Meet illuciid, The Newest Artist With The Mau5trap Cosign

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In the past week illuciid has: released his first EP, mau5trap reposted his song, and he started his second semester as a college freshman. Quite the whirlwind of a week for this young producer who has less than 5 tracks out and already has the mau5trap cosign. His track ‘Summit’ is currently sitting at #2

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Your EDM Premiere: SuDs – Cog Wheels

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Following his epic announcement of the upcoming Ghetto Trippin Tour, bass wizard SuDs has emerged with one of the most fiery singles off of his newest EP, F. Society. “Cog Wheels” takes the collective energy of the compilation at large and mangles it into a truly deadly concoction. By the time you’re through listening to this song, you’d be lucky not to find yourself on your stomach scooting across the floor in a mixture of agony and bliss.

It begins with scattered percussion hits and an ominous background soundscape before rising quickly towards a dripping, grimy rhythm full of ungodly growls, chest-rattling sub bass and the kind of minimalist arrangement that twists your face into a knot. The haunting atmospheric tones from the introduction eventually creep back into the forefront, before being abandoned once more for an eyeball-squishing medley of bass synths. Spectrum-wide horn blasts break up the filth for brief moments, serving as necessary seconds to breathe between the sloshing waves of bass.

Listen to the song below, and check further down for a complete EP download.

Click here to download “Cog Wheels” and the rest of F. Society now!

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Source: Your EDM Premiere: SuDs – Cog Wheels

Infected Mushroom make good on their promise to ‘Return to the Sauce’ [Review]

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After two decades of constant touring and prolific production, it would make sense if the members of Infected Mushroom were starting to show signs of exhaustion. Many long-time fans of the band have pointed to some of their recent work as evidence of them losing their innovative edge. Then again, when has any artist or band ever changed their sound and not had doubters?

With their latest album, Return to the Sauce, they aimed to show their avid worldwide fan base that they don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Interestingly, the first track of the album, “Flamingo,” lands square in the mid-tempo range, which is not exactly the “sauce” that listeners might expect. For good reason, the legendary production team of Erez Eisen and Amit “Devdev” Duvdevani decided to use the first two tracks to ease the listener into the maws of psytrance, as coming in right off the bat into intense 140+ bpm can be jarring to many.

Additionally, Infected Mushroom’s best work is about the journey, not simply spewing the loudest, quickest beats possible – though they are certainly capable of doing that. It can be said that the energy of psytrance is something that, in order to be understood and appreciated, must be built up – exactly what the first two tracks accomplish.

The title track, as the name suggests, steps it up a notch, leading the listener into psytrance territory. The staccato bass that has been a staple of Infected Mushroom tracks for decades holds down the fast groove with fervor, which continues on throughout the remaining six tracks.

The album, along with a host of new psytrance songs, offers variances of two tracks from the large Infected Mushroom repertoire: a revamp of their 2000 remix of Xerox’s “Gravity Waves,” and a psytrance version of “Demons of Pain,” a downtempo vocal track from their 2015 album Converting Vegetarians II. Combining the old and the new, these two remixes represent a span of 15 years of history – an eternity in the entertainment industry.

One of the skills that has, and continues to, set Infected Mushroom apart from any other artist or band is their ability to tell a story with each piece of music and keep that story interesting for a very long time. The longest song on the album, “Milosh,” clocks in at almost eleven minutes of play time, although when listening it doesn’t feel long or drawn out.

Similarly, the structure of the last two tracks on Return to the Sauce, “Nutmeg” and “Liquid Smoke,” give a nod to classics such as “Cities of the Future,” “Heavyweight,” and “Deeply Disturbed.” In each of these, Infected Mushroom drives a constant progression that weaves multiple themes, each with its own section of rhythmic and sound design elements that could easily be complete songs on their own.

If anything can be taken away from this album, it’s that Infected Mushroom never strayed too far from psytrance. It was their innovation in the sub-genre that turned them into one of Israel’s best-selling artists of all time. As mentioned above, it is true with any band that’s been around for decades that there will be naysayers at every corner. However, Return to the Sauce is a reminder that Erez and Duvdev mastered the art and science of production long ago. Thus, they can easily bring back the signature sound and style of Infected Mushroom’s “golden days,” andthensome.

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Nina Kraviz announces new psychedelic sister-label to трип

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Russian DJ and producer, Nina Kraviz has always been an advocate for pushing psychedelic, experimental artists into today’s dance music spotlight. Since establishing her innovative label трип (pronounced ‘Trip’) in 2014, Kraviz has remained a pioneer for top production and mind-bending music.

Recently, Kraviz announced the exciting news that she will be launching a sister label to трип, called GALAXIID. The new label is reported to focus on experimentally psychedelic ambient music, and will release books in addition to artists’ music.

Two acts have already been pegged for the first few releases on the label – Russia’s Species of Fish and Icelandic pioneer, Biogen, who has an album forthcoming on трип. GALAXIID also reportedly aims to put out compilations of abstract sounds from Japan and psychedelia from 1970s Russia.

GALAXIID’s first event will be held March 25 at Printworks, a new 5,000 capacity music and arts venue based in London. Nina Kraviz and Luke Vibert will headline the show, with supporting live performances provided by 808 State, Aleski Perala, Bjarki, Doppleffekt, and PTU.


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Your EDM Premiere: Askery & Mood Deliver Cinematic Treasure That Is “Timeless”

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What I find most beautiful about electronic music is that it has the ability to translate vivid, cinematic imagery with the combination of notes, melodies, and sounds. Someone who exemplifies this best is in their work is the immensely talented Swede, Askery. He’s been on fire, landing massive releases on Armada, Spinnin’, along with collaborations with some of EDM’s biggest artists, including Nervo!

For his newest tune, he’s taken a step back this time from the club friendly, four on the floor routine, to a more ambient score that is beautiful to the core. Teaming up with another up an comer, Mood, the two produced this cinematic treasure known as “Timeless”. Whether you’re in the car, in the office, or at home, “Timeless” is a song you need in your playlist today.

Listen below and be sure to grab your free download!


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Celebrate Throwback Thursday with a formidable Bassnectar mix from 2012

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Roughly two decades have passed since Bassnectar began his career, yet his impact and leadership within the electronic community has proven to be timeless. Lorin Ashton released his twelfth album last year, alongside his supplemental successes of transforming Bass Center into a two-day festival and becoming an official Electric Forest resident.

Keen Redditors have dug deep into Ashton’s archives to unearth a mini-mix from 2012. Featuring an array of classic original tracks and remixes from the bass lord himself, including “Freestyle,” “Infinite,” and more, each minute of the mix provides a stimulating and well-engineered listening experience that further proves Bassnectar’s abilities in creating tracks that retain their glimmer through time.

H/T: Reddit (r/bassnectar)

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soupandreas – Melatonin [Monstercat]

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Monstercat‘s head chef is back at it again with another delectable treat, and nobody was expecting this one. Though the NYC-based producing prodigy soupandreas is widely known for his diverse catalog of music, his newest release truly came as a surprise to everyone. After dipping into R&B-heavy future bass on his last two releases (“Tumbling Down” and “Over You“), soupandreas has made a 180° flip with “Melatonin.”

Though it might be named after a bedtime drug, “Melatonin” definitely isn’t going to put you to sleep. Simply said, it’s one of the hardest-hitting works of glitch hop Monstercat has released in some time. soupandreas makes good use of influence from house, dubstep and even chiptune to craft together this glorious four-minute instrumental.

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think! If you like it, support the artist by following the buy link below:

Support on all platforms:

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Source: soupandreas – Melatonin [Monstercat]

Listen To Dutch Duo DROELOE’s First Track Of The New Year

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Dutch duo DROELOE has just released their first track of 2017, 11 days in. “In Time” is a future trap production featuring Dutch vocalist Belle Doron that reminisces about the past through delicate hip-hop beats and shimmering synth lines. The dreamy, atmospheric track has been released on Lowly Place, Trap Nation’s LA-based indie-electronic record label.

Stream “In Time” below and check out what DROELOE said about the track.

“When we were first working on the instrumental we had an idea of how the song was going to sound, but we weren’t sure about the specific feelings we were trying to convey. Then, Bella sent us her vocals and we were absolutely blown away by her emotion and lyrics. We instantly knew that the track was going to carry a sense of ‘reminiscing of the past’ and that’s how “In Time” was born.”

Spotify: | iTunes: | Google Play:

The guys at DROELOE also managed to do a livestream today where they answered a variety of questions from fans on Facebook watch below!

If you dig DROELOE’s track “In Time” make sure to follow them on all there socials below:

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Kingdom – Tears in the Club

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You think about really dark electronic music, and you have this certain image in your head. It might be different for everyone, but common adjectives you’d use to describe the kind of music I’m talking about could be “ominous,” “harrowing,” or even “malicious.”

All are useful to describe “Tears In The Club” by Kingdom. Taken from his album of the same name, forthcoming February 24, the song is incredibly dark. The bassline is ferociously sinister, paradoxically juxtaposed with light and delicate piano notes. There’s a definite duality going on in the track, giving listeners the option to join the light or dark side.

Check out “Tears In The Club” below, and pre-order the album here.

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Ekali & KRANE – Akira [Free Download]

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Two of the most significant names in underground bass music, Ekali and KRANE, have just paired up to release their first collaborative single, “Akira.” Featuring a healthy mixture of trap and future bass, the song is an instantly recognizable heater that perfectly blends the two’s respective production approaches. The result is a track worthy of a few consecutive listens, and certainly one that’s bound for the live show rotation.

It starts with powerful piano chords and an onrush of echoing vocals and synths. Crisp snare rolls gradually lead towards the build, where a swell of white noise and thunderous horns carry upwards into the drop. Suddenly, massive sirens weave in and out of the mix above a rumbling sub bass and sharp percussion hits. They’re soon replaced with choral vocal stings, before fading away for a short, flute-centered respite. The song climbs once more, this time dropping off into a bouncy and euphoric future bass atmosphere.

Click here to download the track for free!

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Source: Ekali & KRANE – Akira [Free Download]