Eric Prydz completes ‘Pryda 15’ series with third installment

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Eric Prydz completes ‘Pryda 15’ series with third installmentEric Prydz Cochella

Just as summer has come to an end, so has the 15th anniversary celebration of Eric Prydz‘ progressive-leaning Pryda moniker with the third and final installment of Pryda 15. The series charts his evolution under the alter ego across the past decade-and-a-half, and sees the Swedish pioneer unearthing some particularly ought out pieces from his archives for the occasion. Of course, he’s fashioned newer works for the project as well.

Pryda 15 Vol. III is essentially a dancefloor album; it clocks in at 13 tracks total. Longtime fans of the artist will immediately note some particularly sought after IDs, including “Exchange Finale,” “Bus 605,” and the much-adored “Terminal 5.” These three, along with the remaining 10 tracks comprising this behemoth record, culminate into yet another opus for Prydz, a clear master of timeless production and expert sound design. Not only are these pieces fit for the dancefloor, but they’re each a journey in themselves, taking listeners through rich, sentimental soundscapes that ultimately lead into a meditative state. Having released so many gems over these past months, it’s safe to say the producer has left us with just enough to satiate cravings until Pryda 20 arrives.

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Eric Prydz reveals dates for New York HOLO shows

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Eric Prydz reveals dates for New York HOLO showsEric Prydz Live

Just days after hinting at bringing his storied HOLO show to New York, Eric Prydz has confirmed two performances before the clock runs out on 2019.

HOLO will land in The Bronx on Dec. 27 and 28 at the New York Expo Center. Fans will have a chance to experience his mind-bending visuals and otherworldly sonic exploration at the 60,000-square-foot venue for two nights only—HOLO’s first and only US landing.

These two Prydz performances are likely to go down in history, as a press release notes that they will “feature greater production levels than any previous Prydz US show.”

Pre-sale sign-ups are available now here. The pre-sale will take place at 10 a.m. EST Sept. 10, with codes sent an hour prior. This format is designed to help fans purchase tickets directly for the show and prevent scalpers moving tickets into the secondary market. 

Learn more on the website and view the preview video for New York below.

Eric Prydz to bring HOLO to New York

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Eric Prydz to bring HOLO to New YorkEric Prydz Cochella

East Coast Eric Prydz fans are in for a treat.

Just days after taking over Electric Zoo for three consecutive days of Labor Day Weekend mayhem, Prydz has announced he will be returning to New York for his first-ever HOLO show in the city. The progressive visionary played two nights of the NYC festival, including performances at both his Pryda Arena stage as well as an official afterparty before unveiling a teaser of HOLO New York on September 3.

Prydz has received warranted praise for his dedication to developing and incorporating boundary-pushing live production in his shows — spawning six iterations of his EPIC show. The Swedish DJ debuted his HOLO technology in 2018 to encompass hologram visuals into a new expansive light setup. Prydz previously brought EPIC 3.0 to Madison Square Garden in September 2014.

Prydz has yet to share dates and details surrounding tickets for the NYC HOLO show.

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Go behind the scenes with Eric Prydz into the making of the EPIC 6.0 holosphere

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Go behind the scenes with Eric Prydz into the making of the EPIC 6.0 holosphereEpic Holosphere 9 1

Although it only saw one performance at the first weekend of Tomorrowland, Eric Prydz‘s EPIC 6.0 holosphere was simply unreal. EPIC stands for “Eric Prydz In Concert,” and that’s exactly what that performance was: a concert.

A club night is not a concert. A DJ set on a giant stage is not a concert. A concert is equally visual and aural in that the audience’s eyes and ears should remain fixed on the stage out of a resolute and irrational fear of missing but a moment. With Prydz and his DJ equipment inside the sphere, almost completely out of sight, fans who were lucky enough to be in that one crowd received a performance that was purely audio-visual.

Unfortunately, part of the Freedom stage, which housed the sphere at Tomorrowland, sank after the first weekend, and the organizers were unable to reconstruct the stage in time for the following weekend. As such, the second holosphere run was cancelled.

Luckily for the rest of Prydz’ global fanbase, The Verge was able to take a behind-the-scenes look into the holosphere from conception to production. In the video below that is just shy of eight minutes, The Verge interviews the visual designers, the architects, the technicians, and of course, Prydz himself.

Via Verge

15 years of Pryda: Eric Prydz shares expansive second edition of Pryda 15 EP series

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15 years of Pryda: Eric Prydz shares expansive second edition of Pryda 15 EP seriesPryda

Eric Prydz‘s ornate sonic catalog has long rested on the pinnacle of the progressive house hierarchy. A master of iconoclastic live visuals and multifaceted aural approaches, Prydz has developed a number of aliases over the years, through which he can categorize his kaleidoscope of varying sound designs: namely Eric Prydz, Cirez D, and Pryda.

Pryda has stood for years, 15, in fact, as a vessel through which Prydz has funneled his more club-centric dance-scapes. The Pryda project has endured as something of a litmus test for Prydz fans, the midway point between the more accessible Eric Prydz cuts, and the exceedingly shadowy and tech-fueled Cirez D tracks. To mark the anniversary, he’s begun rolling out a three-part EP series, chock-full of anthemic progressive offerings, both brand new songs and longtime IDs from his performances, the latter of which die-hard fans have no doubt been hungrily tracking.

The eight-part second arm of the series is as forceful as it is mellifluous, from the swirling keys on “The Drive” to the vapory crests of “The Riddle.” Rousing builds run abound; and the result offers nothing short of dancefloor transcendence. Prydz has yet to share an official release date for the third and final installment.

Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’ gets a masterful orchestral rework at Tomorrowland [Watch]

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Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’ gets a masterful orchestral rework at Tomorrowland [Watch]02 23 19 EricPrydz ByOffBrandProject. 26

Eric Prydz brought his most technologically advanced live production to date with him to Tomorrowland this year, debuting the Holosphere concept during the festival’s first weekend. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Swedish electronic deity was also honored at Tomorrowland with a technologically stripped performance of one of the most recognizable tracks in his sprawling catalog, “Opus.”

Tomorrowland’s orchestra performed their re-envisioning of Prydz’ 2016 masterwork, highlighting the versatility of the song’s indisputable impact. Considering Prydz had to scrap the Holosphere performance for the festival’s second weekend, this special orchestral homage certainly makes up for a portion of those disappointing technical issues. See the Tomorrowland orchestra perform “Opus” below.

Eric Prydz unveils EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERE at Tomorrowland Weekend 1 [Watch]

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Eric Prydz unveils EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERE at Tomorrowland Weekend 1 [Watch]Eric Prydz 2016

This past weekend July 19-21, Eric Prydz took over Tomorrowland‘s Freedom Stage for one of the most anticipated performances of the year — EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERE. The visionary and renowned Swedish producer has masterminded his EPIC shows since 2011, with the intent on merging boundary-pushing technology with music in order to execute a mind-blowing live show. When Prydz shared the impending debut of his latest innovation EPIC 6.0, he claimed it was his most technologically advanced production to date. Racking in over two years of development, EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERE officially debuted at Tomorrowland Weekend 1 on Friday night.

The latest iteration of the HOLO production employs a multi-story sphere, millions of LEDs, and dozens of panels to create its breathtaking holographic visuals. The entirety of EPIC 6.0 production is done live, with Prydz reading the crowd through cameras and the tech team following suit to coordinate with his mixing. Equipped with transformative intergalactic space themes and fitting track selections from his exhaustive archive of Eric Prydz, Pryda and Cirez D aliases, Prydz once again reigns in his title as the king of audiovisual storytelling.

Photo Credits: Eric Prydz/Facebook

See how Eric Prydz’s most ambitious live rig was made, EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERE

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See how Eric Prydz’s most ambitious live rig was made, EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERED FbwFwkAMp6MW

Eric Prydz is embarking on his most technologically innovative stage setup yet, EPIC (Eric Prydz In Concert) 6.0: HOLOSPHERE, set to debut at Tomorrowland on July 20. The premise of EPIC is the DJ superstar’s brainchild where technology and music coincide as one, and in this iteration, he’ll be performing in a two story LED transparent sphere.

The news of the technological undertaking was shared earlier this year, and a snippet of the masterpiece was teased on social media last month.

Prydz has been performing EPIC shows since 2011 with the goal of blowing people away through the marriage of technology and music, and the Swedish DJ’s production team has been relatively successful using lasers, larger-than-life LED screens, and enormous holograms. EPIC 6.0 will take the concept to new heights, as the Holosphere engineers have been working on the spectacle for the last two years. The project is 8 meters wide, and the production is so large, the festival had to redesign its grounds to accommodate the tech art.

While EPIC 5.0 centered around a 44-meter-wide holographic projection that hovered over the crowd, this new iteration is a multi-story sphere intertwined with more than 2.4 million LEDs that will transform into various creative objects throughout the performance. Prydz’s longtime collaborator, Mark Calvert from the tech entity Realtime Environment Systems (RES), told The Verge,“All these [EPIC] shows have been amazing, but at the end of the day they were two-dimensional projections,” he said, explaining the move away from hologram and towards an LED structure that provides more depth without distortion.

The Holosphere is made up of 72 handmade panels designed by Light Initiative founder Bryn Williams. Each panel has LEDs on both side, varying in shape, and are puzzled onto a metal skeleton. The five-tone design has to be split in two to accommodate for the maximum weight allowed on the stage, the top half is bolted to the ceiling, while the bottom half is supported by the stage.

While the physical nature of the sphere is literally massive, visual animations and effects will grasp festival goers attention with intergalactic space themes and a reported giant eyeball. The show designers mind altering animations were made using an amalgamation of Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, and Adobe After Effects. They used a yoga ball for testing the spherical layout, which had the designers thinking differently since they’ve been used to designing for flat surfaces.

The sphere isn’t the only thing on stage. On both sides of the gargantuan sphere, there will be two equally large video screens. Lighting designer Ross Chapple has also equipped the stage with more than 500 fixtures that include 150 laser diodes, lamp beams, and LED bars that are on motors to move around the Holosphere. There is also a lighting rig above the centerpiece that will assist with an exploding effect for epic moments.

With all of this put in place, another crazy aspect is the entire production will be done live. Typically, bigger spectacles are synced and time-coded, but of course, Prydz has to go above and beyond. The “Call On Me” producer will have cameras of the crowd to dictate what he wants to play next. Liam Tomaszewski and Ross Chapple will take control in front of house with extensive knowledge of every Prydz song, minus the order in which he’ll play the songs.

The live entertainer continues to hit new highs with his show, placing the showcase on a pedestal of live performance. After two years of building this live spectacle, the team has two hours to execute its full potential at the biggest stage on the planet.

H/T: Dani Deahl for The Verge

Eric Prydz drops first of three ‘Pryda 15’ EPs

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Eric Prydz drops first of three ‘Pryda 15’ EPs02 23 19 EricPrydz ByOffBrandProject. 23

Of all of Eric Prydz‘ assorted aliases, Pryda is perhaps the most notable. While fans relish the hard-hitting techno of Cirez D and the minimal funk of Tonja Holma, the lush chords and dynamic nature of a Pryda track are what brings the crowd to their knees every time, praying at the church of Pyrdz.

This is a project the Swedish-born house maven started 15 years ago, and he is paying homage to that impressive anniversary with three new EP’s, the first of which having just been released. Pryda 15: Volume 1 features six tracks that are available for purchase for the first time, but have been heard in Prydz’s live shows for years.

Fans of Prydz know that IDs are his speciality. His discography is extensive, but he is notorious for keeping the best cuts reserved for his live sets only. It’s what keeps his ever-loyal fanbase coming back to see him 30 times or more. Now, many of those fans will rejoice in having access to these six tracks, some of which he’s been playing out for years.

According to the Prydz Subreddit which has an in-depth catalogue of his ID’s, some of the tracks found on this EP have been in his vault going back almost a decade. “New Eras” was originally referred to as “EPIC Radio 006 ID” after being played on Prydz’ radio show in 2012. “Warrior” was first played live in 2010, nine years ago. With two more EP’s coming out in this series Prydz might see fit to release a weapon he’s had for the project’s entire 15-year history.

Each of the electronic compositions included on this EP is its own progressive journey. Some are more uplifting and energetic like “Illumination,” and others are dark and brooding like “Linked.” The guiding principle behind them all, however, is that the listener ends in a different place than where they started.

King of visuals Eric Prydz primed to outdo himself with ‘EPIC 6.0 HOLOSPHERE’ [Watch]

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King of visuals Eric Prydz primed to outdo himself with ‘EPIC 6.0 HOLOSPHERE’ [Watch]EPIC Eric Prydz Cube Cube

Eric Prydz‘ creativity knows no bounds. He imagines it, and sometime later, a team of technical geniuses make the most breathtaking interactive visual displays into reality. Now, with the impending debut of his “most technically advanced” live production to date, Prydz is set to outdo himself with EPIC 6.0 HOLOSPHERE.

The new live setup will be unveiled at Tomorrowland which takes runs from July 19 – 21. The Elements producer teased his jaw-dropping new 3D visuals online, just a month ahead of the show’s official debut. Get a sneak peek below.

Featured image: Rukes