The Chainsmokers, Migos & More Reveal Their Favorite Superbowl Halftimes Of All Time

In anticipation of Lady Gaga’s halftime performance at this Sunday’s Superbowl, Billboard reached out to several of music’s most notable figures to ask their favorite and most memorable halftime shows from history. From Migos to The Chainsmokers to Mike Will Made It, the music industry’s most recognizable names chimed in to give their best Superbowl throwbacks just in time for this weekend’s game.

Andra Day, Mario and The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall said that, in their opinion, the best halftime show ever was performed by the late Michael Jackson during Superbowl XXVII. Even though Jackson was his favorite, Alex Pall said that from now on, Bruno Mars and Beyonce should take over halftime shows.

“We still don’t know how he teleported around the stadium like he did but it was the most awesome thing ever. But since Michael is gone, we need to just let Beyonce and Bruno do every Super Bowl henceforth, no discussion. I’m pretty sure the entire world would get on board with this plan.”

Jeezy was in agreement with Pall, as he cast his vote for Bruno Mars’ Superbowl XLVIII show. “I like that guy, man. We should get in the studio — I have to hit him up.”

Migos’ Quavo said that Janet Jackson’s Superbowl XXXVIII show was the most memorable, while Chase Bryant chose The Rolling Stones and their Superbowl XL performance.

Finally, Mike Will Made It chose Beyonce as his favorite halftime performer, citing her iconic Superbowl 50 showcase.


Source: Billboard | Image: Rukes

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Source: The Chainsmokers, Migos & More Reveal Their Favorite Superbowl Halftimes Of All Time

Life In Color Surpasses Expectations for 10th Anniversary [Event Review]

By now, it would be expected that the novelty of getting blasted with streaks of pink, blue, and green would be a tad bit irritating. After all, paint parties have been around before Life In Color came to be.

What started as over-the-top college parties at Florida State University over a decade ago evolved into one of Miami’s most unique series of concerts in the last five years. From massive expansions across South Florida, touring across the country, and even a Guinness World Record for “most people covered in paint at one time,” the people behind Life In Color reimagined their paint parties into a festival experience that combines massive themes with enormous musical performances. And this year was no different.

Much like Ultra Music Festival, Life In Color’s flagship is in Miami, where prior installments packed enormous crowds by the Hard Rock Stadium. This year, however, the music festival made a venue change, trading the expansive parking lot of the Miami Dolphins’ football arena for the intimate combination of Mana Wynwood and the abandoned RC Cola Plant. At first, I came to believe that this is a continuance of the downsizing of Life In Color’s concerting production as Wynwood is a tight neighborhood. After Life In Color 2014 spread its stay for a full weekend of musical messes, LIC 2016 returned to a single-day music festival criteria while still bringing a fierce lineup of commercial house, trap, dubstep, and hip-hop.

To my surprise, the switch made Life In Color feel larger than ever as it sat between large murals of street art and chic restaurants.

Coming into the venue, the main “Sector X” stage featured opening acts Nitti Gritti and Bonnie X Clyde whose musical careers kickstarted from Wynwood Fear Factory and Life In Color 2016 respectively. Between new music, both acts have unreleased and tenacious bangers shaping 2017, their acts set the tone for the incoming performances on the main stage and for the nearby “Rare Stage” which took the form of a circus tent. It was over here that equally bass-heavy performances from Fresko, Doctor P, and Ookay transitioned from the dusk and into the evening. I stayed here for quite some time before returning to Sector X.

In between both stages where a vast array of food trucks and stands offering funnel cakes, gyros, salads, and more. Yet, most of these places began to run out of food faster than they could make new food for future customers. I found that around the time that Marshmello and Desiigner were set to perform (between 9p.m. – 11p.m.), the lines were too long to properly serve anyone and the food being served was underwhelming in comparison to their relatively high prices. This problem struck the hardest for the main food stands that supposedly offered hot dogs, gyros, and Philly cheese steaks because all of these options disappeared by the time Mija was finished with her performance. This came as such a shock to me as previous installments were able have had less food truck options while still having less issues with serving the fan base.

As the evening began to gear up for the headliners, it became abundantly clear that Young Thug was nowhere to be found on the lineup when he was apart of the promotional lineup for the event. However, after seeing his recent antics in not showing up for his own music video shoot, I think this was a little outside of the hands of Life In Color. Meanwhile, every other headliner delivered terrific sets from the melodic dubstep powerhouses such as Seven Lions and Illenium to the electro house bangers coming from the sets of Mija and Tritonal. The night was topped off with performances from Diplo and Carnage who dropped trap, dubstep, and moombahton tracks to send off the 10th Anniversary of Life In Color with flying colors.

Even though there were hiccups with the food provided for guests and one headliner was unable to make an appearance, Life In Color blew my expectations. I went in believing that the transition to Wynwood (which usually hosts underground concerts) would be particularly arduous as it was about to host a relatively commercial music festival. But seeing the success of Wynwood Fear Factory last Halloween and LIC’s using the size of two venues to host the whole event, Life In Color established another successful show filled with head-banging EDM and the most tolerant body paint to be splashed on the faces of its fans.

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Source: Life In Color Surpasses Expectations for 10th Anniversary [Event Review]

IBM Supercomputer Curates The World’s First ‘Cognitive Dance Party’

IBM’s Watson is one seriously powerful computer. Unlike normal, logical processing, Watson uses cognitive computing to interpret data made for consumption by other humans, like blog posts, profiles, and reviews, and more.

Using the computing power of Watson, popular morning party organizer Daybreaker set up the world’s first “cognitive dance party” in San Francisco. They asked attendees to link their Twitter handle or fill out a questionnaire upon registering for the event, which Watson then analyzed to curate a unique gathering that would please the range of personalities attending, and damn was Watson thorough.

Watson created three groups for attendees based on their strongest personality trait, and visibly categorized them with different colors. Those on the more expressive side wore yellow, the outgoing folks wore red, and the conscientious, purple. Each group was given a tailored breakfast, their own workout (yoga, capoeira, or high-intensity interval training), and when they all joined forces on the dance floor, Watson controlled the light show to reflect the energy and emotion of the room. Oh, and with 500 people jamming about, the dance floor transferred its kinetic energy to a generator which helped power Watson. Awesome.

Here’s what Daybreaker’s CEO, Radha Agrawal, had to say about the innovative event.

In many ways, we started Daybreaker out of frustration that no one was dancing at nightclubs anymore and connecting authentically because everyone was on their cell phones and digitally divided. This is the first time I’ve seen technology enhance a dance party experience instead of take away from it.”

Because of the event’s success, Daybreaker is hoping to host more Watson-curated events in the future, so be on the lookout. If you’d like to learn more about Watson, here’s a video of how cognitive computing works.


Source: Vocativ | Photo: Carl DeTorres

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Source: IBM Supercomputer Curates The World’s First ‘Cognitive Dance Party’

USC Events Drops Lineup For Bliss: Transcendence 2017

Seattle’s USC Events today announced Bliss: Transcendence at WAMU Theater. Tickets for Bliss will be available Friday, February 3rd at 10am.

Headlining the festival will be major players in the trance and psytrance worlds, including Markus Schulz, Andrew Bayer b2b Ilan Bluestone, Ace Ventura and Menno de Jong.

The event taking place May 6th will be one of the biggest trance events in the northwest, so be sure not to miss out.

Tickets on sale 2/3 at 10am at

More Info at

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Source: USC Events Drops Lineup For Bliss: Transcendence 2017

Tickets For The Chainsmokers’ New Tour Are Super Expensive

The Chainsmokers just announced a massive 40-date arena tour across the US, but a lot of people are going to find it hard to afford tickets. It varies by venue, but GA tickets range from $40-$90 (with floor tickets in Toronto specifically exceeding $100) depending on section and area of the arena you want, with the most expensive tickets going for floor spots.

However, the VIP accommodations are where your wallets are going to start hurting. With packages ranging from $200 to $900+, and perks varying from access to soundcheck at even the lowest level, and at the highest level offering way, way more, some fans will no doubt go for the gold.

The Chainsmokers have assured fans that the shows will be “unlike anything” they’ve done before, especially considering they announced new stage production, as well. The tweet also mentions live music, so we might really be seeing a new era in Chainsmokers performances in 2017.

Check out dates below and find more info about shows here.

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Source: Tickets For The Chainsmokers’ New Tour Are Super Expensive

Netsky Is Flying Fans To Antwerp To See His Biggest Show Ever [CONTEST]

Belgian artist Netsky is easily one of the most influential figures shaping the future of Drum & Bass today. With his breakout self-titled album in 2010, he established himself as a force to be reckoned with; with his following two albums, the latest one released just last year, he further cemented his status as one of the most forward-thinking producers in the genre, blending classic DnB sounds with poppier rhythms and even vocals from the likes of Chromeo.

As he grows even more as an artist, he’s set to play his biggest show ever on February 25th in his hometown of Antwerp, at Sportpaleis – a 23,000 capacity venue. In celebration of this show, he wants all of his fans to be there.

Netsky is teaming up with Brussels Airlines to fly some lucky fans from Europe and the US to the show. To enter, take a photo/video of what you’d pack for a weekend of partying – ‘Netsky style’ – in Belgium, and share on Twitter or Instagram with #FlyToNetsky, tagging @FlyingBrussels and stating where you’d fly from (i.e., #FromNewYork or #FromLondon).

Disclaimer: US winners fly out of New York.

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Source: Netsky Is Flying Fans To Antwerp To See His Biggest Show Ever [CONTEST]

Insomniac’s Wasteland Expands To Two Nights With New Theme & Stages

Insomniac’s Wasteland event returns to San Bernardino in April this year with some big changes.

First and foremost, this year’s event will feature two full days of hard dance madness at the NOS Events Center. This will be the largest hardstyle gathering in the US in 2017, featuring all of the best names in the genre as only Insomniac can achieve.

Considering the lineup has yet to drop, we checked some artists’ tour pages to try and find out who might be at the festival. Keep in mind these names are unconfirmed, but some solid sources have told us that a likely lineup would include Angerfist, Da Tweekaz, DJ Isaac, Zatox, Mekanikal, and Lady Faith. And if true, that would make for one incredible event.

We’ll know the official lineup in the coming weeks, but Wasteland is set to go down April 28-29, 2017. Presale begins Thursday, 2/2. General on sale Monday, February 6 at Noon PT.

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Source: Insomniac’s Wasteland Expands To Two Nights With New Theme & Stages

The Chainsmokers Announce Arena Tour & Confirm Album For 2017

Hot off starting rumors yesterday that The Chainsmokers would be releasing an album in 2017, they’ve officially confirmed it and more via Twitter.

This morning, The Chainsmokers announced a major nationwide tour hitting arenas across the US. Additionally, they revealed that a debut album would be coming this year along with brand new production on the tour.

It’s also possible that, based on the name of the tour, the name of the album could be Memories, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Tickets go on sale today at 3PM ET / 12PM PT at

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Source: The Chainsmokers Announce Arena Tour & Confirm Album For 2017

Insomniac Founder Pasquale Rotella Dishes On EDC Las Vegas’s New Stage, Kineticfield + More

Since its move to Las Vegas back in 2011, Electric Daisy Carnival has quickly risen to become one of the country’s, and the world’s, flagship EDM festivals. They’ve become so successful in fact that they’ve continued expanding globally with events across the globe including their recently launched EDC Japan.

Speaking to the Las Vegas Review-JournalInsomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella looked back on how far the festival and EDC brand had come since moving their flagship event to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway while revealing some new details for the upcoming EDC 2017.

Right off the bat, it looks like the flagship main stage kineticFIELD will be completely reimagined for the upcoming event and modeled on the Greek goddess of the Earth, Gaia. Rotella also mentioned there would be a big new surprise for festival-goers but opted not to go into the details, merely adding that he wants “people to have that ‘wow’ moment when they walk in.”

Speaking of stages, he also revealed that there would be a new stage which would reflect a genre of music that had been rapidly growing in the United States over the last several years. Perhaps he could be referring to a brand new future bass stage? In case you’re wondering, Rotella won’t be raising the capacity to accommodate the brand new stage, and presumably new fans, so we’ll be curious to see how they manage to pull that off logistically.

Speaking on the artists, Rotella was also pleased to add that not only was the line “99 percent done,” but that they had added “artists we’ve never, never had before” which should surely be some exciting news for festival-goers.

Lastly, he also addressed the question of expanding to two weekends, which he’s previously considered. “I’ve considered lowering the capacity to do two weekends, to alleviate some of the traffic challenges. I’ve also considered keeping it on one weekend but changing the time of year so that we can do camping, kind of like they do at NASCAR, so that there’s not this influx each night. It’s been considered.”

Whether or not they decide to move towards two weekends or consider camping at all there’s definitely a lot of exciting news sure to be announced in the coming weeks so stay tuned for all that!


H/T: Las Vegas Review-Journal | Featured Image Source: Rukes

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Source: Insomniac Founder Pasquale Rotella Dishes On EDC Las Vegas’s New Stage, Kineticfield + More

EDC Japan Reveals Phase 1 Of Inaugural Lineup

Insomniac has just released Phase 1 of its inaugural Electric Daisy Carnival festival in Tokyo Bay, Japan. Set to take place on Makuhari Beach and the Zozo Marine Stadium, the premiere event will bring fans four of the series’ iconic stages to host some of the most notable acts in dance music.

The Phase 1 reveal has unlocked 24 of the festival’s most prestigious DJs, including both main stage headliners and up and comers. Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, Carnage, Kaskade, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Knife Party, Martin Garrix, Marshmello and Zedd will likely be leading the festivities, while artists like Cut Snake, Louis The Child, Jauz, Nicole Moudaber, Seven Lions and more will be featured on some of the specialized stages.

Check below for the complete Phase 1 roster, and look lower down for Insomniac’s specially curated EDC Japan playlist.



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Source: EDC Japan Reveals Phase 1 Of Inaugural Lineup