Fabric to host its first family event curated by Hospital Records

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Fabric to host its first family event curated by Hospital RecordsScreen Shot 2017 10 21 At 4.50.41 PM

Fabric has been such an inspiration and home to so many brilliant memories for thousands of clubbers, myself included. It will be an honour and a privilege to rave with our families on its dancefloors,” gushed Hannah Saunders of Big Fish Little Fish, an organization has been throwing family-friendly raves for the past five years. Saunders is of course referring to her company’s partnership with the legendary Fabric nightclub, which will play host to its very first G-rated event September 30.

The event will be curated by drum ‘n’ bass mainstay Hospital Records, with artists like London Elektricity, BCee, and Chris Inperspective all taking over the decks in the main room. Fabric’s adored residents Terry Francis and Jacob Husley are also joining in on the fun. Proceedings will take place during kid friendly hours, from 2-4pm, and guarantees that all WHO guidelines will be followed in order to ensure the safest clubbing environment for all.

“Get the kids started young,” as they say!

H/T: Mixmag

Tale of Us release Fabric 97 mix

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Tale of Us Fabric 97 Mix

Italian techno stalwarts Tale of Us — Armine Conte and Matteo Milleri — officially released their long anticipated mix for London’s seminal Fabric Nightclub. With duo’s roots in Fabric dating back to the most nascent stage of their career, they were an obvious act to chart for the mix series.

“Our techno sound has a certain amount of melody and melancholy” explain the group. “The music we produce and play will always have this. We just like a bit of drama.”

The aforementioned drama has garnered Tale of Us the praise of techno critics and fanatics alike and, at a point of culmination in their storied career as artists, the mix at hand serves as a finale of sorts. The moody, theatric compilation features the expansive soundscapes of Patrice Bäumel, DJ Koze, Fur CoatAdriatique, and Tale of Us themselves, only to name a few.

Tale of Us will be celebrating the launch at a daytime party on Sunday 25th February, with an extended, all-day-long set.

The official mix is available to buy here.

1.          Tom Flynn – Cup Of Joe [Mix Exclusive]
2.          Recondite – Saudade [Afterlife]
3.          Trikk – Metala [Mix Exclusive]
4.          Agents Of Time – Ness [Mix Exclusive]
5.          Mind Against & Aether – Covenant [Mix Exclusive]
6.          Pisetzky – Bakwas [Mix Exclusive]
7.          Efdemin – There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix) [Dial]
8.          Reference – Ghetto Nebula [200 Records]
9.          Marino Canal – Faint Light [Mix Exclusive]
10.       Fideles – Resonant [Mix Exclusive]
11.       Patrice Bäumel – The Hatchet [Afterlife]
12.       Mathame – Lifetime [Mix Exclusive]
13.       Denis Horvat – 4th Wall [Mix Exclusive]
14.       Brian Cid – Plot Thickens [Mix Exclusive]
15.       Fur Coat – Squared Minds [Mix Exclusive]
16.       Adana Twins – Sequence 01 [Afterlife]
17.       Soulholic & 7Options – Memorial Day [MoBlack]
18.       Kevin De Vries – Path To Immortality [Mix Exclusive]
19.       Tale Of Us – Error Error [Mix Exclusive]
20.       Adriatique – Ray [Afterlife]

Tale Of Us release new track ‘Error Error’ ahead of fabric 97 mix

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tale of us

Tale Of Us has revealed their rousing new track “Error Error,” ahead of its official release on the duo’s fabric 97 compilation. An ace representation of the duo’s paradigmatic marriage of melody and melancholy, “Error Error” cements the pensive virtuosos’ stirring brand of techno, in both harrowing synths and an awakening baseline.

fabric 97 will see that the Italian vanguards continue to build on their mushrooming reputation in its 13 exclusive tracks. Both Afterlife label regulars and up-and-coming acts will be featured in the promising showcase that Tale Of Us will bring on the compilation.

fabric 97 is out Feb. 16. Pre-order it here.

Dennis Ferrer to make fabric debut, announces b2b project with Skream

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New Jersey-based house music pioneer Dennis Ferrer is set to make his debut at London’s fabled fabric Nightclub on Saturday, Feb 10. The Objektivity founder comes off a strong year in 2017, with his release of Damian Lazarus’ “Fly Away” reaching No. 2 on Beatport’s house charts. Ferrer’s Objektivity label continues to unearth and mentor some of the world’s most acclaimed underground talents such as Andre Hommen, Nasser Baker and CJ Jeff. The label is celebrating its 12th year of releasing “intelligent music for intelligent people.”

In addition to announcing his fabric debut, Ferrer has revealed a collaborative project with UK dubstep pioneer-turned-techno stalwart Skream. The project, dubbed Local Heroes, will see the duo flock to a number of global performances in back-to-back fashion, starting in the UK. The mission of the project is to pay homage to each city’s most authentic underground DJs, with Ferrer and Skream hand-picking a plethora of support for each date.

House and techno fanatics can expect back-to-back action at the performances, as well as a number of collaborative releases by Ferrer and Skream under their collaborative moniker, with first already scheduled to drop on Objektivity in early 2018, called “Old Yella.”

Ferrer’s next chapter in his ongoing relationship with the UK underground is primed to be the most exciting one yet. Skream is set to release his FabricLive 96 mix on Jan. 19.

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Houndstooth announces spooky new T.S. Eliot-themed comp. featuring outside artists, including Pan Daijing, Ian William Craig, Gazelle Twin, and more

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Sadly, “more than a year ago” feels like “yesterday” when it comes to the enforced and misguided shuttering of London’s legendary fabric nightclub. But luckily, an agreement was reached to reopen the club shortly thereafter, which fortunately meant a resumption of the musical spoils that fabric and its associated record label, Houndstooth, regularly brought to the international table.

Now, people of all nationalities now have the opportunity to enjoy club nights after first getting cavity-searched by a queue of curiously insistent council members; nor are their nights haunted with nightmares about a world in which the fabric and FABRICLIVE mix series’ aren’t still being released. Back before the question of fabric’s survival was answered to the relative satisfaction of all parties, compilations to #savefabric were released. But now that our outrage/depression has been assuaged, a compilation expressing the change in the mood/time seems to be in order, no??

Well, sort of! It turns out the sky is still falling, but this time in an unambiguously good way: courtesy of a just-announced compilation sponsored by Houndstooth called In Death’s Dream Kingdom. The name was taken from The Hollow Men, a poem by T.S. Eliot; and for this particular album, 25 different artists — many of whom had no formal affiliation with fabric or Houndstooth — were asked to consider the phrase or the entirety of the poem as they summoned their brand new tracks. Music from Pan Daijing, Gazelle Twin, Kangding Ray, and Roly Porter is thus unified by thematic darkness and dystopia. The resulting 25 tracks are currently being released one by one on Houndtooth’s Bandcamp — together with “further online texts” and some pretty damn T.S. Eliot-appropriate artwork by Jazz Szu-Ying Chen — but you can also pre-order “Limited Edition Fine Art Print & Music Files (mp3 or WAV)” bundle here, or the straight-up “Full 25 track bundle (also mp3 or WAV)” here, ahead of their January 26 street dates.

As you might well surmise from the title, there’s really nothing suuuper “danceable” about it…but it turns out, that’s pretty alright! We’ll take it! Or, more specifically: we’ll stream the tracks as they’re released down below and anxiously wait until January 26 for our own full descent into death’s spooky-ass nightmare lab.

In Death’s Dream Kingdom by Various Artists

In Death’s Dream Kingdom tracklisting:

01. Otto Lindholm – Cain
02. Pan Daijing – The Island Within
03. Lanark Artefax – Styx
04. Petit Singe – Komm Wieder Mit
05. Peder Mannerfelt – Post Sense Perspective
06. Tomoko Sauvage – In Some Brighter Sphere
07. Pye Corner Audio – Box In A Box
08. Sophia Loizou – Irregular Territories
09. Abul Mogard – Trembling With Tenderness
10. Par Grindvik – Speaking Their Minds
11. Koenraad Ecker – Rat’s Coat
12. Roly Porter – Without Form
13. Hodge – Sunlight On A Broken Column
14. Gazelle Twin – The Dream Ends
15. Shapednoise – Ghostly Metafiction
16. ASC – Tessellate
17. Batu – Zoo Hypothesis
18. We Will Fail – Carbon Trail
19. Peter Van Hoesen – 98 Lines
20. Spatial – Haunted Dance Hall
21. Yves De Mey – Solemn But Fading
22. Mindspan – Accept Things As They Are
23. Kangding Ray – Glacier
24. ZOV ZOV – Post Six
25. Ian William Craig – An End Of Rooms

Tale Of Us to mix fabric 97

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Following the recent release of their Endless remix package, the beloved techno titans Tale Of Us are set to mix fabric 97 — out February 16, 2018.

Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri rose in the techno reigns with their early sets in the club, making Tale Of Us a natural choice of the seminal mix series.

Near half of the tracks on the new mix are exclusive to the compilation, which is set to include unreleased tracks from Afterlife label regulars and upcoming acts. Tale Of Us’ fabric 97 mix promises to be an emotive showcase dictating the duo’s rise. An exclusive from the two will also be served up near the mix’s end, entitled “Error Error.”

Having a keen knack for the synthesis of brooding and blistering techno, fabric 97 will undoubtedly be a fluid tale of the two simultaneously cementing their reputation and hinting the best is yet to come.

1. Tom Flynn – Cup Of Joe
2. Recondite – Saudade
3. Trikk – Metala
4. Agents Of Time – Ness
5. Mind Against & Aether – Covenant
6. Pisetzky – Bawas
7. Efdemin – There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix)
8. Reference – Ghetto Nebula
9. Mario Canal – Faint Light
10. Fideles – Resonant
11. Patrice Bäumel – The Hatchet
12. Mathame – Lifetime
13. Denis Horvat – 4th Wall
14. Brian Cid – Plot Thickens
15. Fur Coat – Spiral
16. Adana Twins – Sequenze 01
17. Soulholic & 7Options – Memorial Day
18. Kevin De Vries – Path To Immortality
19. Tale Of Us – Error Error
20. Adriatique – Ray

fabric will release fabric 97 on February 16, 2018.

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A knockoff Fabric has been discovered in China

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It has long been said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but in a country infamous for its copy and paste pop culture, it seems things have been taken to an entirely new level.

Just last week, Dutch DJ and promoter Bram van Ravenhorst — aka Blind ’92 — who operates an underground club called Echo Bay in Chongqing, China spotted a familiar sign in the country. Unfortunately, Ravenhorst came to find that the city’s “FABRIC” also boasts a logo nearly identical to the one used by the iconic London institution of the same name. He captured the image below.


According to Mixmag Asia, it seems the nightclub’s name and logo are the only similarities, as the Fabric knockoff boasts commercial EDM and house music, as well as China’s “sexy girls dancing.”

Having opened in 1999, the storied London Fabric is one of the most well-respected and well-known underground music institutions in the world. Undoubtedly, the global dance music community will have its opinions of the counterfeit institution, but one thing’s for sure, nothing will ever compare to the original.

Photo Credit: Bram van Ravenhorst

H/T: Mixmag, Mixmag Asia

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Fabric donates $80,000+ of ‘leftover fundraising cash’ to charity

Fabric Donates £68,000 in Leftover #SaveFabric Funds to Charity

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After wrapping up a successful #savefabric campaign, the famous London nightclub is giving back.

Pendulum will play a three-hour set at Fabric on Oct. 27

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This Halloween, London’s iconic Fabric nightclub will be graced with the return of drum & bass legends Pendulum.

Paul Harding (“El Hornet”) disclosed a special note on the group’s Twitter page, revealing that they will be doing a special three-hour DJ set at the nightclub, alongside friends like Friction, Ed Rush & Optical, 1991 and Skankandbass.

Advanced tickets for the sure-to-be-legendary event are sold out, but information on the event page promises there will be more available at the door. More information can be found here.

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Fabric donates $80,000+ of ‘leftover fundraising cash’ to charity

Fabric donates $80,000+ of ‘leftover fundraising cash’ to charity

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Fabric is celebrating its 18-year anniversary this weekend, but this time around the London-based nightclub is giving rather than receiving.

After the venue’s closure in September, Fabric fans made a collective effort to reboot the club, raising money to support Fabric’s then potential re-opening. Fabric owners would eventually strike a deal with Islington Council and police officials to reinstate the club, allowing Fabric to open its doors once more several months thereafter.

The efforts of those that rallied for Fabric’s re-opening generated more than £330,000 ($388,919 USD). Left with £68,000 ($80,000+) of leftover fundraising cash, Fabric has donated the remaining funds to a variety of charities including The Loop, NTIA, Music Venue Trust, Centrepoint Midi Music Company, Make-a-Wish UK, Nordoff Robbins, and YUAF. The nightclub has erected a donor board in Room 2 of the club that displays the names of each person that contributed to the original fundraiser to benefit Fabric, an authentic addition to the nightclub’s sleek design.


H/T: DJ Mag


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