Better than pumpkin spice lattes: Lane 8 shares new fall mixtape

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Better than pumpkin spice lattes: Lane 8 shares new fall mixtapeFall Mitape

The enduring Lane 8 has nonchalantly as always dropped off this year’s fall arm of his seasonal mixtape series this afternoon. The California native is ahead of the game as per usual, setting September’s tonal score just before the leaves begin to change colors.

Over its three-hour playtime, the tour de force allows the seminal progressive house producer the chance to highlight unreleased material of his own, such as a potential Bon Iver remix to kick things off, as well as a litany of burgeoning talent from his label, This Never Happened.

What’s great about the chunkier length of these seasonal mixes though, is that it let fans hear Lane 8 in his soulful, melodic zone, as he spins weather-appropriate licks like Aiiso’s “Programmer” or Martin Roth‘s “Sugarbites,” while also giving them the chance to experience more eclectic sounds, like Solomun‘s remix of Jon Hopkin‘s “Emerald Rush” and Polo & Pan’s lucid and worldly “Gengis,” both of which fall towards the grittier, brisker (if you will) outer edges of Lane 8’s sonic spectrum.

Lane 8’s fall mixtape has arrived

This post was originally published on this site

Lane 8’s fall mixtape has arrivedLane 8 Fall Mitape

After such a steady 2018, listeners have become accustomed to Lane 8’s ability to catch and digest the feeling of the world around him. Sonically, the man is in tune with his fans and his environment. With Labor Day behind us and the crisp winds of fall on the horizon, Lane 8’s highly anticipated fall 2018 mixtape is here to show us how consistently with it he truly is.

Released on the toes of the second part of his Little By Little album tour, the mix accomplishes just that. Lane 8 has been pumping these melodic enduring mixtapes all year, and after this summer’s five-hour mix of sunny progressive tracks, one could rightly wonder how the Denver-based producer would take on the anticipation of this upcoming season.

The mix is a collage of sound that evokes the feeling of cleansing, reflection, and preparation. It asks very little of the listener other than to just close one’s eyes and allow the transitions to happen within. Hosting a variety of tracks and remixes from the likes of SevenDoors, Joseph Ashworth, Pink Floyd, Thomas Jack, and, of course, the producer himself, the mix uplifts the listener to great heights and allows them to drift down softly to the ground.

The fall mixtape is a testament to Lane 8’s unparalleled understanding of how at home house music can make listeners feel, no matter the weather.