Premiere: UZ – Lobby ft QUIX & Chaz French (sumthin sumthin Remix)

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Experimental DJ-producer sumthin sumthin has delivered his rendition of UZ‘s “Lobby” featuring QUIX and Chaz French. The song is to be featured on the extensive remix album accompanying UZ’s Layers LP, released earlier this year via UZ’s own Quality Goods Records. Also released recently on Quality Goods was sumthin sumthin’s own Afterglow EP. The four-track EP displays the California-based artist’s innovative, genre-defiant production technique.

Sumthin sumthin has added his own wonky twist to the original melodic trap framework of “Lobby.” In addition to the heavily pitched-down bass, sumthin sumthin has also infused a bit of strangeness into the track with his own fragmented, shattered glass-reminiscent sampling. Still audible are the metallic textures from UZ’s initial effort, though the remix features a more warped, glitchy sound design.

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Ryan Hemsworth fashions experimental remix to Streetfighter II theme

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Ryan Hemsworth earned ultimate recognition for his work in the form of recruitment to produce a song for E-40 and Yakki. Since “Hunnid’s” release, the Canadian bass wizard has now collaborated with the Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) to present his take on “Ryu’s Theme.”

“Ryu’s Theme,” of course, refers to the Streetfighter II theme song whose stems were sent out to an array of willing producers by the RBMA to duke out out over a remix contest. Hemsworth’s interpretation shows off what makes him such a standout producer — powerful bass wrapped in an eclectic soundscape that defies the status quo. While Hemsworth himself is participating in this contest as a judge and “video game expert,” his contribution to the project certainly sets the bar high for those under him looking for their shot at notoriety.


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VTCN Radio – Mydriase LP

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One of my favorite up and coming electronic acts, VTCN Radio, recently released a killer new experimental LOP titled Mydriase. I’m loving the sounds on this album. If you’re a fan of otherworldly soundscapes and ear bending percussion, this is the piece for you. The auditory odyssey was composed by the Nathan Bokobza and Louis

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Burial slings out ominously redolent ‘Pre Dawn/Indoors’ EP

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Burial‘s salient Untrue recently observed 10 years of rotation around the sun.

Since the masterpiece’s release, the ominous producer has remained an anomaly. An established recluse, Burial has long preferred that his music speak volumes. His very identity was kept at bay for the majority of the early part of his career.

Earlier this year, he made a re-appearance with his Subtemple EP and the eventual “Rodent,” which was an aloof, sultry original, gleaming in archetypally employed Burial ambiguity.

His tracks themselves have long evoked sentimentality and introspection in club culture. Further building on this very style are two new tracks apart of the artist’s debut on NonPlus+ — an electronic music label from London — run by Alex Green, or Boddika.

“Pre Dawn” is a haunting number, reminiscent of the aforementioned Untrue full-length, clocking in near 140 BPM and whisking away its listeners in its shroud, ice-cold quality. Upon its denouement, “Pre Dawn” returns to Earth where the scene transforms into dawn and carries the number into a synth passage. A voice appears to sing out, “Late at night… the energy… take me to the dream world.”

Further into this very reverie state, comes “Indoors.”

More hardcore than “Pre Dawn,” “Indoors” shelves out Burial’s classic garage and intersected rave style that took the underground by storm. It’s a vividly evocative number that needs no visual aid in envisioning its warehouse-reminiscent conditions

Burial is more than 10 years into his career, and with few releases in between, it remains a wonder when the artist will bestow a sonic gifting. Though aberrant and chaotic at moments, Pre Dawn/Indoors exude the beloved Burial elements, still reaching towards a sonic resolution, likely never to attain fulfillment — perhaps, intentionally.


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Celebrate the fifth anniversary of Flume’s self-titled debut LP [Stream]

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Five years in the electronic music space can seem like a lifetime, especially as this past half decade saw dance music grow into a $7 billion global enterprise. Production value, ticket sales, and arguably even talent are at an all time high in the social media age, with Flume a major standout. The Australian superstar started shaping the course of contemporary electronic music with his self-titled debut solo LP five years ago.

Harley Streten’s Flume project introduced the world to the experimental blend of liquid synths, off-filter percussion arrangements, and modulated basslines that are now ubiquitously considered future bass, at a time when Australia’s now massive pool of production talent just began to emerge. Compositions like “Sleepless,” “Holdin On,” and “Insane,” not only catapulted Streten to an iconic status, but are enduringly evident influences in the works of some of today’s most sought-after breakthroughs including Mura Masa and Marshmello.

Flume also came at a time when the full length LP didn’t carry much strength, or popularity in the electronic music world, though the record’s sweeping, monumental success undoubtedly paved way more full length studio products from fellow electronic artists to follow. The album even received a deluxe edition release, which hosted Streten’s seminal remix of Disclosure‘s “You & Me.” Creating a genre of his own, and then continuing to not only dominate it, but push it’s creative boundaries, Flume has earned his spot in morden electronic music’s uppermost echelon largely behind the work on his formal introduction, Flume. 

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Oshi – Lost

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Nineteen-year-old Joshua Brennan, otherwise known as Oshi, is back with a new single titled “lost.” The track opens with a combination of piano, drums, and bells that fall into synthesized vocals and a pulsing bass line that carries the listener into the crux of the track. “Lost” blends instrumentals, electronic, and bass while putting a refreshing twist on the combination.

The producer described his excitement for the release in the track’s SoundCloud description.

“holy smoly i have been gone for so fuckin long, but hey, guess what…. im back and my skin is clear, my mind is kinda fucked but it’s getting better slowly but surely, im just stoked to finally show you some of the stuff ive been working on, thank u for being patient and loving me, i love you all!!!!!!<3”

Oshi is certainly back, and “lost” is a track that will appeal to fans of many genres.

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Um Is Actually Not Breaking Up – Admits To Publicity Stunt

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Back in mid-October, the bass duo Um… confirmed rumors of their breakup with the track titled “this is our last song.” While it seemed the experimental bass duo had ended, Um… confirmed via a Facebook video that the entire thing was just a publicity stunt. Using dry humor and a news-style video, Um… opens up

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Sunday Morning Medicine: synthwave to soundtrack the pouring rain

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Sunday Morning Medicine is an eclectic playlist for the chill at heart. Curated weekly, chillers of divergent tastes Alexandra Blair and Michael Cooper bring you a selection of tracks to relax to. Our editorial feature highlights the cream of the crop, but you can follow the official playlist on Spotify

The first select of the week is a deep cut courtesy of Lazerhawk.  The Austin based producer has become known for his prolific catalog of deliciously 80s inspired music and for his role as a founding member of beloved outrun and synth haven Rosso Corsa records. “So Far Away” is a dreamy throwback from the producer’s stacked 2012 LP Visitors. A bright guitar lick meanders through the a lush cloud of synths and a pining, haunting vocal refrain that pulses in and out like a communication from another plane.


B•R•A•U•N’s debut solo LP with Diving Bell Recording Co arrived as a fully formed world for listeners to immerse themselves in. Silent Science is at once inspired by sounds of the past and rooted firmly in the attitudes of the present. Producer Ben Braun has constructed an incredible offering that is easy to get lost in for hours of repeated listening and “Lose It All” is a standout track with vibes for days. Even as the vocals detail a stubborn resolution, Braun’s driving bass line and soaring synth melodies drive the song forward into an irresistible groove.


Cult favorites POLIÇA have made a name for their synthpop outfit over a series of timeless releases and high profile collaborations with electronic musicians like Boys Noize. “Lay Your Cards Out” is one such perennial creation from the group’s 2012 LP Give You The Ghost. The track seems to pull from a wealth of influences with elements of trip hop and a strong thematic nod to dreampop pioneers Cocteau Twins, but a rolling drum line brings the track to an intoxicating boil around the three minute mark, fomenting a sense of urgency and tension that feels contemporary, uniquely POLIÇA.


Compuphonic‘s Mango Figaro EP made a quiet arrival earlier this month via deep house stalwart Anjunadeep. The EP’s textured, refreshing brand of deep house is exemplified here in its title track which glistens with organic warmth. The song is a narrative journey through a head space that feels intimate and introspective for producer Maxime Firket and each of the track’s intricate samples is mastered lovingly into the perfect space within this rich, airy composition.


Rounding out this week’s picks is a cut from producer Chris Stewart’s synth outlet Black Marble. Stewart’s 2012 LP A Different Arrangement drew from synthwave’s earliest progenitors, tapping into a DIY creative space and scraping together raw, visceral elements into moody, brooding affair. At a few hopeful moments in the LP, Stewart’s compositions turn bright, verging on glo-fi, but album opener “Cruel Summer” sets the dominant tone for this chillingly impassive album that some how yearns for more, better in a cold and frustratingly intractable reality.


Stream the official Sunday Morning Medicine playlist below and hit follow on Spotify for updates in real time.


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Watch Stranger Things composers create sci-fi soundscapes at the Moog factory

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Anticipation for the beloved, nostalgia-ridden sci-fi hit Stranger Things has undoubtedly been at an all-time high this past month and, with the release of the second season, finally crested.

Between the deliverance of synth-led S U R V I V E’s dark soundtrack for the Netflix original and the desire to escape to much simpler, ostensibly blissful times, Stranger Things‘ ethos leaves very small wonder as to why fans could hardly wait for its sequel. For some, the show and its cast of characters — Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Will and more — seemed like they may never return.

But in the spirit of the show’s release, S U R V I V E members and score composers for the hit show Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein visited the Moog Factory to create a sonic sea of Stranger Things-aligned sci-fi soundscapes. Somehow, in the seemingly never-ending abyss of cables, the two echo the sounds of the show in an effortless fashion.

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Nicolas Jaar set to release ambient album

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Nicolas Jaar is set to release a new ambient album.

The announcement for the new LP came via Twitter on October 23, after the artist announced two last-minute gigs — both set for The Kitchen in Manhattan through his record label, Other People.

Jaar shared he’ll perform two sets in the evening of October 24, also featuring a book launch with Maziyar Pahlevan and Africanus Okokon, an opening set by Okokon and Vamba Bility, concluding with a solo live noise set by Jaar, where he coyly mentioned he’ll play out a majority of his new ambient album live. In the second later show, Jaar will be joined by experimental composer and performer Patrick Higgins.

The new record will make the Chilean-American producer’s first release since the 2016 LP Sirens

Tickets for the show are available here.

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