Skrillex “Leaks” Title of Joyryde’s New Collab and Album

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In a rather insightful tweet and Instagram story post last night, Sonny Moore “leaked” what appears to be the title of the long-rumored brand new collab between Skrillex and English DJ and Producer John Ford aka Joyryde. The title appears to be “AGEN WIDA,” and it’s our guess what that could even mean. Beyond this

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K?D Releases New Long Anticipated EP “Find Paradise”

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Recently, talented DJ-producer, K?d, has released his newest EP, Find Paradise. Fans of the beloved music maker have been waiting for this EP to be released for some time now and, luckily, the day has finally come. Truthfully, the new masterpiece is filled with electronic elements that the Glitch boy is entirely known for. The

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k?d discovers the storytelling power of extended plays with his eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘Find Paradise’ [Review]

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k?d discovers the storytelling power of extended plays with his eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘Find Paradise’ [Review]Find Paradise Kid Artwork

It’s hard to believe, but electronic music world has, up to this point, been without a release from k?d longer than one single track. Even in a landscape inundated with quick hit singles and two-track drops, the momentum the young producer has built on the strength of a deep arsenal of remixes, singles, and profile-raising collaborations has been incredibly impressive nonetheless. Moreover, k?d’s track record is polished with a consistency that could stir envy in even the most seasoned producers. The mysterious beatsmith’s list of accomplishments already reads like a career highlights reel with tens of millions of plays on high-profile remixed classics by artists like Porter Robinson and Daft Punk, and a grip of show-stealing collaborations with the likes of REZZ and Wolfgang Gartner. And still, never a unified body of work — until now. Finally, k?d’s eagerly awaited debut EP Find Paradise has arrived.

Seeing a full six tracks, marked by k?d’s characteristically gripping, anime-inspired artwork, Find Paradise demands immediate curiosity — after all, k?d generally refuses to be pinned down to one single genre. That said, k?d’s sound is distinct: gritty, digitally crackling bass meshed with video game-inspired lead lines and a taste for ear shattering mid tempo cadence. But there’s also a dizzying breadth of moods and feelings present in the artist’s brimming catalog of work. Find Paradise manages to capture them all, and much more. The journey begins with an epic and vocal-powered “Electronic Memories,” the sole collaboration on the EP, featuring Mickey Kojak. The track vaults the listener through anthemic grandeur that the Alt Vision recruit has showcased before, though this time he holds tight to a head-turning funk-drenched breakdown dripping in unabashed wah-wah pedal. From the onset, it’s clear k?d has brought his full bag of tricks out for the big occasion.

The surprises continue immediately as “Creator’s Flower” unleashes sizzling drum and bass, topped with screeching old school trance leads. Wasting now time, “Polluted Blood” keeps the venom flowing over a trademark mid-tempo beat, with apocalyptic drones and biting bass plucks. Finally, If the first half of Find Paradise is an act, its titular track arrives as a melodic intermission to the madness. A spacious piano line oozes effortlessly into a swelling chorus shining through between crunched-out 80s drums. The intensity ramps up, but the cool blasts of melancholic chords are a constant.

“Tokyo” interrupts the intermission with immediately insistent industrial discord, nailed down to a bass line that could sounds like it was yanked straight out of Boys Noize’s playbook. Still, there’s little that can prepare for the bombastic blast beat finale that is “Destroy The Universe.” The track’s onomatopoeic name delivers, bringing about a turbo-speed rave weapon that unapologetically drills in deep from start to finish. The EP’s finale wades through a sea of buzzing and ascending synth drones, eventually detonating again into a suped-up second drop that caps k?d debut off in a surge of digital adrenaline. k?d’s first collective project is a buffet of digital distortion and tranced-out top lines, unified under a relentlessly dystopian sonic framework. The common vein is a thrilling addition to the artist’s ever-unfolding story, as he begins wielding the storytelling power of well-composed extended releases.

AlunaGeorge releases six-track EP, ‘Champagne Eyes’

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AlunaGeorge releases six-track EP, ‘Champagne Eyes’Unnamed

AlunaGeorge have released their first self-released EP entitled Champagne Eyes. The British duo made up of Aluna Francis and George Reid produced the whole release during time spent in New York City, where they made the focus of the EP to return to the sound that fueled their breakout release Body Music in 2013. Alluring, sexy beats partnered with lyrics that delve into sex, power, and the fluidity and complexity of identity have become AlunaGeorge’s trademark, further explored this time through each track on Champagne Eyes.

Featuring collaborations with R&B artists Cautious Clay and Bryson Tiller, the EP covers a dreamy swath of electronic and soulful sounds. It also sees the duo reconnect with Baauer on a track, after he remixed “Attracting Flies” off of their first album in 2014. Champagne Eyes serves as a welcome comeback for the duo as they explore their signature style in a new, more seasoned way.

Digitalism deliver on their three-track ‘PR15M’ EP

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Digitalism deliver on their three-track ‘PR15M’ EPDigitalism Press Shot

When one looks back upon the development and evolution of electronica over the past 10 years, it’s hard to overlook the nuanced stylings of Digitalism. They are a pressurized anomaly — a sonic and living representation of how versatile and eclectic this form of musical creation can be.

The German duo has consistently put out expertly layered tracks for more than a decade, each building upon and exploring further than the last. They’ve woven rock into house, visited dark techno, dance-punk, and they’ve surfed expertly on synthwave. Digitalism remixed The White Stripes, Cut Copy, Daft Punk, and Tiga, and their work has not been overlooked by their fellow sonic pioneers. Over the years, DJs such as Boys Noize, Soulwax and Justice have played their remixes and tracks at live shows. Now, with the release of the PR15M EP, Digitalism continues to show us their expedition into sound carries onward.

The three-track electro house EP carries on for 15 minutes, giving the listener a place to be, devoid of time and filled with sound. Opening up with “Space Race,” Digitalism welcomes themselves back into listeners’ senses. It’s a head bobber, consistent in its rhythm, constant in growth, and welcoming with well-spaced pauses and subtle harmonic vocal breaks. The standout track of the EP, “Glow,” has a beautiful confidence in its sound. Backed by the lyrics woven throughout the track — “It’s been so long/ ever since it’s over/ don’t stop dancing/ move on” — the duo creates a strong electronic presence for the listener to lean back on. This is truly a beat one can close their eyes to feel support and balance. The closer of PR15M “Voll Beat” is raw fun. Through a slow and intriguing build, the track creates a deep interest. Taking their time, Digitalism continuously layers different synths, patterns, and beats — they show their ability and confidence that can only accumulate over the course of nearly 15 years.

Dizzee Rascal is back hungrier and heavier than ever on new EP, ‘Don’t Gas Me’

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Dizzee Rascal is back hungrier and heavier than ever on new EP, ‘Don’t Gas Me’Dizee Rascal Dont Gas Me Ep

Dizzee Rascal has returned with five new heaters on his brand new Don’t Gas Me EP. The project sees the rapper trying on a diverse, high-octane array of instrumental styles ranging from oozing trap to bombastic bass house. The lead single teased top-dog form from the UK icon as he swapped bars with fellow heavyweight Skepta on “Money Right,” and the full dose of fresh Dizzee lives up to the hype.

The music world is well aware the artist can crank out hits alongside Calvin Harris and Armand Van Helden, but here, the rapper sounds hungry to flex mixtape form with every verse. The one-two punch of Rascal and Skepta remains a standout, but the brash bass house of title track “Don’t Gas Me” matches the aforementioned cut’s firepower. The energy never lets up as Dizzee demolishes the breakbeat posse cut “Spin Ya” and siren-laden grooves on “Quality” with equal ferocity. Any haters still questioning the MC’s undisputed rep can be pointed towards the EP’s production credits – a whopping five of the six beats were crafted by Dizzee Rascal himself.

Shiba San releases ‘Excluded’ EP

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Shiba San releases ‘Excluded’ EPScreen Shot 2018 08 11 At 9.57.05 AM

Shiba San has brought his hip hop infused house sounds to another EP entitled Excluded. The four-track EP sees the French artist join Sankeys‘ label Kaluki Musik for the release after dropping EPs on Majestic Casual and his frequent home at Dirtybird earlier in 2018. This new body of work shows off his subtler side, as he strips down to the basics and creates intrigue through infectious basslines and clever synthwork.

Excluded kicks off with its pseudo title track, “Exclusion.” Starting out in an almost minimalist fashion, it slowly builds to reveal funky synths and sampling, presented across funk-driven bass progressions that could qualify for the “Deepest Of The Year” award. “Look Back” brings the EP slightly out of house’s nether regions slightly, withs= a hypnotic, retro through line that highlights acidic synths to create a familiar, yet timeless feel.


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Aphex Twin is back with bizarre brilliance on new EP, ‘Collapse’

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Aphex Twin is back with bizarre brilliance on new EP, ‘Collapse’Aphe Twin Collapse Ep

Aphex Twin isn’t mood music — it’s public transportation. The reclusive mastermind has built his undeniable legend on creating music that worms its way into minds, scrambling conventional electronic music expectations along the way. The artist carries on that tradition with a new five-track EP called Collapse, arriving via his own Warp Records imprint.

In typical Aphex Twin fashion, the EP is a front-to-back treasure trove of brain-bending analog sounds. “1st 44” blasts off with monstrous 808s, before detonating into a dizzying percussion jam, while “MT1 t99r2” brings things deeper into a detuned synth scape punctuated by twinkling bell-like plucks. “Abundance10edit” dials the energy down a bit for a tripped-out interlude, but the madness soon returns at breakneck speed with the acid-infused “pthex.”

The EP’s lead single, “T69 collapse,” was initially slated to premiere as a music video on Adult Swim, but failed TV seizure safety protocol for excessive strobing. While eyes may have been spared, minds are still very much in danger of melting from the electronic legend’s latest work.

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Mija goes noir with dusky new ‘Just Enough’ EP

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Mija goes noir with dusky new ‘Just Enough’ EPMija Just Enough Ep

The only thing consistent about Mija‘s sound is the constant drive to surprise. Although an enduring force in the dance music world, the artist has earned fans through eclectic releases across the electronic spectrum. Channeling 80s synth kitsch on releases like 2017’s “never b alone” one minute, and dishing  Björk vibes on “Notice Me” the next is all in a day’s work for the Phoenix export. Despite releases on labels like OWSLA and Fool’s Gold, Mija’s independent status has allowed for complete creative control over her sound – which she’s appropriately described as “fk a genre.”

That limitless artistic vision is apparent from the jump on a smokey new two track release, Just Enough. Noir aesthetics pour on early in “I Hope To Cure Myself of You,” with a slinky bass line carrying the track through a maze of foley and spoken word samples. “Dead Flowers and Cigarettes” continues the story by trading in the previous track’s drum and bass breakdowns for dark house stylings, ending with a slowed up jazzy breakdown. The EP further solidifies Mija’s consistent sonic reinvention as a refreshing force in the electronic music world.

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Krischvn Impresses on Mind-Bending ‘Overdose’ [EDM Sauce Premiere]

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Krischan Michaelis, otherwise known by his moniker, Krischvn, is a self-taught German producing powerhouse. Today, the 20-year-old star releases his 5-track Plumbum EP on UZ’s Quality Goods Records, and we’re lucky enough to premiere the highly impressive “Overdose.” Krischvn – “Overdose” In a full showcase of Krischvn’s creative depth, “Overdose” shines from start to finish.

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