Fabric to celebrate 20th anniversary with double-header compilation

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Fabric to celebrate 20th anniversary with double-header compilationScreen Shot 2017 10 21 At 4.50.41 PM

The past few years have been quite a roller coaster for iconic London club Fabric, which faced a near-permanent closure in 2019 after losing its license. Luckily, its attendees and artist guests pulled through en masse, petitioning successfully to keep the venue’s doors open. After a triumphant return, Fabric is now celebrating its 20th anniversary with a series of special edition live events—as well as a double-sided compilation that embodies the distinctive sounds present on party nights.

Fabric covers the four-to-the-floor, house and techno side of the club’s repertoire and is also meant to represent the London-specific culture around these genre. Notable contributors to this disc include Marcel Dettman, Nina Kraviz, Maya Jane Coles, IMOGEN, and Daniel Avery. Likewise, FABRICLIVE is meant for the same purpose—but this time for the more “live” genres like underground dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, and jungle. The double-disc combination is set for a December 6 release on the club’s equally eponymous record label. They’ve offered a taste of fabric in the meantime with a lengthy, yet intriguing piece from UNKLE: “Catch Me If You Can.”

Bonobo returns with ‘Ibrik’ to launch Fabric Presents mix series

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Bonobo returns with ‘Ibrik’ to launch Fabric Presents mix seriesBonobo

In January it’s typically easy to tag an artist’s new release as their “first track of the year.” But for UK electronic consummate Bonobo, “Ibrik” is his first original release in nearly two years. It’s not just the release of new material, though, as the single’s release through fabric Worldwide is the just the start of Bonobo’s endeavors in 2019. As London’s leading nightclub, fabric will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a slew of fabric XX events and an extensive revival of its Fabric Presents mix series. Fabric Presents is the next generation of its infamous FabricLive series, in which artists contribute both new music for individual single release, as well as releasing a mix in full.

Bonobo will both perform at such events and be apart of the mix series, kicking things off with “Ibrik.” It’s beautiful, melodic downtempo in true Bonobo form, ready to leave fans to impatiently wait for the impending full project.

Fabric announce new mix series, “fabric presents,” first installment from Bonobo

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When Fabric announced the final installment of their acclaimed Fabriclive series, you could be forgiven for saying out loud, “Hey, fabric, what gives? I don’t see any reason for this series not to continue forever and ever and ever!”

Lo and behold, those maniacs at the label had something up their sleeves — something far more bold and daring than any fabriclive mix could ever be. Presenting: “fabric presents,” a new series that “will reflect the full calendar of nights at fabric, including the more recent ‘Forms’ events, new midweek programming and festival tie-ins; not forgetting the iconic FABRICLIVE and Saturday night parties.” OK. Cool, cool. I get it. I’m down, baby!

And actually, I’m even more on the hype train with this new venture because the inaugural release is from none other than trip-hop/chill-out don Bonobo. Fabric Presents Bonobo will be released on digital and vinyl and features both full, unedited tracks — in addition to the seamless mix ready for your hip late-night (but not too late night) soirees.

Cop that pre-order in anticipation of the album’s February 22 release, and scroll down to hear Bonobo’s deliciously Bonobo-y new track “Ibrik,” featured in the mix.

fabric presents Bonobo [Vinyl] by Bonobo

Fabric Presents Bonobo tracklisting

01. Bonobo – Flicker
02. Bonobo – Boston Common
03. Poté – Jacquot (Waters of Praslin)
04. Alex Kassian – Hidden Tropics
05. Âme – Nia
06. Durante – Maia
07. Dark Sky & Afriquoi – Cold Harbour
08. Bonobo – Ibrik
09. Olsen – Femenine
10. O’Flynn – TKOTN
11. TSHA – Sacred
12. Will Saul – By Your Side
13. Titeknots – Buzzard Walk
14. Dan Kye – Focus
15. Barakas – Roach
16. R. Lyle – Perpetrator
17. Rhone – Mirapolis (Laurent Garnier Remix)
18. Throwing Snow – Rheged
19. Nepa Allstar – The Way
20. DJ Seinfeld – Stargard
21. Earth Trax & Newborn JR ft. Annjet – If You (Club Mix)
22. John Beltran – Collage of Dreams

Fabric nightclub goes all in for 20th anniversary

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Fabric nightclub goes all in for 20th anniversary50397967 10156309923363471 822847504063135744 O E1547831435768

2019 marks the 20th anniversary for Fabric, one of London’s premiere nightclubs. In the English capital, Fabric acts as a central hub for dance music, bringing in locals and international fans alike. Those who are following the club’s endeavors may have noticed a recent but brief blackout, as they boarded up the space, repainted, and went dark on social media. In light of the anniversary, Fabric posted the new announcement on their website:

“In 2019 we celebrate our 20th anniversary, and while to many this would present an opportunity to reflect on the past, we see it as an important opportunity to look to the future.”

Looking toward the future includes a loaded schedule for their fabric XX event series, with “20 special parties” to look forward to. Phase one of the series includes techno favorites Lee Burridge, John Digweed, Martinez Brothers, and more, all slated to play extended sets “for up to 10 hours.” Tickets for all fabric XX dates are available on Resident Advisor.

In addition to some new London residents, they’re also launching a quarterly mix series “fabric presents,” with the first edition featuring English DJ Bonobo (also featured on their fabric XX lineup).

Lastly, their brand will hit two of the cities major festivals (not yet named) and will return to Barcelona’s OFF Week. More announcements will be coming via their website.

“We want to say thank you to everyone that’s been part of this journey over the past two decades. So much of the world surrounding us has changed in this timespan, but your love for us has always been unparalleled. From the celebratory times to our most challenging moments, it’s your support that’s built our legacy.”

Music Review: Kode9 & Burial – FABRICLIVE 100

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Kode9 & Burial


[fabric; 2018]

Rating: 4/5

What is a mix’s function? It seems related to, but different from an album, operating according to similar principles of coherence, but diverging from the former’s dependence on singular expression — the need for the album to stand as a body of work issued from one place only. The form of authority instantiated by the mix is more diffuse — looser — than that of the album; a mix can show its seams. In fact, this seems part of its appeal, its authorial weight emerging through the transparent production of a total soundworld, with tracklist in tow. With a mix, we become privy to the real-time arrangement of the constellation of sounds, aesthetics, and affects that make up an artist’s world, so that we might note the shapes, the centers of gravity, the warps and wefts that predominate. Which brings us to Fabriclive 100.

Kode9 and Burial’s mix functions as a exploration of the sounds of the hardcore continuum and as a charting of those contemporary global club musics whose only shared principle seems to be their digitized transmission. It’s pulled together by bass weight, arrayed around splintered forms, its multiplicitous histories and geographies shimmering into view atop the fading crackle of vinyl and the click-n-clunk of changing tapes. Within this nexus of sound, competing versions of the contemporary move with and through each other: for the valence of our current moment defined by disconnection and velocity, we have Klein’s fractured poetics, the brittleness of footwork, and the jagged harshness of Lechuga Zafiro. For the hauntological present — that mode of the contemporary defined by the slow cancellation of the future and the reproduction/repetition of the past — we have the ghosts of frayed jungle, washed-out rave, and malevolent acid.

These multiple histories and geographies mingle together, and Kode9 and Burial switch between them laterally, shunting a sound to the side just as another is phased in, an approach that imbues the mix with an odd sense of time and place, as hyperspecific geographies — Chicago, Durban, London — mesh with an eerie timelessness, a sense that these musics have become unmoored, adrift, lost in fog and rain. The mix’s complex temporalities and particular geographies make the act of listening recursive, as one is made acutely aware of one’s own position in relation to this music.

Consequently, there’s a mournfulness to be found here, as the impassability/impossibility of the distance joining listener and track is foregrounded: how could one have been “there” at the site of this music’s inception, where “there” is an east London rave in the 90s or a taxi in Durban in 2014? The spaces and times from which this music emerges recede, lost to the wildness of the past, while the music itself persists, leaving us with its aesthetic signifiers and sonic forms: gqom’s plosive kicks and eerie atmospherics, jungle’s spectral ambiences, footwork’s brittle hi-hats. These are the traces of this music’s mediation, the histories of its transmission across time and space.

And these traces inevitably alight at death, mediation’s steadfast companion. DJ Rashad’s “Let It Go” serves as one of the mix’s anchor points, a track that after Rashad’s death is overcoded with feeling, indexing a past that has ended and a future that will never arrive. “Let It Go” arrives only to be overtaken by hiss and static, unable to play out in full, breaking down.

But this breakdown does not signal an end. Rather, it serves to lay the foundations for new and different beginnings, as Kode9 and Burial follow the mutation of sonic signifiers — the jungle break, the footwork clap — as they become attached to new styles, places, and affects. An architecture of mediated sound is being built here, flecked with the indelible traces of the locations, communities, and forms of feeling contained in the music. And, importantly, the process of this construction is suffused with joy, with the afterglow of countless nights remembered and forgotten. In the housing of these transmissions from parallel dimensions, in the tracing of these complex temporal webs, in the encasing of it all — these histories, these places, those lost (RIP Spaceape), those still with us — we remain, with and in the music. Hands in the air, hearts on our sleeves.

Fabric announces final three mixers for concluding ‘Fabric 100’ compilation

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Fabric announces final three mixers for concluding ‘Fabric 100’ compilationCraig Richards Fabric Release Press Shot

It’s a Fabric family affair on Fabric 100, the final Fabric mix CD slated for release. Fabric residents Craig Richard and Terry Francis will convene with the venue’s cofounder Keith Reilly for the production, due out on October 26. The Fabric 100 compilation represents Reilly’s inaugural contribution to the long-standing mix series, despite Reilly’s storied involvement with Fabric since the club’s inception in 1999.

The three-CD offering will mark Richards’ third showing of the series, and Francis’ second. Both Richards and Francis have remained Fabric fixtures for years, joining the club as Saturday evening residents just after Fabric’s opening. Richards crafts an “electro-infused trip that traces its way through little-known tracks from his contemporaries” on his individual CD, while Reilly proffers “upbeat soulful moving house.” Francis closes out the three-pronged initiative with a meld of “techno” and “experimental sounds.”

See the full “Fabric 100” track listings:

Craig Richards 
01. Monolake – Nmos
02. Alphacom – Journal Square
03. Solar X Brother Nebula – S.I.S. (Savile’s Jetset Radio Remix)
04. Setaoc Mass – Flying Buttress
05. D. Ball – Transition
06. Larry McCormick – Ride Low
07. Simulant – New Machines
08. The Woodleigh Research Facility – The Question Oak
09. Rutherford – Pseudo Judo
10. Reedale Rise – Lucid Flow
11. Craig Richards – My Friend Is Losing His Mind
12. Fred und Luna – Monotonikum
13. Nancy Noise – Azizi’s Dance (Andrew Weatherall Remix 1)
14. Reade Truth – Where Has Love Gone
15. Simon Haydo – Obey?
16. DMX Krew – Bush Baby Bug Eyes
17. Detromental – Rewind
18. Mike Ash – The Fizz
19. Vectorvision vs Convextion – Zy Clone
20. Orgue Electronique – Suck Seed

Terry Francis 
01. Patrick Di Stefano & Luca Doobie – Get Through (Inxec Remix)
02. Jamie Fairley – Round ‘n’ Round
03. Jose Vizcaino – Vicious Vision
04. Joeski – Cross Over feat. Jesante
05. Audiojack – Turya
06. Gel Abril – Carpet Sneak
07. Mauri Fly – Red Tribal (Silvano Del Gado Remix)
08. Blue Wig – No Ignorance (Part 1)
09. Pure Science – The Way We Use To
10. Argy – Love Dose
11. Kevin Yost – Dancer Dancer
12. Andre Salmon – Where Is The Salmon
13. Francesco Robustelli – After Midnight
14. Jaded & James Petrou – Toni’s Pain (INXEC’s Morphine mashup)
15. Terry Francis – Wipeout
16. Tiefschwartz – Oberton
17. Terry Francis – Emotional Blackmail
18. Funtopia feat. Jimi Polo – Do You Wanna Know (Club Mix)
19. Creep Show – Safe And Sound

Keith Reilly 
01. Vondelpark – California Analog Dream (Robag’s Moppa Habax NB)
02. Alex Attias Presents Mustang – Finding Who We Are feat. Colonel Red (Quarion Dub)
03. SIOPIS – Really Love Ya
04. Taube – Belle La Vie
05. Low Deep T – Casablanca
06. Eddie Richards & Gideon Jackson – Biscuit Barrel Blues
07. Eddie Richards – Droids
08. Rancido – Devil’s Den
09. Hanna Haïs feat. Sandra Nankoma – Mwala Wei’ka (Original Mix)
10. Hyenah – Tale Of The Dirt feat. Aquarius Heaven (Rampa Remix)
11. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Ordinary (Mick Rubins Deep)

H/T: mixmag

Kode9 and Burial team up for the last in Fabric’s mix series, Fabriclive 100

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At the risk of wearing out the pages in my thesaurus for the words “monumental,” “legendary,” and “historic,” allow me to bring you the very good news that Kode9 and Burial have joined virtuosic forces for what will be the 100th (and final!) installment in the Fabric Records mix series, Fabriclive 100. Quick, someone get me a towel, I’m practically drenched in enigma!

While the duo are keeping the tracklisting private until release day, we do have some kernels of information about what to expect, and my job is to take those kernels and reverse-engineer them into a corncob of a news story, so here we go! This is what we know: the mix is 74-minutes-long (!), will be released on CD on September 28 and a 4xLP unmixed vinyl edition on November 2 (!!), and it can be pre-ordered here (!!!). There is also some album cover art (!!!!). Hey, that’s actually a pretty solid amount of information!

But that’s all. I’m out of kernels. But at least we’re all gonna be basking in the prestige of this one all day! Go ahead! Go forth and bask! Pre-order the record first, but then, you know, bask away!

me and will – mix done – cheers

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Seth Troxler, Joseph Capriati, and more grace Fabric’s fall 2018 club schedule

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Seth Troxler, Joseph Capriati, and more grace Fabric’s fall 2018 club scheduleFabric

Fabric thinks past festival season in their announcement of their 2018 fall/winter Saturday lineups. The crown jewel of club nights, Saturdays at Fabric will see underground acts like Seth Troxler, Joseph Capriati, Craig Richards, I Hate Models, and more appear across the London nightclub’s various rooms.

The newly unveiled 2018 schedule commences with Craig Richards and Prosumer in Fabric’s main room, and a Mike Servito and Magda b2b in the club’s second room on October 13.

From then on, the Fabric momentum will remain in full swing, with Seth Troxler and Craig Richards slated to perform as a part of Richards’ Collisions night on December 1. KiNK will also return for a live set on November 10 with Ryan Elliot. Luke Slater, Veronica Vasicka, and many more ornament Fabric’s extensive fall/winter lineup, accessible here.

H/T: DJ Mag

Fabric to host its first family event curated by Hospital Records

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Fabric to host its first family event curated by Hospital RecordsScreen Shot 2017 10 21 At 4.50.41 PM

Fabric has been such an inspiration and home to so many brilliant memories for thousands of clubbers, myself included. It will be an honour and a privilege to rave with our families on its dancefloors,” gushed Hannah Saunders of Big Fish Little Fish, an organization has been throwing family-friendly raves for the past five years. Saunders is of course referring to her company’s partnership with the legendary Fabric nightclub, which will play host to its very first G-rated event September 30.

The event will be curated by drum ‘n’ bass mainstay Hospital Records, with artists like London Elektricity, BCee, and Chris Inperspective all taking over the decks in the main room. Fabric’s adored residents Terry Francis and Jacob Husley are also joining in on the fun. Proceedings will take place during kid friendly hours, from 2-4pm, and guarantees that all WHO guidelines will be followed in order to ensure the safest clubbing environment for all.

“Get the kids started young,” as they say!

H/T: Mixmag

Tale of Us release Fabric 97 mix

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Tale of Us Fabric 97 Mix

Italian techno stalwarts Tale of Us — Armine Conte and Matteo Milleri — officially released their long anticipated mix for London’s seminal Fabric Nightclub. With duo’s roots in Fabric dating back to the most nascent stage of their career, they were an obvious act to chart for the mix series.

“Our techno sound has a certain amount of melody and melancholy” explain the group. “The music we produce and play will always have this. We just like a bit of drama.”

The aforementioned drama has garnered Tale of Us the praise of techno critics and fanatics alike and, at a point of culmination in their storied career as artists, the mix at hand serves as a finale of sorts. The moody, theatric compilation features the expansive soundscapes of Patrice Bäumel, DJ Koze, Fur CoatAdriatique, and Tale of Us themselves, only to name a few.

Tale of Us will be celebrating the launch at a daytime party on Sunday 25th February, with an extended, all-day-long set.

The official mix is available to buy here.

1.          Tom Flynn – Cup Of Joe [Mix Exclusive]
2.          Recondite – Saudade [Afterlife]
3.          Trikk – Metala [Mix Exclusive]
4.          Agents Of Time – Ness [Mix Exclusive]
5.          Mind Against & Aether – Covenant [Mix Exclusive]
6.          Pisetzky – Bakwas [Mix Exclusive]
7.          Efdemin – There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix) [Dial]
8.          Reference – Ghetto Nebula [200 Records]
9.          Marino Canal – Faint Light [Mix Exclusive]
10.       Fideles – Resonant [Mix Exclusive]
11.       Patrice Bäumel – The Hatchet [Afterlife]
12.       Mathame – Lifetime [Mix Exclusive]
13.       Denis Horvat – 4th Wall [Mix Exclusive]
14.       Brian Cid – Plot Thickens [Mix Exclusive]
15.       Fur Coat – Squared Minds [Mix Exclusive]
16.       Adana Twins – Sequence 01 [Afterlife]
17.       Soulholic & 7Options – Memorial Day [MoBlack]
18.       Kevin De Vries – Path To Immortality [Mix Exclusive]
19.       Tale Of Us – Error Error [Mix Exclusive]
20.       Adriatique – Ray [Afterlife]