Excision announces dates for 2020 Lost Lands and Bass Canyon

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Excision announces dates for 2020 Lost Lands and Bass Canyon79271764 2158903381072511 500587354700906496 O

After Lost Lands‘ hugely successful debut in 2017, Excision hopped the fast track from DJ and producer to festival pioneer. Lost Lands almost immediately became the most discussed festival among the rapidly growing bass community, and the next year he debuted his second festival: Bass Canyon.

Both of these festivals will return to their seasoned homes in 2020 on their same respective weekends. Bass Canyon will be Aug. 28-30 and Lost Lands is slated for Sept. 25-27.

Using the pristine natural architecture of The Gorge in Grant County, Washington, Bass Canyon is the single-stage counterpart to Lost Lands, making for a more intimate experience.

Lost Lands will return to Legend Valley, Ohio, the sprawling landscapes of which will once again be filled with dinosaurs and stages that rival them in size along with more than 40,000 roaming bassheads.

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Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival Releases Day-by-Day Lineup

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Today, Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival has released its Day-by-Day lineup for this year’s upcoming event. This lineup comes in handy for those who are unsure about attending all two days of the festival. One day passes are currently available, so this lineup should help you to decide which day is best for you. In just

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HiJinx Festival returns to Philadelphia for bass boosted sequel [Review]

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HiJinx Festival returns to Philadelphia for bass boosted sequel [Review]HiJin Skrille 02 8

“Out with the old and in with the new” goes the New Year’s adage, and it’s the latter half of the expression that best applies to newcomer of Philadelphia’s live event circuit, HiJinx Festival. From December 27 – 28, crowds of dance music enthusiasts set out for the Philadelphia Convention Center to witness HiJinx’s second annual iteration. Dancing Astronaut was among them, and after attending the Live Nation-organized event for the first time in HiJinx’s nascent history, can confidently assert the following: it’s no wonder that HiJinx’s sequel was sold-out. 

HiJinx Festival returns to Philadelphia for bass boosted sequel [Review]HiJin Lineup WebsiteHeader Final 1

The festival’s 2019 bass-riddled lineup was proof of Live Nation’s evergreen ability to land top acts, and further solidified HiJinx as one of the premier bass-centric events in the country. Topped by Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Bassnectar, Zeds Dead, GRiZ, and Excision and Slander, who collaboratively closed HiJinx with a back-to-back set, HiJinx’s 2019 lineup was a formidable followup to the festival’s 2018 billing, which packed its own one-two punch.

HiJinx Festival returns to Philadelphia for bass boosted sequel [Review]Hfzstgjb71m11

In 2018, HiJinx laid the foundation for its aesthetic identity with low-end heavyweights such as Bassnectar, RL Grime, and WHIPPED CREAM. As they did with the 2019 lineup, HiJinx organizers issued a nod to hip-hop and integrated the genre in the bass-leaning roster with the inclusion of artists such as Denzel Curry. Between 2018 and 2019, Bassnectar was the sole artist to receive an invitation to return to HiJinx.

For attendees, the festival experience is often not without token set delays and even last minute lineup changes. Not so, however, with the emerging Philly event, which went off without any hitches in a spacious venue that coalesced crowd members with various food and craft vendors.

HiJinx Festival returns to Philadelphia for bass boosted sequel [Review]Bassnectar HiJin 2019 Family Photo
Bassnectar’s family photo from HiJinx 2019

HiJinx, as festival goers based in the Tri-state area can attest, bridges a once existent gap in this area’s live event circuit. Although New York is a Mecca for the stateside dance scene, particularly during the week between Christmas and New Year’s day, the events offered are mostly singular, standalone shows rather than multi-day festivals. Those seeking to attend an electronic festival during this timeframe must consequently look beyond the northeast’s offerings, and might consider mainstays such as Snowglobe Festival in California or Arizona’s fledging Decadence.

HiJinx Festival returns to Philadelphia for bass boosted sequel [Review]HiJin Skrille 02 8
Skrillex performs at HiJinx 2019

Live Nation’s sophomore installation of HiJinx Festival effectively broadens the stock of seasonal electronic music festivals available to dance aficionados, but is of specific benefit to those in the Tri-state area, for whom multi-day options have been traditionally limited. With each year to follow, HiJinx Festival will continue to progressively transcend its current emerging status, adding value to the festival circuit at large, and giving bassheads another extended opportunity to ride the rails.

HiJinx Festival Selects: Bump cuts from artists slated to play the event’s second edition [Playlist]

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HiJinx Festival Selects: Bump cuts from artists slated to play the event’s second edition [Playlist]49484247 286464952014556 252385837524713472 O

With its inaugural year in the rearview, HiJinx Festival will return once more to the Pennsylvania Convention Center for a second year of unmediated momentum. From December 27-28, HiJinx’s bass itinerary will position headliners Bassnectar, Excision, Slander, Skrillex, Zeds Dead, Porter Robinson, and GRiZ before the crowd assembled in Philadelphia.

A wonderland of low end artistry, HiJinx’s 2019 lineup additionally includes DROELOE, who recently wrapped their past, present, future EP series with the release of A Promise Is Made, CloZee, Big Wild, and dual riddim and dubstep experimenter, Subtronics, who partnered with GRiZ on the floor shaking “Griztronics.” Zion I, Kittens, SoDown, and The Underachievers will also cater to bass enthusiasts with resounding sets over the course of HiJinx’s two-day 2019 run.

HiJinx Festival Selects: Bump cuts from artists slated to play the event’s second edition [Playlist]HiJin Lineup WebsiteHeader Final 1

To ready attendees for what will be, for some, the final festival of the decade, Dancing Astronaut has coalesced original productions from all of the artists slated to play HiJinx in one sprawling pre-event playlist. More information on the sold out event can be found, here.

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Forbidden Kingdom reveals expansion details for 2020, along with bass-laced phase one lineup

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Forbidden Kingdom reveals expansion details for 2020, along with bass-laced phase one lineupEcision Rukes Hollywood Palladium Dinosaurs

Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival took over Sunset Cove in Florida for its inaugural edition this year, and now the festival has announced it will be coming back once again for its second iteration in February of 2020. Taking place on February 15 – 16 in Boca Raton’s beautiful Sunset Cove Amphitheater, ​Forbidden Kingdom​ is set to expand the event in many ways for its second iteration.

Festival organizers have revealed that Forbidden Kingdom will seek to diversify its programming, while continuing to explore the widening bass music spectrum. They will be adding a new stage as well as an expansion of the festival area through the park to be able to accommodate multiple activations and relaxation areas for the fans. Forbidden Kingdom will also be doubling the line-up size to over 40 acts, which is great news for bass fans.

Acts who have already been announced include Excision​ performing two sets (Solo + Detox), Rezz​, ​Svdden Death, Sullivan King, Dion Timmer, and more. To relive Forbidden Kingdom 2019 and to see what is in store for 2020, check out the festival’s official after-movie below. Tickets can be purchased here.

Good Morning Mix: Excision delivers unremitting bass in vigorous Lost Lands set [Watch]

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Good Morning Mix: Excision delivers unremitting bass in vigorous Lost Lands set [Watch]Ecision Lost Lands

The low end activity that set attendees’ teeth chattering during Lost Lands‘ 2019 iteration has extended beyond Legend Valley to YouTube. Complete with aerial shots of the stage as it appeared during the live set, Excision‘s full-length Lost Lands appearance is now available in all of its climactic, two-hour glory.

Replete with the potent, unremitting bass for which the festival founder has come to be known, the showing positions Excision originals such as “Evolution” alongside efforts from other esteemed electronic entities. Streamers can catch the new ID that Excision presented at Lost Lands just before the 20-minute mark.

The producer recently confirmed the once anonymous inclusion to be a collaboration with Downlink on Twitter. Fortunately for bass enthusiasts everywhere, what happens in Legend Valley doesn’t stay in Legend Valley.

Excision Uploads Full Two Hour Lost Lands Set

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Lost Lands 2019 was hands down the best Lost Lands to date. With revamped operations and festival design, Lost Lands was smooth sailing for everyone. It was five days of pure bass bliss. If you’re finding yourself missing the dinosaurs and the beauty of Legend Valley, fear no more! We’re slowly getting recorded sets so

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Excision and Illenium Debut Unreleased Collaboration during B2B at Lost Lands

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Just a few minutes ago, Excision and Illenium debuted a new unreleased collaboration during the last few moments of their B2B at Lost Lands. Popular dubstep DJ, Excision, stated that the two of them created the new track when their set at Bass Canyon was canceled due to unforeseen weather conditions. Attendees at the festival,

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Wooli and Excision converge on ‘Evolution’ EP for an exhibition of bass variance [Review/Q&A]

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Wooli and Excision converge on ‘Evolution’ EP for an exhibition of bass variance [Review/Q&A]Ecision Wooli At Bass Canyon 2 Credit Oh Dag Yo

When the old and new titans of the bass world coalesce on a distinctive vision, the witnesses quake in anticipation of its residual impact. In the case of Excision and Wooli, their latest collaborative project Evolution has demanded the inexhaustible attention of bass fans not just for its impeccable sound design, but for its decisive showcase of stylistic colors in a formidable four-tracker EP package. The burgeoning Wooli is capitalizing on his momentous rise in the heavy bass scene, and Evolution both dictates a pivotal act of artistry in his career while heralding the continuum of his genre-morphing inclinations as he looks forward to his next move.

Cementing his early status in a portfolio of “briddim” and hard dubstep, Wooli, born Adam Puleo, first broke onto the scene with his remix of Excision and Dion Timmer‘s “Her” and rapidly accumulated a fanbase devoted to his production prowess in thrashing bass music. His imposing sound earned him the weighty support of mainstay Excision following the latter’s inclusion of Wooli’s track, “Wave It Up” in the 2016 iteration of his iconic Shambhala mix.

Dancing Astronaut spoke to Wooli about all the creative elements that shaped his journey to present day, including his relationship with co-producer and dubstep behemoth Excision.

“Excision was one of the first people to ever support my music at that kind of scale. He’s actually really easy to approach as far as sending music. He’s been supporting my music his last two or three tours and playing probably anywhere from three to six of my songs per set. Then, it transitioned into me playing a lot of the shows on his tours. So that’s where we finally met. It was just a natural relationship that evolved. As long as you find some way to become friends with that person, it comes pretty naturally wanting to write music with them later.” 

The rest is history; since then, Wooli has collected a stacked set of songwriting, sound development, and tour experience in a short time—embarking on Adventure Club‘s Death or Glory tour, debuting two tracks on Seven LionsOphelia Records, and gracing festival circuits from the likes of Electric Forest, Bass Canyon, Electric Zoo, and more. Now, the Rochester native acts to prove his fledging reputation is no act of luck, but a culmination of sheer talent as he simultaneously takes on his own headlining tour, The Voyage, alongside peer Trivecta and releases his joint Evolution EP with Excision.

“It started with just one song. We wrote “Evolution” with Sam King and we had some more ideas for different projects that we either started, never finished or just had in the back of our head. He had me come up to his house up in Canada, we wrote up there for about five or six days, and pretty much finished the EP there.”

Evolution spans four tracks each characterized by their respective tonal marks and constructed by idiosyncratic intentions. The EP opens with “Lockdown” —the only track devoid of features— for a heavy-hitter signature of screeching synths and pounding bass; the ensuing dubstep production is exactly what listeners expect from the combined forces of Wooli and Excision. Titular track “Evolution” also echoes the chaotic menace of the opener, its foreground perforated by the growls of mammoths while Sam King‘s vocals pave the way for a deadly drop. With primal instincts and raw energy, both numbers will be destined as crowd favorites for the live stage, undoubtedly seizing their full potential with the capabilities of bass-thundering sound systems.

“The most fun to make was “Lockdown” just because it was me and Excision in his basement/mega studio and it was my first time ever working in the studio; I always just work over the internet. It was a really fun experience and he’s got like the loudest, biggest, bass-iest speakers you could buy.”

As much as “Lockdown” and “Evolution” epitomize the expected product of a Wooli and Excision collaboration, the rest of the EP signifies a dynamism outside of their supposed expertise that grants endless bounds of excitement in relation to the former. Finding middle ground between melodic and heavy, “Another Me” lies on the cusp of genre nuances. Although driven by Seven Lion’s imprint on melodic dubstep, Wooli and Excision’s own taste of elbow-throwing soundscape make their presence equally known.

“‘Another Me’ was a favorite personal song just because I’ve always wanted to work with Dylan Matthew; his vocals are amazing and he’s an amazing artist. Then, obviously there’s Seven Lions who I’ve worked with before; we always just kill it together when it comes to the melodic side.”

However, the star of Evolution is Trivecta triple-collaboration, “Oxygen” and its poignant rendering of Wooli and Excision’s softer productions. Vocals from Julianne Hope reflect the emotive lyricism: “Swimming in the deep end / Breath away from drowning / Kiss me like I’m oxygen”. A clear divergence from its adjacent tracks, “Oxygen” trades a dubstep drop for future-bass inspired crescendos; the resulting product is breathtakingly beautiful. Exercising minimalistic instrumentals, keyboard chords and guitar strums pepper the delicate structure before the track builds into a sublime melodic drop and ephemerally descends into melancholic repose again.

“I’m really happy with the EP and response. My only concern was how open people were going to be specifically to the song “Oxygen” because there’s not a dubstep drop, but the fans…they kind of get it and they like it. I’m just happy with everything right now.” 

Evolution‘s selection of songs leaves no question for Wooli and Excision’s collective versatility and its sonic range may leave some fans curious, others disappointed, but many hungry for more. However, treading outside his staple comes as no surprise to Wooli himself, whose path to dubstep first found its origins in other forms of electronic music.

“Drum n’ bass was basically my first introduction to bass music when I was a lot younger. It was something my brother would listen to in the car when he was driving me around. In my city Rochester, New York, there’s no local dubstep scene. It was either tech house or drum n’ bass. Those were the only two things that people would listen to and if you wanted to be a DJ locally you had to play those kinds of genres. So when I learned how to start DJing, —before I was making music, just wanting to be a DJ— I was mixing drum n’ bass a lot.” 

More importantly, the inherent risk-taking in juxtaposing the harsh, heavy-hitting productions with melodic territory reflects Wooli’s own personal goals with where he believes he can take his music and where his motivations have always resided. Unconfined by the arbitrary lines of sub-genres, Wooli intends to carve his own visionary definitions of quality music into the bass scene. While his previous releases have harbored traces of experimentation, they act as playing ground in comparison to Evolution—the large-scale release of which has validated Wooli’s concrete ability time-and-time again to step with ease into any musical area he wishes to explore. Evolution ultimately showcases equal parts stylistic breadth and depth, refusing to relinquish Excision and Wooli’s beloved hard dubstep in light of new directions. Now, welding another massive collaborative project under his belt, Wooli finds himself at the crux of another jumping point in his artistic growth and overarching career.

“I’m going to keep on exploring what I could do with combining the melodic and the heavy. If not melodic and heavy, just two different genres like with my single “Psyclone” where it was heavy and psy trance. Anything that I feel like would keep the listener guessing to what’s going to happen next is what I’m really interested in and focusing on who I can get as far as a vocal feature to elevate the songs to the next level. My whole goal now is to make music that’s going to feel more like a complete song rather than just a dubstep drop.”

Stream Evolution below.

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HiJinx Festival unleashes destructive lineup with Bassnectar, Skrillex, Porter Robinson and more

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HiJinx Festival unleashes destructive lineup with Bassnectar, Skrillex, Porter Robinson and moreSkrille Smokin Amazon AWS 2018 Rukes

Bass music lovers rejoice—the lineup for you has landed. Hijinx Festival returns to Philadelphia this year with a killer lineup for December 27 – 28 featuring the likes Bassnectar, Skrillex, Excision going back-to-back with Slander, GRiZ, a DJ set from Porter Robinson, Zeds Dead and more. Additional firepower comes by way of talented supporting acts like bass up-and-comer Subtronics, Big Wild, CloZee, DROELOE, SoDown, Brainfeeder duo The Underachievers, and veteran talents like Zion I and Kittens

Last year’s roster included Bassnectar and ODESZA alongside GRiZ, Big Gigantic, RL Grime, and Illenium. Now building on that caliber of talent, this year’s cast of electronic heavy hitters look to close out the year with a rumbling wave of low end bass at the Pennsylvania Convention Center,

Tickets to this year’s festival are on sale starting Friday, September 13 at noon EST.

HiJinx Festival unleashes destructive lineup with Bassnectar, Skrillex, Porter Robinson and moreHiJin Festival

Featured image: Rukes