Flasher – “Who’s Got Time?” Video

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FlasherThe Washington, DC trio Flasher released their debut album, Constant Image, at the beginning of the month. It came in at #4 on our Best Albums Of 2017 So Far list, we named it Album Of The Week, and we did a feature on the band, so suffice to say the … More »

Stream Flasher’s Infectious Debut Album Constant Image

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Flasher-Constant-ImageIf you’ve been reading this site in the past couple months, you know we’ve been pretty pumped about Flasher’s debut Constant Image. The DC post-punk trio — made up of Taylor Mulitz, Daniel Saperstein, and Emma Baker — originally appeared on our Best New Bands Of 2016 list, but even then I’m not sure … More »

The 50 Best Albums Of 2018 So Far

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Have you ever talked to your parents about what it was like to live through the late ’60s? National leaders were gunned down right and left. Entire generations were asserting themselves loudly. War was erupting, and nobody seemed quite certain why. People were walking on the moon. Hippie cults were chopping people up. A few … More »

Album Of The Week: Flasher Constant Image

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Flasher-Constant-ImageIf you would like to know how it feels to have your brain lining peeled like a grape, spend a few days in our nation’s capital. Washington, DC is a beautiful city, a place of blindingly white historic monuments and precisely run all-ages spaces and very good Ethiopian restaurants. It is also a demented Kafka … More »

Kill Your Ego, Listen To Flasher

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Sylvia Plath’s ponytail hangs in Washington, DC’s National Portrait Gallery. It’s a thick, dirty-brown plait housed in a glass box, and as unsettling as it is to look at a piece of Plath’s corporeal form while thinking about her short and tragic life, Taylor Mulitz is equally fascinated and weirded out by it. He leads … More »

Flasher – “Who’s Got Time?”

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FlasherFlasher came up in the Washington, DC punk scene, and Taylor Mulitz, one-third of the band, used to play bass in the great DC punk band Priests. But Flasher aren’t a punk band, exactly. Instead, they play wiry, nervy rock music that draws from post-punk and new wave and indie-pop as much as punk, taking … More »

Flasher – “Pressure” Video

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Last month, DC trio Flasher released “Skim Milk,” a precursor to their full-length debut, which is being officially announced today. It’s called Constant Image and will be out 6/8 via Domino Records. The one-time Best New Band honorees have also shared another song from it, “Pressure,” an ecstatically nervy delight that contains whirlwind … More »

Flasher – “Skim Milk” Video

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Flasher — one of our Best New Bands Of 2016 — are finally getting ready to release their debut album after amassing an EP and a 7″ to their name already. That debut will be out later this year via Domino Records. But to hold us over until then — and to … More »

L.A.’s Permanent Records & RidingEasy Records curate rare, 60s-70s hard rock compilation Brown Acid: The Fifth Trip, premiere new track “Icky Bicky”

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Well…here we are, back in the time machine, feeling free like we always do when the blue skies are getting ripped apart with runs of red and green…and it’s not even Christmas.

Actually, it’s not even Halloween yet; but the Kruegers of curation, Lance Barresi and Daniel Hall (of Permanent Records and RidingEasy Records), are back with ROUND FIVE of their rare rock reissue series, a compilation of Kurelek bruisers ready to pound your face into the ground and into the sky simultaneously, like some sick transcendental joke that gives your raw nerves body chills just because multitudes of millipedes have crawled out of the woodwork and crawled inside every one of your endings.

…Not that it came easy for the curators. “I essentially go through hell and high water just to find these records,” Barresi says. “Once I find a record worthy of tracking, I begin the (sometimes) extremely arduous process of contacting the band members and encouraging them to take part.”

So, nothing is easy. But some things are. For instance, all I have to do is kick back and let Flasher’s “Icky Bicky” — the new, TMT-exclusive truffle from Barresi and Hall’s latest strange mushroom dig — ride over me. The song is a headlong cruiser and possible prototype for ZZ Top’s “Arrested for Driving While Blind.” The damn engine won’t turn over; and they’re barking through the mounted speakers — “Git this car off the lot!”, but the damn thing won’t turn over. “Our wheels are hot and ready to roll / We’re too poor to pay the toll,” lament Flasher. All those wild thoughts burning hot in the head with nowhere to go but NGC 4874 on the back of a strange batch.

Speaking of strange batches, you can pre-order the record (on CD or your choice of wax colors) ahead of its propitious Halloween (October 31) release date right here. Meanwhile, throttle “Icky Bicky” at full volume down below and get ready to shiver off a clasp with the cosmos. Like I said: nothing is easy. But some things are.

Brown Acid: The Fifth Trip tracklisting:

01. Captain Foam – No Reason
02. George Brigman – Blowin’ Smoke
03. Finch – Nothing In The Sun
04. Cybernaut – Clockwork
05. Fargo – Abaddon
06. Mammoth – Mammoth
07. Flasher – Icky Bicky
08. Lance – Fireball
09. Zebra – Helter Skelter
10. Thor – Lick It

25 Great EPs From 2016

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stereogum-eps-2016In an age when major-label artists are putting out bloated albums in an effort to rack up the most streaming equivalent units, it can sometimes feel like brevity is becoming a lost art form. But that’s really not the case outside of the pop sphere, as the releases below will attest. Most of these … More »