Drum ‘n’ bass producer Mistabishi makes several racist comments on social media

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English drum ‘n’ bass producer Mistabishi has sparked controversy after recently voicing a series of racist comments on Facebook and Twitter. Mistabishi first targeted London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, after Khan expressed pleasure once Donald Trump’s visit to London was cancelled.

“Khan is from a migrant family,” the artist wrote, “He’s not English and London is not his capital city. He is a Muslim and his capital is Mecca.” Mistabishi meanwhile asserted his status as a “real Londoner,” remarking that his family “can be traced back over a thousand years.”


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Mistabishi’s response to the Mayor elicited retaliation from a Facebook user who wrote “Britain doesn’t want you, either” on the producer’s page. Mistabishi fired back “Feel free to beat your child cousin bride and throw gay people off buildings because ‘it’s your culture,’ Muzzy.”

UK artist, Chimpo screenshotted and tweeted the Facebook thread containing the comments, captioning the photo “Wow Mistabishi! How u gonna hate immigrants and make d’n’b and techno? Racists aren’t welcome here mate.”

Mistabishi extended his deragatoy comments to Twitter, where he called a Twitter user a chimp, informing the tweeter that he didn’t “want a braindead semi-literate dj chimp” playing his music.


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While Mistabishi has since deleted the defamatory Facebook remarks, a post that the producer published on a forum in August has surfaced.


Photo Credit: Mixmag

The image of the summer forum post shows the artist state that black culture is “destructive to social integration.” Mistabishi uses several racial slurs to articulate his point therein.


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Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival will see worldwide expansion, new stage designs, logos & more [DETAILS]

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It’s a big year for Insomniac.

The electronic events enterprise looks not only to its 25th anniversary this year, but to international expansion which will see Insomniac’s flagship Electric Daisy Carnival event migrate to Japan and China in 2018. “We’re planning on announcing a few more international stops,” writes Insomniac CEO, Pasquale Rotella, in a recent Facebook post.

Rotella’s post broaches the festival’s international expansion, but additionally offers further details about this year’s edition of EDC Las Vegas. Committed to continue bringing fans “all new experiences” in what Rotella calls the “Insomniac tradition,” EDC’s Vegas iteration will feature brand new stage designs for kineticFIELD, circuitGROUNDS, neonGARDEN, bassPOD, and quantumVALLEY.

“In addition to the new websites and the new looks, 2018 will continue our tradition to bring about all new experiences. EDC Las Vegas is going to feature COMPLETELY new stage designs for kineticFIELD, circuitGROUNDS, neonGARDEN, bassPOD, and quantumVALLEY, which is getting an open air style production this year. If you’re staying with us at our first-ever Camp EDC — or if you’re thinking about it — stay tuned because we’re about to drop details on more activities and amenities, including a full map.”

Electric Daisy Carnival events hosted in various locations will also see a resurgence of the “interactive art and design” additions characteristic of EDC editions in the “early days.”

While massive alterations to the structure of EDC Las Vegas and the event’s international growth are sure to keep Rotella busy, Insomniac continues to channel momentum via the opening of ACADEMY, a new “warehouse style club” now open in Los Angeles.

Rotella’s Facebook post furthermore serves to exhibit Insomniac’s revamped logo, the change made in honor of Insomniac’s 25th anniversary.

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Halsey decries male dominated Firefly lineup: ‘It’s 2018, do better!!!’

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Bolstered by headlining slots from Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Arctic Monkeys, and The Killers, Firefly Music Festival’s recent lineup reveal for its seventh iteration inDelaware’s Woodlands elicited excitement from many music fans enamored with the diversity of the genres represented on the lineup.

And yet Firefly’s genre variation failed to impress a handful who decried a lack of gender variation.

“Damn guys come onnnnnn. Where the women at,” Halsey wrote in a Facebook post. “This was one of my favorite festivals I’ve ever played and it’s a shame there’s not more females on the bill.”

Halsey proceeded to identify R&B vocalist, SZA, as an exception to her complaint. An outlier of the male dominated lineup, the “Love Galore” singer is scheduled to appear alongside other top billing acts including ODESZA, Lil Wayne, Logic, Martin Garrix, Alt-J, and more.
It’s 2018, do better!!!” Halsey advises festival organizers at the conclusion of her first Facebook post on the matter.

Not long after publishing the initial post, Halsey posted another status in response to fans’ urges for the singer to “go off.”

“Who am I supposed to ‘go off’ on?” Halsey questioned. “Festivals ASK artists to play…I’m just raising a point! So many dope women in music right now!”

Festival organizers have not yet responded to Halsey’s posts.

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Jauz to release debut album in early 2018

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2018 will see Jauz go “back to basics.”

The producer took to Facebook to thank fans for their continued support in 2017, and to outline the direction that the “Jauz Project” will take in the new year, one to be defined by “TONS of music, coming out as fast as [Jauz] can make it, and sets that will help introduce new, fresh, weird music to people who might not hear it otherwise.”

Right in line with Jauz’s intent for 2018 is his following announcement of his debut album, coming in “early 2018.” The release will surface as a “collection of [Jauz’s] favorite music that [he’s] written spanning all different genres and sides of electronic music,” a formidable inaugural product sure to send the DJ’s Sharksquad fanbase ‘off the deep end.’

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Facebook + UMG Ink Deal, Skrillex & Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ Lawsuit Dismissed & More

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Facebook has inked an ‘unprecedented, multi-year’ deal with Universal Music Group. Skrillex and Justin Beiber’s ‘Sorry’ lawsuit has been dismissed.

Facebook and Universal Music Group Strike Licensing Deal

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Have you ever tried to upload a video to Facebook but get denied due to an unlicensed song? As of this week, Facebook and Universal Music Group have struck a deal regarding music licensing that will make it easier for Facebook users to upload videos with unlicensed music. The two companies have announced a global,

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Facebook and Universal Music Group strike music licensing deal allowing users to share videos

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As if constant sharing wasn’t exasperating enough, Facebook and Universal Music Group have struck a deal regarding music licensing that will make is easier for music enthusiasts to bombard family members with videos of the latest Gorillaz album or the newest Martin Garrix single.

The two companies have officially announced a global, multi-year agreement allowing Facebook users to share videos containing music licensed by UMG. “In time,” states a press release regarding the partnership, “functionality will expand to enable access to a vast library of music across a series of social features.” In the past, Facebook has worked to remove videos containing content from UMG licensed artists. Terms of the deal were not disclosed in the joint press release.

The move comes fresh off the heels of Universal’s deal with Soundcloud back in 2016 and, more recently, their global agreement with YouTube a mere week ago.

Their deal with Facebook licenses music and publishing catalogs for video and social platforms, including Instagram and Oculus.

“There is a magnetic relationship between music and community building.” says Tamar Hrivnak, head of music business development and partnerships at Facebook “We are excited to bring that to life on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus and Messenger in partnership with UMG. Music lovers, artists and writers will all be right at home as we open up creativity, connection and innovation through music and video.”

The deal addresses major copyright issues around music licensing, and its tumultuous relationship to social media. While the agreement is only the first step in solving the enigmatic relationship between social media and music licensing, Facebook states that it will work with UMG to launch “music based products” on its platforms, including a music based messenger app.

“Together, Facebook and UMG are creating a dynamic new model for collaboration between music companies and social platforms to advance the interests of recording artists and songwriters while enhancing the social experience of music for their fans,” Michael Nash, Universal’s Vice President of digital strategy states in the joint press release. “This partnership is an important first step demonstrating that innovation and fair compensation for music creators are mutually reinforcing — they thrive together.”

Barring the duo’s joint press release, neither Facebook nor Universal provided information regarding their digital product strategy.

“As with our deal with Spotify earlier this year and our license renewal with YouTube,” said UMG’s Chief Executive Officer Lucian Grainge in an internal company memo, “our deal with Facebook leverages the experience we’ve gained and the wealth of data we’ve amassed to win both greater flexibility as to how our music is offered to the public as well as fairer compensation for our artists — as we continually refine the balance between direct promotion and monetization.”

Universal is the first label to sign an agreement with Facebook, but the Verge reports that they are also in talks with Warner Music Group and Sony regarding licensing deals.

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Dreamscape Music Festival Comes to an Official End

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Earlier this week, Dreamscape took to Facebook to officially announce that there will not be a Dreamscape Music Festival for 2018. They decided to end this amazing music festival to put more effort into their other major music festivals and parties, such as Big Dub and Nightmare. Although Festival goers are heartbroken, they are excited

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YouTube is Getting a New Integration Which Will Make Snapchat Less Relevant

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We explain how the introduction of Reels could lead to Snapchat’s decline…

Facebook to test ‘breaking news’ tag for select news publishers’ posts

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Facebook will soon offer a select list of news publishers access to a “breaking” designation for their articles. The scarlet tag of distinction will appear below the post’s image, displaying the amount of time that has passed since the piece’s publication. The publishers with the breaking tag at their disposal will have the ability to apply the tag for anywhere between 15 minutes and six-hours, but can only use the breaking classification once every 24-hours.

Facebook’s implementation of the tag seeks to show its users the most significant, recent news, designed to add urgency to the platform’s non-chronological newsfeed organization. The tag, however, will not be weighted differently in Facebook’s algorithms — for now.

A spokesperson for Facebook has indicated that initial use of the breaking tag will function as a measure of whether or not breaking news stories should be algorithmically favored over other newsfeed posts. If use of the breaking tag is met with a positive reception, posts with the tag might later receive preferential temporal ordering.

While Facebook has not released the full list of media entities cleared to use the breaking tag, ABC News and Vox Media will be permitted to use the exclusive tag.

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