Fox Stevenson releases emotive three track EP, ‘Take You Down’

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fox stevenson liquidcity

A known drum n bass aficionado, Fox Stevenson has dropped a signature EP, Take You Down. The energetic collection of music features three DnB creations, melded with Fox Stevenson’s indie pop spin on the genre.

The opener, “Take You Down,” is charged with bittersweet sentiments in the lyrics, and showcases Fox Stevenson’s vibrant vocals. The production has a balanced vibe, as mellow interludes contrast alluring, playful drops. “Melange,” the second track, begins with intriguing minimalist progressions followed by a airy melody.

Boxia shares debut Drumcode EP, ‘Ethereal Education’

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boxia etherial education (1)

Swiftly rising techno talent, Boxia, released his debut EP on DrumcodeEthereal Education, solidifying just how wide the UK producer’s ties in the realm of techno stretch.

Drumcode’s Swedish patriarch, Adam Beyer, immediately recognized Boxia’s potential and DJ savvy upon their first meeting in 2016. Soon after, Boxia signed over “Revolution,” as his inaugural Drumcode release. The self-described “rave anorak” also released his colorful, deeply nuanced brand of techno and tech-house across coveted label destinations such as Alan Fitzpatrick‘s We Are The Brave and Huxley‘s No Idea’s Original.

The Ethereal Education EP as a whole is emblematic of Boxia’s ability to fuse staunch acid lines with effervescent melodies. However, the stand-out moment on the four-part EP is the nostalgic title track. “Ethereal Education”‘s vibrant, 90’s-reminiscent synth work is driven by a floating, otherworldly vocal cut, paralleling Boxia’s earlier, retro work.

Photo Credit: Drumcode 

Grum releases shimmering two-track house EP

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grum hourglass mirage ep

Grum is kicking off his 2018 releases on a high note with a gorgeous two-track Anjunabeats EP.

The collection’s pair of songs, “Hourglass” and “Mirage,” are led by shimmering synths and dulcet melodies. Despite bright, dance floor-ready beats, both tracks assert a slightly dark, mysterious vibe. “Hourglass” and “Mirage” serve as a true testament to Grum’s trademark smoldering house sound.

The EP marks the first release of 2018 for the Scottish producer, aside from the Anjunabeats Worldwide episode that came out the first week of March.

Exclusive: Slowz debuts enthralling EP, ‘Nowhere’

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Slowz - Nowhere

French producer Slowz built a name for himself on the strength of his first two EPs, 2015’s Paradise and Prime of Life, released a year later. After a 2017 spent focused on a number of edits and remixes — met similar acclaim to his solo productions — Slowz is back in 2018 with another EP, Nowhere.

The 5-track EP is a prime example of the producer’s nuanced musicianship — most pronounced in the introduction of live instrumentation, a first for the artist.

As for the EPs inspiration, Slowz said:

“nowhere. came thanks to my current relationship. It is the place where we go when we want to be safe together. Everyone has this safe place they love more than the others. This is nowhere. It’s a very inspiring time
My music is evolving everyday. Doing my last ep. Prime Of Life was important because it allowed me to know where I want/don’t want to go musically. I wanted my music less electronic and more acoustic than before on nowhere.
One of the most important decisions I made so far was bringing live musicians into the productions. I’m creating music for almost 5 years now and I‘ve always made it alone so far. I started to musically feel lonely, I needed to be in a studio with artists, to touch real instruments, to talk about mix, etc. With the addition of Cyril and Sonny and my great collaborators, I want to do live shows around the world and release more stuff.”

There is considerable depth and range to be found on Nowhere. The EP’s opener, “Excuses,” features the vocals of Canada’s FTRSL and exudes a sensual energy that is equally at home as in the club. The title track, which immediately follows, places heavier emphasis on live elements and a minimalist construction. Subtle production flourishes flitter throughout, but the track’s star is vocalist Brianna Rose, who has an effortless, infectious delivery.

Nowhere‘s halfway mark sees Slowz return to a mostly in-the-box number, with skittering percussion creating a solid foundation for Vivienne Sessoms to riff over. The EP comes to a close with the two parts of “When She Sleeps,” both featuring Hannah Young. Both iterations are structurally ambitious, with the first opting for an bubbly energy, while the second leans back for swaying, hypnotic affair.

The end result is an endearing EP that marks a new chapter for the particular brand of soulful tracks that have long been Slowz forté. The sheer quality of the productions will have listeners coming back for me and, due to their clever, unobtrusive arrangement, are sure to be placed on repeat often.

First Listen: Opiuo on new EP, ‘Syzygy 01’: ‘It’s a journey-filled, funkadelic party pie’

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Opiuo Press Photo 2 2017

From the outset of his highly innovative act, Oscar Davey-Wraight introduced the world to a mind-bending blend of glitch-hop, breakbeat, synth-led funk and bass. What began as a humble bedroom act has evolved into the extremely diverse, immersive live experience that fans have come to know as Opiuo.

Now from the Australia-based artist comes his highly-anticipated seventh EP, Syzygy 01. With the singles “Botrok” and the groove-packed floor filler “Ginger Lizard” released ahead of the full EP, the 5-track production represents an aural embodiment of Opiuo’s zippy tones and cheeky party appeal.  “The music [comes] from inspirations like Prince,” says Davey-Wright, “all morphed into Opiuo styles with some real New Orleans horns thrown on top for quality measure.” 

From the sinister sounds of the album’s leading track, “Huckaloogee,” to the vibrant, old school funk- and disco-influenced track, “Boogie Latch,” Opiuo’s newest EP is packed with stark contrasts, wild sonic experimentation, and some of the loudest-yet-crisp electronic music productions we’ve heard to date. Syzygy 01‘s most memorable quality is perhaps the album’s outro, “Dalmations,” with its use of deep horns and more emotive, cinematic-tinged sounds — providing a memorable storybook ending to not just the new project but Opiuo’s entire discography up to this point. 

Dancing Astronaut spoke with the New Zealand-born artist ahead of his Syzygy 01 EP release to gain a clear sense of Opiuo’s origins and evolution since 2007, how he came into his funkadelic bass music sound stamp, and what to expect from his upcoming headlining US tour which includes a headline show at the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheatre with SunSquabi, Flamingosis, and Anomali.

First off, can you tell us where the name Opiuo originated?

From my mind. Haha. Nothing too crazy to be honest. I used to DJ as a kid, started when I was 14 or so. I was always getting billed at festivals as Oska, or Oskar. I hated it having my real name up on the poster. So one day in graphics class at school I accidentally wrote OPIUO in the computer while working on a project. It looked cool. I love symmetry. I tried it out at the next festival I was playing and it felt good. It stuck I guess. I love that it has no real meaning. To me it allows people to create their own meaning, with whatever or however the music makes them feel.

You seem to have an interesting knack for playing with words. Can you enlighten fans on what exactly “Syzygy” means and how you arrived at this idea for the title of your EP?

Syzygy means: “a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun. e.g. the planets were aligned in syzygy.” It also means “a pair of connected or corresponding things.” I think what I make is always a connection between myself, the music, and the listener. Once it is heard by anyone, its not only mine anymore, its theirs too. And that in turn influences me. The listener makes this music real. I love that everything we do always relies on multiple factors to give it its energy, its vibe, its feeling. Both opposition & connection push us forward. Especially in music.

Tell us what the EP means to you in just a few words.

Journey filled funkadelic party pie.

So the official EP title is “Syzygy 01” — does this mean the project is the first of more parts to come? If so, can you give us any insider details on any future plans?

Yes indeed. I plan to release more this year. That’s all I’ll say.

Your sound is a highly original and infectious blend of glitch-hop, funk, and bass. How did you come to join these genres into your own unique sound stamp? Any influencers?

Back in the day I used to DJ and make drum n bass & breakbeat. I also grew up going to festivals in the late nineties and early 2000s that had crazy big high energy trance. I love the ridiculous and dirty bass lines of drum n bass, the groove of breaks and hip-hop, and the euphoric nature of trance pads and short sharp stabs. I guess I just tried throwing it all together in 2007 or so. I was terrified to play my early music in amongst my sets, but to my surprise they ended up going off the most. So I just kept going. Always sticking to making what I wanted to, not what I thought I needed to. A few top influences at that time were Noisia, Chris Carter, The Rogue Element, Bassnectar, and Tipper.

You’ve evolved from bedroom producer to full live band in just several years time. How has the live band effected/evolved your overall sound?

The band was always a challenge I wanted to take on. I grew up in a band through my high school years, and I’ve always loved the element of playing shit on the spot, knowing it could go wrong at any moment. It’s something I love to do in my solo sets too as they’re always live, with me playing my bass lines, synth lines, vocal chops, drums, all on the spot on my multiple drum machines. It makes the show so much more fun to do day in and day out, always performed a little different every show. The band is just an extension of that. It allows us to expand sections, creating extra tension and release, layer horn parts on the fly, add vocals to songs that were previously instrumental, shred on guitars and get more power in the drums. In case you didn’t notice I fucking love big drums! haha. Plus touring with friends is always more fun.

Tell your fans what they have to look forward to on your upcoming headlining US tour.

So much new music. You will dance, I 100% guarantee it. It’s a wild funkadelic party of epic proportional matter flying through space aboard a wobble ship, with some extra awesome special things I can’t mention right now… Basically the funnest party in the galaxy night after night. Yup, that’s right!!

Syzygy 01 is available for purchase here.

Opiuo’s US tour dates are available below:
4/12/18 – Philadelphia, PA @ Coda – Tickets
4/13/18 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall – Tickets
4/14/18 – Columbus, OH @ Skully’s – Tickets
4/21/18 – Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheater – Tickets
4/24/18 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Metro Music Hall – Tickets
4/25/18 – Reno, NV @ Bluebird – Tickets
4/27/18 – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine – Tickets
4/28/18 – Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room – Tickets
5/3/18 – Portland, OR @ 45 East – Tickets
5/4/18 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos – Tickets
5/5/18 – Vancouver, BC @ Celebrities Nightclub – Tickets
6/7/18 – Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Music Festival – Tickets

Spag Heddy releases ‘Gospel’ EP

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Turn up the subwoofers and check the EQ levels, Dutch producer Spag Heddy has released the follow up to his debut LP, The Classics. The project, titled Gospel, features a plethora of invigorating dubstep tracks which err on the side of piercing maximalism.

Spag Heddy’s production M.O. is one of brazen fury, something that’s caught the attention of bass craven festival goers nationwide, garnering him festival slots at such massives as Buku, Electric Forest, as well as a slew of national tour dates. As his global ascension into the bass music mainstream continues to skyrocket, Spag Heddy’s newest EP serves as a pointed example of his consistency as a producer.

Photo Credit: Insomniac

Ghost Channels Drops Latest House EP – “Whirlwind”

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Minneapolis producer, Ghost Channels, has recently dropped his latest EP titled “Whirlwind”.  Less than a year after his last EP, the Nu Disco-focused project “Le Sigh”, Ghost Channels returns to his House roots with “Whirlwind”. The five track EP has Deep House roots overall, yet each track has its own House sub-genre touch. For example,

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Bassnectar’s Side Project EP Finally Receives a Release Date and Tracklist

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Recently, Bassnectar’s side project, Sayr, has finally set a release date for his new EP and it is much sooner than you would expect. Nau Faux, the EP, will be released this Valentines Day, February 14, enhancing your day with not only your love for one another but for music. It seems fitting that the

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A-Trak and YehMe2 join forces on ‘Skat Men’ EP

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Josh Young deserves some serious respect for his boldness. The man left an incredibly successful dance music project as a former half of Flosstradamus, with the promise to himself, and his fans, that he was going to broaden his horizons and challenge himself. Well, since the launch YehMe2, the producer has done just that and avoided the leverage his former position at the head of HDYNATION would provide to his new project.

Now, YehMe2 has linked with A-Trak for a handful of exciting moves. The pair are on tour together as 2018 gets underway, and now they’re upping the ante with a two-track mini EP that includes a preview of a third collaboration to soon follow. Instead of gritty hip-hop and trap products though, A-Trak and YehMe2 opt for a more lighthearted approach with their Skat Men EP — comprised of both DJs actually scatting on the tracks.

Both “Neo Wokyo” and “Take Me 2 The Barbershop,” featuring rump-shaking aficionado Wuki, are simply fun, shuffle-primed uptempo cuts that don’t take themselves too seriously. The EP also includes a preview for the duo’s impending “Prayer Hands” as well. Strong club fare — probably not. Proper festival ammo — also unlikely. The two Fools Gold veterans couldn’t seem to care less though, and therein lies the joint project’s appeal. At it’s core, the EP is meant to be goofy and amusing, and it just made scatting a helluva lot cooler.

Medasin unveils ‘IRENE’ preview mix

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As he gears up for the release of his new EP IRENE, Dallas-based producer Medasin treated fans to a mix that previews the 16-track collection, as well as his upcoming tour of the same name.

Clocking in at just under a half hour, the mix is a rough outline of what fans should expect from IRENE. The producer described it as a “pre ep ep” on SoundCloud before he puts the final touches on the tracks’ arrangement.

With this extensive, tantalizing glimpse in hand, fans are surely to be quite anticipatory of IRENE‘s proper release.

1. intro
2. conspiracy theory
3. melody X
4. JOBA – sad saturdays (medasin remix)
5. melody X (house edit)
6. crack rock
7. hollowed
8. medasin & sakuraburst – ID
9. microdose
10. post malone – i fall apart (medasin remix instrumental)
11. zora’s domain
12. black
13. smallroomjam
14. beach trip
15. home
16. outro