Fashion Salute: 6 Dude Trends We Can’t Overlook

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Watch out ladies, the boys are coming in hot!

A Fashion Salute to Artists with Enviable Streetwear

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We can’t look away.

Fashion Salute: 6 Trends We Can’t Overlook

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Fest fits that are keeping fashion creativity alive.’s Totally Real and Not Sarcastic Guide on Looking #IndustryAF

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Just made a track on GarageBand and want to flex on your hometown friends? Check this out!

deadmau5 Teams With BlackCraft Cult On Clothing Line Collab

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Just in time for the Halloween season, deadmau5 has announced a collaboration with clothing line Blackcraft Cult. The collection, consisting of a poster, hoodie and t-shirt featuring an ear-bitten, and a pentagram-crowned mau5.   The SoCal-based clothing company specializes in heavy metal and industrial-themed streetwear, furniture and accessories. Past collaborations included Ink Master Champion Ryan

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The Chainsmokers Are Now The Official Face Of This Fashion Line For Fall 2017

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Apparently their is something in the water when it comes to DJs becoming male models in 2017. Diplo and Calvin Harris kind of started the trend many years ago but just this year we have seen Martin Garrix and (in a way) Dillon Francis join the trend. Now The Chainsmokers can add models to the

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Exclusive: Steve Aoki Releases Custom Power Bank With BUQU At 2017 CES

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins today in Las Vegas, showcasing the newest in consumer electronics for the average (and above average) electronics users. This includes major appliance items like televisions, new tech like virtual reality, as well as gadgets like power banks.

Power banks are a super important accessory for ravers, considering we’re stuck at music festivals for hours on end with no outlets. And though we really want you to be in the moment, enjoying the lights and sounds, you’re bound to take a few videos and share on social media – and that drains the battery. This is where power banks come in.

BUQU is unveiling a line of fashionable power banks at CES that fit in with the raver aesthetic, and come in a variety of styles. To promote the line, they’ve teamed up with Steve Aoki for a totally custom CAKE ME™ power bank that’s in the shape of, you guessed it, a piece of cake.

“I’m on the go 24/7 and am always charging so it made a ton of sense to team up with BUQU on this project since I was already rocking their chargers,” says Aoki. “I love that I can clip it to my belt loop or backpack so I always have it with me.”

Each will provide enough power to fully charge most smartphones one time and feature a 2,500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. They all include a clip for attaching to backpacks, purses, handbags, totes, belt loops and gym bags to quickly become conversation pieces. Each and every BUQU power accessory includes a limited lifetime warranty and is built to last.

And with Coachella right around the corner, these will be your perfect companion in the hot Indio sun.

The new line includes:

  • Steve Aoki’s CAKE ME™ ($24.99): You can have your cake and charge it too with this Steve Aoki designed cake slice power bank for the ultimate smartphone sugar rush
  • GHOST™ ($19.99 USD): This little glow-in-the-dark ghoul will provide enough scare to bring your phone back from the dead
  • POWER POOF™ ($19.99 USD):  These faux fur pom-poms make for the perfect purse charm – offering a stylish new approach to powering smartphones while on the go.  Available in plum and black
  • CHILL™ ($19.99 USD): Chill out with this penguin power bank for the perfect blend of cute and cool
  • POPS™ ($19.99 USD): This creamsicle inspired power bank is  a fun summer treat for your smartphone
  • MELO™ ($19.99 USD): Let your smartphone take a bite of this watermelon power bank to juice up when you’re running low

The new line of BUQU® power banks, including CAKE ME™ are available now for pre-order at and will begin shipping late February 2017.  POPS™ and MELO™ will begin shipping mid-March 2017. The line will be featured at Tilly’s, Forever 21 and other fine retailers nationwide starting March 2017.

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Source: Exclusive: Steve Aoki Releases Custom Power Bank With BUQU At 2017 CES

Nashville Tennessee Gives Birth To Fashion As Coast To Coast Sailing Company Officially Launches Its 2016 Clothing Capsule

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Coast To Coast Sailing Co Owners

Coast To Coast, Owned by Three Young Black Men Committed to bringing fashion to a city known for its music.

Based in Nashville, TN. C to C is one of the hottest emerging urban apparel brands for millennials on the go.

The new clothing company sets itself apart with designs inspired by cultures across the globe. The designs are creatively integrated into its fresh new collection of long sleeve crew necks, custom [INSPIRE] jacket, and signature [Make Wave$] hoodie. Every product, in order to simulate how culture and fashion change in today’s digitally driven age is unique and never restocked.

The brand’s earlier releases included The Wave Tee, an elongated t-shirt made from polyester which featured different variations of waves wrapped around the shirt. In addition to the Wave Tee, the Flag Bucket Hat creatively featured flags from Japan, South Africa and Brazil, strategically stitched together in order to represent unity and world peace.

In the unreleased Holiday Capsule, the brand outlines four very dominant pieces which include the Blue “Make Wave$” hoodie. “This hoodie represents where I see the company now says Evan Mann, part owner of CtC.  We’ve learned a lot from our past mistakes and are confident in who we are as a brand. That confidence is what allows us to make waves in fashion to achieving the success we’ve been working for.”  make-waves-hoodie

In addition to the “Make Wave$” hoodie, the young men decided to create a very stylish multi-zipper bomber jacket with the word Inspire wrapped around the right arm of the jacket.  “The Inspire Bomber Jacket represents where I see the company in the future, says part owner William BeAird, it’s design has a refined, luxury feel to it. I see Coast to Coast Sailing Co. becoming a major brand in the industry, providing inspiration for other young people to achieve their own dreams and success.”

Coast To Coast Inspire Bomber Jacket

The Grid Tee represents the stage where we really came to know our brand identity, Owner Justin Miller said. As a result it features the three words that make up the core of our company’s message, [Explore. Create. Inspire.]  The actual GRID represents us becoming more strategic in how we move business wise.”

Coast To Coast Long Sleeve Grid Tee

The three college students agreed to mold their love of the West and East Coast cultures together to launch a new brand based on their life experiences.

“The Lighthouse Tee represents the struggles  we experienced in the beginning of our career, finding our own path. The worn edges around the picture are a visual representation of us making it through the hard times. The lighthouse represents the hope and determination that has guided us through those times.Red Lighthouse Tee Coast To Coast

Where we’re from, people don’t get out much. We’re fortunate enough to have had the opportunity  to grow up in families who traveled the world. Using our experiences and our brand’s unique fashion, we want to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones, we want to encourage them to explore new places, meet new people and take in new experiences,” says Justin Miller.

Coast to Coast is a unique brand with owners who come from totally different backgrounds.  The diversity makes it possible for everyone to relate to our brand which encourages us to Explore, Create and Inspire.

Side note: My favorite is the bomber jacket! Definitely a tasteful item. I’m looking forward to rocking that during Christmas.

Visit to view the Collection online. Also visit @ctcsailingco  on Instagram in order to keep up with all of there activity.

Check Out Nervo’s Guide To Getting Ready Before They Play Avalon Hollywood This Saturday

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Sisters Mim and Liv have made a huge name for themselves as the producers and DJs behind supergroup NERVO. The Australian twins are sought after for nearly every festival, and they’ve even made a side-gig out of being models, so they keep quite busy. Fortunately, the team behind Avalon Hollywood have brought them back to Los Angeles once again for a show that many won’t forget (and others probably won’t remember).

We’re sure some people are going to want to look their best for the show, so we asked NERVO to give us a sort of ‘guide to getting ready’ before the show.

Hey guys! So happy to finally be interviewing you for Your EDM. Excited to return to Avalon Hollywood this Saturday?

Yes! Coming back to LA for a show is always exciting. We only get to play here a few times a year and just love this city. Shout out to our west coast fans bc they were one of the first to support us and never disappoint!

I know you guys appreciate the importance of looking good during a show. What’s your usual pre-show ritual when getting ready?

Well actually, we always try to get a good nap in before the show so we have plenty of energy. We also do of course try and look our best just like anyone does when they go out for a night so we pack well. Meaning, our suitcases as full of gig clothes, lots of lycra bc it washes and dries easily and also isn’t very heavy.

Photo Credit Chloe Paul_NERVOIMG_6537-2

Photo Credit Chloe Paul_NERVOIMG_6537-2

LA in particular is so fashion-forward – is there anything you like to experiment with when you’re in town?

We love love love the fashion scene in LA. There are so many up and coming designers that seem to gravitate there. We are lucky enough to travel around the world and see a lot of different styles and can honestly say that some of the designers we have met in LA are world class, so unique and super inspiring. We love the fact that we get to “dress up” for work and can’t imagine having to wear an office uniform 5 days a week.

So many DJs work up a sweat when they’re on stage. Do you do anything to stay composed or do you prefer to just let loose?

Oh we definitely let loose! Our shows are like our weekly work out sessions.

Personally, I prefer function over fashion (with a good balance, of course). What’s your preference and why?

Comfort first, practicality second and then style because a) we need to feel comfortable to dj and travel (stilettos would never work!), b) we have to fit our lives into 2 suitcases so clothes need to be durable and light and c) of course we want to feel good about what we’re wearing so we feel confident and flyyyyyy 😉

You two are Australian, but also live in London and Ibiza. What’s the biggest difference in fashion between each, and how does LA differ?

I think a big difference between LA and London is that London gets very cold so you get seasonal fashion there. Ibiza has a beach boho style and LA has this cool street punk style. We really love shopping in Tokyo (if we can find clothes big enough!).

There are a lot of duos in EDM, but not many people get to say that they travel the world DJing with a sibling. What’s your secret to staying sane and working well together?

Well we are lucky because we generally get on very well. We have similar work ethic and similar goals so this also keeps us happy while working together. Creatively we push each other well and we are always honest with each other so it’s a great sounding board. On top of all this we really love what we do. Being able to travel the world with one another makes it so much more special. To be able to experience this with a sibling and family is so special and important that we couldn’t imagine doing it without each other!

What’s the dynamic like on stage? Do one of you handle the decks while the other is on the mic?

Well we both DJ and mix our sets but Mim definitely handles the mic more. She is great at hyping the crowd, introducing our new records etc.

What can we expect to hear on Saturday night in your set?

You can definitely expect to hear a lot of NERVO records mixed in with a bunch of records that we love right now. Out sets are always changing depending on what new mixes we have received or what new edits we’ve made.

Finally, if you had to give a fashion tip to women planning a long night of clubbing, what would it be?

Definitely comfy shoes! We would recommend high platform sneakers.

There you have it! NERVO are performing at Avalon Hollywood this Saturday. You can purchase your ticket here.


Images via Chloe Paul

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Source: Check Out Nervo’s Guide To Getting Ready Before They Play Avalon Hollywood This Saturday

Damascus Releases New Limited Edition Design In Partnership With Dieselboy

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In the realm of “industry wear,” or “clothes that look good at a bass music show,” you’ll find Damascus at the top of the list. With a variety of styles focusing on multiple branded partnerships with artists and influencers, Damascus has risen to prominence as one of the most associated clothing brands with dance music.

Who better to partner with then than the undisputed king of American drum & bass, Dieselboy? With a new DTHWLVS concept tee out now, they’ve done just that.

We were specifically honored to work with Dieselboy not only because we have been long-time fans – but because he also shares a passion for design. Similar to collaboration on a music track, both artists contribute bits of themselves, to produce a unique sound or unique look that only could come from the meshing of two minds. In this case, designing a custom shirt and pin, from the mood boards to the final photography and marketing assets, it was hands on for both of us throughout the entire process.

The DTHWLVS or “Death Wolves” concept was developed by meshing together influence from vintage metal album covers and horror movie posters. Combining the hand drawn elements and modernized styling with the acid washed distressed shirt we weathered ourselves, made for an intense and high-quality piece.

You can see the design below. If you like it, you can grab it right here. If you still need to see more, you can head to the lookbook for the design here.



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Source: Damascus Releases New Limited Edition Design In Partnership With Dieselboy