First Listen: Anonymous producer SQUIRM launches an intergalactic adventure on debut ‘Traveller’ EP

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First Listen: Anonymous producer SQUIRM launches an intergalactic adventure on debut ‘Traveller’ EPSquirmn

Anonymity has become a powerful tool for artists in recent years, with artists like Sia and Marshmello hiding their faces and letting their work and collaborative outputs define their respective brands. However, few artists have used anonymity to define a completely new character with a narrative and a new world for listeners to explore. That is until SQUIRM veered off course and crash landed with a new five-track Traveller EP to introduce the enigmatic new project.

Word is that the mysterious new SQUIRM had established themselves under another moniker in the past, though the exploratory new guise comes with a fresh, experimental sonic aesthetic different from previous projects.

Traveller plays like a story — there’s a beginning, middle, and an end — teetering between floor-ready house, pulsing tech tropes, and 8-bit inspired electronica. Intriguing vocal accents carry the EP, which gradually sways from ambient moments to bubbly, shuffling breakdowns from front to back. The EP tells the first chapter in SQUIRM’s story, detailing the alien producer’s arrival and setting up the ensuing intergalactic thrill ride. It’ll be interesting to see where the mysterious SQUIRM goes from here — follow along as the story unfolds.

Lua. Brings Mellow Jazz to Electronic Music with Debut EP Blossom

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It’s hard to believe how far electronic music has and hasn’t grown in the last decade as its blast into the mainstream circa 2012. Much of the industry is full of the most captivating artists who are pushing the absolute limits of what sound can do, and others try and keep pace as they follow

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Snails announces new EP “Slimeageddon”

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Snails is on fire this year. He has released numerous collabs, started his own label, currently is on tour and just announced his new EP “Slimeageddon”. Snails went to Twitter saying he’s put “so much work and time into this project”. Snails is a self-proclaimed “vomitstep” DJ and brings a hard sound to his tracks that make

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Chrome Sparks drops off new single, ‘In2 Your Love,’ ahead of approaching EP + tour

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Chrome Sparks drops off new single, ‘In2 Your Love,’ ahead of approaching EP + tourChrome Sparks In2 Ur Love 1

Vapory, hip-hop-beat-banking, technicolor synth-serving: these are the makings of a Chrome Sparks production.

The Brooklyn-based Sparks (real name Jeremy Malvin) has just delivered the very first track “In2 Your Love” off his new EP slated for a Jan 2019 release, Be On Fire through Counter Records. The track samples a vocal cut from a little-known soul musician of the late ’70s/early ’80s, George Smallwood, who, in his early 20s suffered a gunshot wound to the face that left him permanently blind–driving the young Smallwood to turn his life over to music. “In2 Your Love” is a furrowing spiral of analog synth swirls and Sparks’s signature, pounding kicks, complemented by some funk-friendly guitar plucks to finish off the new-age flower power appeal.

“The result is a track that I feel pays homage to an under appreciated musical gem and surrounds it with a breath of new spirit,” Malvin says.

Upon the viral release of his auspicious debut track, “Marijuana” Sparks’s career took off with rare and rampant fervor. He continued molding his beat-leaning electronica through Future Classic (which housed another of his most celebrated staples, “Moonraker”), soon receiving profound remix taps from the likes of Porter Robinson and Chet Faker. On the side, Malvin also plays one half of dream-pop duo, Promises Ltd., with Miniature Tigers’s Charlie Brand.

Be On Fire will be joined by a thorough North American tour through the US and Canada this coming winter.

See full track list and tour schedule below. Tickets available here.

EP Tracklist:
1. In2 Your Love
2. Juno Lion
3. Be On Fire
4. Ultraviolet Rainbow
5. I Could Be The Voice Inside Your Head

2019 NA Tour dates:
16 Jan 19 – Empire Control Room & Garage – Austin, US
18 Jan 19 – The Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix , US
19 Jan 19 – 191 Toole – Tucson, US
20 Jan 19 – Constellation Room – Santa Ana, US
23 Jan 19 – Teragram Ballroom – Los Angeles, US
24 Jan 19 – August Hall – San Francisco, US
26 Jan 19 – The Catalyst Atrium – Santa Cruz, US
29 Jan 19 – Neumos – Seattle, US
30 Jan 19 – Wonder Ballroom – Portland, US
31 Jan 19 – Fortune Sound Club – Vancouver, CA
02 Feb 19 – Neurolux – Boise, US
04 Feb 19 – Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, US
05 Feb 19 – Fox Theatre – Boulder ,US
07 Feb 19 – 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, US
08 Feb 19 – High Noon Saloon – Madison, US
09 Feb 19 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, US
10 Feb 19 – The Hi-Fi – Indianapolis, US
13 Feb 19 – The Ready Room – St. Louis, US
14 Feb 19 – Mercy Lounge – Nashville, US
16 Feb 19 – Aisle 5 – Atlanta, US
19 Feb 19 – Kings – Raleigh, US
21 Feb 19 – Skully’s – Columbus, US
22 Feb 19 – El Club – Detroit, US
24 Feb 19 – Velvet Underground – Toronto, CA
26 Feb 19 – Theatre Fairmount – Montreal, CA
27 Feb 19 -The Sinclair – Cambridge, US
28 Feb 19 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY


LCD Soundsystem Announces New Live EP: Electric Lady Sessions

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We can be expecting even more new music from LCD Soundsystem soon. Today, they announced a new live LP recorded in New York’s Electric Lady Studios – set to debut this year. After finally releasing new music for the first time in eight years in 2017, it’s exciting to see more new music from them.

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Sullivan King – Come One, Come All Remix EP

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Sullivan King has been a special creative that is steadily taking over the bass world with his metal-infused sound. We’ve gotten to glimpse that sound time and time again until his EP Come One, Come All that paired his heavier tracks together with a newly shown lighter side. Now, we get to see yet another

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Varien weaves a dark and vulnerable web in ‘Death Asked A Question’ [EP Premiere + Interview]

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Varien weaves a dark and vulnerable web in ‘Death Asked A Question’ [EP Premiere + Interview]Varien Press Shot

In his seven years producing as Varien, Nick Kaelar has consistently surpassed genre constructs and proven himself a true mastermind of the electronic music realm. Having always fostered an affinity for music and composing, Kaelar made a name for himself with notable works such as his Skrillex orchestral suite and innovative originals like “Valkyrie” with Laura Brehm and “Moonlight” with SirensCeol and Aloma Steele. For years, his music has seamlessly blended industrial, metal and orchestral elements into modern EDM, and he’s become a figurehead for a shadowy genre all his own.

On Halloween in 2016, Kaelar released his noteworthy My Prayers Have Become Ghosts EP.  The seven-track body of work fully encompassed his dark style with components of ambient, baroque, and progressive metal.

“I still consider My Prayers to be my best work,” Kaelar says. “It’s a very artistic and accurate representation of what Varien means to me. I got to explore all the roots.”

Varien weaves a dark and vulnerable web in ‘Death Asked A Question’ [EP Premiere + Interview]Varien Press Shot 1

Though riding the high of My Prayers in 2016, the following year would prove to be full of hardship for Kaelar. Both of his parents became ill, and the nine-year relationship he was in “started to fall apart at the seams.” With these factors on top of a grueling producing schedule, Kaelar sunk into a deep hole of depression and anxiety, overcome by elements in his life he felt he had no control over. Wanting to take a step back and clear his mind, he deleted his social media accounts and disappeared from the internet scene entirely. After six years of making music as a full-time job without a break, he took 2017 to take care of himself mentally and emotionally — reemerging at the start of this year ready to get back on the horse.

He returned in February 2018 with “Blood Hunter” and has since released a variety of singles and the title track to his latest endeavor: the Death Asked A Question EP. Where My Prayers marked the end of “Varien 1.0,” this year’s releases have been all about part two of Kaelar’s journey as an artist.

“I’ve been staying positive this year and working harder than I’ve ever worked before,” Kaelar says. “That’s led to lots of days and weeks in this year where I have had a lot of struggles with depression and bouts of panic and anxiety, though… and even small flirtations with self harm.”

In early September, Kaelar released a beautifully haunting track called “Oh, Sparrow…” and was open with his fans about the story behind it. “I was sitting in my car and had that depressive, thousand-yard stare,” he recalls. “I had planned to go home that night and take some [Oxycontin] and go back to old addictive, escapist habits. Instead, I made a track and played around with an idea. I woke up the next day feeling better.”

He calls this year’s re-acclimation to the music scene a “crawl,” but says he’s in a “much better place” now. “I’ve definitely found out I’m a lot stronger than I think I am,” he says.

“The main thing that I preach and practice often is to never forsake your future self and own the consequences of your actions,” he says. “I’m working really hard now so my future self can be happy and thank my past self. A lot of great opportunities have come my way, and it’s starting to feel like people believe me when I say I’m here.

And here he is.

The new Varien EP, Death Asked A Question, is out October 26 via Most Addictive and is premiering here a day early on Dancing Astronaut. Fans old and new will find differences between this body of work and My Ghosts, as Kaelar seeks to explore things that “aren’t quite so kosher or as ‘Varien’ as people would think.”

“In my entire discography spanning back to 2011 as Varien, there’s always a sense of very deliberate storytelling. This EP is nothing like that. It’s a refraction. In the same way a mirror might bounce light, I’m bouncing the emotions of this year and last year into music format. It’s the most personal experience. It’s very raw. It’s very vulnerable.”

Buy Death Asked A Question here.

Skrillex “Leaks” Title of Joyryde’s New Collab and Album

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In a rather insightful tweet and Instagram story post last night, Sonny Moore “leaked” what appears to be the title of the long-rumored brand new collab between Skrillex and English DJ and Producer John Ford aka Joyryde. The title appears to be “AGEN WIDA,” and it’s our guess what that could even mean. Beyond this

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K?D Releases New Long Anticipated EP “Find Paradise”

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Recently, talented DJ-producer, K?d, has released his newest EP, Find Paradise. Fans of the beloved music maker have been waiting for this EP to be released for some time now and, luckily, the day has finally come. Truthfully, the new masterpiece is filled with electronic elements that the Glitch boy is entirely known for. The

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k?d discovers the storytelling power of extended plays with his eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘Find Paradise’ [Review]

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k?d discovers the storytelling power of extended plays with his eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘Find Paradise’ [Review]Find Paradise Kid Artwork

It’s hard to believe, but electronic music world has, up to this point, been without a release from k?d longer than one single track. Even in a landscape inundated with quick hit singles and two-track drops, the momentum the young producer has built on the strength of a deep arsenal of remixes, singles, and profile-raising collaborations has been incredibly impressive nonetheless. Moreover, k?d’s track record is polished with a consistency that could stir envy in even the most seasoned producers. The mysterious beatsmith’s list of accomplishments already reads like a career highlights reel with tens of millions of plays on high-profile remixed classics by artists like Porter Robinson and Daft Punk, and a grip of show-stealing collaborations with the likes of REZZ and Wolfgang Gartner. And still, never a unified body of work — until now. Finally, k?d’s eagerly awaited debut EP Find Paradise has arrived.

Seeing a full six tracks, marked by k?d’s characteristically gripping, anime-inspired artwork, Find Paradise demands immediate curiosity — after all, k?d generally refuses to be pinned down to one single genre. That said, k?d’s sound is distinct: gritty, digitally crackling bass meshed with video game-inspired lead lines and a taste for ear shattering mid tempo cadence. But there’s also a dizzying breadth of moods and feelings present in the artist’s brimming catalog of work. Find Paradise manages to capture them all, and much more. The journey begins with an epic and vocal-powered “Electronic Memories,” the sole collaboration on the EP, featuring Mickey Kojak. The track vaults the listener through anthemic grandeur that the Alt Vision recruit has showcased before, though this time he holds tight to a head-turning funk-drenched breakdown dripping in unabashed wah-wah pedal. From the onset, it’s clear k?d has brought his full bag of tricks out for the big occasion.

The surprises continue immediately as “Creator’s Flower” unleashes sizzling drum and bass, topped with screeching old school trance leads. Wasting now time, “Polluted Blood” keeps the venom flowing over a trademark mid-tempo beat, with apocalyptic drones and biting bass plucks. Finally, If the first half of Find Paradise is an act, its titular track arrives as a melodic intermission to the madness. A spacious piano line oozes effortlessly into a swelling chorus shining through between crunched-out 80s drums. The intensity ramps up, but the cool blasts of melancholic chords are a constant.

“Tokyo” interrupts the intermission with immediately insistent industrial discord, nailed down to a bass line that could sounds like it was yanked straight out of Boys Noize’s playbook. Still, there’s little that can prepare for the bombastic blast beat finale that is “Destroy The Universe.” The track’s onomatopoeic name delivers, bringing about a turbo-speed rave weapon that unapologetically drills in deep from start to finish. The EP’s finale wades through a sea of buzzing and ascending synth drones, eventually detonating again into a suped-up second drop that caps k?d debut off in a surge of digital adrenaline. k?d’s first collective project is a buffet of digital distortion and tranced-out top lines, unified under a relentlessly dystopian sonic framework. The common vein is a thrilling addition to the artist’s ever-unfolding story, as he begins wielding the storytelling power of well-composed extended releases.