Life On Planets – The Maze [Exclusive]

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Hailing from the bustling city of Baltimore, rising duo Life On Planets bring their latest delivery titled “The Maze” via Wolf + Lamb Records. While the title track from their forthcoming EP, out July 21st, is not the team’s first release off the coveted Brooklyn-based label, it surely stands out an advanced extension of their distinctive, soulful sound.

Made up of DJ/producer Patrick and vocalist/guitarist Phill, the pair’s debut album Curious Palace was released off the label in 2015 with abundant praise, introducing the project’s eclectic melding of funk, house, and disco virtuosity that has resulted in a dedicated following over the years. Now, Life On Planets make their long-awaited return and seek to further harness their creative pursuit with lead single “The Maze” by encapsulating a matured musical landscape.

The track quickly evolves into a ruminative, tech house number filled with R&B-tinged sensibilities. A driving 4/4 rhythm supplies a platform for minimal percussion, luscious chords, and Phill’s longing narrative, displaying the duo’s undeniable musical synchronicity that dives deep into the soul.

Stream Life On Planets’ “The Maze” below, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

Mat Zo & The Knocks release ‘Adrian,’ their first single as The Mary Nixons

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Mat Zo and The Knocks are both adept at producing quality electronic music across multiple genre mediums. While Zo errs on the heavier side while The Knocks generally create more lighthearted tunes, both find a common adoration of vintage, funk-influenced sounds. Their shared interest and free-spirited musical natures have now melded into a brand new force called “The Mary Nixons,” and indeed, the combination of the two is proving to be as delectable as it sounds.

“Adrian” is a fine introduction to The Mary Nixons, employing plenty of airy supporting elements often heard in tracks by The Knocks with weightier undertones, clever editing, and synth-work that indicates Zo’s contributions. The composition is quite the fine blend of the nascent group members’ musical stylings, and flows seamlessly in its development. Topping it off, warm vocals add an anthemic dimension “Adrian,” one that make it perfect for sets.

The Mary Nixons derive their title from singer Marni Nixon, an under-the-radar vocalist who can be heard in multiple iconic musicals – most of which she wasn’t given credit for, unfortunately. The name pays homage to truly talented artists that often go unnoticed in the current “rockstar” climate of electronic music. Though perhaps The Mary Nixons might start off below the surface, what will indeed speak for itself is the talent involved in their craft.

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Nine Inch Nails announce ‘Add Violence’ EP, share riveting new track ‘Less Than’

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Last week Nine Inch Nails‘ frontman Trent Reznor tweeted “NEXT WEEK,” hinting that the group had something looming around the corner for its fans. Today Reznor kept his word and the band’s EP trilogy continues with the deliverance of Add Violence, a five-track EP in the series that began in December with Not the Actual Events.

The new EP will dictate the expansion of the band and incorporate “elements of beauty into the dark dissonance,” per a press release from the group.

“The narrative arc linking the three records begins to emerge through the disassociated lyrics and the provocative and clue-filled cover artwork and accompanying physical component, ” it continued.

The first look at the record,”Less Than,” is now streaming and gives listeners an idea of what type of intersectional arc to expect.

Add Violence is out digitally next Friday, July 21, but will also be available on vinyl and CD September 1. The band’s 2016 Not the Actual Events EP came with a “physical component,” a mysterious black powder whose packaging warned, “This will make a mess.” While it remains to be detailed of what the physical component will be, Add Violence will have one too.

Add Violence Tracklist:
01. Less Than
02. The Lovers
03. This Isn’t the Place
04. Not Anymore
05. The Background World

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Barclay Crenshaw delivers new mixtape, ‘Transmission 002’

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Dirtybird label head Claude VonStroke has been turning heads and amassing a new fanbase over the past two years with his scintillating side project under his real name, Barclay Crenshaw. Leaving behind the dirty house beats that made Claude VonStroke one of the premier tastemakers of dance music, Crenshaw’s brand of extraterrestrial-tinged hip-hop is a fresh and unique sound that has resonated with festival-goers from Bonnaroo and Coachella to Movement and Electric Forest. Building on the success of his self-titled debut album Barclay Crenshaw is back with Transmission 002 Mixtape.

Loaded with the swagger and style that fans have come to expect from the artist, the mix presents yet another mind-bending chapter in the legend of Barclay Crenshaw. Fans of Crenshaw’s debut album will deeply appreciate the vibe of this latest endeavor. Unique in its ability to blend various genres in a bold and unique way, the Transmission 002 mixtape is exactly what this summer needs.

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Weekend Rewind: Relive Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones’ rowdy Boiler Room set

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It has been a busy year for Fractal Fantasy co-founders Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones. With Sinjin Hawke’s album, First Opus, being released in May and a steady stream of singles, remixes, and collaborations coming from both artists, it is easy for some great content to slip through the cracks. A few months ago, the Spanish duo put on an unmissable bass-driven Boiler Room set.

The event, recorded live in Bengaluru, India, is full of surprises that only these DJs could have in their arsenal. With most tracks by either one or both artists, Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones showed off the intense work that they put into their diverse live shows. Packed with unreleased bootlegs, edits, and more, the set spans many genres including footwork, jersey club, grime, trap, and hip hop. This eclectic mix of heavy beats and deep rhythms is a perfect example of what these two rising producers have to offer.


Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke – Glass Chains
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – Source Of Conflict
Busy Signal – Brave & Bold (Sinjin Hawke Edit)
E40 – Choices (YUP) (Zora Jones Bootleg)
Sinjin Hawke – Nailgun
Famous Eno, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones ft. Trigganom & Serocee – Gunshotta
1180 – Lick It
Brandy – Sittin Up In My Room (Xzavier Stone & Sinjin Hawke Bootleg)
Fox – Big Man Ting (prod. by Famous Eno)
Sinjin Hawke – Don’t Lose Yourself To This
Sinjin Hawke & Dj Sliink – Raw
Zora Jones – Too Many Tears VIP
MikeQ & Sinjin Hawke – Thunderscan
Bambounou – Any Other Service x Blaqstarr (FF Edit)
Sinjin Hawke – ???
Dj Jayhood – Lights Down Low (Zora Jones Remix)
Dj Na – MikeQ vs. Fingers Up (Boomclap Edit)
Jammer – Feedback (FF Edit)
Gangsta Boo & Sinjin Hawke – Yea Hoe (Vjuan Allure Remix)
DVA, Killa P, Sinjin Hawke – Worst [Vocal Dub]
Xzavier Stone – ???
Kid D – Set Fire
Scratcha DVA & Wiley – Apocalypto (FF Edit)
Low Deep – So Right Now
Soulja Boy – Pow (Boomclap Edit)
Zora Jones – First Light
Ceeda – Zoom (FF Edit)
Ciara – Go Girl (Zora Jones Edit) (Club Mix)
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – Lurk 101
Xzavier Stone – ???
Zora Jones – ???
Sinjin Hawke – Flood Gates VIP
Dj Roc – Uh Huh (Boomclap Edit)
v1984 & Zora Jones – The Zone
Dj 2Tall x Dj YB – Sex With Me (Boomclap Edit)
Assasin – Goodie Bye Bye (FF Edit)
Dj Roc – Vybrant Vibez
Sinjin Hawke – 321 [Vox Beatking]
Tiara Goonie – All Out Of Time (Zora Jones Edit)

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King Henry & RY X – Destiny (Original Mix)

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Budding talent King Henry caught the attention of RY X, leading to the birth of their glorious collaboration, “Destiny.” The indie singer’s ethereal vocals add a soulful, emotive element to track underneath that King Henry created, which pays homage to past electronic culture with heavy breaks while maintaining a modern edge with futuristic synthesizers. “Destiny” demonstrates the producer’s versatility once more, an impressive feat for an act just making it into the scene.

King Henry first caught the dance world’s attention with his reggae-esque remix of Justin Bieber’s “Cold Water,” later exploring more eclectic sounds in his debut EP, Don’t Stay Away. Considering his skill and the fact he’s already attracting acts like RY X to work with him, much success awaits him as he continues his dive into electronica.

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EPROM shares heavy-handed new five-track EP, ‘Pineapple’

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2017 has been a busy year for EPROM. After releasing Night the Dreadless Angel EP under the moniker Shades, a duo comprising of himself and UK-based drum & bass producer Alix Perez, EPROM has returned to his solo output with his long-awaited Pineapple EP.

Pineapple features four original tracks and one remix. Opening the collection with the EP’s fitting title track, EPROM breaks into his famously adventurous, experimental production style with distorted bass stabs and wobbling, industrial synths. The release’s second select, “B.F.G.” finds EPROM dabbling with a wiry trap bounce ahead of “Zweihander,” which circles back to an all-out assault of crisp 303 rhythms over a landscape of deep, growling sub-bass.

EPROM ties together the original tracks with a haunting downtempo piece titled “Koummya.” To close out the EP, the producer reached out to past collaborator G-Jones for a heavy remix of “Pineapple.” Along with collaborations that include Barclay Crenshaw, Alix Perez, G-Jones, Ivy Lab, and more EPROM continues to secure his spot as one of underground bass music’s foremost talents on his latest release, Pineapple.

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The Radar 90: Mixed by Superpoze

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Superpoze might not be a superstar just yet, but this French talent is certainly one to keep a look out for. Having began his tenure in the music world as a classically trained artist and multi-instrumentalist, he’s spent the past half decade carefully cultivating his electronic career with a series of releases and live appearances that leave those happening upon him highly impressed and wanting to hear more.

In particular, a standout feature of Superpoze’s performances is that he showcases the full breadth of his talent by using actual instruments and a hybrid setting of sorts rather than simply DJing. The result feels almost like a Kiasmos, Jon Hopkins or Stephan Bodzin show – immersive as ever, profoundly melodic, and, in general, he fosters nouveau-classical atmosphere that can please music enthusiasts across multiple generations.

Fans can now revel in a special Radar mix the burgeoning producer has provided – a true journey through sentimental and sweeping soundscapes that are stitched tidily together for a truly awe-inspiring hour. Additionally, he also took some time out of his schedule to discuss his musical upbringing and creative process. Peruse below while listening along to the melodies he puts forth.


1. Superpoze – Azur
2. John Talabot – Voices
3. Adesse Versions – Pressured
4. Superpoze – Gleam
5. The xx – A Violent Noise (Four Tet Remix)
6. Parple – Sacred
7. Cosmin TRG – Vertigo (Tale of Us & Fango Remix)
8. Dark Sky – Em Cy
9. Daniel Schmidt – And the Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn



Do you think your classical training/instrumentation has made you a more well rounded musician?

Classical training allows me to understand what I feel when I’m making music. It makes it easier. When I feel ‘this’ should happen I know which note or which chord [it takes to make] ‘this.’ If you want to use a word you’ve heard, it is always good to know how to write it.

Do you generate your own samples and sounds? What’s your process there?

I mostly record my own sounds, percussion, synthesizers, etc. and sometimes I use those as samples. I record a sound, do something I like with it, and then I treat this recording as an external sample. I pitch it, make slices, and make something new with it.

I do this to create a conversation between me and myself. I’m playing chess alone.

Why do you choose to perform so many elements of your music live?

I need to create accidents during a live set. When strange things happens live—this is the most exciting moment of a concert. If everything is written, you can enjoy it, but I don’t want to miss this moment when the audience and the artist are both surprised by the sound.

When did you start making music and how? In general, but also specifically electronic music.

I was a music student from 6 to 14 years old. I studied classical percussion, played in a lot of teenage bands in my hometown and I started to record music on my computer when I was 18. I first started with sample-based tracks and when I got my first synthesizer, I started to record my first album Opening, which came out when I was 22.

What is your process for making such nuanced and layered tracks? Where does it start and where does it end?

I definitely takes a lot of time to make music—and I follow time’s arrow. I don’t start a song with a hook and then look for an introduction, an end, etc.. I always start at the first second and then develop it until I feel the sound should stop.

Who are some people whose work you really appreciate or are inspired by?

I love the music of Moondog, Talk Talk, Jon Hopkins, and Nosaj Thing among a lot of other artists.

Marius – Easy (Original Mix)

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Originally introduced to the world under the name Melf, the Norwegian producer has rebranded his persona as Marius. First captivating us with his rugged yet elegant sound design, Marius’ sonic aesthetic, while still evolving, is currently a chaotic mixture of synth-driven experimental moods and striking percussion.

His next single under his new moniker, “Easy,” heads way left of center as the Scandinavian talent opens with a filtered drum kit number before introducing a starry chord progression and later revisits his percussion prowess with a number of follow up sections. Overall, Marius’ introductory offerings follow a similar path to when his fellow countrymen Cashmere Cat and Lido first started their careers a few years back.

Free Download

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Solomun enthralls with two remixes of Pantha du Prince’s ‘Dream Yourself Awake’

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Given his reputation as one of the world’s premier taste-making DJs, it’s unsurprising that Solomun is a man of diverse influences and ideas. Unlike a majority of his colleagues, the Diynamic label-head makes his eclectic inspirations clear not only in his comprehensive mixes, but also in his modus operandi for remixes.

Whether intentional or not, Solomun often channels the biblical King Solomon’s “splitting the baby” approach to his remixes. That is to say, when tapped for a remix, the artist has a demonstrable track record for providing two interpretations of the original track, rather than one of limiting himself to a remix that explores just one direction. The producer has, in recent years, provided “Night” and “Morning” or “Day” remixes to both Michael Mayer and Joe Goddard’s “For You” and Liu Bei’s “Atlas World.”

Yesterday, June 10, Solomun released his newest pair of revisions, this time taking on German artist Pantha du Prince’s “Dream Yourself Awake.” For his “standard” remix of the track, the producer transfers the original vocals into an engrossing deep house composition, driven by stirring samples and somber bass lines.

Additionally, Solomun provides a “dream remix” for Pantha du Prince’s work. Taking on a different character than his normal sonic fare, the iconic artist offers a version of the song which is completely void of any percussive elements, instead opting to arrange the original vocal lines into a canvas of mesmerizing synthesis and haunting drones.

Both interpretations of “Dream Yourself Awake” are included in the official remix package for Pantha du Prince’s The Triad LP, which includes further remixes from the likes of Recondite, John Roberts, and Shinedoe.

Dream Yourself Awake (Solomun Remix)

Dream Yourself Awake (Solomun Dream Remix)

Featured image via Erik Voake/Coachella

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