery Corporation performed here, a fitting platform for more live-centric artists and bands.

Inside the actual Mana Wynwood warehouse lied the Main Frame stage, which stood before tall pillars decked with LED screens. This stage drew big crowds to artists the entire weekend, from the much anticipated collaborative performance of Method Man & Redman to the otherworldly beats DJed by Flying Lotus, not to mention deeper sets delivered from the likes of DJ KozeBlack CoffeeAndy Stott and more. The festival also hosted four other stages, including the deep-friendly and Soulection-showcasing (at least on Sunday, the final day) Isotropic stage, a smaller Mind Melt-type stage called Sector 3, the smaller warehouse Door IV and the local-friendly Sunset @ Noon stage. Every stage transported attendees to its own unique world, some layered in visual-heavy production while others showcased the performers first and foremost.


Photo Credit: III Points

III Points prides itself on being a festival that highlights the best of art and technology among its musical roster, and we must recognize that pride is well-placed. This year’s event offered a variety of exciting and innovative art displays and technological hubs, much more than most bigger festivals offer by a long-shot. It packed in everything from a virtual reality experience that took users to Mars to a graffiti-laden school bus. The festival also does a great job in putting a spotlight on the lesser-known musicians rising in Miami, a great treat for both people wandering stages looking to discover new artists and dedicated, local contingents looking to home grow the next superstars.

In terms of actual sets, pretty much everyone exceeded expectations. We heard great reports from artists such as DixonKiNK and Vince Staples on the first day, and the second and third days packed in so much good music that we we barely had time to breathe. Saturday assembled a mammoth lineup for the Isotropic stage, bringing the likes of Leon VynehallDJ Tennis and Ben UFO for hours of deliciously experimental, groovy and techo-hinged bliss. Meanwhile, Main Frame enlisted its own roster of superb talent, ranging from Black Coffee to Maya Jane Coles, both of whom’s sets were much anticipated among Miami fans who had not been able to see them in the city in almost a year (or in the case of Maya Jane Coles, years!).

Sunday proved to be a bit more of a relaxed day, and that was quite alright given the intensity of Saturday. While sets from M83 and Jacques provided some fun, no one compared to the insanity of Flying Lotus and the soul searching of DJ Koze. Fly Lo assaulted our senses with his own productions, video game OST remixes and a surprise appearance from rapper Denzel Curry, while DJ Koze took us on a journey through some of the best house music we’ve heard in ages. Both capped off the festival excellently.

Credit: III Points

Credit: III Points

III Points had a lot to lose if Hurricane Matthew caused its cancellation, but fate smiled kindly upon the festival. This year only proved that both III Points organizers and attendees possess a determined moxy to keep the party going at all costs, and that moxy paid off big time for a festival only in its fourth year. We look forward to seeing what’s to come from III Points in the years to come, ideally without the looming threat of a hurricane. Until next year!

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Source: Despite a Hurricane, III Points Stands Rooted as One of America’s Best Festivals [Event Review]