Eli & Fur drift ‘Into The Night’ ahead of next Anjunadeep EP [Review]

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Eli & Fur drift ‘Into The Night’ ahead of next Anjunadeep EP [Review]Eli Fur

Anjunadeep‘s amorphous pop-songwriters-turned-deep-house-duo, Eli & Fur, are officially returning to the Anjunabeats subsidiary for another EP release, entitled Into The Night. Tuesday, the London outfit shared the EP’s title track: an airy deep-house harbinger to the full-length project. The track bears Eli & Fur’s exceedingly sultry and idealistic earmark, of course.

Reverie is ever in the air with these two. As the track opens, the atmospheric duo’s own languorous vocals phase in, affording the track an otherworldly virtue. Soon, the cinematic nature of Eli & Fur’s sound design grows increasingly apparent in both the offering’s lyrical theme and stylistic approach. The swirling synth line juxtaposed against calming woodblock percussion texturizes the track, while the terse lyrical musings offer further introspective tension: “You reminded me of somethin’ / Now it’s taking up all my time.”

Paradox and nostalgia have been driving through lines in Eli & Fur’s catalog for years, coming to a crest on their last Anjunadeep EP, Night Blooming Jasmine. While “Parfume” embodies how readily our olfactory systems are inclined to reminisce (“Is this for real or something better?”) through the scents of bygone lovers, “Something Was Real” plays on the fleeting, imperfect nature of memory and our visceral inner life.

“Sometimes you find yourself shutting off and making excuses about why not to connect with how you feel on an emotional level,” the pair says via a recent press statement on the track. “Taking the plunge into something different to your usual routine is incredibly liberating. ‘Into The Night’ is about that feeling, stepping into the unknown and embracing something you never knew you needed.”

Dillon Nathaniel and Jack Beats create house lover’s paradise, ‘Mind Sensation’

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Dillon Nathaniel and Jack Beats create house lover’s paradise, ‘Mind Sensation’Dillon Nathaniel

Dillon Nathaniel has released the latest single from his forthcoming sophomore EP, which is set to be released in full, August 16. The driving electro-house track is titled “Mind Sensation,”

The LA-based house music prodigy teamed up with UK-based duo, Jack Beats for the track. The collaboration is a house music lover’s paradise, with feint tech accents woven underneath a pummeling beat. If “Mind Sensation” is any indication of what listeners can expect from Nathaniel’s impending EP, the upcoming project is bound to be a quality compilation worth a thorough listen.

Nathaniel spoke on the working with Jack Beats on the release, noting, “Jack Beats was one of the first electro/fidget house artists I got into back when I was 15 years old. Their song ‘Out Of Body’ was the first of that genre I could remember listening to. This sound shaped the way I heard house music, so I am so honored to put out this record with them. ‘Mind Sensation’ harnesses the old vibe from 2010 with a modern tech approach.

“Mind Sensation” is out now via Big Beat Records.

i_o Brings Techno To Another Level In New EP “House of God”

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If you’re looking to get into techno, look no further than i_o. I first learned of i_o at EDCLV 2019 just by overhearing his set, but was intrigued and didn’t leave. The rest is history. His sound is easy to get into to and talent is unmatched. To begin his new EP, i_o kicks off

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Flume and Reo Cragun link up once again on joint EP, ‘Quits’ [Stream]

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Flume and Reo Cragun link up once again on joint EP, ‘Quits’ [Stream]Flume Performing At Festival

Flume‘s spring single, “Friends,” with rising hip-hop force Reo Cragun wasn’t just a one-off. In fact, they had a wealth more in the tank.

Now, the pair are back, following up on their first joint single with a new collaborative extended play, Quits. Flume’s kept a tight connection to hip-hop throughout his career—from Freddie Gibbs to JPEGMAFIA and Slowthai—so the writing seems to have already been resting on the wall. We needed more from Reo and Flume, and now we’ve got it.

Quits follows the chemistry established on “Friends,” melding Flume’s percussive, off-kilter soundscapes with Reo Cragun’s freshly distinguishable alt-R&B crooning. The EP is a three-track exploration of the pair’s compatibility, and another head-turning example of Flume’s sonic aesthetic effortlessly contorting itself around another collaborator’s sound. Stream below.

Slow Magic gains ‘new sense of freedom’ after label fallout with ‘Dreams, Pt. 1’ EP [Q+A/Stream]

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Slow Magic gains ‘new sense of freedom’ after label fallout with ‘Dreams, Pt. 1’ EP [Q+A/Stream]Slow Magic

For years, Slow Magic has been one of the most pervasive faces, metaphorically speaking (he dons a vibrant, electroluminescent mask), in the cerebral electronica domain. With three LPs, each laden with complexity and each more accessible than its predecessor, and some of the most eminent festival bookings on the US event menu (Coachella, Electric Forest) under his belt, the producer has won over a voracious following with his quixotic strain of chilled-out, head-in-the-clouds electronic.

But there’s been a recent lull in his release log, until now. Dreams, Pt. 1 is Slow Magic’s first multi-track project to hit the streaming circuits in over a year, due to a tumultuous state of affairs with former label, Downtown Records, which he says stemmed from the imprint’s acquisition deal with mammoth recording conglomerate, Interscope/Universal. The reverie-riddled EP came to fruition, he tells Dancing Astronaut, with the help of new management partners, Milk & Honey.

The two-track Dreams, Pt. 1, the first of a three-part EP series, is a fiercely fun display of the producer’s pop-oriented bravura. Listeners hear him venture further into vocal-driven soundscapes (his first two LPs were almost entirely instrumental), with a syrupy feature from Julianne Hope on the equally effervescent and plucky “Daydream.” But make no mistake: atmospheric allure is still a fixture in Slow Magic’s sound design. Vapory synths swirl and surround the EP’s second offering, “when it rains but the sun is out too,” abetted by drawn-out, pitch-switching guitar licks. The track title’s juxtaposing nature is very much an extension of its inspiration, too.

The EP exudes both a reclaimed creative liberation and altogether newfound state of grace for the enigmatic artist. Aside from leaving Downtown Recs. in his rear view, Slow Magic got married last year, which he says was a resounding catalyst for the exceedingly sunny disposition of the new project. Dancing Astronaut had a chance to catch up with the Dreams purveyor to find out what he was striving for stylistically, some insight into his label discord, and what’s up next for the EP series.

1. Describe the atmosphere you were trying to set for this EP…

‘Dreams’ is world that is reminiscent of having a dream and the feelings associated with that. The feeling between being awake and being asleep. ‘Dreams’ also represents aspirations and lofty goals that we all strive for. My wife, Dream Angel, and I came up with the concept as a space to explore surreal visual and sonic ideas.

2. Can you provide a bit of context as to the situation stifling your ability to release recently?

Up until recently, I had been trapped in a label deal that had nearly ruined my career. The indie label I had signed to was bought out by one of the largest corporate entities in music. Also, my manager at the time had left (for unrelated personal reasons). The label wanted to control more than we had initially discussed back when I signed with them. I felt I was being strung along until they could figure out what they were doing or until I had a radio hit. I was able to break free from that situation. I found new management with Milk & Honey and started to pick up the pieces. ‘Dreams Pt. I’ comes out with a new sense of freedom I haven’t had for a while.

3. What other turning points in your life ushered inspiration for the project? 

The past few years have been [exciting] and filled with a lot of big changes. Most important of them all was marrying the love of my life, Dream Angel. I’d say she is a big inspiration for creating new music.

4. What can we expect from Pt. 2, assuming from the title that a follow up is on the horizon?

Dreams will be a three-part series (6 songs total) that will release from now to the end of the year, so look forward to more music coming out consistently and other surprises along the way.

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Skrillex Releases New EP “Show Tracks”

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We can officially say that 2019 has been a great year for a Skrillex comeback. The popular artist has been dropping an insane amount of music in the past few weeks. He has also been releasing some great collaborations with artists such as Ed Sheeran and Troyboi. Recently, the huge music star has released his

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REZZ announces VR listening party for ‘Beyond The Senses’ EP

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REZZ announces VR listening party for ‘Beyond The Senses’ EP1 Photo Cred William Selviz 1 1

REZZ‘s upcoming Beyond The Senses EP has become one of the most highly anticipated electronic releases of the year. The six-track EP, which already features contributions from Deathpact and Underoath, aims to convey more than just an auditory experience. The star mau5trap recruit is putting forward perhaps her most technically ambitious collection to date, marked by a boundary-pushing virtual reality component to the release. So it only makes sense that the EP’s official listening party would also be hosted in VR, so the masses can join in for a virtual first listen of REZZ’s latest.

In conjunction with The Wave XR and Strangeloop, each track on Beyond The Senses was made alongside a VR counterpart. On July 23, each of the EP’s VR worlds will be brought together for a stream of the concert that all fans are invited to join.

The listening party will go live at 3:00 p.m. PST (6:00 p.m. EST, 11:00 p.m. GMT). The live VR listening party will be available for viewing in virtual reality or via the PC desktop app on Wave, Oculus, or listeners can tune in live via Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch.

REZZ inches closer to EP release with ‘Kiss Of Death,’ featuring Deathpact

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REZZ inches closer to EP release with ‘Kiss Of Death,’ featuring DeathpactRezz Red Rocks Full Set Stream 1

As REZZ‘s Beyond The Senses release date draws dangerously near, the Canadian mid-tempo conjurer has released another preternatural fragment from the soon-expected EP.

The third single from the impending project, “Kiss Of Death,” arrives at the ears like an infernal peck from a hellion razor blade. Electronic music’s femme fatale packs the offering with dastardly kicks and deep, grumbling synths, as flippant smooch samples add an oddly endearing animation to the fervent foray.

The Deathpact-assisted collaboration follows the producers’ 2018 effort, “Life & Death,” which appeared on REZZ’s Certain Kind Of Magic LP. The release follows Beyond The Senses singles “Dark Age” and “Falling,” the latter of which features crossover assistance from Underoath. The EP is expected to arrive in full July 24, accompanied by a subsequent world tour.

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Skrillex summoned for Lykke Li ‘two nights’ follow-up with Ty Dolla $ign

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Skrillex summoned for Lykke Li ‘two nights’ follow-up with Ty Dolla $ignSkrille Feb 10 2017 Billboard 1548

Skrillex continues his omnipresent 2019 push across production landscapes both near and far from dance music’s earshot with his latest credit alongside indie/dream-pop vocalist, Lykke Li, and resounding hip-hop figurehead, Ty Dolla $ign.

The offering comes in the form of a sequel of sorts to Li’s “two nights,” which originally featured rap support from Aminé. The updated offering, “two nights part ii,” is far less subtle than its slow-burning predecessor, as would be expected from a track bearing Skrillex’s auspicious earmark.

The initial “two nights” appeared on Li’s so sad so sexy EP. The follow-up is scheduled for inclusion on Li’s impending EP due July 26, still sad still sexy.

Earlier this year, Skrillex intimated he had droves of new “random” releases poised for the foreseeable future. So far, he’s made good on that promise. In addition to his long-awaited Dog Blood resurgence, Skrillex recently surfaced on a deliciously raucous track with TroyBoi, “WARLORDZ.” The OWSLA boss will also appear on Ed Sheeran’s impending album, which will see release tomorrow, July 12.

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TroyBoi has a new OWSLA EP on deck, shares lead single, ‘PAPI CHULO’

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TroyBoi has a new OWSLA EP on deck, shares lead single, ‘PAPI CHULO’Unnamed

TroyBoi is slowing down his relentless release machine for no one. The prolific and ever-worldly producer has remained one of the most enduring presences not only in his chosen trap lane, but on the electronic music highway at large.

The London-bred “Afterhours” producer set the interwebs ablaze last month when Skrillex summoned him for an explosive, collaborative OWSLA single, “WARLORDZ.” But now it seems the single was a harbinger of sorts for TroyBoi’s next synergistic, Skrillex-sponsored release. Entitled V!BEZ, Vol. 3, TroyBoi’s forthcoming EP will land on the hallowed OWSLA haven July 26.

In addition to the full tracklist, Troyboi has also shared a new single, “PAPI CHULO,” as a precursor to the impending project. The song is a sexy, sauntering emblem of TroyBoi’s wildly texturized, beat-banging brand of experimental trap. The latin-inspired track arrives hand-in-hand with a smoldering new music video, illuminating the underbelly of Miami’s nightlife culture.