Gaming collides with electronic music in Nitro Fun’s new EP, ‘Closure’

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Gustavo Rangel started producing music at age 14, thanks to an obsession with video gaming and his desire to incorporate gaming elements into music. One year later, the gamer turned music producer won a remix contest on Monstercat, and the rest is history. Rangel was the youngest artist signed to Monstercat at the time, and has been producing music ever since. The Mexican native now produces under the moniker Nitro Fun, and he is back with three new releases in the form of an EP Closure, which are out now on The Arcadium.

The Arcadium is a new label created for gamers looking for free music to incorporate into their content, thus being the perfect fit for Nitro Fun’s desire to incorporate gaming elements into his tracks. The three tracks each have a very distinctive style.

“Go 4 it” is upbeat and would arguably be the perfect backdrop for a Mario Kart game with its retro gaming vibe.

“Leaders” is reminiscent of old-school Porter Robinson with its elaborate combination of elements and commanding future bass framework until the song switches directions and leads into LoneMoon’s rapping and a harder trap drop.

“Keygen” has the capacity to get stuck in anyone’s head, and it is the hardest of the three tracks. Monstrous dubstep chords captivate the listener from the drop’s inception.

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Ben Böhmer shares dreamy, brimming ‘Morning Falls’ EP

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Blossoming German newcomer, Ben Böhmer has shared his musingly melodic Morning Falls EP via none other than deep house destination Anjunadeep. The classically trained Böhmer first appeared in the Anjuna arena for the label’s fourth Explorations series, with his fluttering track “Flug & Fall.”

The three-track Morning Falls EP, is a warm, stirring horizon prevailing over a cruel, arduous winter. The EP begins with the gentle, downtempo grooves and idealistic, waxing and waning melodies of the title track, “Morning Falls.” The trip around the sun continues, then, with a bit more gusto, moving into the pensive yet club-driven “After Earth.” Finally, “Velvet Rebellion,” with its chiming, astral synth work, emulates a celestial, star-suffused night sky, as Böhmer bids Earth farewell.

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Be Svendsen – Getula [EP Review]

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Be Svendsen ended his year on a sensual note via “Getula.” Through jazzy keyboard riffs, Eastern-inspired instrumentation, and carnal rhythms embedded in a mid-tempo foundation, the Danish producer proves once more that electronica doesn’t need to be pounding and high-charged to create an irresistibly move-able atmosphere. Its hypnotizing layers serve as tentacles that keep the listener hooked until the very last beat.

“Getula” also received remixing treatment from rising Italian/Canadian duo KMLN, who created a more atmosopheric feel with their added synth work and balaeric guitar samples. Yet, their version is also heavier than the original, as KMLN chose to anchor the finished product with pronounced bass-lines and slightly tougher kicks.

Given “Getula’s” mystical nature, it was only natural that the piece be signed onto Sabo’s Sol Selectas label. Both Be Svendsen and KMLN are known collaborators with the Sol Selectas brand, and their work certainly embodies the imprint’s ethos.


Purchase here


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Ilario Alicante thrills on new Drumcode release, ‘Figures & Echoes’

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From the time of his fervent Time Warp debut at just 15 years old, Ilario Alicante has knocked out a lifetime of accomplishments. Between his prodigious productions for Sven Väth‘s Cocoon Recordings, the expansive techno label Cécille Records, or Dubfire‘s premiere SCI + TEC Digital Audio label; Alicante has displayed time and time again just how much he’s earned his well-established posture.

In 2009, he began the underground Berlin record label Deep Moves, where he has since worked with cutting-edge acts like ghetto legend Parris Mitchell, Ryan Elliot, Leon, and more, rounding out an eclectic platform on forward-thinking dance music in the interim.

Over the years, Alicante has been continuing to satiate fans with original releases and remixes alike. In February of this year, he released a debut EP on Adam Beyer‘s Drumcode Records, and now, he returns to the powerhouse imprint with a dazzling six-track deliverance.

Though Alicante’s first release on Drumcode was his original  “Temporary,” and was featured on Drumcode’s A-Sides compilation back in 2016, his latest release — Figures & Echoes — delves deeper into his polished production propensity than any previous work with the label. It’s an electrifying half dozen of galvanizing cuts.

As “Figure of RA” commences the sonic venture, a vehement vocal loop snakes its way beneath the meticulously concocted, sweltering rhythm; Alicante’s production prowess is immediately put on full display. The aptly-named “The Acid Runner” follows with a piercing 303-line, which only continues to build on itself as the track nears its denouement. “Virgo’s Echoes” and “Third Eye” each imbue an exhilarating dosage of hypnotic raze nostalgia.

“Atonal” comes in as the fourth track of the EP, and feels like an incredibly appropriately-placed number. It’s made for morning raves, delightful in its mesmerizing qualities, and manages to still leave its listener hungry for more. The final track on the EP is surely the funkiest of the six, but it’s an experimental testament to one of techno’s most tantalizing figures — echoing the notion that we’re likely to see big things from Alicante in the new year.



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Kris Wu (feat. Travis Scott) – Deserve [Lido Remix]

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Lido has broken through to the mainstream in recent times, garnering critical support for his releases of Portugal, The Man’s seminal pop track “Feel It Still” and a massive collaborative effort with THEY on “Not Enough.” These singles came after a slew of forward-thinking outputs over his years in music that had already made the burgeoning talent a must-watch.

Now, the Norwegian producer has released an official remix of Kris Wu’s sleek single “Deserve” featuring Travis Scott. Scott’s atmospheric vocals act as a heady backdrop to Lido’s saturated bass lines and spaced out synths; the track is a pointed example of why Lido’s artistic progression continues to fuel his global notoriety.


Former Flosstradamus member YehMe2 has also released a funk wave house remix of the track, which features popping synths and instrumental drums that play like an indie dance track.


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FEYNMAN crosses into experimental urban bliss with ILLUSIONS II [EP Review]

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A longtime protagonist of electronic music’s more experimental avenues, FEYNMAN has long been a tough artist to pin down to just one sound or genre. For ILLUSIONS II, the long awaited follow-up to the EP’s series debut, the Frenchman sounds no less ready to hand in his chips to the predictable palate, instead of testing the waters with a rich and conceptual stake at a formay usually reserved for one sole single and a handful of B-sides.

The EP has just one outright vocal moment is no small feat. Accompanied by beloved Madlib collaborator and overall American rap legend Freddie Gibbs, “The Wave” brings a hip-hop infused spin on the dark and moody undertones of the EP. Whilst “ITHACA” spins in the vein of more minimal Kaytranada and DJ Shadow influences, “YourNotDead” sees in more dance floor favoring vibes, like a short and sweet not to some of Bromance’s fine moments. The body of work’s additional tracks feel more like interludes and bridges between the EP’s core themes, but at seven tracks long, this conceptual short-player fits a lot of different tones, textures, and emotions into play.

It’s reassuring to see and hear artists with the compassion for their craft to hone such experimental short players, but this is just the kind of wizardry we have come to expect from FEYNMAN over the past several years.



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Stephan Bodzin releases a breathtaking ‘Strand’ on Afterlife

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German synth wizard Stephan Bodzin has been quite the busy character. Since the release of his critically-acclaimed Powers Of Ten LP, immense hunger for his whimsical, yet driving productions has led to him undergoing an expansive and heavy tour schedule. The result has been an plethora of opportunities to see him live; however, this comes at the sacrifice of new music.

Luckily, 2017 didn’t go by in complete silence for Bodzin fans. He released a poignant re-work of Tale Of Us & Vaal’s “Monument” over the summer season on Afterlife. Now, he returns to the label once more for his first original work since Powers Of Ten as the year comes to a close.

Strand contains two highly sought-after tunes from the veteran composer, which have been objects of heavy praise on the underground circuit. The EP opens with its title track, which creates a sense of comforting bliss with warm, sentimental analog melodies and arpeggios that are accompanied by appealing white noise accents. Then, the Strand takes a turn for the shadows with “Catamaran,” whose airy percussion gives way into equally powerful synth accents that are ethereal as they are haunting. Like a catamaran, the EP’s closer sails through foggy channels of emotion and mysticism.



Order ‘Strand’ here


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Gabriel & Dresden – White Walls [EP Review]

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Gabriel & Dresden have returned in a momentous way. Announcing their first album after eleven years with the release of their touching progressive trance record “With Closed Eyes,” the duo has released the next chapter in their forthcoming project in the form of Waiting For Winter/ White Walls.

Waiting For Winter/ White Walls induces bittersweet euphoria across two tracks. Its opener, “Waiting For Winter,” employs Jan Burton’s warm vocals within an sentimental underlay, carrying the listener in an upward direction with soft note progressions and happy melodies. “White Walls” takes on a similar tone as well, albeit just a touch more poignant. Sub Teal’s voice sings of returning home, flowing freely over twinkling chords and moving synth arrangement.

Both tracks are a reminder of Gabriel & Dresden’s unique sonic imprint, one that plants itself firmly in the human psyche as one to follow.



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Bicep unveils emotive ‘Glue’ EP, delves into UK rave nostalgia in accompanying video

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The illustrious Bicep is fresh off the release of a sensational, emotive dance record. In September, the Belfast duo released their self-titled, critically acclaimed record, only to return less than two months later with a brand new three-track EP titled Glue. 

In light of the heaven-sent deliverance, Bicep has also shared a deeply personal, nostalgia-ridden video for the EP’s lead track, “Glue”, where they pay homage to the barren rave sites that influenced them and UK rave culture as a whole. 

Directed by Joe Wilson, the video aims to, “reflect on the importance and idiosyncrasy of these locations,” while juxtaposing text from the YouTube comments sections of the abandoned rave sites. 

Alongside “Glue,” Bicep’s latest EP sees two previously unreleased, vivacious, and yet blissfully concurrent cuts — “Metro” and “DLR.”

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JUDGE teams up with Wax Motif, Graves, and more for debut EP, ‘X’

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Hip-hop-turned-electronic producer JUDGE has released his first EP titled X, despite still being a lead producer in upcoming tracks with Marshmello, Migos, and Young Thug, among others. The EP features collaborations with industry mainstays Wax Motif and Graves, and the five-track compilation bridges the gap between urban/trap production and the current sounds in the electronic space. The Kansas City-born producer spoke with us about his venture into the electronic music scene.

“A lot of people know me from my background in hip-hop, which is my first passion, and where I started producing, but I have loved dance music since I first heard “Cross” by Justice. I love the range to experiment as a producer and the ability of producers to shine as real artists. After moving to LA and seeing so many of my insanely talented friends all carving out their own lanes in the world of dance music, I knew I wanted to do the same.”

has a variety of sounds and tempos, coming together to create an intriguing and complementary collection of tracks.

“Bark” has a dirty trap drop with monster-like synths resonating throughout and transporting the listener to another dimension. JUDGE and Dylan Brady weave the song in and out of intense drops and builds — keeping the listener longing for the next chord.

“Blades” is an elaborate production in collaboration with X&G. The track has a slower BPM and a darker sound.

The following track, “Bright,” sounds anything but its title. Again, there are many dark elements to this production with the addition of ancient Egyptian vibes interlaced with hip-hop and trap synths.

JUDGE infuses his hip-hop roots with his Wax Motif collaboration featuring Malcolm Anthony and Lil West, titled “Lessons.” The track opens to rap and a steady beat, but then falls into a groovy electronic drop.

For the last track on the EP, “X” JUDGE teams up with Graves for a low-BPM track with an elaborate combination of synths, sounds, and instruments.

JUDGE speaks about his goals in releasing the EP.

“I am so happy to have X come together as a project and be able to share it with people. I feel like I’ve become friends with some of the most talented producers in the world, and I wanted to make this project with some of them – Wax Motif, X&G, Graves, Alexander Lewis and Dylan Brady – to show what we’re capable of with the future of production. No genre ever – no boxes – just the love and passion for creating. And hopefully it’ll make you dance.”

JUDGE will be on tour with Ekali this fall for those looking to hear X live.

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