Sunset Neon – Everything (Josh Money Remix)

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The first thing springs to mind after listening to Josh Money’s remix of “Everything” from Sunset Neon is how utterly diverse the reinterpretation is.

A reverb drenched intro builds to mellow, swirling midtempo verse. This soon transitions into a brief, experimental-leaning interlude that prefaces a cleverly constructed drop, complete with slippery vocal samples, slices of synthesizer chords, and glittering arpeggios all atop a rock solid foundation of thudding percussion.

It’s an impeccable remix from a producer on the rise and firmly cements Josh Money was one to watch in 2018.

Clips x Ahoy Teams Up With Rising Artist EGZOD On New Single

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With over 8.5 millions streams in 18 months, Clips x Ahoy and EGZOD are a team capable of creating some serious wake when releasing a tune. That is exactly what they have done with their collaboration titled “Everything” featuring KLA. The anticipated collaboration is brought to you via Insomniac Records where EGZOD is a Discovery

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Lido’s Everything Tour Show Review: Berklee Performance Center, Boston

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After an incredible performance by the local Berklee band luhxLido was expected to go on next. The audience was buzzing with excitement as behind the drawn curtains you could see lights and movement. People yelled “Lido” as they couldn’t fathom holding in their excitement any longer. This was a special performance, considering many members of the audience were Berklee students, meaning the audience was made up of incredible musicians and music enthusiasts ready to take in everything Lido had to offer.

The place went dark. Lido stepped out and the crowd went wild. As Lido stood at the edge of the stage, he informed the audience that they should check their expectations for the night at the door. The venue is traditionally a seated one, so Lido invited the audience to stand, dance, and sing along if the audience chose to do so. He told us that this album and tour signifies a horrible break up he went through and the story of how he got through it. As he concluded his introduction, he sank back into the stage scattered with instruments ranging from drum toms to a grand piano at center stage.



An original, unheard rendition of “Crazy” began blaring on the speakers as Lido banged on the panel of toms he had assembled. In front of his drum kit stood a massive silk screen for visuals to be projected onto. Perfectly timed with the music, each visual would represent a mood, or a lyric in the music being played. Lido also incorporated holograms of artists who were featured on some tracks like Jaden Smith. Between playing drums and shredding on the organ, Lido would sit down at his grand piano and talk to the audience about his thoughts and feelings, almost as if we were casually sitting with him in his living room. He spoke of the album, the story behind the album, and how he was feeling that night.


The stage setup resembled a scientist’s laboratory. With organs and synths behind one panel, drums and drum pads behind another, Lido would run back and forth mixing and creating a concoction that produced beautiful sounding harmonies. The album was stripped of many parts and woven to fit the live performance fluidly. This allowed for Lido to explore the space taken out of each track with live instruments. It was astonishing. Check out some photos I took of the event below and be sure to check his tour at a stop near you:

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Source: Lido’s Everything Tour Show Review: Berklee Performance Center, Boston

Lido to take off on the Everything Tour

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Dance music is a space riddled with producers that showcase their music and skills through eclectic DJ sets. Every so often, we are treated to a producer who breaks the mold and showcases their own music through playing live instrumentation. The ever-so-talented Lido will take off on tour these coming weeks, with an already sold out show in Los Angeles, at The Theatre at Ace Hotel.

The tour is to showcase his debut concept album, Everything – an album about “the emotional process after a breakup”. The 11 song album takes you on an emotional journey, and is personally one of my favorite albums of the year. See below for tickets, and make sure to grab them – this is definitely a show you do not want to miss!

11/04 – Seattle, WA @ Washington Hall   HERE

11/07 Vancouver, BC @ Rio Theatre on Broadway   HERE

11/09 Los Angeles, CA @ The Theatre at Ace Hotel   SOLD OUT

11/11 Boston, MA @ Berklee Performance Center   HERE

11/12 New York, NY @ Apollo Theatre   HERE

11/16 Toronto, ON @ The Great Hall   HERE

11/18 Chicago, IL @ Rice Grand Foyer at the Lyric Opera House   HERE

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Source: Lido to take off on the Everything Tour

This producer remixed every song on Lido’s ‘Everything’

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Taking cues from Lido himself, who remixed Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo into one 8-minute extravaganza, Milwaukee producer Melvv has compiled all 11 tracks from Lido’s album, Everything, into a single, 10 minute long remix. Entitled “What If Everything’s Not Everything,” the remix takes samples and slices from Everything and puts them on top of a heady mix of rollicking bass, smooth chords, and infectious groove.

Given that he’s tasked with fitting 11 songs worth of material into a single song, Melvv reduces each track on Everything to its most memorable elements and adds his own touches and layers. The track moves between moods and energy levels efficiently, which is appropriate when reworking something with as much dynamic diversity as Everything. The remix-an-album-into-one-track form has been gaining popularity since Lido put his spin on Kanye, and it’s interesting and truly gratifying to see that kind of innovation come full circle.

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“Everything” You Need To Know About Lido’s Emotional Debut Album

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It’s hard to say how long I’ve been waiting for this album to release, but Lido has probably been waiting longer. His debut album Everything came out last night and if you haven’t listened to it yet, it’s probably better that you wait until you’re alone in a dark room before listening to it impulsively. The thing that you have to know about this album before you get into it is that it is deeply personal and extremely emotional. In attending Lido’s listening party in Los Angeles last night, he described the meaning behind each and every song on the album. Every song, every sound, every voice has a distinct and singular purpose, and Lido has agonized over every single one of them. For instance, “You Lost Your Keys” is the result of the final five minutes of an eight-hour studio session after he’s absolutely given up on trying to find the right key for the song.

In his explanation of the album, Lido mentioned that every voice on the album represents a different “character.” His own voice represents his emotions, whether frustrated, tortured or sad. Jaden Smith, who is featured prominently on the album (whether you notice or not), represents Lido’s reality – he shines brightest on “Only One.” On the track “So Cold,” Vic Mensa represents Lido’s loneliness, and so on.

Everything is about a breakup, and it follows the usual progression following a breakup that you didn’t want. It’s notable that this album begins with “Catharsis,” and then follows with the actual breakup in “Murder.” If you’re wondering why “Citi Bike” is so powerful, it’s because it represents when he’s drunk and angry.

It’s not likely that he’ll ever release a full explanation of the album himself, but that’s his modus operandi anyway. You shouldn’t be forced into his perspective, and that’s why many of the elements in the album are left intentionally vague. As Billboard writes in their interview with Lido last month, the album is less about a specific breakup and more about the “physical journey one embarks upon in a relationship’s aftermath, that inner-battle between man and self to redefine life on its own.”

In the realm of electronic music, Lido’s Everything is in a class of its own. It might not be a stretch to say it is the most raw and emotional album ever produced in EDM. After all, it’s not usual for there to be a five-minute piano solo on an EDM album as there is on “You Lost Your Keys.”

The idea behind Everything will probably be lost on the majority of typical EDM fans. That’s okay, one day when you’re crawling through your library after a particularly hard night, you’ll find this album and start to play it, and you’ll get it. Until then, enjoy your happiness.

If there’s anyone who knows it doesn’t last, it’s Lido.

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Source: “Everything” You Need To Know About Lido’s Emotional Debut Album

Lido’s ‘Everything’ is an ambitious, exhilarating debut [Album Review]

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If there’s one thing that we’ve all come to expect from Peder Losnegård, the Norwegian singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist better known as Lido, it’s that he refuses to be bound by convention.

After making a name for himself with unorthodox remixes for artists like Zhu and BANKS and the spectacular I Love You EP, Lido has continued to evolve through collaborative projects like SuperspeedThe Passion Project, and experimental remixing like The Life of Peder. So, when he announced his debut album back in April, and its ambitious title Everything, fans were understandably quite excited to see what Lido would do next.

Fans can rest assured, the production on the album is some of the most adventurous and exciting of the year. A gifted pianist and drummer, Lido’s uniquely blistering musicality is on full display in Everything. The album’s arrangements are as complex and layered as an orchestral score, full of so many variations, shifting motifs, and flourishes that one can listen to these songs a dozen times and still pick out details they missed the last time.

The producer’s ingenuity is on full display and aspects of Everything–the introductory verse of ‘Citi Bike,” for example, which is made up of dozens of different vocal cuts and clips, all pitched and panned around–strike the listener as the kinds of things that no other producer would even think of attempting.


Lido’s manifold influences, from gospel to hip hop, R&B to electronica, blend beautifully on the record. The opening strings and chimes of “Angel” drift back and forth into ethereal R&B before crashing headfirst into a titanic future bass climax of piercing synths and crunchy horn stabs. Not one piece is dissonant or out of place. It gives the album a sound that’s at once familiar and refreshingly singular.

Songs, like the spectacular “Murder,” are built around tried and true elements: 808’s, chopped-up and pitched-around vocal samples, shimmering sawtooth synth chords, but all are filtered through Lido’s eclectic sensibilities and augmented with a persistent, alluring sense of rhythm and forward movement which imbues them with new, exciting life.

With Everything, Lido utilizes the album as a form. From the screaming synths of curtain-raiser “Catharsis,” to the bombastic fireworks of “Crazy,” to the haunting organ flutters and gentle groove of standout track “Only One,” the energy and dynamics of the album shift from moment to moment with ease. Samples and melodic ideas are employed across multiple songs, taking on new and layered meanings in their changing contexts like repeated lines in a villanelle.

That an album as ambitious as Everything should fail to achieve the full scope and promise of its title is nearly inevitable. Described by Lido himself as something of a concept album detailing the fallout of a nasty breakup, the album is full of emotional turmoil. This turmoil manifests itself most evidently, and at times, most exhaustingly, in Lido’s lyrics, which aim for vulnerability but often fall somewhere between the melodramatic and the downright absurd (“I would die if you would dye your hair”).

This tendency pervades the LP.  It lurks in the background, corroding its strengths, particularly on the near-preposterous five minute piano and vocal solo “You Lost Your Keys.” The album is also problematized by the narrator’s persisting sense of ownership of the female character. The narrative does little to make her seem like more than a canvas for the speaker’s projections of desire and angst.

It’s an album that has its share of rough edges and messiness, and perhaps that’s the point. Perhaps Everything uses its moments of self-indulgence to communicate the fracturing and irrational nature of heartbreak. And underneath all the lyrical reaches and technical virtuosity, there are real moments of emotional intimacy here, moments when it transcends its premise and achieves genuine greatness. It is enormously exciting to see an artist willing to bend the rules and take risks the way Lido does with this album, and, for the most part, he triumphs in grand fashion.

Lido’s ‘Everything’ is available to stream now on Spotify. 

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Listen To The Second Single From Lido’s Forthcoming Debut Album, “Everything”

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The Lido hype is real as we await the release of his debut album Everything on October 7. From his epic Coachella performance with Jaden Smith to the release of his first single, “Crazy,” everything done in promotion of the album has only helped to increase hype for the the release.

Today, he dropped the second single to the album, “Murder,” an almost Trippy Turtle-esque bouncy tune, full of emotion and story. Lido has said that there’s a story to the album from beginning to finish, and “Murder” represents the initial breakup and the chaos therein.

“The vocal is chopped to sound nervous and stuttering before the words finally come out in the second verse, followed by an emotional chaos of a “drop” when the breakup has happened and then the sad anti-climax of silence portrayed by a 80-piece orchestra we recorded in Norway.”

The visual accompanying the track is equally as chaotic and beautiful, as with basically anything Lido does. Check it out below, and read more about the themes behind Everything in his exclusive interview with Complex here.

10/1 San Diego, CA – Crssd Festival
11/2 San Francisco, CA – Herbst Thater
11/4 Seattle, WA – Washington Hall
11/7 Vancouver, BC – Rio Theater,
11/9 Los Angeles,  CA – Ave Theatre
11/11 Boston, MA – Berklee Performance Center
11/12 New York, NY – Apollo Theater
11/15 Montreal, QC – Phill Center,
11/16 Toronto, ON – The Great Hall,
11/18 Chicago, IL – Lyric Opera House Grand Foyer

9/22 Oslo, Norway – Jakobkirken
9/23 Hamburg, Germany – Reeperbahn Festival
9/27  Paris, France – Badaboum
9/28 Amsterdam, Netherlands -Bitterzoet
9/29 London, United Kingdom – Internatonal Festival Forum (PRIVATE)

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Source: Listen To The Second Single From Lido’s Forthcoming Debut Album, “Everything”

5 amazing albums still coming out this year

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5 amazing albums still coming out this year

2016 has been an exceptional year for album releases. Since January, the dance music realm has been blessed with an eclectic array of thoughtful longform offerings. The chaos of Boys Noize’s Mayday, serenity of Flume’s Skin, and majesty of Eric Prydz’s Opus only begin to broach the vibrant emotional spectrum of LPs that have provided the foundation for one of electronic music’s most illustrious years yet.

As we officially bid farewell to summer and plunge into autumn’s austerity, it’s important to note that there are still many extraordinary albums yet to be released this year. We’ve compiled five albums in particular that are worth getting excited for before January 1, 2017.

Words by Will McCarthy, Michael Sundius, Alexandra Blair, and Michael Cooper.


Mr. Oizo – All Wet

Mr. Oizo has yet to become a household name stateside, but the French artist is a pioneer across two disciplines. For the better part of the last 20 years, Mr. Oizo has established himself as a visionary in bizarre techno, while also succeeding as a surrealist filmmaker under his given name, Quentin Dupieux. 

All Wet will mark Dupieux’s sixth LP as Mr. Oizo. Spanning 15 tracks in length, the album contains a plethora of high profile collaborations across a myriad of genres. Boys Noize, Siriusmo, and Crookers’ Phra all lend production talents to the record, while Peaches and Charli XCX are among its notable vocalists. Of course, the song most poised to convert American audiences to Oizo’s cult of peculiarity is his Skrillex collaboration; “End Of The World” has already begun to establish a massive presence in DJ sets and online. Luckily, the techno deluge of Mr. Oizo’s All Wet is imminent.

Release Date: September 30
Label: Ed Banger Records

Lido – Everything

With production credits for the likes of Halsey and Chance The Rapper, to say nothing of his extensive lineup of remixes — including an ambitious mix combing half of Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo — and flip work, Lido has proven himself to be one of the hottest names in electronic music. With a style that can effortlessly flip from heavily synthesized to R&B and gospel-inspired piano ballads, the hype has been building for his debut album Everything, due out in October.

Lucky fans who caught Lido’s set at Coachella have already heard the LP in full, though for now, the Norwegian has opted to tide fans over his first single “Crazy.” If the October 7 release date is still too far away, be sure to check out his amphibious, Jersey club side project Trippy Turtle.

Release Date: October 7
Label: TBD

Empire of the Sun – Two Vines

Empire of the Sun have been making the most of the three year journey to their forthcoming LP, Two Vines. Known for their opulent aesthetics, the duo spent time recording in both Hawaii and Los Angeles, chasing a mirage that defined the album’s sound from the outset. Says band member Nick Littlemore: “there was an image we talked about very early on… a modern city overtaken by jungle, almost like mother nature taking back the planet.”

Drawing inspiration from the dreamy harmonies of ’70s prog pop, the duo recruited high profile collaborators like Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham and members of both Prince and David Bowie’s bands. The result, witnessed in lead singles “High and Low” and the titular “Two Vines,” is as luscious as anything we’ve seen yet from the psychedelic duo.

Release Date: October 28
Label: Astralwerks

Justice – Woman

There is likely no album this year we’re anticipating as heavily as that of Justice’s Woman. The legendary French pair’s impending third album has the entire dance world on the edge of their seat, and for good reason — the previous two LPs served to help alter the course of electronic music as we know it.

What’s more, if the first two singles, “Safe and Sound” and “Randy,” are any indication, then Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay appear to be in top form. Blending disco, electro, and techno with live orchestra accompaniment, a choir, and plenty of swoon-worthy vocalists, Woman will undoubtedly reignite the Justice fever when it drops in November. 

Release Date: November 18
Label: Ed Banger Records




It’s been a quiet two years for Tycho since the release of Awake in 2014. That album cemented composer Scott Hansen’s status as a chill wave icon and the project has spent months touring the nation, bringing dreamy sunrise sets to the likes of EDC and Burning Man. In between shows, Hansen and his rotating cast of musicians have kept busy creating arrangements for a new album that will largely be a departure from previous work.

Hansen posted the project’s latest single “Epoch” on his graphic design blog, calling the track the “keystone” of the group’s evolving sound. The new release will “[hone] the sonic aesthetic of Dive while drawing on the kinetic energy of Awake,” and promises to explore “darker themes and new musical territory.” The singles pairs cold, buzzy synths and punishing drum lines with Hansen’s signature bright guitar licks for a spacious, melancholy effect. While Hansen has yet to announce an official release date, it is suspected that the release will come via Ghostly International sometime this year.

Release Date: TBA (2016)
Label: Ghostly International

Honorable Mention: deadmau5

Back in July, deadmau5 casually remarked that his new album was “pretty much” finished, immediately sending fans into a frenzy. While we’ve yet to receive an official release date from Zimmerman, we’ve heard countless snippets of the Canadian producer’s new work in the form of studio streams and live sets — including a new 9-minute progressive house piece and two tantalizing electro concoctions.

With no confirmation that the album will arrive this year, however, Zimmerman’s forthcoming eighth studio album remains an “Honorable Mention” on our list. It’s worth noting, however, that in a periscope stream last week, Zimmerman’s tour manager remarked that the album may be coming as soon as November.

Release Date: TBA
Label: TBD